: About toxicity and how to deal with it
the older you get the easier it gets to ignore people i guess. the most common reason for players to blame others is ignoring your their own mistakes anyway. as soon as i relize that i press the mute button next ;). i think league players also have to realize thats its just impossible to win every game. getting mad about every mistake is just wasted time that couldve been spend CS'ing or ganking or w/e. anything done in the game is better than writing ^^
: Permantly banned ( again )
Noxxarian put it together pretty well. i can add something to it. i try to listen to some relaxing music while i play. here is something what i noticed about myself. if i listen to rock/metal music or electronic music i tend to get angry faster. i never flame players in chat unless they harass me. i tend to use the mute button though instead of arguing with little childs. but i cannot deny that im sometimes angry in front of my laptop while listening to those types of music. im never angry listening to slow and relaxing music though. and i also have better results with this kind of music. im more focused on the game than on my music. and to the you dont have to change yourself if youre toxic youre toxic and riot has to acknowledge that.... sorry but thats bs. i enjoy a competetive environment but i also do not forget that im playing a video game and i played league for fun in the first place. if i would be angry all the time while playing league i'd uninstalled the game long time ago. accept the fact that you cant win every game since its a team game and try to have fun in your games even if they are not in your favor.
: If you are a quitter you might as well quit the whole game
lost a promo due to leavers today. 4 kills at bot than rage quitted. the whole day was a mess to be honest. i had many rage quitters today. FF spammer and flamers. more than ever. i think i played like 4 solid games with normal players. no raging on both sides and so on. the rest were just not fun to play to say the least. League community is real bad. and riot tries pretty hard to make it better.
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: Well, there is a reason why you cant have infinite amounts of items. You need to choose which ones you really want. You need to tailor your item build to your liking or necessities. In some situations its more obvious than in others. Like when the opponent team doesn't have a lot of MR, you wouldn't really need a void staff in that situation for example. So you need to decide now which of the items you commonly build are not REALLY necessary. I try to make some points here: If you can live without the additional movement speed, get rid of {{item:3020}} . It only provides apart from the MS only 15 flat Magic Penetration, which is something you don't necessarily need in a late game scenario. So you could potentially build them earlier and sell them later into the game. Many people, some of them also being pro's, actually do that kinda often. I kinda like {{item:3027}} in your build because it provides a decent amount of AP, Health and Mana. All Stats that can be useful depending on your play style. Depending on its slot efficiency you can get rid of it though in favor of higher AP items if you feel like. Think about Zhonyas, it provides more AP and the item active gives you a different safety mechanic. Although its harder to execute than just having pure stats like health backing you up. Just examples of course. {{item:3089}} is what i commonly would call an overkill item in many item builds. You have a lot of AP and just want more. Its passive scales with the amount of AP you already have. So you want to have massive amounts of AP and the passive gives you even more based on that. If that's your play style go for it. Or, get rid of it to play it safer with less damage but higher chances of survival. You are rarely the only damage source in a team composition so you don't need to go for hyper carry status every game. {{item:3116}} should actually be a really decent item in general, especially now with the stronger slow for AoE type abilities which is Azirs Q and the "basic attack" of his sand soldiers who kinda deal damage in a line AoE. Also, it provides health and "strong" utility for your team and a fair amount of AP of course :D . {{item:3165}} seems to be the only CDR item in your build so i don't know if you want to get rid of it. I also can't really make up my mind of how "important" CDR is on Azir, might be good or not necessary. Azir is more of a champion with high attack speed in favor of CDR i feel like, because once you have your soldiers set up they shred anything with enough attack speed. Azir isn't really the kind of mage that uses abilities often in succession like more rotation based mages like Ryze for example. So maybe you should also try to get {{item:3115}} back into your build, maybe more of a mid to late game item though but it depends on you. Back to Morellos. It also provides decent AP and good mana regen, stats that are definitely worth getting on Azir i would say. I think i just remembered that Azir used to turn CDR into Attack Speed, right? I think that's where morello came from partially. Additionally Nashor's Tooth also provides CDR that Azir used to turn into attack speed. Now you rather need pure attack speed because they packed the attack speed into his W as ability rank scaling instead of being in his passive/innate turning CDR into AS. But i would consider {{item:3115}} > {{item:3165}} honestly in a late game setup. So you would rather want Nashors instead of Morellos. Many also like items like {{item:3001}} for AP, MR and MR reduction aura on enemies. Or {{item:3174}} , provides mana regen, MR, CDR (which you probably don't really need) and some AP. But i probably would recommend getting Athenes in most cases. It's more like when you need MR that there's Athene's and hey it also provides mana regen and CDR so maybe not too bad. But it's probably not the best item on Azir in many cases. Just wanted to mention it for the item build diversity. So i hope i gave you some thinking material about the items in question, but what items to build and when to build is something you need to decide yourself. After all your specific item build is supposed to support your play style of a certain champion. So think strongly about what you want and when you want it AND sometimes in what situations you want them. And never forget, adapting your item build according to your matchup and the rest of the enemy team composition can be very useful sooner or later in a game. {{champion:157}} meow
i think one of his passives are that CDR is converted into AS. i get 40% CDR with my runes and morellos right now. i think every azir has to have rylais dcap boots and 1 CDR item. so its either nashors or morellos. and void staff of course. heres my struggle if i go for RoA first than i wont be able to get zhonyas ; (.
: You should watch this, it may help you! :) Azir main here ^^
thanks yea it helped. but he no longer has knock up : (
meowsuo (EUW)
: I commonly would recommend to learn from pro's but addionally i have to state that it's not always helping to watch pro's do stuff. Bjergsen plays in a way that fits him. He plays his champions in a way that he likes and can pull off. He is not some kind of Azir standard. If he plays in a way that you can't imitating him wont net you much. Basically you need to find out how you want to/can play Azir. RoA is also a stacking late game item, so take your time when you build RoA. As i said Azir is a late game monster so RoA is not really bad, especially as it provides health for survivability, which is what i suggested you should try. When you feel more comfortable with Azir you can obviously switch to more aggressive builds. As far as i can say Azir will be squishy the entire game, which is why people like Zhonyas Hourglass as an defensive item on him. Buys you some time so that your team can help you fend off an assassin that tries to jump you or just someone who flanked you and got really close because of that. Most champions, i don't want to say all of them because i don't perfectly know right now, have kinda power spikes as soon as they learn a new ability. And level 6 can be considered another power spike because again they gain a new ability of their kit. Azir's Ult is a lot of power shifted towards utility and CC/displacement, so don't expect to blow people up with it. It is a wall that's supposed to give you strategic advantages above pure damage, although it does some decent damage i think. Azir lost also some movement speed in some of his nerfs, so his inability to position/reposition very fast is intentional and needs to be taken care of by the player namely you. So fast and jumpy champs are some of Azirs nemesis, but Azir can also push them away with his ult. Always easier said than done of course :D . TP as the meta is also kinda overrated by many. They see pro's do it and want to do it too without really thinking about the whys. TP is really useful either when you are really strong or are playing a strong champion, so you can immediately shift your power around the map or when your team can play with the strategic advantage of having this kind of map movement. Sadly for the latter, the map movement, it's most useful in higher ranks when people can actually play around it especially in a competitive match with pro's against pro's. Azir is a strong late game scaling champ so appearing somewhere on the map without having the power to do something shouldn't really help. That is also why most people use TP on power champs where you don't need to care too much about strategy and coordination. You just appear bot with your Renekton or Irelia or whatever and start beating people up. That is how TP is mostly used even in really high SoloQ ranks. I can't really think of something else right now, so i hope i could help again :> {{champion:157}} meow
yeah its been helpful. i tend to use my own head aswell instead of immitating others. but i also wanna know why certain players do the things the way they do it. hence why im questioning nashors tooth. so my full item build looked like this last game RoA sorc boots Dcap Rylais void staff and morellos problem here is if i go RoA i dont have space left for zhonyas : (
: U never buy nashors tooth first... Morellonomicon is the way to go , it gives you nice 20%CDR which is essential if you want to really make enemy's life hell. It solves your mana problems in some way as well. And 80AP is very good. These stats are very good start for Azir. Then you buy ur Nashors Tooth , because its a very agressive item to get , and Azir is not that good early... In fact he is quite bad. Then i like to get Rylais scepter... In my opinion its AMAZING on Azir it gives you 100 AP , 400 HP , and a passive which slows enemies... Your Q slows + rylais slow after your soldier attacks... They cant escape. Thats what i do : Morello's> Nashor tooth> Rylais> Cap > and then i like to get one deffensive item , ( i love guardian angel , since i play very agressive with azir) , oh and Zhonyas is nice too , this active is amazing not mentioning AP stats and Armor , which is a must these days... With those stupid Berserkers with crazy ad stats...
