: Anti heal for AD champs costs 800g, anti heal for AP champs costs 3000g
You're right, executioners should cost more, and have higher Ad. I woule suggest 2 long swords, 25 ad, 1200g. And while we're at it, let's nerf zhonyas a bit. That item has 70ap, 45 armour, cdr and the most broken item active in the game for 2900g!!! It should cost 3200g
: why there are only smurf?
People like to play against worse players.
: I realy miss S3 to S5 gameplay
Started playing in season 6, miss season 7 and 8 every time i load in the rift.
: How about adding a bald female human champion/skin
I'd see them doing a bald head skin in a cyberpunk style theme.
: Has the same match ever happened before?
Not the complete same champions no, but i've had games where the same lane goes 0/10 multiple times.
: So I have this idea.
Good idea, kills bought smurf accounts since they need to play normals for a bit and not get banned, which is likely what will happen.
Robjen03 (EUW)
: LoL is just pathetic now
Agreed, laat season was a %%%%fest too, but this is worse.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: I'm sorry to disagree but the assassins in the client ( before collection change ) were all burst champions that build lethality or heavy ap except for Yi and Noc They are in desperate need of rework I can see that he is your main champ and that is fine but I'm talking about a rework to make him like an assassin His playstyle to be more like an assassin, outplay champions instead of just Q ing to dodge every skillshot, to be able to outplay 1v5 instead of running it down and making a pentakill with 3 items Keep his Q and W but R and E are unhealthy At least make him have energy and put a cost on the E to be more balanced And he doesn't have a balanced late game It is only balanced if he goes 0/5 at 7 min
You don't need to be sorry, we have different opinions and that's fine. I agree that nocturne needs a rework, i just know from experience that my main champ doesn't need any changes, he is perfectly fine right now. Also those champs i listed were classed as assassins in the legacy client too, nothing to do with champ classes has changed.
: countered by CC like every champ U know what counters CC abilities that can dodge other abilitys like Master yi Q And what else Tenacy that reduces CC durations by 60% U know what counters burst Also master yi Q to dodge abilities but also Master yi W that gives like 70% damage reduction this champ is just completely overpowerd just like kassadin
He still get's pinned down long enough to be bursted and chained cc'd. You obviously have never played him enough to have a reasonable opinion.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: He can just Q to dodge everything With that much attack speed and reset on kills he has a 2 sec Q and a W with 60% dmg reduction
Using Yi W makes you an easy target, Hit q requires good timing in teamfights, His abilities don't completely reset on kills.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Nah bruh she fine Balanced just like Yi :)
Well i can agree with one part of that.
evilSwarak (EUNE)
: Top lane problems
While they're are some toplaners that are completely useless right now, there are some like morde that stand out. Conqueror needs to be buffed for AD bruisers and heralds hp needs to be reduced, cause right now toplane isn't worth the jungle pressure. Some better armour/magic resist items would be nice too, right now the only good magic resist item is spirit visage.
Marcua (EUW)
: The strongest role in the game
Mid or jungle. Jungle has most impact available, but the least xp available. Mid has a ton of roaming potential, but cannot solo dragons like jungle can. But mid get's the most xp.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Is TFT Ranked ending?
TFT has seasons like normal league, instead they're called Sets. Each set lasts the same amount of time. Ranked will always be in Tft unless the Set is ending or a new Set has begun, it only lasts for about a week to help players get used to the new changes.
: his kit is unhealthy AF didnt katarina got reworked because of her unhealthy kit
His kit isn't unhealthy at all. It is easily countered by CC, burst and healing debuffs.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Can we get a Master Yi rework?
Disagree, while Yi is catagorised as an assassin, so is yasuo and jax. Who are Dps carry champs with strong dueling. The idea of an assassin is killing a target quickly, the 3 champs i mentioned do that. Yi can be played as an assassin if you go crit like yasuo. Yi is perfectly fine. He has a decent earlygame, a strong midgame and a balanced lategame. He is versatile and has a lot of build options, he has a clear weakness which is fair and a high damage output. My Main champion does not need a rework. Also, nobody builds Botrk on Yi anymore.
: nerf cassiopeia with conq
A rune should not give 50 ability power at max level, it's even amplified by deathcap. Nerf the ability power. They need to stop using adaptive force, it's disgusting how a mage can get more damage from a rune designed for bruisers. Make it 30ap and keep the healing at 8%.
ChampZone (EUW)
: Whimsical jungler and Solo lane
Well the new champ Sett is meant to work in top and jungle, but will probably be better as a jungler than toplaner
: Conquerors is too strong
Agreed. The Ap should be cut in half.
CJXander (EUNE)
: What league has become
You're not wrong to be honest.
wahoolii (EUW)
: The New Teamfight tactics Sucks
Agreed. Set 1 was much better.
: How to beat Illaoi in Laning because her E deals a lot of damage from me.
With teemo i would suggest rushing Rylai's and take ghost instead of tp. With illaoi you just want survive till 6 and only use R after shes used hers, so no tentacles are in the death realm. Shes useless without landing her E after 6 so if you can avoid it you insta win fights.
MarijaCarry (EUNE)
: Honestly, just bring back green smite so you can nerf Lee Sin
I just permaban him, his earlygame is overpowered and difficult to keep up with right now.
Forsan (EUW)
: Does rageblade proq conqueror 2x at 6 stacks ?
Yes it should do. It says 15% of the damage you deal is healed, all damage is healed.
Gashru1 (EUW)
: Pantheon
Agreed he needs buffs.
: Trollers don't get punished, Riot loves toxic behaviour.
: Is Draft Pick dead?
Just people dodging cause they couldn't olay the new champ. You probably just got unlucky.
