radetari (EUNE)
: Unpopular opinion
your opinion is shared with most players, like always, so it's not unpopular. but it's still wrong.
Devouran (EUNE)
: you know me or something? hm?
1) you were banned 2) you admitted you were being toxic/tilted(indirectly admitting you deserve the ban) is there anything else i need to know about you good sir?
LazySlav (EUNE)
: If you feed and don't talk you won't get banned. But if you flame and carry game, if somebody report you will get banned :D logic
yes, riot does not ban you for being bad at the game. what is wrong with that exactly?
indre066 (EUNE)
: ye but what to do when people insult u as well in a ranked game where u are playing as a champ that u don't even main ?
maybe you DON'T do the EXACT same thing they are doing?
Devouran (EUNE)
: Banned coz of getting tiled of a flamer.
you really think you are a sportsmanlike player? are you trolling?
D z (EUW)
: if so why the players of those champs are not climbing ?
you also have to be better then the enemy...
: @Riot Maybe now that we got EMOTES on top of PINGS its time to completely remove CHAT from the game?
Altiverse (EUNE)
: High tier matchmaking...
apart from the d5 being rather low, there is nothing wrong.. git gud
: Match up
git gud, just sayin...
: Bard or Rakan?
generally rakan, but bard if you want to kill stuff. the two aren't really comparable
yeah cuz silver 1 and silver 4 are so entirely different... seriously, what have you been smoking?
Zoon (EUW)
: Got banned for nothing
fill a support ticket
: It's kinda the same reason as the removal of DFG. The champions that are using it are extreemly depended on the item: {{champion:13}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:81}}, ... do I have to go on. It's a situation that is not healthy for the game. So a different direction for Tear really is not that far fetched.
Maybe you could list a champ that is "extremely depended" on it then. Tear gives mana, it is bought by champs who want to spam abilities or are really mana hungry, if they didn't have tear, they would simply start buying the next best thing that gives a lot of mana. what is the problem with tear exactly?
: ***
Is that the how you always respond when somebody corrects you? #stayclassy {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Romanos (EUNE)
: dude.i know.but it was just one time that i received that report.btw i had lvl honor.isnt it do something for me?
having a higher honor level doesnt protect you from punishment if thats what your wondering. that would be %%%%%%ed as hell.
: How about changing Tear to something like Stopwatch
: Why do low rank player's have to be so negative and toxic?
: Have you seen the current meta with Hypercarries on almost every team. Good luck playing 5 squishies into a Tristana or Kogmaw + 2 tanks. You either stomp lane so hard that basically every pick would have won or you can surrender at 20 if the game is still barely even
: > [{quoted}](name=Player3Th0mas,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UhTtr4cV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-14T15:29:43.561+0000) > > Every loss is on you, without a doubt. > > Every loss is on everyone on the losing team. > > Every loss IS actually on you. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} No... just no. LoL doesn't work that way anymore.
: > [{quoted}](name=EpicLoLer,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oB6PyfsJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-10-14T13:34:29.592+0000) > > have you tried gitting gud mr meta slave? how am i a meta slave when i dont play the meta?
your a meta slave by being a slave tot he meta, you dont have to like the meta...read please
: > thinking you are better then you really are is a good way of never getting better lol?
Again. Please quote me the portion of that comment in which I state you think you are better than all the players you meet. hint: try READING my comment before replying.
: When will the report system get fixed
people get banned all the time(just look at the topics on these boards), so what is it about the system that you want to get fixed? if you expect riot to give you instant banning rights, then you are seriously deluding yourself.
: Please quote me the portion of that post in which I state I think I'm better than all the players I meet.
Please quote me the portion of that comment in which I state you think you are better than all the players you meet.
: Disgusting Meta
jungler is the single strongest role in the current meta and you are complaining that it's too weak, have you tried getting good?
: Guys watch this video and tell me if is griefing or not
Of course it's not bannable, it's not even reportable. She was caught out of position because the enemy has better vision control and has a ganker in their mid lane. She was clearly trying hard to get away the moment she noticed the enemy closing in. If anything, the rest of your team are griefing, why are you risking everything to save the support? why are you grouping up nicely for the malph ult? you could have won the game if you had let the sona die and regrouped. Instead you are here trying to justify your own stupid actions, that's pathetic.
TwoLove (EUNE)
reading this hurts my eyes... and brain... {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: And this game does not deserve a player base
> Yasuo, as he is at least skilled {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: I can make even a more popular one and with no bugs. I just need money to start, I am already working on this :)
that's a fantastic joke! would you mind keeping me informed about your progress? i could use a good laugh
: I am sorry, I'm not willing to admit anymore every loss it's my fault [cheer up, everyone]
thinking you are better then you really are is a good way of never getting better. have fun in elo hell, a fictional place of your own creation.
