: Black Client
I don't know if this really helped but I just tried to resize the client (Ctrl + -) and it came up with a loading icon, then the client went in. its back to normal now for me Edit: the client is being really slow but it looks stable...ish
: Black Client
I finished a game with a "Loss Prevented", clicked on play again which did nothing restarted the client and now i'm sitting on a blank client with nothing but the service status ! in the top left
BBornes (EUW)
: League of Legends Burnout
I've been having a hard time with this as well (currently silver 3, huge losing streak from silver 1), everyone seems to spend more time typing than trying to win the game and I can't go into a ranked game without believing its going to be a complete mess... I think I might be done with ranked but more than that it makes me want to go elsewhere The worst part is that I know I enjoy the game, I just don't enjoy the community
I've hit this as well recently and its kinda caused me to be on a huge losing streak, 1 lane will fail a little and then everything just goes to hell. I've dropped from silver 1 (so close to being back in gold) to silver 3 and if losing wasn't bad enough I can't start another ranked game without believing that the rest of my team will spend more time typing than playing :(
: Ranked Games
probably because you tilt and call them autistic monkeys
Kieru (EUW)
: League Of Legends is totaly broken, not playable for enjoyment unless you pick meta champ.
Stopped playing the game for 5 years, complains game is unbalanced. Well... The game has changed and unfortunately you have forgotten how to play it, when you first started playing the game you were probably pretty bad but you were matched with other new players. Now you have come back after a long time and expect to be able to play the game perfectly? Not a chance, go and learn the game again and you might find it is in a better state than it was 5 years ago.
AthanKemen (EUNE)
: ***
It's funny, you try to make a point and instead call someone a Neanderthal which would also get you punished were it in game
: where is the update?
Coming tomorrow
: Bilgewater Supports?
As mentioned Pyke is a support, his kill credit goes to the last to assist Tahm Kench is also a bilgewater support but it is a very small club
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: about pykes passive
I would expect him to get the size and tenacity from proccing the passive but not the shield as he doesn't have any bonus health.
: Pressing ability makes me move forward instead
If you use a targeted ability out of range then it will move your character into range to try and use it.
Rioter Comments
: Give more punishment options and dont resort to permanent bans so fast
You get 3 chances, 3 punishments to change your behaviour so if you don't listen to all 3 then you won't learn.
Kingriel (EUNE)
: Was this worth a 10 game chat restriction ? Wtf riot ! .
: Chat Bans are a joke
Its funny to see discussions like this: "Chat Bans are a joke" **checks preview** > Arachnid XIII: muted > Arachnid XIII: reported > Arachnid XIII: ty > Arachnid XIII: report kaisa, blaming me and abusive > Arachnid XIII: this adc... > Arachnid XIII: nothing i can do, the adc refuses to fightm, move, dodge > Arachnid XIII: report her please, shes trolling and there is where you deserved a report
: A difficulty spike in season 8
Everyone hits a tough patch every now and then, I remember having something like a 15 game losing streak and that sucked. Like you I then decided "I'll play the 'god tier' champs, that'll get me a win" - Nope, just means you have to learn a champion that should be good but you have no idea how to really use them. Take a little break, if you want to play league then forget about winning and just play whoever you enjoy because then you'll have fun even if it doesn't go as well as you hoped. Hopefully this'll help but mostly just don't give up.
: Leaver Buster for Normals?
why get a leaver buster punishment for leaving a game?
: I think the difference is, at least speaking for myself, that honors aren't thrown around anymore for no reason. I remember when the system started, it was more like: ok, whom do pick - as if I had to pick someone. Now, I really only honor someone that I think deserves it. Doesn't matter if it was a vic or loss, if it was a good or a bad game.
How would someone earn your honour vote?
Rioter Comments
Ditzy Doo (EUW)
: Missions are not working
same here - Prepare for the journey is still 1 of 2 and i won a game yesterday...
Smoochy (EUNE)
: ***
Being an online service is completely irrelevant and the fact that you would jump to violent thoughts over a game is concerning. I would suggest taking a break from anything you find a high stress environment and learn to control your emotions a bit more.
: How do I end games asap
Whenever you see something happen on the minimap or kill feed look at the map and think 'can I damage a tower from this?' If you're ahead and do that then the enemy base will fall a lot quicker
: wow, then I don't feel as bad for getting a 14 day suspension, this world is a joke >.<, they need to increased the punishment if they want to stop it. take it up a notch, do ip bans.
Your next offence, no matter how small, will be a permanent ban and then you get to lose your whole account. Any regrets now that you know that?
