: High gold ADC/SUP looking for a team if you want to link up ;) my name is hesoulless888
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SpaceFoxCZ (EUNE)
: Pyke
So you want him to clear waves AND have ridiculous sustain?
: It always takes A LOT MORE improvement to climb ONE division, that what you would expect. Being Silver 1 and maintaining that rank VS Climbing up to Silver 1 from Silver 2 is much more easier. My rule of thumb is, it's the same as demotes. You can't demote from a 5rank to a 1, for example from gold 5 to silver 1, ONLY IF your MMR hits silver 5 (exactly 5 div below your current rank). So if you wanna climb up, relatively easily, to gold 5, you should play like a high gold player. If not, prepare for the RNG teams, the luck, and the eternal grind on 49-51% win-rate, 500-700 games/season. [High elo being an exception to this rule, since the skill level between low and high dia is way bigger]. It's always up to you, smurfs are a living proof that it's possible to climb with ludicrous win-rates, it's just the player that needs improvements. So find out what are your flaws/mistakes, and start fixin em. You'll start climbing in no time !
I was climbing silver 4 to silver 3 not gold.
: IMO silver is the most fun ELO. You can get away with pretty much anything, as far as you understand what you're doing. You can do stupid builds like NB3 does, you can do backdoors since no1 wards...and so on. I had the most fun back in silver, years ago. I'm in D4 atm, games become repetitive. The meta dictates which lane has the most impact, and that lane decides most of the times the outcome of the game. AKA better bot wins, better jg wins and so on. You sometimes feel that you're not in "charge", and the game goes on without you. Back in silver, it was possible to easily 1v9, make a habit out of it, with bruiser tops and junglers...it was free snowball. Also people make the SAME mistakes over and over again in silver, it's SUPER EASY to exploit them. You need to find what works the best for you and you'll shoot out of silver, I promise you. Cheers !
See you say that but it's different for people who aren't so good that they belong much higher but are good enough that they can be placed slightly higher than their teir right now that can get frustrating. I lost 4 placements within 2 days to silver 3. I mostly won all my normal games to the placements and then suddenly, always seemt to run into something. I keep thinking I should start playing carry junglers instead of tanks but no one really picks tanks here since we are all Yasuo mains.
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: are you allowed to do ban someone's declared champion?
Basically if you ban mine, I'll ban yours. While I am at it, will probably try out that champion I never played. Says nothing about it in the TOS after all.
: [EUW] LF female Mid, Top, Jgl for Women's Team (ger/engl)
"attention seeking, being fake" Already know where this going.
: Will this laptop run league of legends?
RafaMix99 (EUW)
: A new Skin for Ivern
You know what I'd really love on Ivern? Coach Doc Louis Ivern from punch out. Little mac would be Daisy XD
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: Worlds 2017 Group Stage Week 2 Stats Breakdown
: Worlds 2017 Group Stage Week 2 Stats Breakdown
Erch0 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Enlight13,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=di9JIqwl,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-10-18T05:04:27.815+0000) > > Because Lux has a range advantage to herself and tanks usually don't build as much ap but can build ap to do a mage's damage if you want to play that style. Hmm swain is mele Ok
Go ahead. Try playing Swain into Lux and see who has a higher dominance in lane and who has to be in middle of the team fight to be an effective champion.
Erch0 (EUNE)
: AP tank Scaling is better than some mages ( LUX )
Because Lux has a range advantage to herself and tanks usually don't build as much ap but can build ap to do a mage's damage if you want to play that style.
: I dont like it aswell For me the champ is just not fitting his theme like i dont rly get his weapon with his kit (aside from the lore and somewhat the death horsemen on ult part) I dont rly welcome him in league as he seems to simple but yet so powerful
I don't think two different themes is necessarily the problem here. The problem starts when two different themes functions essentially the same way and act the same way. The two forms have the same abilities and that makes for a very underwhelming transformation which bring such light contrast towards the champion and his living weapon. Honestly if each form was more flushed out,it would be a really cool clash for power theme going on.
Enlight13 (EUW)
: Is it hard to change spells according to forms?
So does no one actually have a problem with how shadow Kayn and Rhaast play out exactly the same except for numerical differences and few niche`?
: I'm going to become a hardcore ranked troll AMA
"I get my stuff stolen so often that I am now going be a hardcore thief myself."
