: People giving up too easily
"I could easily reach Dia if I wanted" really dude? That is such a bull shit. If you losing towers and cant win a single team fight and cant get a single dragon or tower and the score it is 5-10 why don't you surrender? You think 5-10 is not much of a gap? Have you looked at the enemy lvl? Have you looked at their items that they got from all the tower gold? Have you looked at their cs? Calcualte the amount of gold and exp loss and tell me again why i should afk base after a failed surrender?
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: Am I the only one who thinks Preaseason 6 ruined this game?
This game i once loved i am starting to hate it. Last game playing Graves for the 2nd time, 1/0/0 in lane, can't recall or lose tower, Top laner dies a 2nd time, think to my self we must do something but i havent recalled a 2nd time yet, its around 10min into the game, seeing enemy top lanner trying to destoy 2nd tower, ( if i recall now we lose 2nd top tower , if i recall i cant get there in time and we lose bot tower, wtf is mid doing?) Mid goes to help, and loses mid tower. I recall to finish my first item and help team, enemy top TPs and destroys BOT tower. 12min into the game everyone is lvl 9-11, goes mid get 3 shotted from enemy Lulu she is lvl 15 o.O? 14min into the game i go def 2nd bot tower see enemy TOP lane he is lvl 16? rest of my team lvl 11 enemy bot lvl 10 wtf?? 16min into the game Enemy top is lvl 17 and is fucking everything up with tower dives (trynda), we manage to stand some how, enemy mid laner lulu lvl 16 cleans up. 20min mark no surrender -.-'' keep playing for 8 more mins without leaving more then half our jungler (not going further than 2nd tower in each lane) and getting a kill or 2 in our nexus towers when they over comint. I hate this pre season i would rather not have a single change at all. It is not fun, it is not strategic, at least last season if you had a feeder on your team you stand a chance, i can't even blame our top laner, he died to a gank and lost tower for it, it later deid again, defending 2nd tower 0/2/0 is not feeding, but still rest of the team could do a thing, it is too early in the game, supports do even have sight stone and there may not be pinks in the map this early, like i said only had 1 recall. We couldn't leave the lane, nor did we have the mobility to respond to a push in the opposite side so early on (lack of tier 2 and some of us tier 1 boots) It all happen before 2nd recall, 10min !!!!!!!
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: yes I agree the vision nerf, and gp per 10 increase w/ weaker towers has made games just about snowballing, usually the better jngler's team wins
> [{quoted}](name=Mage IrisByGGD,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=pnId3ftY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-11-17T20:15:08.125+0000) > > yes I agree the vision nerf, and gp per 10 increase w/ weaker towers has made games just about snowballing, usually the better jngler's team wins If one jungler gets behind he is screwed, he can't gank he is too underlevel going to die, he cant get items while the other jungler that is ahead just ganks ganks ganks goes base ganks some more and win game. All game i played i was either the guy carrying the game or they reason why we lose, not fun to play jungler this pre season
: "Our big focus this year is making each individual game of League feel unique and awesome!"
Only been playing the past 3 or 4 days since i came out of vacation. **Jungle** -What is happening? I am taking so much damage it is not funny. 3 camps you HP is low need to recall, cant buy more pots cause extra pots because only have gold for the 2nd jungler item, if you get counter jungler the next time the camp respawns you going to get hit hard = going back sooner, failed a gank low on HP? can't keep in the jungler you going to die. -Most of my games when i was playing successful in the jungler camps both mid and top lane were lvl 7 and somethings 8 while i was lvl 5, i can't gank that and aspect to not feed them even if it is a 2v1, most of the times you are not full hp. - Too much down time at lvl 5 not wanting to recall but dont have a camp to clear, can't gank and don't even start about counter jungling without wards. Basacly just going whatever lane the next camp is about to spwan so i can just scared them and try to get some exp for lvl 6. -Can't catch up in lvl with mid or top if you team is losing, can't gank with 3 lvl below or we both going to die 2v1 unless they are low hp. (tested this on Diana, Patheon, Reksai, Rengar and Kindra) - On the other hand if you get a good gank at lvl 4-6 you can basically just forget everything i said and enjoy killing everyone for the next 10-15min and win the game. - No middle ground here. **ADC** Played with Quinn -.-'' Dudes wtf? Is she is strong? yeah, is she fun? NO! Only thing i like is her Q applying passive and Crit aking it faster the rest no blind her Ultimate? You could just update her ulti to give her bonus armor and magic resist some tenacity and HP while she is in bird form. Not this joke. ADC look like assassins, I love some of the new items, but making a item that give extra attack range with perfect status at least remove the crit, it is making long range attack champions impossible to fight when the ADC on your team doesnt make it and as mediocre range. **The game is TOO SNOWBALLY** -After you start losing it is very hard to catch up again, the exp gains are out of control, lvl 17 before the 20min mark most of the games i have played there is at least 1 guy almost max lvl before the 20min mark while the enemy team is desperate to farm and catch up at lvls 11-14. -Games are ending too fast. -Tanks are not needed because they can't buy the items they need to stay alive that fast and if they they have the time to build up so do the enemy team Crit guys and Tanks die the same way. -Turrets don't feel like objectives anymore, they die so fast you don't even bother to def them, by the time you move to the time you get there it is destroyed. -Game have no middle ground, you either are laughing as you annihilate the enemy team or you are being overwhelm by an unstoppable force and getting angry that the 2 dreamers on your team don't acknowledge defeat and surrender ( "we will win late game it is only 30-10", there is NO LATE GAME ANYMORE) - I haven't enjoyed a single I win since patch came out. Not funny to beat little handicapped kids or being beaten like one. **If i wanted to play a fast and snowbally game i would be playing Heroes of the Storm**
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: Quinn Q and Renekton W
I hope we can get a riot reply, my poor Quinn hasn't been able to get over what happen to her, she told me that "we should go top it will be find, i can blind the Croc when he comes to stun me it will be an easy lane". Oh poor Quinn how foolish of her.
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