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: simply DISGUSTING gangplank abuser
Maleficio (EUW)
: Downloading it right now and 1 hour to go, Im totaly done with these blackscreens and trying to reconnect screens here at LOL making you freaking wait 2 hours till ghostgame is gone.
Be careful. If youre used to LoL the controls can feel very clunky to you
: Goodbye LoL, soon I will be gone for good!
Can relate to clunky controls
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: My reaction to people who are happy about the Katatina ''nerf''
i dont think there are people who consider that a nerf
Mithos (EUW)
: How about making Irelia's stun duration scale with HP%
90% difference is a little over the top, but I love the idea. Maybe 50% difference should provide with the max stun
Galacia (EUW)
: Another gamebreaking Jayce Bug - he needs to be disabled
Not 100% reproducable for me In fact 0% reproducable for me
: Yes i've read that. could you explain more?
If you're full premade, and someone on your team has to leave, because of personal problems or something else, or lag issues or something, YOU get to decide whether he should get afk punishment or not. After all, you're full premade, you know each other well, and of course if something happens to someone you forgive him for leaving.
: Snipers in CoD vs snipers in LoL
''And when you damage me or my teammember, they end up with more health than they began with.''
: Ekko ult
cute.. he thinks ekko can be balanced
: New champion original as hell (as always)
{{champion:31}} Weaver ult. {{champion:421}}
Riot Games, congratulation on your perfectly scripted game!
: Queue dodging: horribly flawed logic
Savage Devi (EUNE)
: The thing is you're talking about the rework like it's a complete nerf.
explain how it isnt
: ''You asked for the ability to spend more money on mistery skins in one day, so we give it to you!''
Morello promised to nerf Poppy if she ever made it to competitive play :)
: enjoy your well deserved low priority queue, leaver.
ZeeDrakon (EUW)
: Hm. maybe get off the high horse that your opinion is right, and accept that the balance team that do this FOR A LIVING know better than some casual player that isnt even remotely professional
league's balance team could literally not be any more retarded than humanly possible
: Just won a tournament and I feel generous
: this game literally gave me cancer
i hope you're joking, but if not... then i wish you all the luck in the world in your battle
Tâli (EUW)
: Check "teor". This is the account i used S1-S3.
and why wouldnt you include this in your original post
: Are there actually people out there who buy posters for €15?
lol cancer riot selling paper for 15 euro what else is new
Tâli (EUW)
: Ex Dia1 Player Looking For Team (Elo does not matter)
seems like fun tho says u ended Platinum in S3 so I do not care about this but its a strange thing not to tell the (whole) truth about
: Riot logic
You summarized it perfectly


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