: When will riot do anything about the trolls?
Never..I mean i got again ragequit xd..Just 5 mins probably queue he gets and his fine haha.Should be more drastic punishment against those people but whatever..
GLurch (EUW)
: First off, what do you define as a "troll"? Wikipedia defines a "troll" or "internet troll" as >a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion,[3] often for the troll's amusement" As you can see, there is one important word being used: **intent** You seem to define someone who is "%%%%%%ed" and "chose to afk the entire game" as a troll. However, if someone is %%%%%%ed, are they %%%%%%ed on purpose? Of course not. Are some people born with an IQ of 70 because they want to? Probably not, they most likely didn't have any saying in the matter. Being stupid on purpose is simply not possible, at most, you can play stupid without being stupid. However, for one to be considered a "troll", going by this widely popular definition at least, they'd have to do what they're doing with the intent of provoking others and achieving amusement. Since someone can't be stupid simply to achieve a purpose (at least not if we're ruling out the possibility that someone somehow had an operation done on purpose), what you're calling a troll isn't really a troll. It's only... a stupid person, someone not having enough practice at the game or someone who had a bad day/week/... How is Riot supposed to punish trolls if they are not trolls? --- Now, *hopefully*, we both agree that what you called a "troll" wasn't really a "troll", but actually a bad or stupid player. At least if they only did what you wrote and there isn't anything you've not written about them yet. You could now still ask the question "Why is Riot not doing anything to not match me up with bad players?" In fact, Riot is doing something against it or at least trying (to our knowledge). First off, everyone starts with a base MMR. This MMR is used to match people together. If you lose a game, you lose MMR and if you win a game, you gain MMR. Riots algorithm looks at your MMR and compares it to the MMR of every other player to decide who you will play with and who you will play against by making sure all of your MMRs are *about* the same. During times where not many players are online, it's possible Riot can't find anyone who has about the same MMR as you and will have to go a little further to match you with or against a player who's a bit worse or a bit better than you. This not only means that on average, your teammates and enemies should perform similar to you, it also means that the people you play against every match could have actually ended up in your team instead of the enemy team. It's mostly by chance that they ended up in the enemy team and not in your team. Of course, this can get disrupted and you may not always end up with people on your own team that perform similar to you; Everyone has bad days or games and can perform worse or perhaps someone got a lucky winstreak which resulted in them having a similar MMR to yours. In any case, since the people you end up having as enemies could have been just as well on your own team, those on your team could have just as well been on the enemy team as well. It's mostly by chance that they actually ended up in your team. However, since the enemy team has 5 free spots for them and your own team only 4 (because you already have a spot), the chance for them to land on the enemy team is actually higher than for them to land on your own team. Effectively, this means that bad players should not impact you in any negative way at all seen over a large span of games. However, these bad players will just continue to lose as much games as it takes to get them to their respective MMR again where they play with people that perform just like them. To come to a conclusion, Riot does punish bad players as well, but it's done by making them lose MMR and getting matched with and against worse people, so everyone can enjoy a fair match again. This also means that reporting these players will not do anything since Riot will not punish them in any way. However, it will hinder Riot from punishing actual intentional feeders and trolls (those running it down mid, following you around in jungle to steal your camps, walking in circles around the enemy without doing anything,...). Riots system is an AI that learns from the behavior of those people that are reported and by reporting players that usually shouldn't be reported, you're only making it harder for Riot to punish those people that actually deserve to be punished.
the guy wanted to know why dont ban ragequiters people that troll games etc..Not wikipedia lel.
: When is the last time assassins were commonly picked? They cant do their job(1shot squishies) because adc and supps are overtuned. Why do you think rengar got reverted? Why do you think leblanc and ari are getting reverted? Because assassins cant do shit at the moment. Everyone cries about tank meta but you cant pick bruisers or assassins if adcs get items FASTER than you AND outscale you. Ninja tabi is better now? You need 320 armor to have the SAME effect as ninja tabi from last patch. Next time check things before pulling them out of your ass. Checked your profile youre an adc main nothing else to say, go cry to riot to make your role even more op.
its truth that assasins are shit now...but that smostly because of the new runes...I mean {{item:2419}} really great vs someone like {{champion:238}} {{champion:107}} then you can pick runes with heal +defence too..the n ew 1..Thats the problem.
: Remove fleet footwork so adcs have to actually buy lifesteal items in order to have sustain. Make crit items more expensive(revert the changes that made them cheaper).
...adcs are not op lel neither support..They need 3 items to do something.I dont see why they are so op.Where???All the time i have to babysit bot or carry them cuz they doing poorly bot sides..And getting carried by mid or jgl. I dont find bot op at all.And critstrike really.....remember {{item:3047}} is better vs adc now...You should try it.
