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: Need Advice on something I noticed when playing with friends(its not about them playing bad!)
People generally work in groups, each group having their own dynamics etc. Some people will enjoy group dynamics others find bothering. Usually one leaves groups they don't enjoy to stick with ones they do. You can always try mentioning it to them though. Whenever there are problems in any group one should be able to share what's bothering them and ask others to attempt and be more considerate of those things. This will not always succeed, but it's certainly worth trying if you feel like leaving a group (even if just in certain areas like LoL) is undesirable. So just mention to them what's bothering you (preferably outside of league, but still not as too random a topic.. you'll find a nice time) and take the conversation from there, see what develops.
: Ive never had so little interest in playing league since season 3.
I've found myself in a similar position of liking LoL less and less recently. And often plagues me the question as to why... I have not yet found a satisfying answer, but it is a mix between LoL changing and my own interest shifting. No single hobby can be expected to keep a person forever, and those who do find forever joy in the same hobby should count themselves lucky. For me personally I think LoL is becoming less appealing because it keeps striving for change where I don't think it's needed. There always is a new champion or rework around the corner. A new skinline every other patch. It feels weird to complain about new content, but I would be happier just getting to play the game and just have the occasional balance change. I guess it is not supported that I cannot enjoy the style new champions take on. There was a time where I considered Riot to really have stepped up designs and bring out things I'd call amazing designs: Taliyah, Jhin, ASol are the ones always stuck in my mind for that. But I really can't get the same feeling of more recent designs. And then we had the long time of ADCs being... memeworthy? Especially after that I realized how much I had missed the ADC overlords of 'how they used to be'. Maybe I'm just seeing the past iterations of the game with the lovely pink glasses of nostalgia and a time where I was into what it offered (be it me or the game that changed since than.)
: Please Add a new interaction for Sona's ult & passive
I found myself always enjoying the micro management of her passive. Her ult not changing the effect it has while still adding a stack actually has big implications for getting the Power Chord you want. Sona's 3 basic abilities are made to act in very similar patterns, and her ult works outside of that. So I think it's just perfect that her passive doesn't interact much with her ult. If any changes should be made for consistency with that, ult should not give a passive stat... but that change is eeew as, as mentioned above, it's a nice fun micro management thing. ^^
: How come people who spend 10 years grinding gets super toxic?
I've tried to see some patterns in toxicity relating to rank, I'm not sure of Riot has ever shown any statistics based on that. But my opinion so far is that it's completely unrelated to rank or time spent. While there is a correlation between higher ranks and more time spent, it's not a given. There are long term players on low ranks and newer players on high ranks, and both groups have some that are toxic and some that are not. I also believe that often toxicity doesn't necessarily care about consequences. So many people displaying that behaviour may just be aware of the rules, yet ignore or otherwise consider them to not be important enough to ignore them. I can't really make a good guess as to why that's a thing though... but it is a weird part of how humans work and I was able to see similar things in other rl situations. (Even strong consequences one knows about not being enough of a reason to act or not act a certain way.)
: Quit
I think there is a very fair space for short term pleasure. And I'd hope most people are aware of where they want to spend that time and what fun-value they gain from which hobbies. That said, it's always good to be reminded to check whether that's the case for things one's doing from time to time. However, thinking of approaching death makes me wanna play league more than I would otherwise and just hang out with all the nice peeps I met in it. :o
: I appreciate the detailed answer, I think I now get the whole gist of it. And about the final sentence, I will most likely never touch ranked. It's because I like playing league as a casual past time activity, not something that I'd actually put time in trying to get better at. Also most of my friends who play league have quit shortly after becoming "ranked only" players, because they lost the passion towards the game and I fear that would happen to me too.
I generally agree that Ranked is (generally) more balanced and holds a more pleasurable experience for playing competitively. However, I myself have stuck to normals for the longest time now. There is no need for every game to be perfectly balanced when we can just have fun. Ranked can stay reserved for when one wants to play to their best ability (which can be fun in it's own right), and my best experiences came from when I choose a queue based on what experience I wanted. So if ya wanna relax in normals, always go for that! ;)
: Honestly, I'd kinda prefer it if they Just removed that wheel and only showed you the ones you own. Make it easier with champs like Lux, or Ahri, who have a large amount of skins so you can easily get to the one you want.
It would deny the option to buy skins in champ select... but that doesn't seem to be the most useful and necessary option to have to be honest. xD
Salron88 (EUW)
: why is there an option to ban no champion at all?
