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DeathMaf (EUNE)
: Now 20 champions needed for Ranked instead of 16.
please tell me this is a smurf account because (and sorry if that sounds harsh, but) there's no way a new player can do well in this game just that short into it. Focus on learn all the small things first, like use a ward, watch the minimap, know how and what to ping, get a small core champ pool you know you can do well with, learn what all or at least most of the champs even do etc. there's lots of things to learn first and jumping right into ranked at lv30 can be a very bad experience. a friend of mine who started around a year ago did the same, was placed in B1 after his placement matches but shortly after dropped all the way to B5 0LP. and everytime i try to help him, he just blocks me out and doesnt want to hear any of it (keep in mind, i'm talking about an irl friend here). now, i'm not saying you will end up the same way like him, but please take this as a cautious warning, that jumping right into ranked at lv30 will likely have a very bad impact on you.
Sceizer (EUW)
: Your playing trynda you're not getting honerable opponent anyway lol but yea they need to fix that
you're not really seeing much teamwork either, spending all your time splitpushing..
InSicK (EUW)
: Club Looking for 3 Silver/Gold Players on Top, Mid, ADC and/or Support
I'll add you ingame now but I won't be online over the next 2 days at least due to irl stuff. If you can wait 'til Thursday/Friday with tryouts, that'd be neat. Else, hf and gl on your way to higher elo with whoever you gather for your team =)
Jonamusu2 (EUNE)
: Whistler Village Twitch?!
Chinese Splash mashup. Thank Tencent for that one..
Rioter Comments
: KOREAN LUCIAN: What do you think about that?
Korean Lucian is more meant to be a tank shredder, rather than a classic adc. Cleaver + Passive let you cut through them better, than the "standard" adc build around Essence Reaver and Zeal item. On the other hand, without going for Reaver, you run OoM pretty quickly, as slinging all that spells not only shreds tanks but also your mana bar. So imo both builds are legit and depending on the enemy team, you chose your build path depending on how many tanks your opponent runs. ps. there are planned nerfs for Lucian in fir the next PBE cycle (6.11), currently looking at his Q pass-through range and his W range. He's meant to be a spell slinging adc, but he shall trade this ability by having to be closer to the enemy to actually get his job done. My opinion on that? We're about to get a new Graves..
: does support pay off for a solo player?
As a Solo Player and by-now Support Main, I can tell you that it's certainly possible. You just need to know if your ADC is a potent carry or a waste of time. In the ladder case, let him farm under tower while you help the rest of your team with pressure elsewhere. Always remember, that Support =/= ADC-slave, you're not forced to be next to him all game long. In terms of champions, no one can really help you, but it's highly recommended to cut it down to a very core so you don't have to swap mindsets too often. For me, I currently stick with {{champion:44}} {{champion:201}} if we desperately need a tank, {{champion:43}} {{champion:143}} for heavy herass and being able to add magic damage if your team goes too much AD, or simply {{champion:412}} because no matter what people say, he is the best Support in the entire game and probably will be as long as this game lasts. There are so many great champions and all deserve to be played and offer great uses, but these are my go to picks.
: stolen penta
Syrreth (EUW)
: LF MIDLANE MAIN (YOU NEED TO MAIN MID) who wants a serious team
How regularly do you play so you call yourself "dedicated"? I have played pretty much every role to decent success in past seasons and still have a good grasp on how to play mid. I never happened to be a main mid so far though, as I haven't got that position all too often in the past. Simply for queue time's sake, I play fill ever since I played ranked and when DQ was introduced I kept playing Fill because hate to wait 5+ minutes just to get a specific role. Champ pool? My best mid picks are: {{champion:245}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:61}} What I'm a bit rusty on but still know how to play: {{champion:115}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:105}} and many more. And that's not even all champs I can play. Generally speaking, I prefer poke/control mages and rarely play assassins. I feel teamfighting champs work way better for me than trying to go full hero mode, but that doesn't mean I can't be a Zed one-trick. Just tell me how your gaming schedule looks like before you add me so we can see if this can work. Also, don't expect me to jump into ranked blindly with you guys. If you're as dedicated as you tell, you should check our compatibility in Normals first, but one step after the other, so question time. Just a few things about me: I'm currently in S3, in promo for S2. As already said, I prefer a control oriented playstyle, with less aggression but more objective taking. My biggest assests are my huge map awareness and macro play. During this season, due to playing fill, I mostly spend my time as Support or Top, which both fit that playstyle very well and even share some champs with Mid. I tend to lead my teams but I will place myself below whoever is best at decision making (aka. showing respect and trust). Last season, I peaked in S2, ended in S4 due to a horrible losing streak at the end of season 5. Oh, and the most important part: I'm 27, and I'm looking for a mature (20+) team. In case you're a bunch of 16-year-olds, I probably just wasted the past 5 minutes of your lifetime as I have no intention to join you then. Cya on the rift.
: why does people insult the sup ?
Trying to tilt you by using mindgames. If people talk sh*t, just mute them.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Ranked system in lower leagues is easy to abuse.
