Shaydrox (EUW)
: Wait Riven is popular atm? I haven't seen one in three Dark Ages.
Perhaps your elo is to high? Down here at silver, and in normal (which should also be about silver MMR for me) she is still played a ton....sadly.
: Who else deliberately plays unpopular champions?
I usually just like makeing the underdog work. Although in Ranked i stick with more popular choices to avoid flame wherever possible. That being said, i do love playing {{champion:92}} So i am that kind of guy that hopes that she gets nerfed to the point where other people stop playing her and i can get back to "making the underdog work" :D
: Why I think league is getting harder and harder to stick playing
In theory that's nice and all, but just like in any other game it's basically impossible. If you want to have a big champion pool to choose from there will always be some that underperform. It is impossible to perfectly balance them. DotA also has champs that ar barely every played, some Cards in Hearthstone only make it into troll decks because they are just not good (R.I.P. Magma Rager <3 ). I do think Riot is trying to encourage us to play different champs, seeing as many of the popular picks in the competetive scene have been nerfed lately. ({{champion:268}} , {{champion:236}} , {{champion:245}} and now {{champion:105}} with 6.12). And only being able to get 1 chest per champ etc.
: In low ratings matches are usually decided in champ select.
The amount of throws that occur in a low elo match beg to differ
: 3 options the first is to do what i am doing which is take a break form league for a couple of weeks play a diffrent game (playing Knights of the old republic 2, Diablo and Overwatch atm). The second is get to promos then take a break for a few days then come back and do promos when you are refreshed and more focused (gaming Does take it out of you) and the Third is to get someone to boost you (some of my firends list have gone form bronze to plat in a few months :/)
: Basically anything tanky. My favourites are {{champion:86}} sit passive and farm up, if it goes well buy {{item:3068}} into {{item:3512}} , if you get rekt rush {{item:3512}} so you can hold your turret {{champion:31}} sit passive and farm up, watch your opponent lose his mind over your sustain, rush {{item:3512}} for maximum pushing power combined with e (max e first) {{champion:111}} always try to push waves into enemy turret with w e and base when you spammed out your mana. if bad matchup, sit under turret and farm up. itemwise see garen. You can of course decide you have no dignity whatsoever and pull out the cancer {{champion:74}} {{item:3060}} {{item:3512}} , but be aware that you will burn in hell for all eternity if you do that
I'm surprised the more traditional Splitpush champs like {{champion:24}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:64}} etc. haven't been mentioned so far. Although {{champion:86}} could work, i mean it's {{champion:86}}! He can do anything! As for {{champion:74}}...i hate that char, but i guess he would be pretty good, wouldnt he? Try to fight him 1 v 1 and you get rekt by his turrets.
: Works even better in midlane imo. you build him basically full tank (except for a {{item:3078}} later after 2-3 tank items), max W first. And while you fight 2 or 3 vs 1 for a Long time, your Team should be able to get something in return. Which is what splitpush is all about. Forcing enemies to stop you or your Team. Was Morde mid against Aurelion Sol.
: -get an AP toplaner as enemy -Play {{champion:82}} -rush {{item:3060}} -buy {{item:3512}} -push all day
That sounds kind of insane, but pretty intriguing though, i will admit. Does that actually work? Doesnt {{champion:82}} lack mobility and escapes to splitpush?
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: WTF happened to paysafecards?
Normally i'd say credit cards are better anyways, but Paysafecards are much safer.(And i understand that they are easier to obtain than a credit card, especially for people younger than 18) Riot had security issues before...remember when everybody had to change their passwords before being able to log in again? Yeah....
MujinTengu (EUNE)
: A new fresh Passive to be replaced with Sion's current Passive
I prefer it to his current passive, because having to die to make use of it is just....a weird design choice. But the numbers would probably have to be tweaked a bit.
: My suggestion for League of Legends profile banner!
Love it! Would be great to have that. Come on, riot - Please!
: Hextech Nami skin concept
outwaits (EUW)
: sometimes i feel sad when i realize the world is populated with people just like you ;/ U must have hard time even understanding a joke........
The ":>" at the end was supposed to indicate that i wasnt being very serious.
outwaits (EUW)
: Low elo ranked games are like ARAM
So this is basically a high elo player complaining about low elo players being worse? :>
: {{champion:92}} - Still one hell of a snowballer if you can play her well, but be warned that tanks that build {{item:3025}} {{item:3068}} (an OP combo right now) are very common and you'll struggle to handle their early Armor and surprising damage. She..COULD jungle...I guess? There's way better options though, and Riven has no sustain of her own to handle the jungle camps. {{champion:114}} - Was hyper busted after her rework, after successive nerfs I'd say she's fairly balanced now. You can 1v1 and duel amazingly, and she's a premier splitpusher, but failing to use her W effectively or getting caught is the death of you. {{champion:254}} - Isn't broken with any of the OP items, but does well with them nonetheless. She's not the champion's occupying the OP spotlight, but she gets the job done. Play her by all means, she's still effective. {{champion:120}} - Struggles right now. He can't fight the OP picks in the top lane, and he's outpaced in the jungle. Doesn't do great with the OP items right now so his builds are somewhat less effective. He can still bully certain opponents in lane and he's still scary with Teleport, but I'd have him as a counterpick more than anything.