Because fluff you for not allowing me to practice against my enemy's best. And fluff you Riot for the 2 weeks of hell you made me go through while it was removed! \*curls up under blanket totally not crying* (I honestly just don't care enough about what I play against. And if I had to ban something it would be Aatrox simply for him being first. Let alone not knowing what your teammates might want to get up to and coincidentally denying that.) Edit: others just call me a troll, and if I'm honest I'm quite happy that I can keep doing some jabs on keeping that titel without any significant ingame consequences. x3
Nadatari (EUNE)
: I used to care about Lore. It was fun reading Lore in the game but the moment they removed that I kinda stopped reading it. Had desire to learn everything about LoL and its Lore back in season 7 but when I realized they will rework possible everything (including some bios and "update" Lore ) I gave up XD What is the point of learning Bio of Champion and its connection tot he world if it is going to end up something else (reworked, "updated" etc ) in the next patch?
Yeah, for older players it definitely was made less appealing with the Lore struggles and reworks we went though. :c
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: I don't need to worry about skins, as the client automatically picks Surprise Party for me.
True, some champions really make any such problem obsolete. xD
Cypherous (EUW)
: Depends on if you're a lux main or not, she gets skins every patch :P
Let's not talk about that... I'm still below 1m points so does that count as not a main? Q-Q It's funny how while others criticize her seeming very much in Riots favour, I dislike any such idea just as much as she gets all the things I don't want/need her to get. <-< But I may just be able to overcome it, now that I got assurance of people that have made it. <3
: i am stuck in a game
Nuuuuu. :c I'm actually not sure how quick support is generally to respond, but I remember it not being surprising to take longer amounts of time, as most things they handle aren't necessarily in the immediate. Sadly I can't advice anything beyond what you already did. I imagine a problem like that should sort itself out with time (or 'over night'), but that's still a bummer to be locked out for the time being. So my incapability at tech stuffs just leaves me able to give you a hug and a cookie, hoping to aid in passing the time well. :( \*hugs* {{item:2010}}
: So can somebody explain this matchmaking?
Hmmm... there are many things that factor into matchmaking that make it hard to really say what may be the case. The easiest 'excuse' to look to is premades, and how drastically they can alter MMR by queuing with each other. Which without further information is what I'd pin this game to. (I actually have many experiences where I wanted to play with friends only for them to get utterly destroyed from the MMR I dragged them into. Q-Q) There are some other things like that the longer a queue goes on for, the more loose MMR gets, attempting to create a game sooner rather than a better balanced one. (And that MMR puts you somewhere in the beginning, which often is a problem in the ranked starting divisions as some people are clearly better than where everyone starts out, while others are worse.)
: he wins most lanes and then gets outscaled he functions as a low pressure tank and a lane bully prior to his rework when he ad 42% win rate he had like 66% lane win rate on the majority of his top lane matchups and yet 30-45% win rate in those games with the current itteration of his w it's only really good as a burst prevention if you are next to an ally that gets focused by a veigar you can save them but if there is an azir or jinx wailing on your team devouring an ally does literally nothing
I imagined something like that. I can see it be just like the time people joked about Zac. "Yeah, he's tanky and ganks well but in team fights you just ignore him because 5v4 is easier to win."
: How is tahm kench not permabanned?
Well, let me tell you the tale of how winning lane doesn't always win you the game. There are champions that are considered incredibly powerful in lane, Pantheon and Renekton come to my mind right away. But they very commonly struggle in later stages of the game. So much even that often just going even or falling slightly behind (not losing) in lane is considered enough to have 'beaten' them as you become vastly more useful in later stages. I'm not too familiar with Tahm, but I strongly imagine him being a sitting fish in teamfights, unable to really reach anyone while getting battered be the enemy DPS. Or simply being ignored as the enemy team starts killing of his mates due to lackluster damage and CC. His W protecting allies throws a bit of a different tool in the mix there, but I imagine it can be played around sufficiently by a coordinated team. ^^
: Best midlaners for solo-q
I want to strongly recommend picking a main for enjoyment over their considered strength. This mostly is due to 3 Aspects: 1) Any champ will have stronger and weaker times. Some may stay on a similar spot on the power line for years (usually not on either extreme though) but others will go up and down every other patch (or even every patch in some rare cases). So maining a champ that is good right now may just end up very displeasing when they suddenly drop to a weak spot, making all of the time invested learning them 'wasted' if you are just looking for strong picks. 2) Much, much, much of skill in League of Legends is not champion related. I generally recommend playing what makes you happy (as a game is supposed to be enjoyed) and just focus on getting better at the overall game in order to improve and climb. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of additional power one can get when mastering certain champions. But I consider most of the additional boost being tied to having to think less about how a champion specifically works (as once you mastered them that's in muscle memory), but instead get to focus on other gameplay aspects that often are not given as much attention to. And it doesn't matter how good your champ is for most of that. 3) Time investment! A player that mastered their champion will always have an edge over players who haven't. Champion strenght only starts mattering once two people of roughly similar mastery (and overall skill) face off against each other. And as to 1), it's really hard to predict where any champion you choose to main may end up down the line. So when I say 'master' I mean spend games and games on one champion. I'm not talking about 'reaching mastery level 7', but more so alluding to people who gained 500k or even 1m mastery points on one champion over hundreds and thousands of games. Those players will display potential of those champions you would never expect, often making overall weak champs very competitive. What I mean to say is that if you enjoy a champion enough to spend this much time and mastery on them, you will always get a better deal in both enjoyment and skill from them. ^^ TL:DR: Main who you enjoy playing because strength always shifts but you will always be able to do well with champions you spent a lot of time learning how to play well.