Drag3nz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eratos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NQZGab3L,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2018-04-09T13:50:51.144+0000) > > ye but they silvers...so they bad.If youre better then them is easy to carry.I got 30 kills in silver lel and more then 20 kills evry game.Is not that hard they all bad.If you climb however its gonna be harder cuz you can get the boosted in your team and enemy is like full plat..And you maybe alone with someone.. > So low elo is easier to carry trust me. Please just teach me I cant deal with the fact, I have 1 team mate having 1/2 of our deaths 1/8 I cant carry that its impossible I cant climb I die so little early game and mid game then end game comes and I see the enemy and my laner have 5+ kills and I'm here like HOW DID THAT HAPPNEN? Telling me how easy it is doesn't help me at all
there are many ways to do so you can carry....Like cs for good roaming duo playng the right champ...And there are many other ways. What i see mostly in low elo is that most of people play skilled champs..Playng {{champion:90}} mid or {{champion:11}} jg is really good.. You need to know how to farm when to roam etc.I played zed but that because i really know to play it and i got d3 with him.And i believe that i was pushing my lane and easy roaming and sometimes even invading enemy jgl.. If i couldnt pick zed i was picking malza easy push and simple going bot or top at my 6..Easy press r free kill.Need brain. Brain gives elo.Fast reactions too..i mean i saw this silvers that i pinged them cuz enemy was invading they wait like 10 sec before my pings..I mean thats sleep so dumb...How mutch time you need to react..
: Ww did get nerfed, they bugfixed his q do you read patch notes? Her banrate is high because ppl dont know how to play against her, i havent lost a game vs irelia since she was released, i also played her for a bit and she doesnt seem too strong so. Better nerf adc and supports instead of nerfing bruisers who arent even a legitimate champion class to play atm.
SUPPORT LOL????And what adc to get nerf???????????
: Youre right shes at 48,85% winrate. Riot should buff her a bit to make her balanced shes so close to being balanced(50% winrate).
ww got 54% winrate....So??he still not nerfed.What have to do 48% winrate..Irelia shes doing pretty good now and her banrate is very high
Drag3nz (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eratos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NQZGab3L,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-09T13:42:26.286+0000) > > low elo isnt that hard to carry..Cuz there are no boosted monkeys..So its way easier to get out of there..Once you reach plat well then comes hell...too many boosted who dont know to even farm But its where all the boosted monkeys come from, Instead of 1 player being a ape all of them are if I had to be honest man
ye but they silvers...so they bad.If youre better then them is easy to carry.I got 30 kills in silver lel and more then 20 kills evry game.Is not that hard they all bad.If you climb however its gonna be harder cuz you can get the boosted in your team and enemy is like full plat..And you maybe alone with someone.. So low elo is easier to carry trust me.
Drag3nz (EUW)
: Carry Low Elo Games
low elo isnt that hard to carry..Cuz there are no boosted monkeys..So its way easier to get out of there..Once you reach plat well then comes hell...too many boosted who dont know to even farm
: > [{quoted}](name=Enjutsu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jLVYAHp6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-09T08:36:06.464+0000) > > I don't think it's fair to call it tank meta just because tanks are viable. Do you watch LCS and the professional scene? In almost every game, both teams that are playing have between 2 and 3 tanks : Top, Jungle and Support. I rarely see Dmg junglers, like Khazix or Nidalee, it is most of the time {{champion:113}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:72}}, supports such as {{champion:201}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:223}} and toplaners are always {{champion:14}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:27}}. So overall it is a Tank meta
you cant compare lcs to solo que...Those are 2 different games...Solo que is how hard you can carry..lcs is all about teamwork.
mAdhAt (EUNE)
: Rank Climb S8.
To climb you need luck.More you climb more boosted monkeys you found.Easy...Thats how it works.Too many boosted kids.Too many ragequiters...is just impossible to do something now if you dont get that luck.
: i'm done.
Its hard to keep up with the game ye maybe...Especially that they focus more in pro plays...and for ranked you have to keep up with that.
Rioter Comments
: Is this toxic?
Spam thats all.
Rockified (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eratos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EmYvKKAf,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-08T15:47:08.776+0000) > > Xin mid??but it seems you cant climb with it..How is that a good pick anyway? Did ❓ you 👊 even ❌ check ✔️ my ☝️ op.gg? ⚖️ I'm on a 9 game winning streak in ranked and most of them are Xin mid💩 And 👉 I legit 💯 just posted why 👐 Xin mid is a good pick ⛏. Did you even bother reading my post before commenting? 🤔
how can it be good pick when you dont climb with it??LOGIC MATE?.Your winrate with xin is 52%+And you dont climb with it...LOGIC.IS not good pick then.
