Colè (EUW)
: Looking for Diamond+ teammates for 5v5! Road to Challenger!
Hit me up if you need mid! I'd prefer you add mu smurf. IGN: Emotional Kid
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: I shouldn't be forced to lose LP when I dodge champ select with someone going Garen jungle!
I saw a guy i fakers game play it and that is high kr challenger therefore it must be somewhat viable :S
: wow
With this few details I can see why they fail to understand you...
: MMR Stuff, RNG and my Experience in Silver
: To those in elo hell
Elohell dosent exist :3
TakOsobie (EUNE)
: Eune Master Toplaner looking for Duo on WEST.
Im D5 / D4 If you fail to find someone I wouldn't mind playing with you ;)
: Hi and Pls
Sure, if you pay :3
: players skills and flaming
Hate to break it to you buddy but if you're stuck in a rank it's your fault and no one else. The fact that elo boosting is a thing should prove that. Good luck climbing tho! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Im not sure but did you just offer MONEY to get HIGH RANK ? Well that wont lead to good things .. not at all.
He said he was looking for people at similar rank and he's probably saying the thing with money for the sake of motivation whitch is something alot of teams lack. If I was new I'd be joining him in an instant :O
: Since patch, the client doesn't tell me when to pick a champion
If you don't have sound on the League of Legends client it on pop up. It's pretty annoying but easy to solve, I assume that should fix it. Good luck!
: I've had some games in TUR server. Wow.
If they're so bad why is it a problem? You have 4 bad plebs, they've got 5. If you actuelly were good you can just climb out of it.. Sigh. . .
: plat+ to duo normals with me?
Izevel (EUW)
: Flex 5v5 shown as main rank on profile?
Because it is the queue you are highest ranked in.
Four Star (EUW)
: Getting demoted warning
It's a warning that you can't get protected for too long, guess it's there to motivate you :3
Four Star (EUW)
: How can I fix my MMR?
Only play soloQ, eventually it should return to normal. I have the same problem, sadly I enjoy duoQing too much to stop despite it making me derank with a positive winrate. :(
xånåx (EUW)
: Why do I get a solid ping of 37ms? It's not my connection.
Your ms depends on your distance to the riot server. The closer you live to the server the lower the ms ^^
Rioter Comments
HDinis09 (EUW)
: Riot remove bot users from the game at once ffs
Bots have low mmr becaurse they neven win. If you take some time to win a few arams you should get rid of them, worked for me atleast :)
LeMistr (EUW)
: Screen Sharing
You could download xSplit and stream it :) Skype is pretty laggy
: How is this fair?
Rioter Comments
: Help me please
They have to send out the icons to alot of people, hence it's perfectly normal that there is a little wait time. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Asiro (EUW)
: looking for duo (silver)
The +18 always trigger me and makes me feel worthless :(
Four Star (EUW)
: Alpha Blue looking for team members
Why do I have to be 18? :(
: Contest for either Rakan or Xayah; show me some love!
Thanks alot for doing this Strawberry! I simply hate the people asking for the skins without giving anything in return but now they get a chance to prove themselves worthy! {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
iAmDx999 (EUW)
: not for ever only for 3 or 4 dayd and in very high ip price like 3500 ip or more
3500 ip is not alot for people who have played alot, currently sitting on 200k ip so that would pretty much be a free skin for me.
: is this a free game or what ? cuz dont wanna waste my time just to win a boosted guy for nothing , if u giving skin for ur lose im in we can play 1v1 and pick ur kata
Ofc it's free, I simply wanna practise my laningphase ^^
Rioter Comments
: 2 tokens and 1 <champion> permanent
It means that you have the choice between using 2 token + (Yorik shard or 500 essence) to unlock mastery 6. Works same way with mastery level 7 you just save 100 more essence. If I happend to be mistaken and you have vedeo proff of me being mistaken I will gift you yorik. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Bensback (EUW)
: "noobs" Well I was almost ranked gold last season and I don't have 300 normal wins (considering they don't count teambuilder lel.) Yeah you'll most likely clena up 90% of low ELO resulting in plats been stuck in bronze hahaha
That was just cocky af...
: Duo in bronze
Why +18 tho :3
Rioter Comments
: Yasuo bug
It's not a bug. It's the way his q works. It only applies on hit effect o first target his aswell. If everything it hit workwd like on hit it would be too broken, just imagin his waveclear with hydra.
Bubbarain (EUW)
: ye cause you clicked it to check same as i did lol :)
Do i know you? I think I've seen your name before.
: league of legends boost
you seriously expect someon to suddenmy add you and carry you...?
ksk1988 (EUNE)
: plat 3 girl looking for team gold or Higher
Was putting girl in the title really relevant?
: Plat 2 midlaner girl looking for a duo <3
: What do you mean? I got form gold 5 to plat 3 both times. Then the season finished. Some people climb slow but certain like me. Give me 2 years in a row and I owuld be much higher right now.
Last season i got from silver 4 to diamond 5. Do i the deaerve master?
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: ***
Thats not true, you start with high mmr and if therefore skip promos if you keep the good mmr going.
GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Won half the provisionals and from s4 promos to b5
The idea of a soft reset is to sinply demote everyone, if you're good enough climbing shouldnt be a problem.
: Huge bug in placements
If you're not able to climb to diamond in a whole season i would say that you simply dont deawrv it. If it's becaurse you dont have enough time cuz of work, family ect then ranked probably isnt the gamemode for you.
: Someone from Riot please explain this placment to me.
Do you think you deserv more than bronze 5?
Marvals (EUW)
: Ranked Reset
Take it as a gift when you face people who are highere rank than you. In these games you are able to learn more. Lol is not just about rank afterall and you have almost a whole year climb to the division you deserv
minikor (EUW)
: Solo duo fucked MMR bs
Your rank last season was gold4 right?
Ashlian (EUW)
: mastery medal combining with IP
Just purcjase the champion tokens. Getting level 7 mastery cost about 3400ip
ledenica (EUW)
: My brother has and acc on EUW and we tried for him to buy it for me as a gift but its showing us an error... :( Guess because of the ban?
Oh now that I think about it I acutelly think there is a bug with gifting. I thought they fixed it since they have known the bug for quite some time now. Im afraid im unavaiable to help you :(
abixbg (EUNE)
: Which Ranked queue you treat as Normal Draft right now?
In theory it will actuelly be easier (If you don't troll yourself that is). In your team there is 4 people who could ruin the game while on the enemy team there is 5 who could ruin the game. So as long as you're playing above average you should not have any trouble climbing.
ledenica (EUW)
: Is there a faster way to unban due to charcheback?
If you have an in real life friend in your friendlist you could ask him/her to buy it for you and then give him/her the money in real life.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
: Do you like Autofill?
I think it's great. Haven't encountered a single troll support in 50 games and the few tines i was put support i simply swapped role with a teamate.
Valynx (EUNE)
If the mode is avaiable on multiple maps the queue time will decrease. Riot always wanna keep their queue times healthy (That's the reason they removed draft from many servers. I hope this explained your question.
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