: Why new akali skin !!
Because it's part of the KDA lore.
: Congrats on 10 years of LoL #rip
You gotta be pretty toxic to get all your comments deleted.
: how roit just cost me a rank game
That's leonas fault for not rebinding her flash or reloading the game, that is in no way riots fault.
: Im looking for a main taric rank: high gold / platinum level
Wutroslaw (EUNE)
: About autofill
The amount of times this has been suggested on the boards is mind blowing, but because of how much queue times will increase riot won't do it. What they could do is show the role you got before you accept the match, but most people will decline if they get the wrong role. OR they could make support more fun. But off meta picks are more fun if adc's won't whine about them.
1stBro04 (EUW)
: False perma banned for toxcicity lmfao.
So because people in game are apparently sending death threats at you, that gives you the right to be toxic back? Buddy, you broke the rules, you are equally as toxic in riots eyes as the other players. You can't be toxic because other players are. And if you think your logs aren't toxic, then you need a miracle.
Avers (EUW)
A tiny platform on botlane won't change caitlyns 1 item burst potential.
: riot pls fix that Neeko bug or disable her
Warheart1 (EUNE)
: What is your average FPS and MS in LoL?
I mainly play on euw and get 33ms BUT when i play on eune i also get 33ms
: Balanced reworks , a joke made by Riot since season 7
Wryneck (EUW)
: Hi, Anyone know how I can find my Season 7 stats?
: 14 days ban for first time flaming?? %%%% Off!
Why would it being your first game matter? Breaking the rules is bad, just because you say it's your first time doesn't make you any better than other flamers. You're all rulebreakers in riots eyes. Flame is lame, just play the game.
: Udyr's model is trash
Dragon oracle and spirit fix this, but you shouldn't have to buy skins for a champion to play them.
: Legendary Skins on sale???
They've always been available for sale. The skin sale rotation is based on dates the skins came out, not popularity. Galaxy slayer zed and academy ezreal came out close together so it would make sense for them to be together. It's very rare for legendary skins to go on sale. Hopefully dark cosmic jhin will be for sale soon.
Ebonmaw (EUNE)
: What kind of food does the baron like ? ( I MAST KNOW)
It's favourite food is marksman players who assume they can solo baron but can't.
: Queue time
Ahh yes, this was a problem on pbe when TFT was released for testing. The number it jumps back too is your actual position, the queue refreshes a lot when the displayed number isn't the correct one.
Rioter Comments
: yes but 17? for me it looks like really low...
Yes 17 is really bad, but in high elo most players get 8lp a win. Unfortunatly that's how the ranked system was designed, very poorly.
: this game has become a joke im level 189 on a plat 3 account, but because i told someone theyre dumb i cant play clash?
: whats with honor level 2 for clash
Agreed. I lost my honor level 2 just after getting it because i called someone on the enemy team stupid multiple times.
Silv3rGod (EUNE)
: low lp gain?
While your overall winrate is higher, losing a considerably high amount of games will greatly impact your lp gain. I was smurfing a few days ago on a fresh lv30 account, i was on a 11 game winstreak with 35lp a win being gained. I then lost 6 games in a row and my lp dropped to 28 a win, making my overall win/loss 12w 7L.
: Unranked Players
You probably just get smurfs who play badly. Most level 30s in gold elo are smurfs who are doing placements.
NineTalez (EUW)
: New victorious skin 2019
VICTORIOUS JHIN would be fire.
Anoligarh (EUW)
: Is it just me or do junglers have a hard time during the late game?
: I actually have sensitive eyes, it's a condition. But I like how you just assumed that I'm a basement dweller lmao
Ahh well i'm sorry about that. Most of us are basement dwellers ya see.
: New client hurts my eyeballs
You should probably go to specsavers or maybe practice going outside in daylight.
ShacoOrTaco (EUNE)
: Only death will seperate us
ElKekso (EUW)
: Thanks Riot
Better jungler wins.
: Unfarily Suspended
What you have to remember is that the Rules state you cannot be toxic. If you let two toxic players break you and you be toxic back, you are also breaking the rules. Two wrongs don't make a right. I'm not saying the two toxic players who provoked you shouldn't be banned because they should, i'm saying instead of letting your emotions get the best of you, just mute them and report after the match. Unfortunatly, accounts that have been banned for legit reasons don't get unbanned, but for any future accounts you may or may not make i hope this helps you.
