Teejoon (EUW)
: We pretty much already got this with the first win of the day... Log in every day and get a win. After 7 days you have gotten another 1050IP.
Not really a reward for logging in each day though really is it? You get rewarded for your first win so that means everyone gets it. I think players who play each day should get some form of reward.
Ìxeas (EUW)
: I could log-in with 3 alts everyday and by the end of the months I could afford any champion I want on any of those accounts, even if I didn't even spend any time on them. And that's bs. My suggestions is, give rewards for first win of the day streak. For example 10 of those would give you a key/key fragment?
Ok so first win of the day streak but you have to do it each day for a week, that's probably better. And key fragments get given to you each month anyway and most people tend to have more key fragments than they do chests (I know I do). Maybe a chest as a reward instead with 1000 IP. (I need my IP man come on D: )
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Reedeemer (EUW)
: Never getting wanted role at new champion select
Primary - Mid Secondary - Support 100% Support placed.. I main support but can play mid as well, but never get to because of the new system.
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Vionicesca (EUNE)
: Why do people keep saying "she" when talking about Kindred?
It's a lot easier saying "she" rather than "they". It can confuse more people saying "they" as they're probably thinking you mean multiple champions, not just the one champion (Kindred). As Lamb is the one you actually control, it's best to say "she" rather than "he", even if the champion is technically 2 things. I also hate it when people say "he" instead of "she" for female champions and vice versa, but it's alot easier to just say "she" for Kindred, as to be honest, they'll be speaking about Lamb more than anything anyway.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: Guess the champion from emoticon
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Maldus (EUW)
: Well, as far as I know server issues are not frequent this days - at least I've never had any in months, and I play league almost daily
I play daily, morning and night, mostly night. And there's always issues. I know some people don't get them at all, but there's not many of those people, like yourself. But there's definitely a lot of issues. Can't count how many ghost games we've had this year.
: Just one day Riot, please
Well, that was quick. The quickest ghost game I've ever seen end! 10 mins. Congratulations Riot. Might be doing something right!
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Kouèn (EUW)
: Please, supports...
Sightstone is a must - I feel so lost without it when I'm supporting. Once I do my first back and buy it, I get my game on. No ganks allowed :D
: EUW back online?
You won't get an answer off them. You're best off going to bed and trying again in the morning rather than waiting around for it to come back up any time soon or receiving a reply from them. It'll probably be back up by morning.
: Are you serious with this ?
They never update the server status. It says the game is "online" but clearly for most of us it isn't. That's how much they give a shit.
: How old is this story? 3 years? They don't care more about NA than EUW. Even if you come up with those stories, I could tell you a logic solution. Here are some facts you have to accept. NA had in the last months a lot of problems (and worse) with their servers, leaving us with in a pretty good state. Since we didn't have such big problems. A few ghost games and that's it. I'm pretty glad of that. EUW is the biggest server in the world. So if you complain, you have to know, that there are so many other players out there playing at the same time at you, that the servers might not keep up with it. And that is not the case because of lack of tech. In this case it's actually EUW>NA (from the amount of players perspective) NA servers are not very well placed. People living neart the east cost are crying for their own server.
EUW biggest server with most players - keep them happy or they are going to lose those players. Then they'll be fucked because they will start losing money. The way to keep them happy is to spend more time on fixing the servers. I think people would rather them spend more time fixing the servers rather than fixing everything else. There's nothing more annoying that being disconnected from a game and not even receiving loss prevented - I mean how hard is it to put that up?! Anyway, I'm done chatting to you. I still can't play - and if you aren't having problems why don't you bloody go play a game in honour of those who are unfortunate enough to not be able to even log in. Goodnight.
gekqo (EUNE)
: Bad Service, Bad Community and Illegal Activities
Why even bother typing this up? You don't like the game, move on.
Roughy (EUW)
: I looked at the history, apart from one inhib turret nothing went down after the dc, might be winions. No inhib were harmed in the "conclusion" of the game, nexus turrets untouched.