morellos and nashors wont work for me : / both items have no health at all and buying nashors first is already risky for me? how do you manage to survive early fights at dragon with those 2 items ? what summoners are you playing ?
meowsuo (EUW)
: I don't know if {{item:3115}} is still the way to go, because >He< got alot of attack speed put in his W in some patch a while ago. Yes you are a squishy mage, a control mage even that likes to poke with his sand soldiers from afar. Your sand soldiers cant proc the passive of the item because its "on-hit", that means that only basic attacks or abilities that the game considers a basic attack can proc it. Abilities that are considered basic attacks should mention it in their tooltip, like Yasuo's Steeltempest Q or Gangplank's Parrrley Q. Ezreal's Q should also be a valid basic attack ability. How to play Azir: Positioning is key, as you said yourself hes squishy and needs the safe distance. Also he's a control mage which means he wants some time to setup. You need your soldiers to be at the right place at the right time which can take a time to get used to, because sand soldiers don't last forever and especially early game the mana cost is considerable. A lot of Azir's difficulty is how to perfectly control his sand soldiers. Set them up correctly to block entrances of choke points or line up minions in lane to cs more efficient are all things you need to learn while playing Azir, because Mana is scarce especially now that mana potions are gone. Small confines are especially advantageous for Azir. Pile up your soldiers in jungle fights and the enemy champions that need to stay closer together because of the reduced space will suffer a lot of damage, because your soldiers attack is a line AoE. So everything in their attack path is hit. Azir is also a late game oriented champion, so early game you are weaker most of the time. The longer the game the more items and the stronger Azir gets. I cant really give you much advice in champion matchups, you mentioned assassins after all that give you a bit of trouble. It is matter of fact though that champions can have matchups where they are stronger or weaker. So assassins giving the bird emperor some trouble might be intentional by design. How to play certain matchups is also something you will learn in time. You will recognize weak matchups for the champion you picked and will play more passive or will create habits that help you survive in lane against these matchups. An important thing also to mention is adaptation in terms of item builds. When you have an AD assassin like Zed in lane then you can go for {{item:3191}} for armor. Or against other mages that are kinda assassin-y like {{champion:103}} , then you can go for {{item:1033}} / {{item:1057}} for MR to help you survive. Building damage first isn't as required as probably most people think. Sometimes surviving your matchup while still following your planned build path can work equally good. {{item:1033}} builds into {{item:3028}} which builds into {{item:3174}} or {{item:3191}} builds into {{item:3157}} or {{item:1057}} builds into {{item:3001}} . Why not building defensive until you can play Azir more aggressive and survive your laning phase and complete your defensive items into more useful items later on. All of them valid options, i hope i could help you a bit. meow {{champion:157}}
thank you for your reply. yea i can play agressive in lane already, kind of. i understand the power of his lvl 2 and how bad he is at lvl 1 so. i win against most assassins pre 6 in lane but after i have to fear for my life after they reached 6. yea mobile champions are giving me the most headache right now. i tried now to rush RoA and that went better than tooth atm. but theres a video of bjergson playing azir in patch 5.22 and he still rushed nashors tooth. and assassines are giving me troubles in late game aswell. : / i cant autoattack in teamfights coz i always need to run for my life : / im playing with TP at the moment. maybe i should go for exhaust or barrier.
