: Permabanned i didnt deserve
If you know you shouldn't be saying the words you did in-game, then why did you? Justified bans aren't reversed, all your spent money has been sent to the deep void that is riots bank account. And you don't get refunds.
Uhto (EUW)
: account banned 3 years ago
It's lost in the Void. Never gonna happen.
1312123 (EUW)
: is it legal use lolskin in EUW
If they've announced it is bannable on use i wouldn't keep using it.
: Ranged toplaners especially mages are completly taking over toplane.
I second this. I miss the old conqueror already. It was much more balanced. We all know how much riot loves ranged champs tho so i don't expect nerfs coming anytime soon. Melee tops are just dead picks for now. Time to adjust and play poorly designed champs like Ryze.
: getting permanted banned because a troller on my team reported me?? what is this excuse me??
So you got banned for flaming a trolling player, but still complain even tho you broke the rules too?
: >The right to have access to his LoL account of course. Technically, it's not "his" account. Had he read the terms of use, he'd know that riot owns **all** accounts and everything on them. They merely **allow** us to use them for free as long as we behave. The skins and everything else you get with rp are not "bought", they're "loaned for a price(rented)". Think of riot as your friend who lets you live in a spare appartment he has for free, as long as you behave and follow his rules. When you stop following the rules, you get kicked out.
: Any chance to clean your account status after 14 days ban ? ? ?
Umm... the system is in no way against human rights but good try. To answer your question, yes your account status get's better over time, it takes a couple months before your status will improve. Unless you're super duper ultra mega toxic then you will get perma nomatter what.
Hmmmm... i don't really see what's so funny about what i said. It's just my opinion, it has nothing to do with my finishing rank, something i achieved will below the average amount of ranked games the average player will play. Can to explain what's so funny to you?
Osiiris (EUNE)
Playing ranked in preseason is always a fiesta, most people don't actually care about climbing they would rather play more fair matches. I'm low plat and i get diamonds and master players in my normals, it's rough.
: What do I do about Champion Select trolls?
Dyz 4i20 (EUW)
: Stormrazor on yasuo is broken
Agreed. Let's just make a shiv item with that has attack speed, burst, slow and high ad have crit as well, only a few champs will benefit it e.g. champs that were already busted like caitlyn, yasuo etc.
Norzolrat (EUW)
: Stereotypes
This guy is clearly a troll, nobody is really like this.
: Riot balance team, are you ok?
> Seriously, why you cant just make a balanced champ, which is slighty underrated/underpowered and then you can readjust her/him. Yuumi had one of the worst releases in a few years, she had under 30% winrate.
Ðouble B (EUW)
: Ultimate skin idea
Shyvana would be great yes, but because of her possible rework it wouldn't be possible for awhile. And even so riot isn't very interested in making ultimate skins after the failure of GGMF in 2018.
: I am bbbanned?
Nope, to put it honest as possible, it's completely pointless.
: In your opinion, best champs to one-trick currently?
Ap mages that can easily abuser conquerors fast ability stacking e.g. ryze, kassadin, cassiopeia is broken rn.
: Sanguine Blade Nerf Suggestion
It's only considered broken in 1v1's, take advantage of your teams numbers and the item is weak.
Xaring (EUW)
: I got my skin, but not my choma ;P
Rip. I got nothing. I've been honor level 1 for over 4 months, i play every day too but still not enough to get to level 2. But i guess that's sort of my fault for maining jungle.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I really really love Ocean drake map
Yeah it's also every rengar mains wet dream.
Morphus (EUW)
: Instantly 14 day ban for these 3 games, its a joke really.
These logs are worth a 14-day. They may not be include disgusting words that some players use, but it's still worth a punishment. Just because you wasn't as toxic as a few players are doesn't mean you shouldn't get a strong punishment.
King Ray (EUW)
: I didn't get the Aatrox Skin
Players don't recieve every reward at the same time.
9 Volts (EUW)
: Got honor 3&4 emotes, but not my icons and aatrox skin
Not all the rewards are coming at the same time.
: upgraded GPU and i am getting the same FPS
Dinhu (EUW)
: please even you dont like it doesnt mean it needs to be removed
I never said it should be removed.
: ban the fking afk players
Hahaaaa, by the way you talk on boards i'm assuming you are a flamer in game, which makes you more vunerable to punishments. Better be careful!
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Petition to bring back Nexus Blitz
Would be nice if it came back for christmas, since we don't have a winter map anymore due to the new elemental dragons changing the appearance on the rift. Nexus blitz was probably the best LTM we've had for a few years now.
: Are burst mages good against carries or juggernauts?
Ap mages will be able to damage juggernauts but not completely kill them in 1 combo, marksman and melee auto attackers like Yi, Jax, Tryndamere are better for that. Carrys on the other hand, mages completely destroy anything without 150 magic resistance and 3k hp.
imanone (EUW)
: Buff Senna
LOL she's overpowered what are you talking about. She has a much better version of kindred passive and insane healing and burst dmg.
: oh why havnt i thought about that after 170 diferent accs baned? damn thansk for enlightening me sir
: > I 100% needed a rework in season 7, but a few patches before his rework he was actually super fun to play and viable. He still needed a rework... his problem was that he was either overpowered or underpowered... he went from forgotten to the strongest top laner in the game if anything that proved he needed the rework > Kit and making a new champion from it. The point of the rework was to remove the old kit not add a new champion... if Riot added new aatrox as a new champion old aatrox would still need a rework so it’s a pointless waste of time > I like the new aatrox, but it's not a traditional rework, it's a completely new champion all of the old aatrox gone, even his signature revive was killed for no reason. Actually if you look very little was taken out... his old Q got put on Q3, the dash part put on E, his W heal on hit and damage on hit is condensed into his passive, his R is still a steroid. All he’s now missing is E, a 3 hit passive, and his revive which made it into his rework... Once you remove his issues (all stemming from W) you remove aatrox.