Oh my, well can't complain anyhow! xD
: Bullied by the rest of the team
This is why I refuse to jungle. I play games and all I hear from the rest of the team is "no ganks yet ffs, lost my lane now" ... "gg jungler, 2 ganks in blah blah mins". You try to tell them it's not the junglers fault they are losing their lanes, that the jungler isn't there to win their lanes for them - and then you start getting the shit off them o.O I refuse to jungle, because I refuse to put myself in the position of the receiving end of a rage from the rest of the team if we're losing.
: 1. Without Riot we wouldn't have LoL, a great game you seem to enjoy. 2. They do so much for us, and try their best. 3. I am trying to be fair right here, that's why I am defending them. 4. There are so many prejustifications about Riot that aren't true.
Ok, justify why they take so much more care of the NA servers than they do ours? I'd love to hear this story. I used to enjoy LoL a lot more than I do now - shit servers are causing problems so it's just going downhill. Why be fair? Riot aren't fair to the rest of us. EU servers are always in the shit.
Roughy (EUW)
: Same here, except the game i was kicked from disappeared BUT now it's in my history as a victory and i got to promos. Dunno why, but i'll take that.
Did someone manage to get back into the game and end it? I know I've managed to do that before :)
: Aatrox the Walking useless champion
Played a game against an Aatrox for the first time in a while (as no one seems to want to be him). He did pretty well and he was pissed that their team surrendered when he was carrying them 9/1 :L I think he's fine as he is.
: 1. ghost games didn't really damage you (I had them too), just took your time and you could perfectly do other games. 2. Your internet probably sucks. 3. Trust me, I live in tunisia where the internet REALLY sucks. 4. You remember that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFaT_3yrIR4
My internet definitely does not suck :) Well actually being disconnected with half the team does damage you. Plenty of no loss prevented when there should have been. Been in games where 1 peron on enemy is still in game and 2 of us in our team still connected. They didn't get loss prevented when we ended it. When really they should have. Servers are shit. Why are you defending them? :L
: But compared to the last years, the server issues reduced to maybe 80%. Be happy for that.
Are you joking? I've had a lot more problems this year than last year. Can't even count how many times I've had ghost games in the past 2 months and servers being down.
: Still can't log in
Apparently it's not all of us. Someone says they haven't got a problem but me and the other half definitely have a problem. Over an hour now for god sake -.-
: euw still down?!
Same here. Apparently some people aren't having an issue, but me and the other half definitely are...
: what login issues? I just logged in and am now in champ select.
I can't log in, same as other people. It authenticates and then just says "logging in" for ages, then states theres a connection error etc, the usual stuff. Been like it for the past hour or so now..
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Freliax (EUW)
: Now that the red haze has cleared a little, it probably was collateral, although I did notice a little inactivity from the enemy misplayer (?) in both games. And yup - no matter how many {{item:3070}} you shed, it will still make you into a far better player.
That little inactivity was probably them having a rage at their teammates - most likely the jungler - because it was entirely the other guys faults. By the time they have ended their rage, they have just afk'ed for a good 5 mins and are now more behind than before. I cry so many nights but I will never give up. I am a fighter!! Actually, I'm a support, but you get my drift.
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Freliax (EUW)
: A tiny rant about drophackers, and a message to those planning on doing it (+POLL)
I doubt you was the intended target of the drophack and your game was in fact just collateral damage to a drophack on the same server. However coincidental it may be, I very much doubt they'd risk that much over a normal game. But I do agree that with your poll xD
Halludro (EUW)
: game canceled
Unfortunately, you're collateral damage from a drophack on the server, as am I. You have to wait a maximum of 2 hours before the game just basically ends and you can play again. The match will not show up on your match history either.
: The game should clear itself after 2 hours max. So just keep trying.
It shoudn't be happening anyway. They need to fix this.
Athraxes (EUW)
: Server Problems
I've been trying to reconnect to my game for the past 40 minutes... takes the piss. Had a few days of this last month too Dx
OkbO (EUW)
: game crash
I got disconnected from my game over half hour ago and have tried everything. Everyone else in that game has been dc'ed too. Sick of this happening now!


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