: if your teammate shows toxic behaviour you just mute them and report anyways. The system knows what to look for if we are strictly talking about verbal abuse. You don't need to know what he/she wrote, you just have to make sure that you don't engage them head-on. Edit: Also, I'd guess there are more games in your logs than the one you posted, right?
dude ive tried that, its sad that u cannot leave the chat open to communicate that might lead to a win. I wish there was a auto mute all option in lol since thats the only way to survive this toxic game it seems
MusicaroN (EUW)
: nevermind " i mean ur kind are puire cancer for this game"
like i said, im not masquerading my behaviour in any kind. i did not wish the person cancer noor said get cancer. I said you are that kind of desease for this game. The way they acted towards me is kind of contagious. Ive lost hope in this community therefor im not asking u to understand me
: There's a fine line between making a point and being negative sadly. For example if I'm top lane and my jungler pings a gank, if my opponent manages to flash away and my jungler continues to chase (but I know I cannot make it) and I see my jungler continue to chase towards tower and I even ping be careful and he still continues and dies. If I was to type "Why" and the jungler replies "STFU" the most likely course of the chat isn't going anywhere but down. My initial message of "Why" is a genuine question to see if they thought they could get the kill etc if I knew his reply would be "STFU" I wouldn't have typed anything, but I'm of a mind where if I make a mistake or thought I could get the guy, I will say thought I could get him or mb etc, I would never do what the jungler did, so I would expect the jungler to explain what he was trying to do. I'm typing to gauge why he did it, not to flame the guy, my response of why is to try and see if he needs to learn it was a mistake to see if he actually thought he had him, 9times out of 10 if you see your teammate playing 'weird' it's better not to say anything to them. Any attempt to proceed to advise said junglers play results in further abuse from the jungler. And thus the cycle continues. **Long story short, don't type anything in chat if it doesn't relate to winning the game. P.S saying "don't die" to a dude that's 0/10, may be construed as flaming/negative attitude so don't say anything that may relate to the performance of another player lol, even if it is because you're trying to splitpush top**
i did not comment the jungler noor the top laner until they passed the line, asking people to report me for losing my lane. This was after the jungler decides to do the feeding in mid then point the finger. All it takes is a premade to get u banned really
EnVen0m (EUW)
: Permaban for having enough
Truth to be told i did recieve a 19day ban before this, and i can say that one i did deserve since i lost my temper, u know the usual bot feeding never understanding their misstakes ect ect. Jungle just passing by not giving a damn ect ect. And then when u lose mid lane u get flamed kind of its enough. SO i got that ban and i deserved it, the most harsh thing i said here was " i mean ur kind are puire cancer for this game" reason for this was that i had enough this guy kept telling others to report me for losing my lane. Like ia said i dont expect people to understand my feelings but riot kind of promotes to this behaviour. According to riot these comments gave me the ban "im so gonna report u" "for being the reason for this then trash talking" "i mean ur kind are puire cancer for this game" even the last comment how am i wishing anyone any thing bad ? The 19day ban on me let me tell u what that guy who got me banned wrote to me, im gonna rape your mom, gutt her and drag her by the intestinal down the streets was amongs the mildest things he said. And i got the 19 day ban, riot is a criminal company tbh. Dont think that their ban system is a culprit behind a money cycle. Ive see far worse behaviour from people and they still in the game.
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