: Top Tips for Playing Bot Lane Post-8.12
For all those saying about Fortnite dont forget that Fortnite is owned by Tencent also Riot is owned by Tencent so think about .
99 Reborn (EUW)
: Random ping spikes/unstable connection
Happens to me too, i already sent a ticket to riot ( that was 4-5 days ago) they told me is some network node or something, but let's look straight to reality, this is happening for 2 or so weeks maybe more and they didn't found a fix yet, still there is hope, but for me this goes like that, from 5-15 games a day now a barely play 4-5 and that cuz i hate to see everything delayed, is like first time when i smoke weed but here is not nice at all, i just hope they will fix this asap cuz im starting to like other things around
Solicitude (EUNE)
: You can send a ticket to support. They might give 10 tokens to you.
Good idea, i will give it a shot :-)
: Client problems + requested Winmtr details
Same for me, delayed actions in game unable to play rankeds since i wont be able to play proper, takes half an hour to log in to client. Im from Romania too btw, using Vodafone as my isp.
: So there will be no more free missions?
Maybe in the future will be but another prizes i think, the vs. event is over
: Complete another mission
The event is over :-((
Sneakyjg (EUNE)
: The game is literally unplayable
Same for Romania. i use Vodafone as my isp and the delayed actions in game are something normal for me at the moment. imagine playing draven and go for your axes :-)) imposible
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: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
: So, Riot Braum?
Hope so, how can we make this happen ?
: I really like this idea. I think he should also have black aviator style sunglasses, and a helmet. And no shirt, this is important.
Yeah helmet is a must, and no shirt but with some writing on his back something like Special forces or SWAT or something else :-)
: he just had a new skin, am sure Riot need to give more love to other champs that havnt seen a new skin in ages
That's also true, but imagine the potential of such a skin . I think u talk about {{champion:420}} there :-)
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Wild Jesus (EUNE)
: exponentially higher ping and packet loss as the game progress. All after new patch (7.2.)
Same issue here, I used to play with a really fast and stable network , but it seems to happen this to me since patch 7.1, also I play on another network, not such as good as first one and exactly the same problem, is not a constant high ping but mostly a spike in ping something perceptible like a small stop in the actions, and the thing is in game ping is constant I mean what the game shows in the top right corner. It might be from the alpha/beta update ( some conflicts with the legacy client maybe ? ) , it might be from riot ddos-ing itself who knows, maybe they will say something about this.
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: not sure about play part, but the looks i can only assume it have something to do with those female right group, look at all the new champs they all look retarded
Her new look is just making me move away from play her, her old one was so good, the new one looks like is drawn by some guys with a blinded eye :-(
Orthian (EUW)
: This isn't a discussion about Yi's Q or Veigar's R. This is a discussion about Fiora and why her ult was changed. Her entire theme is dueling, and you can't have an undodgeable high-damage ultimate with that theme, it doesn't fit.
So dueling means to give me a heal after all the efforts i put in to killing u ? also dueling (fencing) as far as i know is a 1v1 situation ( all the time ) so u think this "prize" is for a 1v1 situation dueling champ is the right one ? wouldn't be better for a dueling champ to have something like Rengar bonetooth necklace or Kindred passive, not a hunting theme, but something more like " i dare u to duel me, no matter who u are " and get a ad bonus if my duel is successful ? Let's be serious and say that the heal on fiora ult is pretty useless because u will have other better ways to recover that lost hp in the process of dueling someone.
Orthian (EUW)
: Why remove the old ult? Because it was a point & click "oh you're dead" ability. There's no counterplay to that, and when your champion's entire motif is dueling, that's a big no-no. Dueling is a fight, not a "who can mash R the fastest". Notice how none of Fiora's current abilities are undodgeable. It's about being in the right position, a duelist's dance.
But Yi Q is not a point & click "oh u're dead" ability ? i mean i play Yi and i can use his Q at every 3-4 seconds in a team-fight with sufficient attack speed . Also there are way worse to play against R's than old Fiora ult, like some one say already a Veigar who can deal somewhere around 90% of your hp in less than 1 second, or the funny ult of Trynda, guardian angel, his ult and " duel" him if u can, i mean this new ult of her it really out of a " fencing" idea, how do i get my reward if i'm already full hp ? and how fencing is supposed to heal ? and the thing that bothers me the most is not even fitting janna ult in to a fighter champ, is her that her old " I can towerdive u, and get my prize if i'm successful, if i'm not, i will end up in base with a grey screen leaving u alone in lane"
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Aderyn4 (EUW)
: Key Fragments
Same here, no fragments since worlds started


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