Cypherous (EUW)
: I solved that issue by just not buying skins anymore, the gaps grow over time and become less of an issue :P
I mean, that very much sounds like the best option but... It doesn't lessen the problem till one gets there. Q-Q
JohanHD (EUW)
: Permanent chat ban due to toxic behaviour instead of complete ban.
I think much of a misalignment that happens with such thoughts is that some people consider grieving to be 'worse' then flaming. I certainly can see why some people would think that way. However, it seems as a big part of the community (a majority riot tries to fit their systems to) considers them to be about equally bad and destructive to the game. Therefore both would be deserving of the same punishments. Now the idea with chat bans would be that they completely eliminate whatever displeasures flaming could cause. This was the idea with initial chat bans, back when they first got implemented people would get 'X games', far more flexible than they are nowadays. Some people would get up to 1,000 or more games, which basically equaled a permanent one. Having the system work that way for a while, Riot seemed to notice that 'players chat restricted for long periods will continue to misbehave in other ways'. (Paraphrased, but their official stance on it was basically that.) I obviously can't speak for or against that, but I believe Riot to have the appropriate data to make such decisions and statements. Most systems will generally lead to some amounts of false positives to be caught in them, but from what I followed: Riot tried multiple times and in many ways to assists those cases, even attempting things like unbanning some accounts in controlled environments, but results always seem to have gone against such options. :(
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TJ04 (EUW)
: Lores ?
I find myself really liking characters, which is something adjacent I suppose? Everything is working together to create some form of personality to a character. Animation, voicelines, colours and design, and obviously their lore. And to me that is what I enjoy a champion most for. So frequently even if I haven't read or don't enjoy their lore, personality makes me like them, while on the other hand I have many champions I dislike playing purely because of what feels to me like their personality. I would like to read lore for that reason, but often find myself drawn to other works when wanting to spend time on reading something. (But I read way less than I'd like to and imagine that I might just get to League Lore if I spent more time reading. ^^)
BitsNeck (EUNE)
: It's ... strange to answer it but ok ... I think of my future to going in pro carrier but I wanna to be like ... known by many people like Bengi , Faker etc. And i'm currently maining top and I don't think I will be that famous is that the word or known by many people with top so I see that there are a lot of known junglers like : peanut , bengi , and the mvp of the worlds 2018 ( he is jg main , I frogot his name ) So I think should i change the lane from top to jungle . I think with jungle I will be more famous or i'm wrong ? That's why i'm asking
As someone who barely follows proplay: Dyrus, Kahn, Huni come to mind for quite well know toplaners (at least for certain periods) And then there was a time where casters (not some if for EU or NA LCS) went: "I don't know who's the best toplane player, but I couldn't think of any bad one." Which I'd say is a compliment to the role as a whole.
Carrimi (EUW)
: Why is Teemo a rat and not a snake? Why is Cassiopeia a reptile at all?
While I do enjoy myself some fictional stereotypes, isn't fiction's appeal that they always end up broken?
BitsNeck (EUNE)
: What lane is getting more credit
In terms of credit, all roles are very even. You do good, you'll get recognized. The doing that good is the harder part. <.<
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: League of Legends turrets are made out of paper and that should not be the case
Isn't it more the powerlevel of champions that melts turrets away, rather than their structure? You can't have basically Godlike beings and then expect them to struggle when they gang up on some building. :c
: Well i gotta put her on my perma ban list, i play support, so I'm at the mercy of my top laner if the enemy picks her, any weaknesses our counterplay anyone could give advice on? like how to peel her etc, I'm assuming her dash has a cooldown in terms of how many times she can jump to the same target
Her dash only resets when: 1) the target dies to it 2) the target is marked by either her E or Ult. I found that once her E is dodged she's a lot less flexible in terms of dashing. But just keeping track of those in general is a good thing to do, for you know how often she'll be able to dash. (Or that once she didn't meet either of those requirements, it will be on CD.) A tried and true method of dealing with similar champ is to just kill them once they jump in. They may try to build tanky, but they generally don't get to a really tanky state. CCing her once she jumps in gives enough time for an ADC or DPS Mage to kill her, if your team reacts well to switching focus.