GLurch (EUW)
: >As for Rhaast, infection makes even less sense. He is supposedly captivated persona of the 4 horsemen's death. So I would play little more to that instead. So instead of his passive giving him a lot of healing,why not make it so that killing someone ups his power and grants him powerful healing for a short duration which resets upon killing another champion. Very similar to how Varus' works but more amped up. What 4 horsemen? And what does this have to do with Varus? Rhaast is a darkin, like Aatrox. Varus was never confirmed to be a darkin, so we can't base anything on him. It seems logical that he is similar to Aatrox, both in looks and mechanically. >Rhaasy should feel like he wants to raze hell and kill as many as possible to upbring the power of death. Why though? Aatrox doesn't just kill anyone he sees either and I think if Aatrox doesn't, it probably has its reasons another darkin doesn't do it either.
The Darkin seem to be the leagues version of the horsemen of apocalypse. Aatrox seem affliated to war. Rhaast seem to be affliated to death. Also apprently Varus' infection also seems to be one of the Darkin. The Darkin seem to be cursed weapons that take over hosts persay. But for this point I was just talking about Varus'passive which activates after killing someone which gives him higher Attack speed. I wanted Rhaast to have similar passive once he kills or is near someone when killed but instead gives him AD and spell vamp. Aatrox is war. He has caused countless wars. He has no use for death but rather an endless battle that fuels his power. Rhaast however seems like someone who is just there to bring Armageddon. If you haven't already,check out the interactions that Rhaast has.
: Maybe a future nerf for Kayn
I think you mean E? And I do agree the heal makes no sense. But a better nerf would be he would heal faster the longer he in in the wall. So instead if burst heal,he heals the longer he stays in the wall in small increments. So heals the amount he would heal initually in about 5-7 seconds and heal more after that as balance variance. My 2 cents.
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Orthian (EUW)
: What is the Most Toxic Gameplay Element in LoL?
The Most toxic element of the gameplay is the fact that it is a competitive game. Since most people don't like losing,they will turn toxic because it feels like you are the reason(Be is may or may not) reason they are losing.
Warrijur (EUW)
: Why have I gotten so much worse?
Well you might be out of practise and you might have lost your little mechanics that put you above the rest. Give it time.
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: Playing Non-Support champions in the Support Role (normals only)
He can ban what he wants just as you can pick what you want I guess.
: That's just silly Thanks for clarifying though.
Not a problem It's a matter of cross platform. There really no way to really know you are cheating even if you do.
Sceizer (EUW)
: I don't think these kinds of apps are allowed :/
: 3rd party program that gives an unfair advantage over other players. Bannable offense. Sorry, but such programs are not allowed.
Nope. It's not illegal until you modify the game. If you modify the game by any program then it becomes illegal. Applications that run separately,especially on a separate device are not within RIot's reach.
l MrD l (EUW)
: How do you beat malphite ....
You're doing it wrong for the most part. AD's are weak to Maplh because he slows you down but other than that,you also have to scale up unlike him. You need items,he doesn't. And finally,he is tanky,you're not. It's not surprising at all. The only way Fiora can win vs a Maplh if the mpalh ults and you reposite his ult and hten proc all your 4 vital s for the heal. That's all she can do early. Late game well,he is not really a match as long as you dont get cced.
Doomley (EUW)
: First, it wasn't 1v5 twitch helped at the end. Second, for a second there it looked like you were playing against bots. Your movements were also very bad but the skill level of enemies were very forgiving. third, the enemies didn't even use abilities. one alistar combo and you would have been dead. Fourth, this video is a perfect example of why it's impossible to be stuck in bronze if you have even half a brain.
It was 1v5 considering he already killed 4 before twitch came in. His movement was okay considering the fact that they didnt pink the area. They are bad yes but still,they are 5. The enemies did use their abilities but half the time they were chasing the guy. The only criticism I would have is Thresh could have boxed at some point but didn't. The even E'd the alistar Q.
Enlight13 (EUW)
: Guys I need your energy!!
Just a little more guys!! It's for the hope of the universe!!! (inside my head)
: Facebook game that copied League of Legends champions makes thousands of dollars weekly.
Yeeeaaaahhhhhhh. No. I don't think anyone gonna be able to do here.
Azmodaan (EUW)
: Player behaviour you ask me ... ?
"There is no shame in loosing or admitting defeat " That can be taken as an inciting factor. You are basically telling them out loud in all chat(Which generally denotes that you want to talk to the enemy rather than your own teammates.)it's okay to lose which can be taken as you being ignorant and saying to them that you are so much better that they are gonna lose. You should stick with "Greetings all. Let's have a fun game." I am pretty sure you will have a lot less games with negative answer. I can't tell you by the end though.
