BluueFire (EUNE)
: Accidentally locked in clash
You might have to wait till the tournament starts and it cancels you out since your team didn't lock.
Pοpstar (EUW)
: Clash tournament
I think they have to gift you a ticket, but you don't need it, it just could increase the number of capsules you get when you win/loose
: Blue essence ward skin dissapeared?!?
As with my ward also, I don't believe anything was mentioned about it being a timely ward :/ I've sent a ticket to player support also in case it helps them become aware of the issue and prevent countless spam everywhere.
Ulmus08 (EUW)
: Invasion Team
I'm so down for this. Username: Estayopid P.s Don't judge from the username, I'm competent enough to know how to play and be respectful.
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Fr1kys (EUNE)
: I did it :)
Gr8m8er (EUW)
: Finally I did it
Congratulations!!! Show them who owns the rift!


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