Hansiman (EUNE)
: On which account would that be? I can see 4 actions taken against you, and not a single one for you using the word "retarded".
It was on this acount and it was the last offense I've got, so far
: season 6
really though, everyone saw this coming
: Censorship
I got a 4 day ban for using the word "retarded". Ofcourse, apologies riot, I must have triggered a bunch of people's feeling with that, completely forgot it was [CURRENT YEAR]
Riryz (EUW)
: champion has nothing to do with anything. the tf could just as well have picked another champion. also was this normal games? matchmaking in normals arent the same as ranked. you hav a different mmr for normals and ranked so its perfectly possible for a plat player to get matched against silver if the plat player doesnt play normals as often and the silver plays normals the majority of his games.
there's no way to justify this. I've seen it happen too many times where the game is completely off balance elo wise. A ton of plat+ people go premade with their silver/bronze friends and somehow the system thinks its a good idea to match them against their average elo, which ends up with either the plat guy carrying or the silver/bronze guy ruining it, which is not fun for any side
: Teeto shrooms
even better, on the third shroom it should automatically surrender the enemy team.
: The 14 days ban is not a big enough warning. Make it more clear [suggestion]
What I hate most about punishing toxicity is defining what toxicity is. I'm afraid that soon people will be banned for saying something as simple as "fck you". It's not a daycare you know. IMO toxicity is pretty much when someone starts harrassing you throughout the whole game. I hope the definition stays somewhat that.
Skere (EUW)
: They are already working on a system for it
I hope it's a system that does punish people who run around fountain for 15 minutes.
desalmada (EUW)
: league of legends its gambling game, doesn't matter what you pick and what stream you watching. if you dont dotane = loser brackets. no dotane = you wasting memmory in league. if donate = you never been banned, you be in winner brackets with eloboosters. 60% of challenger and Diamond players are eloboosters and riot games know who boosting accs, they using boosters to making money.
> [{quoted}](name=desalmada,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZL2Azbd2,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2016-04-26T18:51:38.820+0000) > 60% of challenger and Diamond players are eloboosters and riot games know who boosting accs, they using boosters to making money. yeah, no. The amount of money theyd make for the effort put into it, profit would be absolutely minimal
: is dynamic Q ruining soloq????
solo q is absurd right now. I took a two month break and was suddenly introduced to this dynamic queue and playing ranked has never been more painful before. In all of the ranked games in my match history I basically stomped early but come late the premades simply refuse to work together. They don't communicate with pings, they don't talk aside from occasional flaming and they just stick together as if its a 4 man game and it makes me mad because it fking wastes the huge lead I built up early. I've never felt more powerless before when playing solo q.
Rioter Comments
: A message to Riot..
self diagnosis doens't count, tumblr
: I will try it but a quick question: How can annie possibly be a good chose? I know in TF she's extremly good with the ult and in lane phase she can poke the adc and supp But how can she be better than the others when it comes to win a game back ?
you're silver elo so naturally your adc is somewhat retarded. you play annie sup, abuse the fact that the enemy is probably just as retarded by constantly poking him with your q and when youre 6 flash ult. make sure to alert your somewhat retarded adc before hand though, for what it may help. then if your team is doing seriously disastrous you just build ap.
zeds creed (EUNE)
: Watch your teammates ping
Instead of flaming for playing bad it would turn in flaming for having high ping. I never understood why you would play league and ruin the match for everyone else if you know you have bad internet though. It doesn't take a bucket load of money to get some half decent provider and some cheap lan cable to be able to play without lag. If you don't have that much please refrain from starting a match.
Fex0 (EUW)
: Hey there, of course we can't have your Skins suffer, can we? ;) Fortunatly, the Player Support is able to award very small amounts of RP (usually 10-50) if you are short for a skin. Just [ask them] for it and explain it to them and, with a little help of something of you did for them to show your appreciation (in doubt do the classic: draw something (horrible or not doesn't matter :P)), you will magically get those 6 RP. ^^ Merry Christmas and have fun with your complete Trist collection! :D P.S: maybe cut down on the Trist-face-spam next time, please. Thank you :)
I once drew volibear and the customer support said I drew a beautiful number 8 to this day I remain triggered
Krestek (EUNE)
: Move to eune :D less people=more stable servers I barely have any problems (other than the lag that happens when one of my family is on youtube, but it rarely affects my gameplay)
yeah but the downside is that you're playing on the eune huehue
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Tyde DV (EUW)
: no it wasn't.. I wouldn't played Ryze in ranked games 2-3 days after trying him out.. not that I care anyway, bronze V ftw.
Ryze Summoner's Rift Ranked (Draft Mode) wew lads
Tyde DV (EUW)
: No, when I say AFK I genuinely mean someone just isn't connected.