Myfz (EUW)
: Thanks Legacy dude, I just created a ticket with their Support, hopefully it will go through :) I'm a bit annoyed, because I got ban because of 1 guy (all my team/enemies were also upset about him).. and I purchased the "world 2019 pass" (35euros!) 2 days ago that could not be refunded... Stupid question, is the following is legal ? : - Riot sell "World 2019 pass" - Riot provides a service by letting people getting "tokens" after each games - I cannot use this service because of my ban (no warning received from Riot), and I also cannot be refunded ? (where is exactly the condition about this ?)
Best advice is to not let Toxic players break you. If someone is toxic in chat, best thing to do is mute and report after the match, that way you don't get punished for trying to put him in his place. Two wrongs don't make a right if you know what i mean ;)
: League is not fun anymore...
In order for league to be fun, ya gotta focus less on winning and more on enjoying the game. Trying to win a ranked game is more of a chore than enjoyable, but when you play a normal game with friends the game is very enjoyable.
: lol is boring and it might hurt playerbase AF.
They probably don't care is a a small population of the community stop playing. They make tons of money from the huge amount of active players in asian and western regions who still play everyday. Enough to afford to create new games such as TFT, league mobile and the new unannounced Card Game.
Anoligarh (EUW)
: Best champions for really late game, when your team is cowering in base, who can carry then?
Well besides kai'sa, Vayne and caitlyn who are very overpowered right now, there is: Riven, Jax and Fiora for Toplane Karthus, Malphite for jungle Veigar, Leblanc, A Sol, Syndra and kassadin Also brand support is pretty good.
: Which feature do you consider useless/most useless?
Double bans. There are so much overpowered champions right now and not enough bans due to double bans and people not banning a champ.
ylw203 (EUNE)
: I got perma for no reason
Post your chat logs. Otherwise you can't prove you didn't deserve a ban.
: Exactly. I can do whatever I want.
Well apparently not since the comment has been deleted lmao.
: ***
So instead of respecting his opinion you just bring up his rank instantly? You're the perfect example of unwanted players in the community.
: this meta sucks
dute9 (EUW)
: How do i quit?
Uninstall the game and play minecraft.
: 5v1 'easily'
It's either: A: Aattrox is still strong despite all the impactful nerfs. Or B: a bad fight played poorly by the other team. My votes with B.
: Should this be possible?
Multiple grievious wounds and more consistant dps from jhin or a different marksman would of stopped him easily.
: what should happen to kayle?
Her old kit was good at all stages of the game and never really needed a full rework. If they don't want to revert her then i suggest they keep pulling power out of her lategame and put it in her earlygame.
: Doesn't noc already have a decent red/black skin? And the model is likely to get updated before next skin for him, or at least I hope.
Yeah the Eternum nocturne skin is his best one Imo.
: What's life without a little drama, LMAO xD
I literally thought leaverbuster was removed, i used to have to go afk a lot and it would result in me getting leaverbuster frequently, and i haven't had leaverbuster in about a year.
: I guess I'll be permabanning Blitz for a bit
I agree and will be doing the same for now.
: Oh boy... you are right... I thought dunkmaster was just epic... but I still think, before they release a second legendairy for a single champion... every other champ should have at least one
Because of the long wait time for champs like kindred and skarner who have been waiting ages, i think they should make next skins legendary. Although i think instead of a skin, skarner should really recieve a VGU. The champion is awful and only seen in pro play because of his ultimate. They should listen to the skarner mains who have been %%%%ed by riot by forgetting about their champions existance and only remembering he exists when worlds arrives.
: Why should "I Agree"? EXCUSE ME?!
Relac leaverbuster doesn't even punish you anymore.
SGT Nuthead (EUNE)
: I'm tired of people crying about the champs !
Most of the time i only complain about how broken a champ is. But in my defense i think you have a right to complain when a full build caitlyn is headshotting you gor 1k damage through 130 armour.
: Which champion's laugh is your favourite?
JustTits (EUNE)
: Riot Game(s) saying that TFT is the most successful gamemode so far
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