: Had the same issue (random freezing of the game with only the music continuing) and I talked with Riot Support for 3 weeks which consisted of (putting it shortly): Talking with some guy that actually knew stuff, he tells me to use Hextech Repair Tool and to send him various logs. After several emails, a new guy is assigned, all progress is completely lost: - me: _"Only LoL freezes from all games on my laptop. Attached 2nd logs that your colleague asked for"_ - new guy:_ "do a clean install of the drivers of your card video card (puts link to intel video card drivers), use Hextech repair tool" _ - me:_ "They are already updated and I use my dedicated video card while playing League not the integrated one, your colleague asked for logs and we have already been through the Hextech tool - use them to investigate or refer me to him please. Also I've already included my laptop specs in my previous msgs"_ - new gal assigned: _"It's a possible video card problem, use this program to check how it behaves and send me the result:_ - me: _"99.9% the problem isn't in my nvidia card, in all of the other games which are more graphic intense games and I play online, I have ZERO FREEZES". BTW here are the results, good performance with normal working temperature. Now what?_ - same girl: _"Reinstall League and put it into its default folder" _ - me: _"~6 emails ago I said I already reinstalled League."_ --- This is Riot Support in a nutshell (same goes for Riot as a whole). From the start, I knew that LoL is having some kind of software/hardware conflict. My laptop hasn't seen IT for 6 months. I haven't installed/changed anything; I return ---> League starts freezing. The only logical thing for causing the problem is LoL itself and their updating with spagetthi code, yet again. I managed to fix it (for now) by reinstalling Windows with the latest march updates, installing only drivers & LoL + putting it in its default folder. Now I'm really cautious and unwilling to install more programs cause LoL can start freezing again. **Write to Riot Support just so they can know that others are having the same issue and to get their s hit together.**
I wrote to Riot Support. Disabling IPv6 was suggested and I tried. It didn't work unfortunately. Anything besides the game runs perfect during the freeze or anytime. I believe it is patch related since It started happening right after the patch. I didn't have any issues before then. Reinstalling windows is huge for me lots of programs/files to backup etc . Still looking for any solution to that problem.
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