KE777 (EUNE)
: It's like you didn't even read the post. Stop.
Still an easy solution to chat toxicity.
: Weird changes on my account
Hopefully the 2-factor authentication releases soon.
: Am I out of Project missions?
Only 4 weeks worth of missions, last missions date is 22 august tomorrow. Should be new missions tomorrow.
KE777 (EUNE)
: Showing off your mastery score
SJBaggerX (EUW)
: Pls make Pyke regen scale with champion level
KE777 (EUNE)
: I get that people need this to remember, but if you are going to create a CUSTOM item set why do you need it to be there? If you absolutely need to keep it, it could stay there and remain unremovable, but at least let me edit and move it around. That's not too much to ask for, right?
Yeah moving it would be nice i agree, but most of my item sets include multiple builds and the locked control ward icon gets pushed offscreen.
KE777 (EUNE)
: Custom item sets and end-screen
The control ward needs to stay in your item set page. It's a reminder than you should be buying them when you can.
: %%%%%%ed teammates = new trend
It's been a thing since the 1st 2019 split ended.
: Party Boost
One player could provide exp boosts for 4 extra players, meaning riot loses out on people buying exp boosts and makes less money from them. It's not gonna happen.
: 30 LVL
It took tyler1 130 bot games to get from level 1-30, i would estimate about 50+ games but it really matters on how much of those you win.
: riven to riot games is alinity to twitch
: Qiyana Nerfs Again!
Really strong in pro play and her ult is kinda overpowered. The rest of her kit is ok.
DagOfBickss (EUNE)
: Kai’sa thoughts
Yep. I've been permabanning her for months due to this.
: Yuumi is unbalanced,
: Who derservers skins?
Ivern got a dunkmaster skin this year. Ornn would of been good. Veigar and nocturne are great choices but obviously they need to boost income so ahri got one too.
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=KQKXlnXw,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-08-17T18:10:05.446+0000) > > Toxic queue? You mean low priority queue? Never heard anyone use the term toxic queue. call it what u want, but my team is full of toxic people flame blame troll from the get go.
Yeah that's what everyones teams are like. Low priority queue is the official name.
CJXander (EUNE)
: How do you feel about season 9 so far?
The hyper ganking meta junglers have been forced into last 2 seasons is very dull. I prefer to play powerfarmers who come online later and solo carry, but they can't keep up with champs like lee sin and nunu who are able to gank around 15 times in 15 minutes and still have an xp lead while being 30cs down. Putting more xp back into jungle camps and removing the blast plants would be a good change. Also matches are almost always decided by the winning botlane. Marksmen are super strong and decide the outcome of the match almost all the time, so camping botlane is the best option and it's boring.
: That's why I said make an option tho chose which one you prefer
Yeah that's why i said it was a cool idea then i said if i would use it or not :D
: And well it's simple you broke a rule , you face consequences. Rules are what seperate us from the animals.
HitYourHead (EUNE)
: Hero moderator strike again
Break the rules and get punished. It doesn't matter what the reason for your actions was, breaking a rule is punishable. Justice has been served.
: varus is good wym bot is definitely kalista, she's so underpowered atm
Kalista is designed to be a pro play champ. She isn't suppost to be good in solo queue. Varus is so bad after the rageblade nerf. His playrate is trash and his dps can't be compared to other adcs.
: New and Old Ranked designs
Cool idea but i'll stick to the fancy new ones.
SepharU (EUNE)
: Which are the hardest champion to carry with as adc, mid or top?
: I think i will open a topic for the 1
Yeah it would make a good discussion.
: Do people really dont read Games, Contests & Jokes It was a joke all expect first :P
I found it in the new section and usually only look at titles. So no, i don't read the topic catagory :D
: Games, Contests & Jokes
Good point. My comment is still valid tho.
shadzahar (EUNE)
: ***
You should be respectful on the boards and not be toxic. You are breaking the rules.
shadzahar (EUNE)
: Total damage to the minions she was farming half of the game ignoring team. And more damage than Thresh you say(really not much more)? Well Thresh is a support. He isn't supposed to do damage. The problem is that people like that get bonuses for playing badly (and looking at stats I provided - doing badly compared to the team) - because the rank system is apparently broken.
Poppy is a tank. Tanks don't deal much damage either. So if i played toplane, decided to powerfarm half the game and only group when i want to, i would be playing badly in your eyes? I don't think so. Obviously i didn't see how she played in game, all i see is the score, and as long as a player isn't feeding, afk or toxic, they haven't trolled or played 'badly'.
: Lets remove 14 days ban for toxic
Let's not forget that the type of punishment is dependent on the quantity or specific rules broken. People don't get 10 game restrictions for being racist or saying death threats, they get permabanned.
: and ? he was cancer already by going full tank , still insta kill with 10000 dmg
Yes but now he will be squishier since a bruiser build will be better. Garen is a bad champion. Don't tell me you believe garen is overpowered?