: Zed counterpicks?
{{champion:84}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:157}}{{champion:90}} {{champion:50}} go more???
blunk (EUW)
: How unlucky can you be..
its like poker...Having good hand.Its all about luck what did you expect..
Rockified (EUNE)
: Dear 🤫 Ranked 📈 Players
Xin mid??but it seems you cant climb with it..How is that a good pick anyway?
mrpsilva (EUW)
: Try to understand this situation here please. I'm not saying that assassins shouldn't kill adcs 1v1. What I'm trying to say is, example, I had a game where I was with Jhin, and we had a pretty good team. The game was going well for both sides. But once we all got to level 13 +-, me, being an adc, I couldn't leave my towers, even with my whole team around me. This why? Because Rengar would just ulti and search for me, jump and hit and flash away. I could flash away which I did, but remember that Rengar ulti is 60 something seconds cooldown, flash is 100 something seconds. Do you think is fair to be restricted to my towers just because I can't even have the minimum chance of getting away without flash? I'm not saying I should kill him or any other assassin on 1 on 1, I'm just saying I should be allow to at least hold 3 hits at least so I have some chance of getting away. Like this they just 2 shot me and kill the rest. Nice mechanics.
supports???thats what they for..{{champion:117}} holy moly..{{champion:40}} rengar cant even touch you..{{champion:223}} just op as hell vs assasins....+if you get a braum or thresh he can buy {{item:3190}} {{item:3109}} Amen. And remember assasins exist to kill squeeshy targets like adc.If rengar cant kill you then he is a simple bot in that game.And with a decent support you just wont die..
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Here's why League will never be good again
Agree with 3...rest are ballshits.
: Zed builds
His pro he builds what he wants he still does good..We people that play zed we bad..doesnt matter what we build.
: crit do need nerfed. they're a BS stat
why???The only 1 who build is adc...and adc dont do mutch dmg now until 3 4 items..So no they dont need nerf.+armor is very good against crit.If you build{{item:3031}} +{{item:3087}} against {{item:3742}} trust me you dont do mutch dmg to that.Especially if you take {{item:3143}}
: Riot Games & dear League players I FOUND THE SOLUTION of all the problems, THUMBS UP the thread
dont need no nerf...especially for crits..Adc are not op right now.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Vayne wasn't in melee range,she was inside of Trashs R,what more do you want from a 520 range marksmen? Irelia stun has like 800-1000 range,she stuned her way out of her range,instakilled her,then killed 3 more people,do you think any adc can do this at 23 mintues in the game? While also being hooked by Trash? Also maybe the reason they missed everything is the fact that she has insane dashes,and even when she got hit she has W to reduce damage and heals with Q?
old irelia was "stun for ages" now she got counter play .Shes no more stupid champ but skilled champ.Old irelia could 1v5 even worst then that. But its truth 1 think adc life is not easy...I do agree with that.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Boards logic,adcs are op,but this is perfectly fine
So {{champion:39}} feed like 2 3 levels ahead of them won 1v4 against vayne nab who stays melee tresh no dmg nunu no dmg and ziggs miss evrything,,,Ye "op" LOL.
: The SoloQ climb.
Flame=mute is easy...Like really easy mute..Problem is too mutch big ego they tilt easy and plat is full of big boosted monkeys..P2+D4.Between this too.So its harder to carry and harder those boosted monkeys.Especially that most of them will focus on flame then game.. And yes i believe eune is the same as euwest..i mean in skills.But eune is more comfortable to play i played there and i found myself a bit better..
mrpsilva (EUW)
: Nerfs and OP assassins
Assasin kill adc...adc kill tanks lategame...tanks kill assasin....What you people want lel????Adc to 1v1 assasins????This is how assasins work..Thats why you have a support.This is how league works.. Stop complain cuz talon kills an adc...Its %%%%ing logic.If not then whats the point of assasins????Tahts their job to destroy enemy dmg dealers..And is not easy to do that if you got a nice tank or support with you.
: Rengar is one of the most overbuffed champions right now, but people gonna say he is still bad (wtf? xD). His dmg is just %%%%%%ed
where??cuz i played rengar and against rengar...Until 6 he cant do mutch easy to kill.At 6 you still cant 1 shot..You need to be feed but obviously evry feed champion does dmg ...LOGIC.Rengar is not op thats why he still gets buffs.He is doing pretty poorly now.