: LP gain/loss per match in relation to MMR
Not having any real insight as Riot likes to make a secrer out of everything, but generally speaking, it looks like when you win/lose around 19-20LP, your MMR should be around the level of your current rank. If you gain more for wins/lose less for a lose, it's higher than average. And obviously the other way round, if you get less for wins and lose more for losses, your MMR is likely below average.
: Where is zz rot portal?
zzrot and banner are both disabled in urf as their lowered cooldowns would literally break the game in half.
: Who's that champion game :)
10 easy 9 normal 2 hard 1 insanity (Yi was pretty obvious xD) = 22 for me. some were really weird tho. how could anyone guessed Kassadin or Renekton lol..
Joyi (EUW)
: "Don't get paired with this summoner in matchmaking" option
That's what the block list is for. There's no guarantee as it would make matchmaking a real nightmare, but it's a start.
xtimigui (EUW)
: What is your favourite old game in your childhood?
Azymuth (EUNE)
: Congrats! Came back after break and I am afraid to go ranked (feel rusty af) plus all these changes I need to asimilate but soon I will follow you my friend up to gold :)
Never put too much pressure on yourself once you start. I also had horrible losing streaks on my way this season and was about to quit for good more than once so far, but with a needed bunch of stubbornness, everything is possible. ^_^" xD I started my Season end of January in Bronze 5, just to give you an idea xD HF and GL for your run, once you feel ready ^_^b
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: 3 question 2 about my username
1+2: It just matters what you think of it. 3: I had a game just this evening, where I escaped a Kindred + Malz and a last ranged minion aa followed me and fcked me up. Man, I was mad at that second xD
: poro dmg shows up as white, meaning true dmg.. also it doesn`t scale off ap or ad.. and poro is a summ spell not an ability. yes, garen could proc it.. when he uses his Q or E.. :D as in, ability. i doubt you can proc it with flash or heal.. doubt exhaust does much either
Yea, Poro Throw does true dmg, but Ludens doesnt ask for magic damage to proc, but any ability damage. Of course it wont proc when you flash or heal, they don't do damage xD The only sort of damage that don't proc Luden's are unempowered Auto Attacks.
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Zephyr77 (EUW)
: Stop bashing on IMT
Well, before Spring Split started I looked at all Teams and picked Vitality and Immortals in EU and NA respectively to fanboi with. Sadly, Vitality sucked balls in their Quarters as did Immortals. Am I sad about my teams didn't make it to the finals? Sure. Am I pissed about player performance? Somewhat. Am I bitching around because of it? Well of course! It's the fun thing about criticizing: You can call everything bad without being able to do any better. (That's how this world works by the way..) But let's face the fact, that both these teams showed during the split that they CAN perform, but still lost in playoffs. Why is that? Because Pros have a different approach to the game than the rest of all of us. You simply can't compare playing Ranked with them at all. They have a staff that does all the work for them. Calculating set stats, efficient build paths analyzing the meta etc. Doing something outside the box MIGHT work in such an environment, but unless you knnow how to beat the generic stuff with it, you're f*cked up big time. Both teams showed that what they did was pretty much wrong. VIT played horrible vs. FNC, bad splitpushing, bad organization on the map, it felt like they had no clear voice that brought them to the same page. IMT had their "own" read on the meta, which differed completely from the rest of the teams, so they weren't prepared for their task, which in the end was why they lost. Pobelter even said after their game: it was either a wrong read on the meta or plain bad execution. I call it was both. They thought Carry Top + Tank Jungle was still the go to but they were wrong and although they saw it evolving this way ever since the quarter finals they STILL missed on jumping on that bandwagon and at least prepare their strats around this setup. In the end, both teams losses were absolutely justified and I say that as a fanboi of both VIT and IMT.
: Nobody will see my wrinkly old ass anyway. xD
If you want it on your ass, let tentacles come out of it. BAM, MOTIVE! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: There are some champions I can't just play without a specific skin
{{champion:245}} ~~Darude~~ Sandstorm {{champion:57}} Meowkai ...I don't play much else atm, currently I'm a cheap FotM b*tch lol
: ty only thing is that i dont really like playing mundo :P would have prefered a more skill full champ but i already got fking lucky rito loves me i guess, i opened 6: battlecast velkoz, foxfire ahri, eternum nocturne, darkflame shyvana, snowday bard and mundo mundo soo i really like it! :)
I'd call it amazing luck to get only Champion skins. I opened 6 boxes as well so far, got 1 Champ, 2 Champ Skins and 3 Ward skins lol..
DeDejmen (EUW)
: [Patch 6.7] Bronze, SIlver & Gold Elo still affected by tier restriction (Dynamic Queue)
The change said that lower elo's arent affected by any changes/restrictions to matchmaking. Means, you still cannot start with a group, if your lowest is Bronze and your highest Gold. Only Dia-Challenger got changed to reduce queue times.