: I love that people abuse word "troll". "So you don't want to do what i want you to do even if it's very risky and bad play? ""/all GG rEpoRT nAuTIluS tROllInG"
: Garen Needs a Severe Nerf not Buff
LOL These changes will weaken his tankyness and shift him into bruiser builds.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: This post will make you mad
Potbek (EUW)
: Need 5-6 people for my Club "C9 will win worlds" EUW
Na winning worlds, dunno if i could participate in such treasonous affairs.
Akaillusion (EUNE)
: lmao
coinsidences like this are something to enjoy.
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: You atleast somewhat admit to riot having broken shit.
Most champs have broken stuff. It's the acceptance of what's broken in the champs that you play which counts. I play Yi and Kayn so, Yi's 3 item baron solos are pretty broken, and so is kayns mobility.
: Yummi
I agree fellow Emperor.
: such ugly figurine -_-
Yeah the face looks more like qiyana or riven with darker skin. Still cool collectable tho.
Torchfvce (EUNE)
: Winning lane but losing matches
Adc's always get focused, because they are the biggest threat in teamfights. You get fed a lot, so killing you will benefit the enemy team the most. Having your support play champs like thresh and alistar is good because those champs are great at countering divers like Yi and fizz (as long as they use their abilities at the right time). Adc is probably the 2nd worst role to climb in low elo. You get focused a lot and have weaker impact on earlygame. I'm not saying don't play adc. People can climb on adc, it's just harder to climb on adc than it is on mid or jungle. Also maybe open up your champ pool, Jhin is a good champion, but there are stronger champs for climbing such as Caitlyn or kai'sa, champs with higher dps and burst who can snowball harder and outplay assassins.
shadzahar (EUNE)
: Ranks after the game need serious rework
Poppy had more damage than thresh and highest total damage in game. You will get an S rank from 4/1/8 score and good farm. Just because a player isn't doing what you want them to, doesn't mean they aren't trolls. If what she said was true then she should get punished by the system. Anyway, if you won this game, then what's the problem?
: My unit turns to ennemy
: How can you find tft fun?
It's very casual and fresh. League has always been a competitive game. TFT is competitive, but much more relaxing and laid back. That's what i think at least. I play both from time to time and enjoy both equally.
: It's So Hard To Make A Voice Chat?
If they used voice chat then toxicity will be higher and less people will be banned. Plus not everyone wants to hear a russian 12 year old scream down the mic.
: Weekly reminder: fix your trash client already
It shouldn't take 10 seconds if you have the client open while ingame.
Ratatouka (EUW)
: adjust yuumi q?
Yuumi's design is just too simple. Her one skillshot is a guarenteed hit (it might as well be point and click). You can play her with just the mouse with ease...
: literally no really good reason to ban me for 14 days actually
> Mining Minions: report twitch already so toxic Mining Minions: thanks+ Mining Minions: he dies and flames me Mining Minions: rofl Mining Minions: dude kennen is so %%%%ing dumb Mining Minions: bot u %%%%ing %%%%%%s Mining Minions: atleast ping Mining Minions: ffs Mining Minions: U ARE Mining Minions: 3 PEOPLE Mining Minions: AND DONT HELP ME Mining Minions: funny how twitch was flaming but hes so bad. Mining Minions: wp Mining Minions: gj bot unsportsmanlike to keep calling your team bad. The first logs weren't punishable imo. There was a bit of backseat gaming but i doubt you can get banned for telling people how to play. The second logs are worse, just because someone on your team is breaking the rules doesn't mean you are now allowed to. If twitch was flaming just mute him and report after the match. Don't just break the rules instead, you because the problem also.
: Stop playing AP mages as supports
Thank you, for further completing the reason i dodge every support game i get autofilled into.
MrPeent (EUW)
: Prestige Points, and why they feel so underwhelming to collect.
Those event skins are just gold chromas anyway. I would rather get the points and wait to see what all the options are at the end of the year. It's not february 2020 yet. Still have time to bless us with some nice gold chromas.
: Unfair ban
> JuliettexJustine: you can't be this bad JuliettexJustine: %%%%ing iron level plays JuliettexJustine: losing to thresh top JuliettexJustine: are you first time or what eve? JuliettexJustine: you're litterally iron level Unsportsmanlike conduct > JuliettexJustine: gg eve JuliettexJustine: worst jungle in euw Oh, more unsportsmanlike conduct > All]JuliettexJustine: ofc the adc is a whiny idiot JuliettexJustine: she's adc, she feels entitled to your creeps JuliettexJustine: because low elo players Oh my, what's this? More unsportsmanlike conduct. But wait, there's more.. > JuliettexJustine: low elo players in a nutshell > Although there is some swearing and i called someone "idiot" and "bad" this kind of language is hardly to be considered "abusive" Although they aren't the worst of the worst, having a negative attitude towards your team and insulting them is punishable. Riot doesn't care who started the abuse, you reacted, and became part of the problem, resulting in your ban. I've seen similar chat logs to this and they most likely won't remove your ban. You will have to just enjoy your vacation.
: Champion shard in Hextech box
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