Sontax (EUNE)
Better nerf Irelia.
: Op cards arent inflicted that much by players skill... They are stronf alone and get a bit stronger if played right.. League champs are useless when played wrong and strong af if played right. Imo the OP wants champs banned so he wont loose because of lack of skill anymore
I think they should be banned in ranked only until they have been balanced again.
Rachnera (EUW)
: That sounds pretty dumb
It's actually not dumb at all, Magic the Gathering also bans op cards.
GodEzreal (EUNE)
: Can anybody say me how to create a club cuz i dont know rly :D
Can someone explain what a club is for in LoL?
: Why dont you just buy and play these champs?
Cause people prfer to play their mains least thats the case with me
: Lux is 16...
Shadòw (EUW)
: not really. When somebody kills himself, it would be because he has other problems. No one would be like "hey what a nice day oh some stranger on the internet told me i should kill myself i think i'm gonna do that"
: There is no point here. Simple as that. Riot doesn´t want to have a balanced game. They try to make us believe that they are working for a balanced game, but that ´s false. They just want to have some OP champions each month, cause people then play them and that doesn´t make this game static and boring. That´s the sad truth. Right now there are 50 real viable champions. Rest of them r shit, I am Jayce main, and compared to some champs, Jayce is shit. You can see how unbalanced this game is when people flame me for choosing Jayce, Yorick or champions like them in the champions pick time.
they dont want to balance the game I agree, I started playing again about a year ago and been waiting more than half of this time for balance, since the Jugganaut patch to be exact. Ever since that patch there was no a single time the game was balanced.
: jinx is the most attractive female champion in league.
I'd have to go with Lux esp the Star Guardian Lux
Grammos (EUNE)
: Is it worth buying tier 1 or tier 2 runes ?
I would suggest dont buy them ever, they will just be in the way when you get t3 runes
: it should do, I've never built so much spell vamp to try it out but it should work on all sources of magic damage
I have spell vamp runes and also buy Will of the Ancients many times so I wanted to know.
Rioter Comments
: what ping do you think is acceptable?
I have 17 ping used to have 100
: wait till you hit plat :D we have the highest afk percentage and most reports per 100 players
Ceiron3 (EUW)
: Make Jungle only queue
why should jungler have special privilages? I think everyone should be able to que for only one role or no one, how is that even fair if only junglers can do that?
: What is then? You can just say being "Bad" is the reason for being bad. There has to be something triggering it, usually an emotion or lack of knowledge.
some people know how to improve others dont, some have attention deficit, some are fast with their fingers others are not, there are many factors and different reasons otherwise there could be a cookie cutter way to improving but there isn't. As you say if you are prideful you may not admit your mistakes in the first place and thereby give yourself no room for improvement.
: How to balance the dmg of tank champs
The thing is that Tanks are really not much tanky anymore so they need damage to make up for the lost tankyness.
: The number one reason why you are stuck where you are Gold >?
Pride can be a hindrance to improving but I wouldn't say it is the number 1 reason for being bad.
Smittles (EUW)
: Why Can't I Win Games Anymore? Dynamic Queue? Meta? Because Plat is Full of Tilt?
If you win the lane all the time it means you make bad choice in other parts of the game and maybe team fights, otherwise you would simply climb but if you are so good in lane and still lose it means you must be lacking a lot of knowledge or skill in other areas.
D1nzu (EUW)
: Dont expect too much from this Champion. He will probably be a fukin OP jungle/juggernaut/mage. Community will cry about it for 6 months, then Riot decides to butcher him with 10 nerfs, and no one will ever play Aurelion Sol again :))))))))))))))))))))))))
I dont mind there being unpopular champs, like I can pick Cassio any game I want because no one picks her and no one bans her.
: Yeah, true. People don't realize that not every comp NEEDS to teamfight, especially in SoloQ...I mean, they pick squishy top, jungle and mid, then are all like, "ALL MID, DON'T GET HIT BY MALPHITE ULT!"
hahahha, pls say it isn't true
: Yep. 99% Of Solo Que want to ''omfg all mid or report lets have a 5v5 maybe get lucky and and take 1 tower or end the game because my mum forcing breakfast down my throat'' rather than actually carefully controlling all lanes, warding the enemy jungle to keep pressure or splitpush etc. It's just so lame. And if you don't join their ''prayforluck 5v5 campaign'' then they will just 4v5 anyway and die and blame you.
omg I thought this was only in bronze and silver, you are in Plat do they still play like this over there? -.-
: Balance thornmail
100% return damage is near impossible unless the one who hits has little attack damage
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: My only complaint is it won't work as I used it until now. I 1v1ned a Zed as support Sona and killed him with it pre-patch. Pretty sure it's not possible anymore.
I think a Zed doesnt do auto attacks he does spell damage
TTekkers (EUW)
: I play quite a bit of ADC, and love Lux support .... when it's done properly.
well Lux is op as hell but if she gets nerfed eventually how useful is she? not much as a support
M4ndrake (EUW)
: nah i dont need dmg supports CC etc is fine and I will say always no to a Soraka support
Soraka has no cc except with her E which is more of a disengage or escape tool and rarely roots the enemy
Eeten (EUW)
: How can somebody say "**No**" to Soraka ?
When you play Soraka bot it means you only have the adc to deal damage, maybe this is why he doesn't like it.
: no pls revert rageblade to how it was before its rework
Leptyx (EUW)
: Bigger breast for female champions
please no, they are already so big its unrealistic
Yvert (EUW)
: I'm french, and I never really understood why our country has this problem. It's actually kinda tame here: I remember letting the host know of your nationality meant an insta-kick in practically every game in Warcraft III, and I couldn't really blame them because the french players were among the most toxic.