Mélon (EUW)
: Cheat Bots in AI games
its coop, people use it to farm ip mainly. just report them and move on with your life.
: I dont understand why ardent still exists in the game
have you tried gitting gud mr meta slave?
Durikdo (EUW)
: Permabanned for flaming myself?
you were toxic to your team, you got banned. what part fo this is unclear to you exactly?
: Remove/Rework Frozen Mallet
not for a long time since there is nothing wrong with it.
Sharkai99 (EUNE)
: Disscusion about permaban
You know damn well it was deserved. after all, the ban wasn't based on these 3 games but your toxicity over many games in a certain amount of time, how about you also mention the chat logs of all the other times you have been toxic? these chat logs have been forwarded to you to serve as an example, a sampling of the kind of behavior you were banned for. So unless you are trying to pretend that these 3 games are the exception, rather then the rule, in terms of the way you treat your own team, you already know you deserve the ban. You have been punish for this kind of behavior before in the form of a suspension(maybe even chat restrictions), you have been warned, you deiced to ignore that warning, good riddance.
: The mistake i made..
what are you even saying?XD
gwnMarty (EUW)
: Que is unfair
1) the reason you are not getting a higher elo is because you are playing normals. 2) all of these people are very similar ranks 3) you trolling?
emotes can be used in toxic ways, but they don't have to be used that way, they are not meant to be used that way, same as having a chat at all. Do you understand that you don't have to do something just because you can? Do you think riot is breaking their own rules by still having the chat function? or are you just trolling?
: Unfortunately, riot doesn't ban for intentional feeding (nor for negative attitude), at least I don't know anyone banned, or have read a thread about it here. However, for verbal harassment they are so if you decide to start flaming its your own fault. Just gulp down the fact that this game is lost and win the next ones.
: Is anyone ever going to play a tank in my team?
you don't NEED a tank buddy, what kind of stupid logic is that?
Vashtrall (EUW)
: Yeah, I hate that crap. Top is for TANKS, not anything else.
the pros and almost all high elo players disagree.
Lennya (EUNE)
: I got a penalty of 14 days for swearing (havent got any chat restrictions or any of that )
you don't get punished for one game, you get punished for constantly being a toxic player over a long period of time. if you don't want to get banned, don't be toxic. if you are too angry to not be toxic, then stop playing until you are no longer angry, or get some anger management counseling. Also, riots punishments are not negotiable. unless there has been a technical mistake which are rare. The punishment threshold in league is extremely high, your punishment is warranted, guaranteed.
garyd2407 (EUW)
: Regarding my ban on my main
you were toxic, you got banned, it's not rocket science people! how on earth is it possible that so many people don't get this simple fact? you don't want to get banned? DON'T BE TOXIC, it's %%%%ing easy, I've been doing it for years.
Arildo123 (EUNE)
: Stay safe folks
so you were toxic and you got banned, now you are trying to blame riot for giving you the punishment you deserve. that's pathetic.
: It is just bad manners. It is common courtesy to announce your intended role like everyone else, so you get a team composition and not 5 mages running it down mid. Instead you instalock and be like "I locked in Evelynn, so I must be jungle" without carring about anyone other than your sorry little, and frankly quite unsightful, ass.
> It is common courtesy to announce your intended role no, it's not, that's not "announcing" that's claiming arrogantly. there is no point in communication your preferred roles in blind pick, if you have any preferred role, you play draft pick. if you are concerned about team composition, you don't play blind pick, you play draft pick. By you arrogantly claiming a role in blind pick you are acting like an 8 year old desperately invoking the rule of "dibs" and demanding everybody obeys. I'm really glad draft pick exists, that way, i don't have to deal with arrogant, entitled, self-righteous little brats like you.
: 14-Day Suspension for this????
yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes, deserved ban.
Vilza (EUNE)
: Remakes are stupid
the enemy has only 4 people and you think this is unfair for YOU? what kind fo spoiled little brat are you?
: Have been suspended for maybe rightful reasons
you flame because you are a toxic player. everybody gets feeders sometimes, but hardly anybody gets banned, do you know why? it's because they are not toxic players. I have never been punished for toxic behavior, none of the people i play with have ever been punished either. If you have been suspended your behavior, you have some serious anger management problems, forget about the game, consider seeking professional help before you hurt yourself or others.
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