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: Am I the only one who thinks Preaseason 6 ruined this game?
i play this game since the release of the open beta so i think i can say i have some knowledge about the game and can judge the seasons. doesnt really matter if its a pre season or not some changes will stay overall like they are. i would say the first 4 seasons were truly trying to balance the game out. now they change it for the sake of changing it to keep esports interesting imo. but there are positive things about pre season 6 aswell but they dont outweight the negative at the moment. ive took a break from league in season 5 because riot literally changed the whole jungle again. all of my counter jungle techniques had to be relearned again and giving every monster a small buff felt unecessary to me. also disliked the change of red and blue making them less important for the jungler. stealing the enemys red was such a huge victory as a jungler in solo q and that got only changed to prevent casuals from getting steamrolled imo. I could easily write 3 pages about the balance in the old jungle and how every champion had their pros and cons like a balanced game should have and how all that work is gone since s5 and esp s6. but i want to focus on bot lane aswell so i keep it short. also disliked the introduction of trinkets as its another tool to prevent counter jungling. good players should buy wards on their own and not have an item for that. it was one of the advantages of warwick for example. he never needed potions and couldnt gank very well pre 6. so he could atleast place a ward for his team. however adcs were already a problem(if you can call it that) back in season 4. even highly appreciated and knowledgeable players like alexich said its only about the adc dealing more dmg than the opponents adc. but atleast it took time till they did dmg. i feel like nami bard and other squishy supports are to risky to play now. double ups do more than 50 % dmg now just and 1 ult of lucian mf or graves nukes my velkoz entirely. i understand that carries should have the potential to carry a game and thats a good thing. but it was already like this in season 4 and 5. no change needed in my opinion. now 2 things can happen here -they nerf the dmg a little but it will stay strong overall. RIP squishy support champions if this happens. -they nerf it so much that the dmg overall is going to be similiar to what we knew back in s4 and s5. question here would be why change it in the firstplace here again bot lane was basically balanced in s4 and in s5. i could play every sup champ at bot and do well. even got to platin once with velkoz support only. point is nami was just as scary as a thresh. My question here is: Why change the bot lane when it achieved balance long ago ? small buffs wouldve been enough to weaker ad carries in order to make them competetive. now some of the postives about the new balance route riot has now. riot finally buffs champions aswell not only nerfing them. i will admit that at the end of season 4 assassines did little to no dmg at all to call them assassines that has def changed now and i think thats a good thing. utility mages provide utility and assassines should deal some serios dmg. i like that some champions got some love that they desperately needed. Heimerdinger jumps into my mind and graves now. i also like that riot tries to make adcs more entertaining and different from another. but ultimately i think riot has to ask some questions themself: - is our game still casual friendly and rewarding for long time players at the same time ? i think the opposite is the fact. game got more complicated and is less rewarding. here is why: i was a jungle fan back in season 4 so i will take examples from my experience as a jungler. jungle had 2 buffs 1had a dot with a little slow the other gives CDR and mana regen. the rest just gave money and exp. it was easy to understand and longtime players and passionate junglers knew the importance of these 2 buffs. while managing the time for ganks and farming. here was a weak spot that could easily be taken advantage of if the opponent didnt know his jungle well. but it was RISKY. - when do we consider something balanced or to strong? - could it be better to sometimes buff weaker champions instead of nerfing stronger champions? - should riot dictate the meta or let it form itself by players? - are changes really always needed? - do we consider fans of certain champions before we rework them? i feel like the community should ask themself those questions aswell. riot isnt the only one to blame here. since the community makes "issues" bigger than they are and forcing changes that arent neccessary. theres so much i would like to write about this subject but eh who cares. game will change and change and change again. i guess its time for me to move on to other games.

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