: Sylas Nerfs
Yeah i like how they intend to push him away from jungling, then make him a better jungler than mid. Oh well at least i can play him jungle again.
: Master Yi is fine.
Hmmm, your teams champs don't have the utility to CC him for long enough. With just bloodrazor and rageblade a Yi will be dealing little damage compared to a normal on hit build. Also only 2 of you have tabi's, against a Yi with rage blade penetration. You should all have tabis except cait. And cait build a sanguine instead of stormrazor. This is clearly nothing to do with Yi as a champion. Your team just didn't counterpick or counterbuild. Which is a bad move against a Yi. This kinda makes me want to try this build, i am a Yi player after all.
: Immediate Permanent Ban For Saying "noob"?
Post your chat logs then we will discuss.
rageLT (EUW)
: Bard almost no skin 3 years and almost one month
The issue is, Bard isn't popular. Riot wants to make money, and champs like Kai'sa, Akali, Yasup and riven etc. Make the most money. Champs like Skarner, Kindred, Xerath and Shyvana aren't popular and won't make nearly as much. Not all hope is lost, 2020 could be the year these champs get skins, after all, if Ornn is getting a skin in season 10, why shouldn't bard.
: gamebreaking bug where Kayn cant get form the entire game
Was you using Soulhunter Kayn? I remember this only being a bug on soulhunter skin, i haven't experienced it myself before because i don't play soulhunter.
ωσιf (EUW)
: Disrespect of the Twisted Treeline Players
It's a shame they didn't even try to fix the mode, they just left it to slowly die in a dark corner and become infested with Bot accounts. It was a great mode for practicing basic mechanics of new and reworked champions since you only had to beat 2 other players in champ select to get the champ you want. Also, '(Faster games, faster thoughts playing it, required more skill, etc...)' i agree with all of this except the more skill part, this gamemode was obviously unique, but it requires less skill than 5v5.
: Jax needs Lategame buffs!
While we can all agree that shojin jax last season was overpowered, i do agree that he needs some love after they removed it. I did see someone say that he could be getting a buff on twitter.
Shamose (EUW)
: Sett is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to champion releases.
I agree, his kit is simple, their isn't no gimics and he's hot af.
: In most cases junglers are going to play botside for the new dragon buffs, and most midlaners arent that keen on roaming, so there is often noone to help you.
While i agree that junglers are playing more botside, botlane is usually decided by then allowing junglers to play more topside.
: How can I as an individual take advantage of my team's numbers if my jungle and mid are premade and I am left to die in the top lane??
: "It's only considered broken in 1v1's, take advantage of your teams numbers and the item is weak." The stats are still very good and being impossible to beat 1v1 means that you can splitpush forever(and beat anyone who dares to fight you) until the enemy team splits and gives your team a numerical advantage to do as they like. There is literally next to no counterplay aside from having a champ that just shits all over the champ that abuses the item.
Yup i agree, after playing against quinn and fiora matchups i have changed my mind, the item is overtuned.
: Why has aatrox not been reverted yet?
Prerework aatrox would of been nerfed if the rework didn't exist, it was clearly overpowered which was why so many people complained when the rework was announced.
: So is jung win = game win now just a thing?
It's true. They've overloaded the amount of inpact junglers need to produce to win games. Right now a jungler needs to win botlane (which involves ganking pre 4 minutes cause almost every botlane goes all in at level 3), win midlane, get every dragon, get herald, and keep their farm high to even stay the same level as the adc. It was bad last season with the constant requirement to spam ganks to win, but at least the catchup xp was there to help. Now it's removed and jungle xp sucks. You're always 3 levels behind solo laners at 10 minutes and if you can't get any solo lane xp time you won't catch up. The role is completely ruined for me, i was so ready for this preseason when they announced the reduced camp spawn times and gromp xp buff, then you play it and their is so much things you have to do to win. It's a shit role to play, that riots system forces 1 player to play.
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Talquin,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=kArEM55f,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-11-21T20:01:12.276+0000) > > If you're going to talk about low IQ at least take some time improving your grammer. grammar XD
: Permabanned i didnt deserve
If you know you shouldn't be saying the words you did in-game, then why did you? Justified bans aren't reversed, all your spent money has been sent to the deep void that is riots bank account. And you don't get refunds.
Uhto (EUW)
: account banned 3 years ago
It's lost in the Void. Never gonna happen.
1312123 (EUW)
: is it legal use lolskin in EUW
If they've announced it is bannable on use i wouldn't keep using it.
: Ranged toplaners especially mages are completly taking over toplane.
I second this. I miss the old conqueror already. It was much more balanced. We all know how much riot loves ranged champs tho so i don't expect nerfs coming anytime soon. Melee tops are just dead picks for now. Time to adjust and play poorly designed champs like Ryze.
: getting permanted banned because a troller on my team reported me?? what is this excuse me??
So you got banned for flaming a trolling player, but still complain even tho you broke the rules too?
: >The right to have access to his LoL account of course. Technically, it's not "his" account. Had he read the terms of use, he'd know that riot owns **all** accounts and everything on them. They merely **allow** us to use them for free as long as we behave. The skins and everything else you get with rp are not "bought", they're "loaned for a price(rented)". Think of riot as your friend who lets you live in a spare appartment he has for free, as long as you behave and follow his rules. When you stop following the rules, you get kicked out.
: Any chance to clean your account status after 14 days ban ? ? ?
Umm... the system is in no way against human rights but good try. To answer your question, yes your account status get's better over time, it takes a couple months before your status will improve. Unless you're super duper ultra mega toxic then you will get perma nomatter what.
Hmmmm... i don't really see what's so funny about what i said. It's just my opinion, it has nothing to do with my finishing rank, something i achieved will below the average amount of ranked games the average player will play. Can to explain what's so funny to you?
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