His knockup q3 does not deny the fact his whole kit is gone.
HercaZ (EUNE)
: Yasuo + 2x cloak of agility = 100% crit rate? Anyone?
More like adcs can buy 25% crit from 800 gold and then caitlyn can do 400dmg headshots if the Rng is on her side.
: i dont like flaming and misstreating low levels but RIOT forces me to do so
Omegalol, it's not like riot hacks your mind and forces you to flame in chat. Just mute alk and stop making excuses.
TwistedAlex (EUNE)
: Let's talk about Ezreal
He's getting some buffs soon in the next micropatch. Everyone's favourite cucklord that spams you from 800 unit range with insane ability damage will be back before you know it.
ZickZak (EUW)
: Remaking Champions
The aatrox rework should of never happened in the first place. I 100% needed a rework in season 7, but a few patches before his rework he was actually super fun to play and viable. But because riot spent time making his rework they shipped it anyway instead of just taking the new Kit and making a new champion from it. I like the new aatrox, but it's not a traditional rework, it's a completely new champion all of the old aatrox gone, even his signature revive was killed for no reason.
: why League Of Legends player community low IQ ?
If you're going to talk about low IQ at least take some time improving your grammer.
: how can i deal with flaming teammates that are premade
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YxJVg4NR,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-21T17:34:01.726+0000) > > People are still playing to win, doesn't matter if it's preseason in the end it's still a competitive game and people will get angry if you waste their time by not playing to win. Implying that flaming is part of them "trying to win". {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Tbf if you kindly ask someone to stop feeding they are probably gonna call you bad or useless anyway so might as well be aggressive.
FPX Tίan (EUW)
: Pre season started and toxic,flaming people has risen.
People are still playing to win, doesn't matter if it's preseason in the end it's still a competitive game and people will get angry if you waste their time by not playing to win.
Rioter Comments
: She have only 1 dash, W doesn't count for me.
Agreed tbh, it's way to short to count as a dash.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WBgPYNeu,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2019-11-18T18:00:37.988+0000) > > Nobody get's banned for it because the leaverbuster system is the punishment for going afk. Aka it's not bannable. I assume you know what abusive behaviour is. If you consistently AFK/leave in your games, the warnings become punishments, most cases in the form of low priority queue. If even after that you keep doing the same thing, those will inevitably scale into something worse. [IFS FAQ](http://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286) > The League of Legends community is empowered to report players they believe have violated the Summoner's Code and **consistently created a negative experience in games**. Regardless of the circumstances, behaviors such as in-game taunting; harassment, offensive remarks, intentionally feeding, **etc**. That isn't the extensive list (notice the "etc"). AFK/leaving creates a negative experience in games. It just so happens they have a dedicated tool to deal with those cases, but that doesn't mean you're immune to the other.
Yeah you didn't need to go so far, i know it's suppost to be punishable, i'm just saying that the system never bans you for going afk. Typing ez still isn't toxic.
Fineeh (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=pEdawrTv,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-11-18T14:07:36.730+0000) > > It doesn't matter what i think, it's about what riot says is allowed or not. Idc what this guy said and idc what you think either. It's not about my opinion it's about what Riot expects from it's community. Oh look, a talking sheep. Just taking it from what you wrote, but my dear, you don't have an opinion, others will always form theirs and try to express it, deal with it.
I don't need an opinion on something so completely obvious. Good on people for having opinions, even if most of the time they are meaningless, like yours.
: What about Yasuo's ''W'' Wind Wall...
There are things it cannot block. Skillshots that are not projectiles cannot be blocked. A few examples would be: Lux R Velcoz R and knockup Syndra q Xerath q, w, R
MusicaroN (EUW)
: When is the next Blue essence sale ? (Essence Emporium)
: I have an issue with stacking in one place
I would suggest to reinstall the game, but you best option is to submit a ticket to support and they will offer you the best advice.
Rok (EUNE)
: I just wanna speak it out loud
What are these 'worst reasons' you are talking about?
Atreju (EUW)
: I actually agree with you. It might be well known that these are triggerwords but you can't expect everyone to know. You should get a chat restriction warning and be unbanned.
Anybody who doesn't know what will get their account banned should look st the rules before even loading into their first pvp match.
Xplosion101 (EUNE)
: Nah, I've heard a lot of people getting chat bans over the word "trash" tbh. Well not 14-day bans, but still I get it counts as an extremely negative word. Although still, the context matters. I'm pretty sure a HUMAN would be able to differentiate between "go k*s" and "you told me 'k*s'", right? I trust that support will be able to handle it appropriately. Imagine being in court as a witness because you heard someone say a "banned" word and you say "Person X said [the word]" and you get punished for it... It's ridiculous and it's why an automated ban system always has people working behind it too.
Yeah a human would see that i agree. Still ya gotta be pretty crazy to type words like that and expect not to get punished. Anyway the Op has played games so he much of got his ban removed which is good since he wasn't saying it to abuse someone. Although i hope the rioter who unbanned him gave him a warning about what not to say, i would never use ### in game nomatter how much of a degenerate the other player was.
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WBgPYNeu,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-18T14:49:29.814+0000) > > If going afk isn't bannable It is.
Nobody get's banned for it because the leaverbuster system is the punishment for going afk. Aka it's not bannable.
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