: when your adc gets a early quadra : )
Plot Twist: he ends the game 4/18 xD
yarror (EUW)
: blood moon kennen pendant (woodcarving)
You should send this to Riot and make it a present for Riv. He's a huge Kennen fan and maybe he'll even respond to you ^_^ I personally love the design. Well done, bro =D
: Who's ready for Ascension?
Well.. My Summoner Icon might tell you how much I liked the game mode back then and how much I like it to start off Rotation Queue =D A lot of Champs where released since then, so I'm curious how good the will fare. I probably won't try Kindred though. In Ascension you're fighting 24/7, so you barely ever get the chance to set a new mark while on the field, so you have to die most likely to have the time to set a new target while buying.
KCloudK (EUW)
: Who should I main if I like mage/high burst champs and why?
I'd lile to throw Diana into the ring. Once she gets 6, and gets a few items, she jumps onto you and you can't get away from her, while she kills you in melee range. To be clear, I usually play tanks in Top/Jungle but whenever I get to play an AP burst champ, she's my go to pick, as I usually can still be as reckless but melt faces a bit quicker, especially once you got your Lich Bane.
: rotration game mode is unavilible?
Riot said it hits live around friday afternoon/early evening (and that it will end early monday morning). Just read infomation about such stuff more carefully next time ;D
Feraly (EUW)
: Cannot unfix camera on champion
just move your camera around on the minimap for a bit.
: Love This Matchmaking<3
and your opponents were...?
: [NEW CHINESE SPLASH IMPORTS] My eyes ARE FCKING BLEEDING!!!! Riot! Are you kidding me!??!!?
: Not really, he's just going to be a generic tank support now, nowhere near as good as {{champion:89}} or {{champion:201}}. He has no reliable CC anymore so he's practically useless with no real gapcloser.
He has a heal, an AoE Line Stun (doubled with his W) and a multiman Kayle Ult, dafuq you want?
: Thank you for killing Taric Riot
His reworked stun looks pretty solid to me. Yeah, it's not targeted anymore, but is now an AoE Line that is even copied by his bonded partner. I don't think it's worse by any means.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi KittyOfDraktharr, I just tried your profile and all worked fine for me - I can see your profile at: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/EUW/KittyOfDraktharr and your match history at: http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/203889141 Have you tried clearing cookies+cache? It may be something cached causing the issue! :-)
Hmm, that's weird.. I changed my name on April, 1st and I couldn't go to my profile until today. I don't know what changed, but I doubt it was a Cookie/Cache thing, as I haven't cleared them recently. However, everything seems to work fine again, so it's cool for me. Thanks for your help =)
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Skere (EUW)
: Nice try
It's about the Aprils Fools Skins for Draven, Maokai, Tahm and Velkoz.
Noob vs Bot (EUNE)
: well, i am diamond, most of players r not stupid and they play good, just sometimes distracted and doesnt focus on game. so flaming them makes them angry and they start playing better u know..:D
i hardly doubt that will be of any help whatsoever =/
Εmperor (EUNE)
: its showing what u did :D riot shouldnt do anything about it cuz well....not everyone does it :D i doubht u be happy if they would limit the trinket swaping to letsss say 1 trinket swap pher game :P
I didn't say they should restrict the Trinket Swapping xD I just find the post-game details confusing to read. If you see 6 trinkets bought at the same time, you can't tell which you actually had for the time. If I swapped it once again on a later shopping trip, no one could ever figure out what I really used.
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captenziggs (EUNE)
: Where is...
Usually, there's a Champion Spotlight Video about a day before release. Unless you found one which passed everyone else, you sadly have to wait like we all have to ^-^"
Dage (EUW)
: How can I view LCS/Pro player builds
If you've seen anything that caught your interest in a pro game, I suggest you swap over to the eSports tag. There you can find all the match histories of pro game matches, including builds, runes, masteries and so on. For example, here's the [IMMORTALS Page](http://www.lolesports.com/en_GB/na-lcs/na_2016_spring/teams/immortals), where you just need to click on any of their matches and you get directed to the VOD and the players build page.
: Well judging from this you have already grown so much as a player ^^ You will climb way faster now, because the things you said up there, are the core of what represents a player who is able to. Also love the part where you said you stopped looking at players as some 4 other faceless people, but actually people you need to help! Really awesome :3 Just keep this up and keep improving, you are headed to great places! {{summoner:31}}
Yea, sometimes you just need a good look into the mirror to see what the problem is. It certainly helped me out and I hope that many others will find out that this is the only real answer to all problems out there =)
Dessem (EUW)
: Proving that being confronted with your own attitude is still the best way to effect change. Congratulations, your current knowledge and attitude should be able to get you to high Silver.
I hope to reach even higher skies, but Silver is a good spot to begin with xD Thanks for your words ^-^
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DerJojo20 (EUW)
: Lowering summoner spell Requirements
Bruh... the requirement to use these got halved with the new patch - literally.
: was i tilted?
don't group with him, push any other lane he's not in. gz, you're on your way to carry a retard.
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