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Vordo (EUNE)
: Throughout history, if you were colorblind your chances of survival were slim. There was no company bullying you. Just nature. You know the unbiased thing we still live in. I don't support your cause mainly because I want them to focus on making the game better mechanically and not visually. Fair?
It doesnt need more than 1 h to fix that ;) P.s. im not colorblind
Yraco (EUW)
: It's likely that, if League of Legends goes to mobile, TFT will be part of the mobile game because it's much easier to transfer than regular League.
They already made a statement that it will not be on mobile
: A report is a press of a button that takes 3seconds if you call that wasting time...
https://i.imgur.com/ZyA7PJ1.jpg [I think this was what he meant](https://i.imgur.com/ZyA7PJ1.jpg)
: In league of graphs its clearly shown that tahm got some counters, but most of them arn't usuall top laner. So tahm isn't one either. Think around the corner. Winrate at Diamond and above is just about 52% which is fine. Banrate isn't that high with 18.1%... counters at this time are Neeko, Yasuo hey and even Gnar... didn't know he still exist. We got so many post of this but Riot doesn't change him in the PBE.. so i guess he is fine. And its a bit difficult to nerf him for top lane, but don't destroy him complete for any other position like support. And for example, Mordekaiser sits on a 72% banrate and even Yasuo is still at over 40%.
Actually there is a way, a workaround Passive stack would only proc with melee allies (like seju). So toplane could w only botlane (or top with a gank) Next is e, e wont give the grey bar if there is not an ally in 1000(?) unit range(now or the past 5 sec to give him when its adc dies). So it wont regenerate life if it's alone. These should be enough for nerf him in solo lane
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Problem is you can log out, play on another account, dodge on that account and go on your first, etc.
: Aram leaver need more punishment...
A remake , with more punishment, fits better. Like 30 mins in which u cannot play, 10 mins of low priority queue in next aram game et similia
Sumy (EUW)
: Support item won't collect money
There was a known bug, on zyra 's plants. maybe that's what you are referring. [Click here to view the full post](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/IMm5r5B3-zyras-plants-dont-proc-spellthiefs-edge-after-96)
Febos (EUW)
: This is recent because Zilean wasn't able to level up his W at level 1. I remember this.
it seems so to me too. But dunno what may have caused that.
: But you must have an icon. You use the same icon on the forums that you use in your game. You use this chi-bi vladimir..? Do your friends see this "no-icon" as well, or only you ?
It is clearly a visual bug, it happens to me too sometimes, **THERE IS NOT** an option not to show any icon. A bug **DOES NOT MAKE** the account bannable.
Smerk (EUW)
: Eh, I guess there's no point in talking with you. You're just trying to twist everything, so it looks exactly how you want it to see. Well, stay negative if that's your choice. Bye
If you open a topic be ready to face the opposite thought, you should be open minded. You wasn't, not my fault, i can explain again and go further but if you don't realize that something else may be thruth then ... yeah there's no more point into talking with you :)
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Why dont we have blind pick in PBE
in blind pick only who has a good connection will pick it and ignore all the others, at least in draft there is pick order.
Smerk (EUW)
: You're taking it all the way to another extreme. Playing for fun doesn't equal not trying to win. Do your best and try to win and if you still lose, for any reason, then so be it, try to learn something out of it and move on. That's the attitude I want to see more often
I think that was pretty accurate : if u play with feet doesnt mean u dont wanna win ... you want to but with feet Do your best means items and not afking too. Your attitude is what most annoy me, pretend others accept the way i wanna drag em down with me. You wanna play like that? you're free to play custom or simply get a 5 man team.