: Going hexdrinker into black cleaver would have won you the lane, you need damage and if she shrouds just walk away towards her tower so she can't run back, that'll force her to either fight you straight on no invis or walk all the way around- care with minions tho.
is not that easy..Without mr she does a lot of dmg.If you get close to her she heals with her q and passive..she does a lot of dmg too..At 6 hop all in..To make it more stupid she can become invizible and you cant see her neither with pink ward..Ye more op. What i want to say is a rework is good to have...To have more counter play.Irelia now shes fine.At least you can outplay her and dodge her skills..Old irelia simple click like akali and bye..
Rioter Comments
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Best champions to climb with from bronze to silver.
Easy champs easy climb...Darius cami ok.Fizz varus sure the rest i dont think so..Support you need dmg to be sure you win so you can destroy enemy..Mid you need somethng easy not zed...cuz is not easy and neither taliah..And jgl xin is good too.I suggest yi more easy. But the rest just NO.Low elo easy champs work just more then fine.If youre good with yasuo zed taliah tresh thats something else but if youre begginer new to game or you still need to improve..i dont suggest skilled champs to climb.
Exhibit B (EUNE)
: Yasuo is op
Riven agree she is strong.Can carry a lot of games great cc dmg she is strong.She doesnt get nerf cuz no 1 pick her lol. Zed yasuo..NO..easy to deal with.Annoyng to go against but not op at all.Once they fall behind they doom..And even if they get a lucky game zed falls hard mid lategame and yasuo is just easy to kill. Yi ok he does good now in solo que he wins most of the games i still dont know if his so op...Rest.. just NO.
walle01235 (EUNE)
: Low elo is impossible to be carrieed
You can carry...But its hard and most of the time is poor luck.You have to focus mostly on a wining lane..If i know my yasuo mid loses and i know his bad..i dont bother with him.I focus top or bot. Its hard to carry i know that..But you have to focus mostly in 1 lane try to get first tower etc.. From gold+obviously is harder ppl throw a lot and when you get near plat those people are just "1v5 players"with big ego..But skilfull.
: Bruh, don't buy those boots against her, really ain't worth it. Who did you play though? Like Akali after 6 is basically a champ with different counters than the pre 6 Akali And what about CS? If she was up in gold even if you killed her, then it didn't really matter. You're really lacking information here.
i played olaf i got first 2 kills on her pretty easy.And yes i was more in farm immagine i killed her in the begining...Even tough i rushed those items she shitted me at 6..her invizible makes her comfortable and her dmg is insane from passive..to not talk about her passive heal. Olaf early is god we all know that but i couldnt stand against her..
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Eratos,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jclXkN9w,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-06T12:03:52.841+0000) > > Zed buff high????Where lel...q behind targets 60%???Xd.Kha and talon got like dmg buff and zed a small buff on r and q behind targets xDDD. > Play zed and see if you can win with him so easily. just because you noob and ain't know to play it , dosn't mind he isn't overpowered , expecially when you adc , tryed to count zed , couldn't...
sorry i played zed from s7...got d3 too..So i understand zed.You dont know to play it so you think is op.Maybe you didnt even tried..
: Irelia Discussion - Akali Rework - The Fear of The Irelia Syndrome
{{champion:84}} what playstile??she is easy to play she got no skillshots she scales really well great healing from passive..Is a cancer champion.She deserves a good rework.She needs counter play...I killed her until lv 6 like 2 3 times i rushed {{item:3156}} +{{item:3111}} +{{item:3211}} and still she could do sooo mutch dmg.. Rework this nab champ.
: I didn't say he doesn't have weaknesses... I said that no champ should be THIS unskilled... I mean, you should be able to do a couple of things right to play a champ... with Nasus just AFK farm all the time until you're a monster and try to counter the ganks... that's all... if that isn't boring, then what is??? and people pick him like crazy because he is easy... because in reality people don't care about having fun... they want to win and think they have earned the respect of the community... like it's street cred... the only simple champs I ever liked were ADCs like Ashe that you actually need to learn to position yourself well... so it's a very hard skill to learn and it makes you have to think on your feet all the time... Also, the second point on Nasus is that champs that scale to infinity (Nasus and Veigar mostly since Cho Gath and Kindred do that with kills and it's harder) shouldn't exist... all champs should have limits... you can't have a numbers game (Every video game is a numbers game) and have something with infinity next to it... math doesn't work that way...
