Elijen (EUW)
: I am Bronze 4 after winning 8/10 placements.
Just got suspended on forums for linking a feeders/AFKers profile in a (serious) question.
Sharogue (EUW)
: ziggs ult oneshot [LEGIT]
I remember killing Ez with a single Q + AA. So much fun :D
: I would love being placed in silver or lower, so much fun, everthings works and i can play troll pick and still win beacause everyone is braindead down there. but sadly i would most likley be placed gold above
You can do the same in Normal games. It's not actually that funny when you want to climb to Gold or higher :D
Elijen (EUW)
: I am Bronze 4 after winning 8/10 placements.
So I just went 17/0 with Shaco and all the game was pretty much won until Nasus decided to sell his build, buy 6x Tear and run it down mid for the rest of the game. Very satisfying competitive match ....
: You compare winning games in bronze to a coin toss : well if you look at winrates, I climbed from bronze 5 to Silver 2 with à 52% winrate over 250 games, so litterally losing 1 out of 2 games still makes you climb. Just play, 5 games a week really isn't that much. If you play consistently well and manage to have a slightly higher than 50% winrate you can climb out of elo hell, just don't tilt, every game is winnable, trust yourself to be able to hard carry. It doesn't matter if bot is 0/10, you are a good player, and you can carry. That is the mentality that will make you win more games.
I wanted to climb from silver to gold. Not to get placed in bronze because why not and having to climb where I was by playing 250 games and having no life :-/
: You last season's S4 MMR is currently B4 MMR. Think about it. The system placed Diamond, Master and Challenger players in Plat. Imagine how this changes the mmr in the leagues below. If you play you'll climb back to where you were.
Why not removing the placements all together then? Clearly winning or losing them does not make much difference.
Allosen (EUW)
: If you win you should get like ~30 LP now and even Skip Divisions if you win a lot, but yeah, better flame instead of playing like 10 games to be back where you was.
The thing is you won't win a lot cause there will always be AFK or feeder which decides outcome of 90% of the games. Either enemy has it or we have it. e: I am already in queue. Really excited to see who I get matched with/against. e2: As expected. First game remake because of AFK.
kjono1 (EUW)
: What does play safe mean exactly?
It means stop going all in vs enemy lane when there is no jungler ganging your lane and stop having 0/15 score.
Gangplonk (EUW)
: Stop crying about placements
Well if I didn't care about where I get placed I would play Normals instead of Ranked. After winning 8/10 I got Bronze 4. I could as well lose all 10 matches and be only 1 division lower. Do you really think this makes any sense at all?
Abductive (EUW)
: placement series are bugged..
Same here 8/10. From Silver 4 to Bronze 4. Ridiculous! I could go 0/10 and be only 1 division lower.....
: Irritated by rank after placements
Won 8 out of 10 placement games. Went from Silver 4 to **Bronze 4** ....
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: KDA doesnt matter as much as people give it credit for, but your kda isnt that impressive either.
Yeah but overall DMG, objectives, etc? I think it should matter more than CS. I am more likely to get S+ afk farming my lane then getting 3 kills than snowballing my teammates or getting objectives. That sucks.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Getting S is S-uper easy. I don't know why so many people have problem with it. I even started to write down every game I got S and I got S few times a day on different champions....
What are the champions? I found it hard to get S for Darius and Teemo unless I really focued on CS a lot.
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