: Tryed to log in just now.. happens the same to me. And there doesn't seem to be anything on the service status page related with the problem.
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Encripta (EUNE)
: Suggestion - Minimum of 10 games before you go ranked with any champion
I don't believe that is fair in this game. However, it could be. In Smite, you cannot play recently released champions in ranked at all, and you can only play a champion in ranked after having around eight ish games with them. However, in this game, it's very easy to hit it off with a champ, or that champ be very op. I've done it a few time, played a champion after just a few games as them in ranked, never fed.
Ricje (EUW)
: Downloaded the replay and during the first 4 minutes of the game the jungler still tried to clear their jungle. On his first death he probably thought that, with the help of the midlaner, they would be able to get the kill on the enemy midlane but their midlaner decided not to follow (and not ping either) and got him killed. it wasn't until then that he seemed to have given up a bit as he went to your friend's lane to hit level 2, then recalled after which your friend said >pls rep lee inting https://gyazo.com/ff80afe90f1a7e0c412bb8c9a2fac1f3 The "yeah" part after "inting" seems to be a response to the "pls rep lee" and not to the "inting" so they never admitted to "inting" and the replay shows the opposite. He then went back into his jungle to farm some. He was still 0/1/0 at this point (9 minutes into the game). The jungler's second death was around 10:23 when he tried to help 2 of his teammates (support and toplaner) on top lane vs the enemy toplaner and jungle. Third death around 12:10 when trying to help his midlaner (who was being attacked by enemy ADC and enemy mid) at their mid inner turret. Not long after, the midlaner asked for > report my team insulting every time and not doing a part with fairplay Then some chat between the 2 teams where your friend claims the jungler is trolling and asking for reports again. The jungler was only 0/3/0 at that time and actually tried to do their jungle and help in other lanes BUT because of your friend's "accident" (red buff had 65 hp when it was stolen, jungler only needed to do 1 more hit) and their mis-play in mid they were set back A LOT. https://gyazo.com/ba1da918691e16a223c26c2ad019d998 Your friend claims it was an "accident" that he took the red buff but he could have just walked away instead of throwing an auto-attack when it had 189 health remaining. The jungler did not throw himself intentionally at the enemy once throughout the game and actually tried to clear his jungle as well as help. Close to the end of the game your friend said "rep me for what lol" twice in [all] chat so I'm guessing a lot of arguing was going on in their teamchat. Then once again asked for reports in [all] chat shortly before the game ended. https://gyazo.com/5c0b0d761c44d7d00c20e9749b3f37ff Considering that spectator mode only shows [all] chat we won't know what happened in team chat. What I do know however is that either your friend did not show you the full chatlog because they know they were rightfully punished or you're covering up for him because he's your friend. In any case, next time when you post a chatlog please include the entirity of it instead of the first 2 minutes of the game. Since he already received a bunch of punishments in the form of chat bans and a 14 day ban, I'd say the permanent one was warranted. Sorry. Edit: Fixed a sentence ("so I'm guessing a lot of arguing was going on in there" > "so I'm guessing a lot of arguing was going on in their teamchat").
Thank you for your answer, I did think that was the full chat log, but I see that it wasn't, it sucks that his account got permanently banned, because a lot of money was put into it, but I suppose it can't be helped at this point.
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: Tank items really suck hard.
I think tanks are fun, I have a higher winrate on my tank junglers, instead of my bruiser or assassin ones. I can carry pretty well with them late game, imo.


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