Why shouldnt easy champs exist???It helps for new players or ppl who wanna climb faster.+nasus is more of a lucky win with him.I mean stayng afk all game and hoping that your team doesnt lose ....Thats luck as hell. Take it like that a bronze player playng zed...Its obviously he is gonna do poorly zed is skilled..But if he plays yi or nasus he got more chance to climb.Cuz they easier to understand.Its normal.
TheCrazyBoy (EUNE)
: IT's look like we have no anymore zed players
Zed buff high????Where lel...q behind targets 60%???Xd.Kha and talon got like dmg buff and zed a small buff on r and q behind targets xDDD. Play zed and see if you can win with him so easily.
: then that thats still 11 wins and 9 losses which is higher than 50% winrate, so a climb yes? So you're gaining elo on that. I've seen a fair few this season
all ive seen this season is win early win game..Thats it.Dumb ppl will not agree cuz they live in "unicorn world".I played a lot of games this season i tell you that like 90% of the time its win early win game..
: Nasus is a god damn 0 skill champ...
Yes he is unskilled champ.Its truth.But he needs to scale and you can abuse him early pretty hard so....Evry champ have his/her weakness.
: Karma support is so underperforming
LOl where you saw that??her early game way better then those champs you mentioned.+she can give shield to all your team using R. +Speed and she can provide some dmg.She is not bad support at all..
: Come back already is impossible!
Only dumb people will believe comebacks is possible..Maybe 1 game out of 10 sure can happen..But if you win early you won game simple..I won full ad vs 3 tanks...we won early so we ended easy..No way for them to comeback. WIN EARLY WIN GAME.
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Balance team... really?
Its truth that lux does more then fine now..I dunno why buff her ..What a joke.
bococro96 (EUNE)
: About Shen
{{champion:98}} is weak.Tanks solo que remember dont carry that hard.Is good only for his ult just because you can help your bot or mid etc..But huge cd..And in laning phase...You can win vs other tanks but not vs bruisers.Or dmg dealers. AS i said tanks solo que are not good to carry games.Shen get nerf just because of pro plays thats all.
Rioter Comments
: But isn't that the idea, win the early game, snowball, and make games quicker in a sense, if we do the opposite its gonna be "Turrets have too much hp and resist, items need to cost more so the game lasts longer, champion scaling and base damages need to change in case of an early lead". We would do a full 180 on the whole thing. And while i dont think that is the way to solve it, like i said, its not an easy thing to balance in a patch or two. They would have to see how every role would adapt if games were to last longer. I'd say 30 min is an okay time for a game. I just don't want games like in season 4/5 in which you could stall the game to like 50 mins just because turrets had more defense. Some items costed more and all that
so you say.."lets all play early champs and lategame champs delete them"..For example playng gp now is not worth it.Twitich very bad too cuz if he doesnt have the luck to get some kills is just useless..{{champion:13}} his early is just garbage...only if you dont get a lucky game..cant do nothing early..all the time i go agianst this guy is so pathetic..He needs at least 2 items..So we leave all lategame champs and focus early champs..Whats the point then.. If enemy team gets a lucky early..we have no chance to comeback..Just play 10 mins gg we lost im out.. Is just not fair mate..
: Back in the day people complained about the fact that if you won early you couldnt win the game on some cases if the enemy reached late game, and that games take too long, best example back then was how good nasus was in solo Q since turrets took longer to be taken down and he could just keep on stacking even if he died 3 times in lane now its the opposite. "win early win game", yes im pretty sure there can be a middle ground for this, but i dont see it as being the most easy of things to do.
9/10 games who wins early wins game..you can watch streamers etc .i play a lot of games and i can tell you that who have a decent early is just too hard to comeback. Watched faker stream against huni evne tough huni did good early game his team did so poorly the guy was cryng cuz he didnt know how to carry that..he lost in 15 mins.. Apdo youtube a game where he won mid and his team did so poorly...and we know apdo is god..well he lost that game..he lost early too hard he couldnt do nothing..Like it or not early have a big impact now.
: Can I be banned if I play champ for first time in flex?
ofc they flame you or wanna ban you...ranked is a place for tryhard..You dont get ban but you probably lose a ranked game for some people that wanna climb..Is disrespect.Thats all.
Rismosch (EUW)
: I am done with ranked.
Ranked is full tryhard.Obviously having fun is the main priority...but if you dont tryhard to win then is not a good idea to play there.If you wanna waste time try champs having fun only etc..then aram normals. Ranked is very frustrating full of people who wanna climb higher and is obviously normal..Its real pain and its very hard.
: is it me or is zyra just hated in league
because they think youre useless so this " pro players"want you to pick lulu or janna to shield them to carry.But zyra is a really good pick as support for solo que especially low elo. Just play what you want dont listen to them.
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