bigfart92 (EUW)
: Classic skin option
It is possible changing game's files. Prob they will ban tho
Smerk (EUW)
: You should treat game as a game, not as something as important as your life
If you're playing an amateur volleyball match, and you got invited, you think you wanna play only using feet. Do you understand my point?Does that make sense or i have to write other words ? You wanna play only for fun, trolling and going soraka infinity in jungle? you can but do not expect other people to encourage that behavior, there is a mode when u can do everything you want : custom , reddit can unite all and you have your game. If you dont care playing good just change game animal crossing is fun
: "Must be level 7 or higher to post a comment"
i think playing, but it takes time to synch. It happens to me when the icon i change appears weeks later
: I hope you're prepared some evidences about your gender. Once the lonely males (between 14-18 age mostly) pay attention at you, you will be asked to do so. You will have a great time with them after you've been proven. I'd have been **highly** interested... {{sticker:sg-lux}} but shame, I play the role of support as well. {{sticker:cass-cry}} Hope you will find some peeps soon! --- PS.: Do not take this serious, I am just joking around. But I do wish you to find a great teammate. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Evideeeeeeeence ahahahhahha i died reading that xD
I am done I am through I am just sick of it all I am tired of the feeders in my stupid game of lol. shit happens
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well unless you have a source for it then your claims are just claims Explain why exactly someone needs 2 accounts on the same server, explain why they would need to change between them so often that it would actually benefit them to add this The main reason it doesn't exist is because of the way the session management for the client is done, logging out wouldn't properly terminate the old session so any log out option would have to just restart the client anyway, so you're not actually gaining anything, but yeah, there really isn't a need for this for a vast majority of the playerbase, i've been here since season 1 and apart from a placeholder account i made on NA because of the old forums and the PBE account i ad, i never saw the need to have, multiple accounts in the first place, care to give a decent reason why people even need them? I mean if you can't justify multiple accounts in any meaningful way then why would riot bother to support it
I agree with you, btw the real reason is that riot doesn't reject smurfing, but it won't encourage it neither. Having a log-out function is against their aim, just that.
Shamose (EUW)
: https://leagueoflegends.fandom.com/wiki/Health_bar
Of the supposed bug, now u go on wiki. At least something good u got it go on wiki for clarification
Shamose (EUW)
: > Where does it says root? Above your health bar you see what type of CC is on you. So the bug in OP's case is that when hit with amumu Q it says "Rooted" instead of "Stunned"
Can u provide a visual image? Btw just go on wiki if u have any doubt
Shamose (EUW)
: > it says and I quote "rooted" Then that's the bug. His Q is a stun.
> ACTIVE: Amumu tosses a bandage in the target direction that Stun icon stuns the first enemy it hits for 1 second, dealing magic damage, and pulling him to their location. Where does it says root? I am a little bit suspicious cuz u think it's his q that "root" but you wasnt certain so where di u read root?
Rioter Comments
: Thanks man! Will do from now on. Hope Riot will ever find an solution for it tho.
They prob won't, i already accepted it. Feels sad man
Haze97 (EUW)
: Neither of them are good in high elo, and both of them destroy low elo just fine. You can pick any AD champ and get past silver, even lethality {{champion:14}}.
Darius has a ban rate of 24%, popularity 10 % and 51 % win rate. Garen has a ban rate of 1%, popularity 3% and a 50% win rate. (diamond+ players). In masters garen w/r drops to 45% and grows to 53%.
: I play both champions.Darius destroys low elo and early game,but with the new season he has turned from a juggernaut into a damage dealer,so it's not a problem to kill him.Garen normally stands on lane and in the midgame only gets better. So Darius is better on the lane and Garen is better in the rest of the game
Actually garen is only good when it comes to very low elo (i think silver -) higher u go more the awarness of garen's weakness and it wont even join a teamfight. Imho
: Missing Rune Pages in Champion Select.
From what i was able to retrieve there is this bug and it's know. This bug has been claimed 1 y too. There is no solution but to restart the client, u can check if u have this bug just going under collection and check ur runes. It has happened to me too, it's frustarting but no one seems to care. Hope i somehow helped a bit.
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Lari (EUNE)
: My client decreased in size
It's actually really simple, settings window-size.
TGT Holek (EUW)
: Looking for players to create a team for ranked FLEX.
