Wex0r (EUW)
: indeed he is clearly a friend even when he is on the other team and you cant help but trust him, we all know its the meeps who make him do the bad things ! Buff bard! hurrah {{champion:432}}
BUFF BARD! (nerf meeps :-))))
IkOerman (EUW)
: Why is lucian not 1-shotted by the black cleaver?
.....erm..... because of his pants I take it?
Wex0r (EUW)
: Garen has plenty of counters. But they should buff Bard ! :P {{champion:432}}
Damn son. The propaganda train is really working-- I absolutely despise bard yet "Buff Bart!" sounds like a campaign ripped right out of the Simpsons. I find myself automatically agreeing even though I've never played him and he's nigh to the most infuriating bastard to play against, imho. It looks so cute and harmless and then all kinds of weird trickery ensue - it's surreal! And still, whenever you post about him, he seems to look at me with those otherworldly puppy eyes making any request seem reasonable. Overdue, even. Pleeeaaaase stop this madness! ######...or buff Bard off the planet I guess? <grin>
: Is Aatrox worth picking up?
I just got mine refunded. Current interation blows hairy %%%%%-- maybe wait till after the rework and see what they're turning him into would be my advice.
: #to have a cigar.
Thanks for the highlight bro ;-) Was expecting the usual "zomg OP" rants- my bad
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: It's time the community admitted Graves is too overpowered
Graves has no mana, no range, no CC and high cooldowns. Maybe he's okay after all?
: Oh.
Don't worry. Le Hashbrown forgives. He's nice like that.
ZUagain (EUNE)
: Which OS?
XP. (you did say _old_ laptop, right? Don't win8/10 it, it'll hog your machine even without running anything. XP'll run silky smooth and leave all that sweet sweet CPU/memory available for programs)
fairyyy (EUW)
: The best syndra ONE SHOT montage season 7
Looks like season 7 alright xD
Azzylito (EUW)
: Goodbye :(
Clean the ventilation grille. Chances are GPU performance drops to prevent it from overheating.
: The thing is the changes they implemented are just a band-aid that will make him at least balancable until he gets his VGU. Thats something all the ciclejerk posts about the changes, which admitedly left him in a weak state, seem to forget. Riot does not want to leave Aatrox with this Kit but at least they think they can make him playable now which was not possible due to last iteration of his kit. Further expect Buffs for him in the next few patches 7.7. and onwards.
We didn't forget. We just don't agree. It would help if they explained **why** it was so "impossible" to balance out his old mechanics...
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You really got me curious what could someone say in LoL to be called: > The most Abusive, Toxic and the worst thing anyone has every said to me... im sure you had alot to choose from. But it was only: > '%%% your mother' I hope she gets cancer' She will die today' Go suck my %%%%' im disapointed. This is league, can't beleave this was: > The most Abusive, Toxic and the worst thing anyone has every said to me... Cmon community what is this, call of duty, CS,GO? Is this is the best you can muster, to be called > The most Abusive, Toxic and the worst thing anyone has every said to me...
Upvoted- I too was lured in here under false pretence :-(
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Aatrox isn't THAT bad, infact i enjoy the new heal regardless of the math behind it, it's obvious that the current heal is actually better in lane and being able to spam E for free aswell as get around the map quicker with q at zero cost are welcome changes. I do not deny that i hate the changes and would love the reversion but he's really not as bad as people say still deadly as %%%% with a bit of farm and pressing q and r on opponents face. After a couple of items land q on a fed adc they are dead. I dislike the changes but he is not trash tier as people say.
[Aatrox sets new standards](https://youtu.be/sJP_EIgWEPo?t=1m)
: Aatrox
Aw yissss !! ######LOL nope- at this point the numbers don't even matter; his core mechanic is busted.
: How illegal is it to say "I work in RIOT"?
Let's find out, shall we? I work for the CIA.
: Riot needs to find a better solution to reports
The title attracts the wrong crowd; what you're alluding to is more like "matchmaking should reward individual accomplishments", that way you would get paired with people of your own skill level. But I do agree with your assessment: the same argument used to prove "it's your own fault if you're bronze, because the only constant in your matches is You" automatically implies you only control 1/10th of the outcome, leaving 9/10ths to random chance. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how frustrating that can be.
gow low (EUW)
: f riot
Nooooo! Please stay! If players like you are gone, who will be around to improve morale, teach us how to play better, how to pls uninstall or reassure us we're still a noob team? We need you! Soon there'll be nobody left to ping question marks where I died and with my goofy head I might just continue playing without ever realising it. I beg you don't leave us yet- I will try to grow a brain next time you kindly ask me to I promise! ...senpai?
: > [{quoted}](name=SaifUAE,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QIMtOAN4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-11T20:13:35.367+0000) > > Totally agree. The whole game is getting %%%%ed up and the fun is becoming less. > Need to change the dmg so the game relies on the skill not the OP champs. It's not the damage, it's the CC... Every single new champion comes with atleast 2 hard CC and 2 slows..
