DorQuendi (EUNE)
: Chroma filters for owned skins
They should allow people to buy chromas for skins that we currently don't own. This shit is just feels greedy
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: Is Senna pick ban?
From having played her myself and played against her, i'd say she's really insane, prob one of the best bully supports atm.. I don't understand people saying she is bad. If anything they are playing vs bad players, who doesn't know how to position and play with their team. I think she will be nerfed slightly in the foreseeable future.
: 10 years for what?
tbh, i don't know what you are talking about, but whatever man. It's a free to play game and a awesome one! Do you really need to go out of your way to roast them like this? This makes no sense to me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And yes, the client could be faster, but every game has bugs, it's not that easy making a game without bugs. Many regards me.
: at least like that, an option to automatically vote "no" in any surrender vote (in remake vote automatically vote "yes"), removing its window from screen forever
: Tried to make Aphelios look more like his splash art, thoughts?
Didn't really think about his look when i first saw his ingame model, but you are right, he doesn't look anything like the splash art. The splash art is really good.
: Why all new champions ( And most reworks ) in 2019 were complicated and unique?
Maybe they are getting more comfortable making new mechanics to the game. Maybe they actually listen to their community, whom actually want more complicated heroes and new mechanics to the game. It really helps the game feel 'new' and fresh. I believe all the new heroes are really cool, and i personally love that they make more special heroes. Not saying you don't like it, but i find it really odd that you think it might have something to do with tencent ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If anything i think Riot is beginning to step things up, probably having Tencent interfere less than ever before. (atleast that's how i see it) Many regards me.
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ChibiAngel (EUNE)
: Elder dragon soul is totally balanced
yea this must be bugged, should only execute people under 20% health i believe. lets be real, bugs can happen, so that's that. Having said that then it's still waaaay too strong and really frustrating to play against.
XeptionaL (EUW)
: Elemental Drake color tint
Riot should give players a option to lower the opacity of the effects! :)
Raiiking (EUW)
: Eye hurt and headache while playing on the infernal map
Give players a option to lower the opacity of the map effects.
: This god awful split push Meta
I agree with the elder statement atleast, the lethality can be countered by having tanks on the team.
: Is the support item change a nerf or a buff? - Analysis -
I really like that we are able to buy other items sooner, so i still want to say that the idea behind the new support items are really good. Please don't change that back Riot. Having said that, then the biggest problem i have right now with the support items, is the god damn debuff. About 80% less gold from minion kills. I would understand if the debuff was there if you were close to an ally, that could take the farm, but that's not the case. If you are the only one left that can defend a tower, then too bad, you will get shit gold from last hitting the minions. That's just bad design. Riot even have the design in the targons already.. If you are close to an enemy minion when you last hit it your ally will get shared gold, why havn't they thought about that with the debuff??? I hope the new support items stay, but that they will be buffed in some way or form, i don't mind it being a small nerf tbf, but this debuff, and the gold income is just straight up frustrating!.
: supp items
They should change the debuff to only be on when a teammate is nearby, but when you are alone you should be able to get the full gold amount.
Ch0pCh0p (EUW)
: Option to turn off Dragon screen effects
I don't know about turning them off completely, although why not, but wouldn't it work with lower opacity as a start? Just give people an option to controll the opacity :)
sTeN8 (EUW)
: Twisted Treeline
This is just too damn sad.. 3vs3 will be missed indeed. It just doesn't make any sense to me to remove it, just like it didn't make sense to remove the 1vs1-2vs2 and dominion maps aswell. You lost players when dominion got shut down and you will lose players this time aswell, might not be many, but they are out there. Literally just talked with a friend yesterday that havn't played lol since dominion, he wanted to play some 3vs3, and 'POP' It's gone. Now i will prob never play lol with him again, nice. Riot is gimping their own community, gj.
Zanador (EUNE)
: I don't know about EUW, but on EUNE TT collapsed years ago. Even bronze vs challenger matches happened, because there were no one else in the queue at the time. So i'm not even sure if Riot is going to lose players because of it. I mean, there are probably some, but i don't remember ever hearing about anyone in the past few years who only played TT and no other modes. Still, the revealing of the new games in development cast this decision into a new light: Riot probably wants to put more resources into the new games and compared to the potential of those, TT only showed stagnation and decline. Personally i still think that Riot were never really ready to make the necessary steps to make TT work in the first place, since champions that were designed for 5v5 would need more than some minor item changes to be balanced in 3v3, but that's another story. In the end, if Riot channels the resources they save by shutting down TT into their new games, then they will almost certainly gain more new players than they could lose over TT.
They wouldn't have to use any resources on TT, just stop supporting it, leave it alone, don't update it or make any specific balance changes for it. People who wanted to play it, let them play it? They want more people to play their main modes or other games in the future i guess, but that's what they want. I have a couple of friends that left lol a long time ago, when dominion was removed, one of them have recently come back to lol playing a few TFT games, but i shit you not, he litteraly said he would be willing to play some 3vs3's with me and my brother, and the very next day he tells me that he could'nt find the 3vs3 map. 'POP' It was gone. So we both closed lol and went into overwatch instead. I mean i will play lol still, but i will never play it with him again, and that's just sad. I'm losing more and more friends from lol.
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