Add me if interested ( remind me of this post)
: Honor system improvements (idea)
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: 5 Man Premade Team For Bots MIssion
Hansiman (EUW)
: This sounds contradicting to your first claim, that Kayle was nerfed even if she can't lane. If she can't lane and shouldn't be nerfed, then it can't be as easy as to get to level 16. Odds are, the learning curve is what's separating the amount of players that try her out a few times and don't understand her limitations early on, and those that play around it.
> This sounds contradicting to your first claim, that Kayle was nerfed even if she can't lane. He said kyle cant lane , then he said at 16 he's unstoppable (i think it's true and i dont like champion who struggle survivng waiting their power but anyway...). @ lv 16 u usually are not in lane from many minutes, at least bronze+ > If she can't lane and shouldn't be nerfed, then it can't be as easy as to get to level 16. Odds are, the learning curve is what's separating the amount of players that try her out a few times and don't understand her limitations early on, and those that play around it. i personally think that a champion who got a massive benefit late game, without any good choice / skill (surving 25 min is not a skill imho) is not fair, but that's an opinion that's why i usually play champs high risk high reward, as simply as that : u do good u got benefit, u mistake u got some problems to fix.
: Summoner Names
Seven DeadLee Sin
: Whats your highest LP gained?
Usually every wins get a +70/78 pl and u can skip divisions if u reach 100 without promos
: no strategic advantage can come from trying to damage kayle when she is in ult. (unless cc or damage over time after ult end, but you get assist for that) but you can for example proc banshees so that karthus can use r.... that requires skill and should be allowed. ashe can get assist with her e for vision, and soraka can get assist for healing full hp champion (which unless bonus shield armor etc shouldn't happen)... so banshees proc should give assist.
> no strategic advantage can come from trying to damage kayle when she is in ult. (unless cc or damage over time after ult end, but you get assist for that) If you're in a fight and u do AoE dmg and u "do dmg" to kayle in ulti then u die an assist is not given, why banshee or edge should give it?. > but you can for example proc banshees so that karthus can use r.... that requires skill and should be allowed. Actually there are 2 generalized situation. In fight and not in a fight. In both situation u'll probably do more dmg than one spell so assist will be given. > ashe can get assist with her e for vision, Only for a few seconds after they were in no vision, so i think it's fine. > soraka can get assist for healing full hp champion An heal is an heal, wasted or not it is, it gives ahrey or procs with ardent censer ecc > so banshees proc should give assist. then actually banshee shouldn't give an assist. get rid off banshees is the preparation of a fight, if there's a pick u can always get an assist with an AA .
Mada (EUW)
: interesting idea but I think this would be very difficult to balance
It could be a 1 april mode, with an extra ability like this, just for fun for a short periodo of time, imho
: No assist for proccing banshees
Neither with edge, kayle's ult
Mr Elessar (EUNE)
: This server is tranphobic. I joined and they kicked me out because I'm not a "real female" according to them. I'd appreciate if the moderators got rid of this terrible thread, before more people get hurt.
ahahahahahahahhahaahahah i'm actually dying best comment evah xD
Solash (EUW)
: Found a weird bot on Reddit that automatically posts comments about champions on relevant posts
: That champ is designed to be like that. Her early game is weak af. She is very easy punishable.
Imho yes, but he can actually 1 v 5 late game so i think a nerf is indisputable, or just a little change that makes her fair to play against. P.s. a kayle who survived the first phase of a game should get this powerful late game? Imho i like more champs HRHR (high risk high reward) that if they fed early they're unstoppable, but that's just my opinion fam
Ravnir (EUNE)
: Boarders
Toggle ranked border armor on. (click on ur icon then click on ranked border).
dØdo (EUNE)
: Loading screen
You need to select the ranked armor to get the border during loading screen, try to believe. ^_^ P.s. you'll find the ranked border section if u click on ur icon.
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Be3aTboX (EUNE)
: I need 10 RP for skin
Yeah, u dont need really skill to have 10Rp xD. Just email the support.
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