KuroiSi (EUW)
: AA and atack move click
No Auto attack, I don't like having to command my champ to do nothing and instead prefer the line where they only do stuff when I do it. Depending on the situation I use Shift+Click. It's a useful tool to maximize auto attack when fighting in areas that lose vision. Sometimes it's also just for comfort like when clearing bigger waves as AA based champ.
: Why are tanks allowed to deal so much damage?
The usual way to beat them is to not let them get to you. They can't do anything when you stay at range. This weakness only gets exaggerated lategame where in fights there is easily enough damage to deny tanky-ness, let alone more CC to control their movement. So bide your time, enjoy some free CS, and watch them be useless later.
: OneTrick
Any champ you enjoy enough to. Onetricking isn't something you decide on, it happens because you just enjoy a champ enough to play them 24/7.
Atlas (EUNE)
: I don't want to ever play with or against Neeko
Uhhmm... good you came to a conclusion that feels right for you. :3
Shamose (EUW)
: Where do you get a second person though?
You can meet them anywhere really. As someone who's been avoiding people for years, I can tell you, people are everywhere. :c Else there always is a plush or imagination. I personally use imagination. x3
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: I would argue that she’s got more iconic abilities... but her E is what is really enabling her kit to work especially mid lane... so changing it a big deal prob would require a rework to make her kit function still.
It seems hard to really change anything about Anivia without making her feel and play different. <.< Then again, I don't think she needs it.
: I know I know, toxicness do you find in all Elo`s but!
The thing about mistakes is they are damn hard to notice yourself. It's easy to just see someone make a mistake, but you do tons you have no idea of. Also obligatory yadayada about it mostly being a loud minority, so many people just stay silent and aren't noticed. ;)
Force6 (EUW)
: Anivia's adjustment
I'm not that familiar with Anivia, but doesn't she only grow stronger lategame with simply her ult + Wall? .-. And the little thing I do know is that her E is about as signature as a spell can get... change it you might aswell rework the champ as a whole. :c
: Irelia Vs Yassou!!!!
In their current states and not consider reliability of getting them... I'm leaning towards Irelia. While I think it's not actually a fault of the champ, but Yasuo's never go tanky and thus will always stay vulnerable to CC, which Irelia isn't. While she may provide less damage she still has enough to kill people.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What makes you feel confident in your games? :)
That I'm aware of how unnecessary aggressive plays are and I just don't do them. :3 Confidence comes with knowing a given play will work out, if you don't expect it to the best line is to not go for it. :x Else... practice. That's what just playing for fun is for, test your borders, figure out where you can go in and when it's too much, and after a few successes (and tons of failing) you'll start to know what you can go for. ^-^
Atlas (EUNE)
: "Are you mad?!?!?! LOL?!?"
Dunz be mad. :c Haz cat!
: Question about boosting?
It seems there was little I missed of boards. <.< Wouldn't it be a lot more fun to find people who you can spin tales about their epic climb? .-.
: Skill or Luck?
For a singular game? both. For any reasonable measure of games -> skill.
Demigod1423 (EUNE)
: ADC self peeling
It might be me just sticking to Cait and Ez, but I never had any problems with staying alive on my own. .-.
: how large should a champion pool be (Low elo)
I've been rolling fine with 2 for years, now more than ever you just need a main role and an off-role pick, maybe 2 main role ones if yours is frequently contested. But the rule of thumb is: however many you enjoy playing and feel like you can perform well on. ;)
CliffiToF (EUW)
: silver is the worse trash elo
I like to imagine that silvers just punish mistakes to make them seem worse... so that would still make them better. (Let's not go to the "Silvers are bronzes that won a lot" argument for now.)
Oberon98 (EUW)
: Default Finger Placement
Shift, Q, W, E, Space Pinkie unused sounds a bit silly. <.<
: Mid Lane Probably the worst lane right now
Yeah, shame there are no midlaners like Irelia that can solo carry. Or burst mages that create 5v4s Or assassins that eliminate high prio targets for easy wins. Or Control mages that can sorta never lose due to amazing waveclear. Or things that Rival ADC damage. I think I'm forgetting a few things here. :c
: When Morgana hits you with a Binding.
Don't talk bad about cookies! ._.=
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Last champion you played is an assassin trying to kill you
{{champion:51}} \*pulls curtains shut* I think I'm safe now. :3
: Could still be destroyed by any passing by champion or monsters that happen to be in an edgy mood (and there is a bunch of them.)
It's not 100% safe, but I think it's a good bet. We can't forget that ultimately Runetera is ruled by stories being told, and the most meta way to hide in such is to be an unimportant person in an unimportant place. ^-^
: how to survive in runeterra?
Find peaceful village or city you get accepted in. Don't leave your peaceful village or city. ^-^
: Thank you for sharing of positive energy! \\\\٩( 'ω' )و //// Tho personally. I don’t like hugs to everyone... I only hug the special person. xd I will offer a friendly handshake instead! ^^
I hug all lovely people. \o/
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