: #RIOT CLIENT IS BUGGED, Reverse the small patch
Same. The client just kicked me into a loop actually. It kept refreshing my missions, my notifications forever, in the meantime I was unable to click anything.
WeaStage (EUW)
: Why don't Riot makes effort to help player improve at the game?
I'd personally love to see a giant collection of educational sources for league of legends within the client. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Riot call me when my lose streak is over cause am done losing games for your matchmaking algorithm
The more games you win, the more your MMR rises. If your MMR rises, the enemy skill and your own increases. It's statistics. Your Win/Loss Ratio will always fluctuate above and below a certain median (that is your MMR), hence the "Win streak - Loss Streak". Your MMR increases, you face harder enemies, your team **AND YOU** reach your limit and will be beaten until your MMR drops to the point where your enemies are weaker than you, because your MMR "should" be higher. It's a simple fluctuation, this is normal. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Cheers
Duinhir (EUW)
: On/Off Border Loading Screen
Sounds neat, but someone like me might be unable to make use of this option. I check different build sources in Champ Select and depending on pick position I don't have the time to tweak another setting.

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