Mgła (EUNE)
: A change to the Tear of the Goddess - Fair and Easier stacking for champs without low-CD abilities
If you have very long CDs,wouldn't buying tear be a complete waste? As far as I can tell,tear is for people who spam spells and if you dont spam spells a lot,you can simple guys a morrello or something to bring back the mana lost. Tear is bought to have a large mana reserve so that your spells can be spammed until you run out. After that you are kinda relying on it to come back/.
Reyze (EUW)
: Hey Young Arcmage, "Take care of this world. What is unmade can be made" {{champion:13}} Never give up hope. Regards The Rune Mage
Reyze (EUW)
: Hey Riot, the Rune Mage here (Young Ryze)
Unlikley but you can hope I guess. If you are a Ryze fan I think the best thing you can do for yourself is get yourself in a tournament and win to get the Triumphant Ryze but everything else Young Ryze was like a Legacy thing.
Enlight13 (EUW)
: Guys I need your energy!!
Only a few more days to go. Only a few more games to climb. Let's do THIS!!!
fankor13 (EUNE)
: 6.21 Quinn w gives assist on providing vision on an unseen enemy while twisted fate ultimate does no
Weelah (EUNE)
: You seem to be just as confused he didnt use Q at any point in that fight He toggled E > Protobelt > R > W for the kill
Can't say for centain because as soon as he goes in,everything hits fast. However,it would be stupid for him to not hit Q because he has it. Besides,that doesn't really change anything. Faker just got caught with his pants down. This is SUPPPOSE to happen.
Weelah (EUNE)
: Riot its pretty safe to assume YOU SCREWED UP again
You seem confused. Like in a really bad way. What part of Mage that can kill a squishy sound complicated. He landed Q-W-E-two procs of R and the belt. He had a Void staff with Rabadons. Any mage can do that to any other mage with no defensive items.
: SKT isn't appreciated?
: Yes, I know that it sounds like a joke but his meditate is actually an auto attack reset. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RZkL6Ijjak Also source: leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Master_Yi
Huh. Well I'll be dammed.
: Why is master yi's W an AA-reset?
Isn't his W Meditate? What are you talking about? I've personally never seen someone do that.
: What can you actually do when you get camped and your jungler does nothing?
Stock up on pots. Farm under tower. Don't use your spells offensively. If you have a good clear use your abilities to clear the wave before they hit your tower. If you have an AOE spell,max it to clear the wave. For eg. maokai has E which is a better clear than Q for the most part. Less Risky more DMG. Ward the river bush from your jungle and keep an eye on the jungler and don't be aggressive unless you see the enemy jungler else where on the map. If they freeze the minions,clear theirs with a ranged wave clear spell or roam mid or not. Then to back once they start pushing. That's what I would do anyway.
Starbuck (EUNE)
: Diana VS Yasuo strategy?
Unless that Yasuo doesn't build any sustain, you can't burst him down. So poke him out with your Q. He can only block one Q with his windwall. Get some CDR,Mana regen and of course,AP. Zonya is not a very good AD counter item. It's just gives you armour but that's not really what it helps with. It helps with burst champion and survival and Yasuo has sustain damage. It works against Zed but Yasuo mostly uses Q and AA to kill you which has no CDR in play. Try not to focus on Zonya first unless you have a significant lead and even then,meh. You are a diver so you have your shield to survive. You need to fight him with your Q and when he low enough go in with you QRWAAEAAAAR combo. He will probably buy Maw so make sure you account for that shield too. Later on,he will buy phantom. That will reduce the damage you do to him 12%. When that happens,focus the enemy AD carries. No use trying to kill him if you can't poor him out. Once you take out their carries,you can take your time with Yasuo. The build I would suggest would me Morello/First Queen's-Lich Bane-Zonya/Abyssal-Rabandon-Void Staff/Abyssal. I am not an expect for shizzle but that's what I would do.
Weelah (EUNE)
: Why do we still not have a Techies in LoL
Because techis would be severely over powered in low elo and completely useless in higher. Also it makes for very annoying game play. I don't think they will add it.
: My new website need your opinion guys
It looks great but basic. I don't know if it is a critic but if you decide to make it popular, it's gotta have something that the other sites don't I guess. But that's not much a critique as it is a suggestion for the future. I like the red black contrast. Always sexy and I like how clean it is. If you add new thing in the future,I hope it follows the same suite. Your top logo doesn't have a home page link attache to it. The bottom one however does. The comment section doesn't seem to work yet as far as I can tell. Overall it's a great job. I would not hesitate to use it if it provided everything Op.gg provided.
God of Seas (EUNE)
: What about....
What if we call it Crash Bandishoot and instead of a Jeans,now he wears cargo shorts and has a purple nose? Original Idea. NoCopyrino please.
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