: It's strange how most of the comments here say it's likely because as supp you can't get the kills, yet that has nothing to do with it (for me at least). The problem is that supp generally doesn't make me feel like I have an impact on the game. Sure, I can CC 4 people in a teamfight, but whether that makes a difference or not is not up to me, but to my teammates. If they didn't go in, i just suicided, if they did, we may have won the teamfight. As a support, doing whatever you can doesn't mean you removed an enemy, took a dragon, destroyed a tower, etc... it means you helped your team do it, and they may or may not have did it. For most traditional support champs it feels like playing a butler, handing over kills to the adc, who may or may not take them, healing and buffing the adc so that they can win the lane for you. It's like you're not the one doing the work, and you can't do the work alone, so instead you just help the others do the work for you. I play 3 champions in support, Veigar, Rakan and Zoe, and with these 3, it's a fun role, simply because even if my ADC is a potato, I can feel like I make a difference. Veigar because - obviously - I have a great CC tool but I can still do enough damage to win lane if my adc can't. Zoe because with careful play I can keep the enemy adc on low hp, thus basically winning any trades ahead and making my adc win lane, and even if that doesn't happen, I can still be dangerous to the enemy on my own. And Rakan because no matter what happens my teamfight contribution is serious (CC the entire enemy team, shield and ardent censer 2 allies, CC the enemy again) and because he's literally the only traditional support champ that feels satisfying to play (high adrenaline, quick decision making, high reward, visible contribution instead of ambient contribution). The problem isn't that you can't get on a killing streak. The problem is that you want to do serious contribution, but you can't do it alone, so your success isn't dependent on you, but on the teammates who you must help. (As a mid laner, outplaying your enemy will win you the lane, but as a support, outplaying your enemy allows your adc to win the lane, which they may or may not do. As a top laner, you can 1v1 an enemy to remove them from the game till they respawn, but as a support, you will be removed till you respawn. As a jungler, you can take neutral objectives and win your teammates' lanes with good ganks, but as a support, you're just your adc's assigned babysitter.)
I agree with you on this, its the narrow (however strong) impact and reliance on someone else in the team that puts me off support
: Why no one likes to play support?
I don't mind playing support every now and then but I've noticed that I don't enjoy the playstyle of the "support" champions and have to play multi-role supports like {{champion:3}}, {{champion:223}} or {{champion:43}} who can more than just aid their allies and other than buffing or shielding their allies solo-role supports (think {{champion:37}} ,{{champion:44}} {{champion:53}}) contribute very little to the game in terms of map pressure and pressure.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: They said multiple times that the reason they semi-removed Draft Pick is because of excessive queue times; they can afford to have it on during the day, in which there are many more players than in the night. ######Now, I think this is total BS since there are smaller servers/similar in size that do have Draft Pick, smh. That being said, I do actually enjoy Blind Pick more since I hate how people dodge a lot in normal Draft because they don't like the enemy team, so I'm quite happy with the way it is now (shorter queue times for me!). And I'm completely and utterly biased, and I still think making Draft periodic just for EUNE is absolute BS. ######Well, good for me. Succ it. ######Jk ily come get a hug https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/7/73/Notice_Me_Pengu_Emote.png/revision/latest?cb=20170812223503
If I am remembering the post correctly it wasn't because of player numbers on EUNE specifically but more the amount of players who actually played draft pick rather than the number of players on the server.
däb (EUW)
: Why cant you play any champion in any ELO?!
Whenever I hear this I usually think of some of the youtube videos i've watched having tier lists automatically making some champions "better" in each ranking but I agree with you, why is it like this? I think a big reason is because people in general are either impatient or they want to be efficient and so if the goal is the climb then the most efficient way is to play and learn an easy champion because you won't have to think about the champion but if your goal is "I want to climb with Elise" then you can do it. Will it be harder than climbing with Annie? yeah probably, but if you do that you will probably become an Annie main because you don't know how to play other champions at that level. What I'm trying to say is - play whatever you want to play, if you stick to a very small collections of champions then I don't think it matters who you pick because you can climb with anyone.
: New report idea (for ppl flaming and trolling pre champ pick)
I'm not sure on refunding lp, the ranked ladder shouldn't be tampered with. Perhaps if the automated system is made even faster it could pick this type of behaviour up and force a remake thus preserving ranked ladder integrity (neither team wins or loses)
kullehh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=SeanGoku,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sbQeaafu,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-27T11:49:06.501+0000) > > The champion shards are just a bonus. It&#x27;s about the key fragments, that enable you to open the boxes. You are simply being greedy and ungrateful. > > And for reference. People who are honor level 1 get far less fragments and honor level 0 get none. And being higher than level 2 get you free champion shards and an end of season reward. he isnt talking or asking what is a lvl 1 he is lvl she is lvl 1 or wtf nonsense you are talking about , he said completely something else can you read
The original post clearly talks about honour capsules and your level directly affects your rewards. This response was just stating that the higher honour you go the more you'll get extra hextech key rewards meaning more skin rewards. Please don't jump to conclusion and reply with unconstructive comments
: > [{quoted}](name=MadEclair,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=sbQeaafu,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-27T11:56:14.957+0000) > > To collect BE for essence emporium? > overpriced crap i am not interested in, next? > You&#x27;re still getting keys for chests. How is that a punishment? i have 21 keys atm, and not a single box to use them on, next?