I dont know about that, judging by your teammates stats in all your matches none seem to have been blatently afk. and I also just noticed none of the matches I mentioned earlier were normals, its all ranked. not cool man
Tyde DV (EUW)
: you do realise that Ryze game wasn't ranked? Obviously I won't perform well with a champion I try out in different game modes {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} That tahm game wasn't even that bad considering there's always an AFK in my team. It's amusing how you only point out my bad games though, well done {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
I'm not pointing our your bad games though, I'm pointing out your match history. Also whats your definition of afk? Someone went afk after 5 mins or after your team is 20 kills and a baron behind? The latter doesn't count.
: How to Beat Gold
>Play Jungle and Support perfect way to get stuck in gold elo forever. these are both roles that rely on your teammates playing properly which is one of the worst things you can do below high platinum elo.
Tyde DV (EUW)
: I've found that to win ranked matches... all you need is a decent/good team throughout the entire game, and most important of all, a team that DOES NOT GO AFK and doesn't flame. yesterday I had a losing streak of 11 guess why! 10 matches in a row with AFK member, in 3 of them it was 3v5. I went from Silver II to Bronze V, I always win lane, end up with a good K/D but more often than not i'd have a bad team during lane/or AFK causing my LP to go downhill rapidly. Now i've taken a break from ranked and just waiting for s6 ... no point getting into bad/afk teams all the time.
>>0/7/2 ryze >>8/18/17 tahm kench "I'm losing because of my team trust me guys"
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > this leads me to the question, how is lol still able to get new consistent players? The system identifies smurfs and matches them up with other smurfs.
no, when I was legitimately new at the game back in s2 I got matched against players that were obvious smurfs very often.
: Keep in mind Syndra's a high skillcap champion with a lot of tools in her kit, and mastering her will give you a lot of freedom to play her - it is also one of the reasons why her winrate is low(ish), as that tends to happen with high skillcap champs, just like most assassins. I rather see her not picked all that much so I can enjoy her myself more :P
its nothing to do with skillcap, have you even tried playing her? theres no reason to pick her when every other champion (most obvious example, lux) can do the same thing but better. her range and damage are both way too low
chill22518 (EUNE)
: Should I continue to be nice?
press no when someone starts a surrender vote at 20 when the enemy is only 5 kills ahead press yes when the enemy team is 20 kills, a dragon and a baron ahead, please. even if crazy comebacks are possible the chances are so low your average winrate will go up more if you spend that time playing another match. /mini-rant
: I understand people now that get creeped out by the warnings
warnings have lost all meaning to them, the majority of warnings I got were from 4 man premades who never even spoke in the chat with me. at such a point you start to realise its a joke. I've gotten a billion of them in the past year but I still haven't ever been banned.
Narimasa (EUW)
: Spoken like a true toxic player. This isnt a "victim culture", this is the result of a playerbase forgetting common sense. You seem to be part of the problem. I think OP did great with this post, it was actually interesting to read for once and not just a massive facepalm at someone complaining about a bad game. Well written, well formulated with great spacing made it a pleasant read - and the point is as valid as it's ever been. Sounds like they mostly played with normal or even unusually well-mannered players. There is of course that one player that takes everything deathly serious, and that's the player that makes an issue out of every game. I would know, i used to be -almost- that bad three years ago. You know it's becoming a real problem when they go to such a lenght as to add their victim to keep harrassing them in the private chat post-game - its as if them showing courtesy to the winning team by claiming "gg wp" is a personal offence to these people. It's unbelieveable, and yet i see it happens more and more often. From the two times i saw it happen in season two to the most recent **eight** times it has happened _this very preseason_, this is just becoming more and more common. Its despicable, and yet there's literally nothing we can do about it.
Thanks for your opinion but I havent been banned a single time since season 2 except for a leave here and there. At the same time Ive NEVER been added by someone followed by flaming. It makes you think where the problem really lies. I wonder what op's chat logs look like
Xenonkiin (EUW)
: Why I stopped playing League of Legends
"baww I got flamed in leaguf og fignead" do you know what you could've done when you got a "barrage of hateful comments"? Click the "home" or "play again" button. do you know what you could've done after you accepted that friend request? Delete and block him as soon as he started flaming and realise you probably shouldn't do that again instead you chose to cry and even quit league of legends over it. if you're going to worry about every single a**hole in this game without simply ignoring it and carrying on it's all on you. I hate this victim culture so much.