Yesterday a french guy invited me to a game sure enough they insulted me in game, I will now always ask for their nationality before I accept xD But I also played with a french who didn't flame before.
: What is with the french in this game?
maybe in France it is normal to flame?
el barno (EUW)
: I like playing support but I won't queue for it because of dynamic queue
I que up with top and bot, when I get bot I sometimes ask if I can play support and at least 50% of the times they say yes. When I dont want to wait long I que up with fill or support.
Rioter Comments
: But not all ARE that good Thunderlords is an AOE Thunderlords has a MUCH higher base value Thunderlords actually works with AOE abilities.
This is really a tought one for some champs.... DFT is better if you harrass a lot because it has no cooldown. As a Cassio player it's really a tough choice I would say they are about equal, but for most champs Thunder is better. you can proc Thunder in a fight once, DFT you can sometimes proc 2-3 times to make it simple say level 15 with 400ap TL: 150+40= 190 damage, instant DFT: 100+8x2=216 damage, over time So TL is definetly better early game but DFT is stronger late game for some champions. You have to consider the difference also between Precision and Piercing thoughts, again the one in the Cunning tree is better early game and the one in the Ferocity Tree is better late game. One more thing I forgot and which is why I prefer DFT for Cassio, that it affects all champions you damage while TL only affects one champion. So in a team fight DFT will dish out more damage.
Estti379 (EUW)
: "g" isn't the only option^^ You can use "v" too, which creates the "be careful" ping if you release it without dragging. If you hold it, you'll see the 4 other ping options "Danger, Enemy missing, On my way, Assist me". You need to drag your mouse then over the image of the ping you want to use, like on my image! You'll see a white line going from the center towards your mouse. If you don't want to use the keys (g and v), you have other options, too. On the top left of you mini map, you have that exclamation mark (!). If you use it, you can use a normal ping ("g" type of ping) by left clicking with your mouse. If you hold the mouse button, you get the other ping options too. Pressing "ALT+left mouse click" will yield exactly the same results. You can do the "careful" ping ("v" kind of ping) with "CTRL+left mouse click".
good post I posted it in the OP so its easy to see for new players if that's ok with you
Vudubro (EUW)
: Tanks being too powerful
they have to deal a lot of damage cause defensive stats are just not very useful anymore because of the ad items
Shadòw (EUW)
: you press g, but dont hold it, release it instantly. When you hold it and drag your mouse into a direction you can make advanced pings
turns out I overwrote that hotkey
Ludovico (EUW)
: Do you mean the blue ones you can make when simply holding ALT+RMB? The ones that turn mark enemies and enemy turrets when clicking them?
yes and also the location ping when I want my teammate to ward a bush
Rioter Comments
: Forgetting to take smite as a jungler
Yeah Ive lost games simply cause I forgot to take smite, this game is quite punishing if you forget anything like smite or masteries -.-
Yousho (EUW)
: To everybody who bans the champ of the top pick on your team.
If I pick off meta I usually simply dont show my pick and therefore it doesnt get banned. But if you pick really popular champs then they might get banned anyways.
: umm no old fiora was literally never classed as anything but a troll champion or a bronze stomper
I said at the time of before and during the Jugganaut patch and also on release she was op. A while after release she was changed or nerfed and as you said pretty bad until she was reworked.
: fiora was absolutly trash in season 5 before her rework... she was classed as one of the biggest troll champions ever... you sure you know? and thats not what its about anyone can google the tier list for x patch its on about champions like amumu being free elo at bronze but hard to use at higher elos where skill is actually their but they cant buff him cause low elo players get destoryed by him
There was a time before the Juggernaut patch, that's when Fiora was most op. She was also very op on release. Your argument is the old dispute between balance for the pros or balance for the majority of players. Riot has gone somewhat of a middle path but IMO they do far more balancing for pro play. You see champs like Ryze and Victor at the bottom of the pit who do not even have good win rate in high elo because they were too strong for pro play like lcs.
: Shit division.
that sounds rather insulting, "poop division" may be ok
LOLtyrant (EUW)
: Iron division?
iron sounds too good like Iron Man or something
: Should Bronze and silver players option be taken seriously on balance?
it took me a bronze/silver player literally one game to see that Fiora is op as hell and how long did it take Riot to balance her? Several months and they still nerfed her even thou she is not even close to what she was in S5. We bronzies or silvies know just fine who is balanced and who isnt.
: Tons of damage are always fun.
yep but in this era of dashes, cc and move speed its not so easy anymore to get the damage off, but when Tryndamere does _all hell breakes lose_!
Gaddafi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=EmEx,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=t7LEWi9G,comment-id=000800000000,timestamp=2016-02-26T15:37:13.603+0000) > > um and you say this why? I am not much of a jungler player thou I've played him Jungle once or twice I prefer going top lane. Isn't it logical? :) I assumed that you played him only at top lane ( because you have stated that you just started playing him ) so i recommended you to try him jungle because i had a lot of fun with jung Trynda in Season 5. Main reason - fast clear time and great sustain in jungle - no one can interrupt your farming so you will get your core items very fast and he can be very safe while doing so - when compared to lane Trynda.
ok I will try him in Jungle again
LA Losty (EUW)
: Trash and Dirt are probaly a little too harsh for a name... But wood could maybe work :3 But then should it just be 1 division like in Master Teir or should it be another 5 divisions?
MrsNiksa (EUW)
: If those bronzies were that good then they wouldn't be in Bronze :/
there are HUGE differences from one bronze player to another, Ive honest seen people that are simply too bad for Bronze they dont even know how to last hit under tower.
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