If you have that many keys and no chests then you need to play more champions if you want to get the most out of the system
Eambo (EUW)
: What did you learn from your Year in Review? Who's your Rival?
I found the reason why I enjoy playing against Riven: https://i.imgur.com/lhUaaBM.png
: hey we are a bot lane also from the uk looking for gold/plat players. add me ig if you're interested
sounds good, I'll add you tonight and we can give it a try.
Rioter Comments
: I don't have the pc yet though. I want to buy a cheap pc then update the graphics card. But the processor is the problem. Bexuase I want at least a i5, but I have a budget, so the least is i3 proccesor.
You could still use the website to check the games requirements and then have a look at the list here: https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/rank-my-computer Find the graphics card and processor the game needs and then get anything above it on the graph
: How do you know what Grapics card can play what game?
I like to use this website: https://www.systemrequirementslab.com/cyri It can scan your system to find out which graphics card you have as well as comparing to others on the market but more specifically - it'll tell you if you can or can't run a game on the minimum and recommended settings!
: Suggestion about Clash
This would be great to add in, I'd really like to take part in a clash tournament and put together a team for flex and clash but it's not easy finding other players who play at the same time, speak the same language and fit your behavioural expectations.
Triico7 (EUW)
: Looking for a competive team
Hey, I'm trying to start up a new community in the hope to put together a few teams or at least find others who play at the same time and with the same goal. Participating in future Clash tournaments is one of those goals If you're interested here's the post link: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/BBZmTo7B-help-me-build-a-new-community
ZartarUK (EUW)
: Gold Midlaner looking for team EUW
Hey, I'm trying to start up a new community in the hope to put together a few teams or at least find others who play at the same time and with the same goal. If you're interested here's the post link: https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/team-recruitment-en/BBZmTo7B-help-me-build-a-new-community
Rioter Comments
: Sure thing. If youve got time this afternoon at around 4-5ish id be happy to play a few games. It wouldnt be that hard for u to get top lane. Like i said, the members on my team are quite flexible. I myself am an adc main, but i actually end up playing jungle more often. Good to hear from you. If youve got discord, tell me. Thx
I would still be at work if you're talking uk time, I usually come online around 8-9pm for 2-3 games
: Looking for jungl and mid to join my Silver team
I'd be interested in giving it a try, I mostly play top solo but would be happy to play mid more often. I've reached gold in multiple seasons but would be happy and generally play a bit of everything outside of ranked. My usual picks for mid would be along the lines of Talon, Katarina and twisted fate. I do not want a name change however, I think with the addition of club tags it's a bit pointless. Let me know if you want to play a few games, even if it just ends up being normals.
Furnado (EUNE)
: Competitive doesn't have a limit on rank diversity, but getting tickets for it does
You can also buy the tickets with blue essence and RP as a way around it.
Söwh (EUW)
While it would make him nicer (or easier) to play it pulls a little bit away from his personality. Twisted fate is a gambler, he rolls a loaded dice for gold, he picks a 'random' enchanted card and tips the odds in his teams with his ult. It wouldn't be TF without a bit of luck in drawing that perfect card instantly.
Fealthas (EUNE)
: Permabanned for nonsense reports from premade groups...
Just reading the first few lines you are at least guilty of a negative attitude and with your past punishment permanent ban is the last step
Rytia (EUW)
: Riot feeds the trolls :D
i got to "kill yourself" and now you deserve to have a punishment for it
Suada (EUNE)
: BE System is Bad
From the first win of the day those who play less actually get more essence per game. In fact from what we have been told you should only get less essence per game if you were to play 10+ games per day so everyone wins. Although some of the vocal minority might not agree
Rioter Comments
: People who play adc as main, have you guys problems with the non existence of Lethality/penetration?
You say about lord dominicks but you're forgetting about just picking up the last whisper, that is the penetration part and will help you out a lot for not a lot (1300)
: I received my blue essence orbs in the loot page but cannot open it.
I had this, I logged out and back in and it worked
: Is there any way to report a troll in champion select?
"Someone picked a champion i didn't want them to play, ban them!" Quit whining and let others enjoy the game
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