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More0 (EUNE)
: I just can't! RAGE thread.
playing support in low elo.. anyway your kdas more often than not resemble your winrate. git gud you should be able to carry silver elo 3v5, no one has a clue about anything
Draqone (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=very drunk Fiora,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=u5A06AyK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-12-04T16:55:34.806+0000) > > yurik will be deleted , or will be reorked in to new champion. female gender. Why female? o.O
are you implying females are inferior? check ur privilege cis scum
DireXcon (EUNE)
: Buff Yasuo!
agree last teamfight I couldn't even ace the enemy team after I q'd them all and ulted. pressing r on yasuo should just insta concede the match for the enemy team tbh
Agidyne (EUW)
: The FF20 starter pack.
this is so accurate it's just hilarious
: > [{quoted}](name=Elkzahr,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=eG3ABMhQ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2015-12-04T14:47:38.933+0000) > > step 1: acquire the most basic knowledge of this game > > done that's it, you're silver now Have you played in bronze ever. What you say is enough to stay in silver (almost all newbies get low silver first time entering ranked). But if you is demoted to bronze its not enough to get up. Specially not Before these summer when ELO boosters was dominating bronze. You need to be able to solocarry games to get out of bronze. A player that is able to get out fo bronze fast is probably going to climb all the way to gold if he/she learn some teamplay.
you say solocarry games in bronze as if it's something difficult. Relying on teamwork anywhere below gold 1 elo is stupid anyway, you're supposed to solo carry. It really isn't that difficult, once you play better you realise that even a lot of platinum guys suck at this game, how good can bronze players possibly be?
: Why I cant get out of bronze
step 1: acquire the most basic knowledge of this game done that's it, you're silver now
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Azmael (EUW)
: Why are you playing normal games?
"play rankeds to get better but don't try your best because logic"
Kimkim98 (EUNE)
: Nerf Rageblade please.
what is a price increase even going to do, it'll delay the power spike by a few minutes. For example the 300 gold increase. Thats what, 15 more minions until you become horribly overpowered?
CurseOfLife (EUNE)
: How does it feel to play the game?
Literally no different than since when I joined in season 3. A lot has changed but the general feel is exactly the same, except that there are a lot less flamers now. only a few things in the pre-season have to be fixed such as creep block but rioters already said they were working on it. Its a preseason, to be expected I guess. abusing anything that's op can by the way be considering a skill too. a true winner will always take the route that amounts to winning, even if he has to resort to "dirty" tactics, such as killing the enemy when he is dced. anyway, try putting any of the "op" preseason stuff in the hands of a bronze or silver, probably even gold and they'll still fail. If everything was so op there would not be a low elo anymore because everyone would only win.
: How many times can you dodge per day?
dude what calm down the only time you need to dodge is when you have a guy shouting that he's going to troll
: sorry for being salty
just played a ranked game earlier today with a troll 0/8 and afk brand and this duo refused to surrender I understand that feeling man, I don't know what goes on in the minds of people like that
Rioter Comments
FaZe Dawer (EUNE)
: Hello
{{champion:104}} still has no cigar
: @ Riotgames lower priority queue.
getting leaver bustered because of ping should be just as justified as getting leaver buestered because you intentionally left. You are still ruining the game for 4 other people. have high ping? don't play.
: Nerf Taric
: Yorick never free to play?
He's way too broken, considering he is a perma-ban in all elos they decided they might aswell exclude him out of the champ rotation. It's especially the fact that he can kill everyone with a few aa's once he has his rageblade. oh wait
: RIOT Can you FIX master YI?
It's more of a problem with those items than it is with yi. Those items are broken as hell.
Blink121 (EUNE)
>>gold >>very good maxium kek
Islamic (EUW)
: Team zoekt een Nederlandse Toplaner Diamond3+
mag ik mee doen ik ben bronze v maar ik beloof je dat ik als challenjour speel het ligt gewoon aan mijn teammaten
: Why does (almost) everyone hate playing support?
I never play supp down here at plat without being duoq because the risk of playing with a horrible adc is immensely high. In this elo there are about as many good adcs as there are good supports. I do enjoy playing it though and my taric and thresh game is pretty gud.
: I havent played rengar alot and thats because of the fact I cant perform well with him. When I then think about moment where I've played against a rengar who was doing well, and was ahead, he could instapop you easily. I've never experienced that, because I cant get ahead with him. Same for shaco, although I like shaco more than rengar.
Rengar is ridiculously OP. You only need to understand his kit to be able to rolfstomp every match. Nothing hurts more than to watch a horrible rengar player who doesn't even know what attack move is go 15/5. I just had one of those in my team. It's bullshit. Once you get that one or two kills early, which is incredibly easy due to his double Q which deals more damage than a renektons W early game, you can kill adc's literally by just jumping on them and pressing q. Nothing else is needed, just do that and he's gone.
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