That's a pretty great rundown - Thanks Goat! {{champion:92}} seems interesting. If what you say is correct she is still pretty strong but barely anybody bothers to play her. And apparently people dont really consider her super OP anymore. Pretty much what i was hoping for - I guess i'll try her in a few games and probably up the ArmorPen in my Runes etc.. Hopefully that'll work!
: She is just not beeing played .... jungle or top... Two days ago I watched one stream on twich and someone played her diamond elo, and it worked allright, her clear speed is decent but not the best and she is best at ganking when she has her ult and with full CDR build, even {{item:3158}} boots, dont know what runes that guy used, but he was talking alot about 40% CDR on Riven all the time. Dont remember which smite did he buy, but the build contained {{item:3071}} , {{item:3074}} , {{item:3053}} , {{item:3158}} . Deppending on elo you are at, it can work but its just not the best pick. Also you are in the best spot when you have flash , so you can flash combo and thats basicly it.. I suggest trying her out, and if you are good with her it will work :)
I didnt play at all last season and the one before i just barely finished Placement matches in Silver something. So as of now i am probably Bronze material.... :D Good thing is though, down there pretty much anything can work, i'm gonna give her a bash and see how it goes. Thanks a lot!
Ulriah (EUW)
: From what I've heard Riven has fallen out of the meta since the pre-season due to Armour Pen nerfs (brutalizer split in 2, Last Whisper applies to bonus armour only) and tanks in general being too tanky. I still play Hecarim which is quite alright. It's annoying that they removed his passive that allowed him to avoid unit collision, but I'd say he received a pretty nice buff recently with his other passive. He's still a hit-or-miss champion, and he struggles early with mana, but overall he is still the same old Hecarim. I prefer playing him in Top lane though since he doesn't have a jungle item that suits him very well. Warrior enchantment is decent but doesn't give him enough damage, Cinderhulk is nice but it takes a while to get going, if your lanes are struggling then you're basically screwed.
Thanks Ulriah! I noticed the absence of Brutalizer, but i figured maybe its a TT specific thing. So i guess if i still were to try Riven i should get some additional Armorpen. into my Runes, right? {{champion:120}} top though, that seems like it would also be worth a shot. Especially in that tanky meta.
: None of them are in really great state right now... Exept myb Fiora, but since we are in tank meta, everything that is tanky on top and in the jungle and has a lot of crowd control will win the game. I havent seen Riven in any lane for a very long time, pro players are saying that she is really weak right now and almost noone plays her. Fiora has been played on top but only in certain matchups, and requires a lot of skill to use her abbilities to full potential, also she is squishy so if you get matched against fat tank that can delete you with full combo you are pritty much donzo. I see some Fiora-s go for split pushing strategy more than team fighting. Vi and Hecarim are allright, I would say Tier 2 junglers, Heca better than Vi in my oppinion and myb the most vailable pick from those 4 you mentioned since he has AOE croud controll. Basicly there are some champions that will provide you almost a free win ( at least in your lane ) if you pick them, and if you dont pick them enemy team will :D Like {{champion:57}} , {{champion:111}} , {{champion:48}} , tank {{champion:245}} etc etc on TOP LANE. That is my expirience at least.... tank rulez {{item:3070}}
Thanks for the in-depth Response and suggestions aDreeAnna! It's probably a long shot since noone plays her right now, but do you happen to know how Jungle {{champion:92}} is doing these days?
: Riven still the same, if she goes behind she sucks, if ahead she snowballs like hell. Worse now because more tanks played top=harder to snowball Vi hasn't been buffed/nerfed to hard in a while, still effective in all the ways she used to be Heca same as above Fiora was broken as hell but was nerfed pretty hard and now no one plays her. More of a snowball champ now but not considered great anymore
Hey Miauwt, thanks for the response. Do you also happen to know how Riven is doing in Jungle nowadays?
Arsene (EUNE)
: Riven is basically in the shadows, she is still what she is, but not as strong of a pick as the champs in the juggernaut update(darius, garen, mordekaiser) Fiora's playstyle is completely opposite of what it used to be, she used to dominate teamfights with her ult, now she is the best lane bully in the game (she has a LOT of true damage) And hecarim is still a horse
I see. Do you happen to know why she is "in the shadows" right now, if she is still strong? Is it the tank meta?
: Current State of Riven, Vi, Fiora and Hecarim
Thanks for the answers thus far. I am actually quite happy with the Response as none of them seem to be super OP and i kinda like playing champs that are more rarely used. And i am glad to see {{champion:245}} is actually strong. Because playing against him he felt OP as sh*t and i was worried the problem was that i got so much worse over time. (Although i am still pretty rusty, lol)
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