Don't forget about shields and dashes. I guess there's only so much abilities they can come up with?
: Toxic players posting on boards that they are not toxic
Think? Oh my man, thinking is overrated these days LOL
Solash (EUW)
: Well no shit you're gonna do bad on Aatrox if you build tear on him.
Meh. No worse than building Rageblade or BorK. Way to go seems to be Thornmail + Sunfire cape and fling yourself into the middle of things ###### Kappaaa
drymonkey (EUW)
: ok mate i loved {{champion:266}} before the "rework" he was a solid tanky bruser type diver with low cc but decent damage and sustain what they did now is nothing more then a buff a giant buff his q w and ult have no cost at all great now you can press w and not kill yourself you can acualy use the bonus damage now :O amazing not only that but the new passive is a step up from his old one the blood rush makes you alot stronger when fighting and if you get captured out of position well now you can dicide you know what i will not let them take my passive and just die without it now like the old aatrox he must be played tanky to deal damage and i think that is why you hate him i mean realy assasin aatrox XD thats just a joke now the only thing thats "worce" is that he neads to don 5 spells before he can die and come back for a tanky aatrox this is no prob at all cus like a darius aatrox works best in long fights bt ya if your are used to an assasin aatrox .... well dont play him then just go play riven or something aatrox is and will Always be a tanky diver not a flashy assasin
Aatrox? Tank build? How did you make that work?? Not that it matters anymore, but I thought my custom build was already on the tanky side because I always threw in a few cleavers with bonus HP or resists (depending on circumstance- sometimes it was a frozen mallet for example, sometimes Wit's End or mercurial scimi). Because when going full potato I was sooo prone to getting bursted, yet I still needed a metric ton of AS/AD to pose any kind of threat at all. "old Aatrox must be played tanky" ..... I for one question the validity of this statement!
AmarStampi (EUNE)
: Who Is Better Nasus or Xin Zhao
They're both excellent, but it really depends on what you're trying to do. Nasus falls flat is the enemy has too much range or mobility, especially "instant mobility" he can't zone out. If you happen to face a champ without such feature (yes, they still exist for now) he is sooo going to ruin your day! Prolonged trades against him are ill advised. Serious tank, sustain, potent CC and respectable damage up close make him a decent frontline in teamfights. Xin Zhao on the other hand is a lot quicker on his feet, and therefore makes a better ambusher- a tanky semi-assassin like Yi. He's not half the teamfighter Nasus is, lacking CC; yet in 1v1 scenarios he has more options. I love them both!
: New map concept!
can you walk through the water next to midlane, or is it a lake (obstacle) ?
Judge (EUNE)
: With or without logout button smurfing will exist. The only difference is that you have to close the client and it takes 5 seconds more. Don't know what changes when you open a new client, if there is some tracking behind it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} I think this excuse of encouraging smurfing is not so good. Better say lazy or hard to implement, both low as well ;)
> Better say lazy or hard to implement, both low as well ;) You win ;-) Before implementing Logout, they first need to get Login working reliably in the new client xD
: Riot punish flamers, but sometimes they get help from god.
Have an upboat- this is solid gold lmao!
Arsene (EUNE)
: Giant champions?
{{champion:427}} probably
: what? did you even read what I put? 1) I'm asking why cant WE *PING* our fps, not solve it 2) Ik it affects performance, but i forget sometimes, It's only when I realise that I then turn it off, I don't play slideshow of legends for the fun of it 3)"you want that OTHERS take care of your PERSONAL problems you cause YOURSELF?" this just sounds like a cry for help more than anything, contact a loved one for further advice
Frankly, I'm not in the slightest interested in your FPS either- the only reason you would ping it is to come up with excuses (an in: "My teammates think I'm bullshitting when my FPS drops to about 5") and Perilum's advice is sound: don't ping your FPS. Fix it! He even told you how. Next thread would be "what is the point of pinging FPS when my teammates still report me for trolling and AFK" ? The point Perilum was trying to make, is that you're not supposed to screw up you teammate's gaming experience by hogging your machine, thinking "Oh, but if I ping my FPS they'll understand and don't call me out on not contributing". Technical matters aside -the server doesn't know your FPS-, pinging FPS implies you want _official_ proof of your local condition to serve as an excuse, and this is not acceptable. THAT is what you should take away from Perilum's post. You can't ping the filespec of your desktop background picture either because (a) nobody cares, and (b) it's a local phenomenon which, even if it were to affect gameplay, rests entirely in Your hands. The same applies to your framerate. We don't care about what programs you run in the background, or whether or not you can afford a new laptop. I really can't make it any clearer than other posters already have I'm afraid: Daniel explained why you can't- Perilum explained why you shouldn't. Just accept that and fix your sh!t, mkay?
Juozys (EUNE)
: Too bad such post will go unseen by riot balance team as all of these type of posts do... Yes, Aatrox passive is total garbage now
oh, they got loads of flak on the NA boards as well, don't worry: they know. They insist this is the right direction; but they cannot claim they heard no complaints...
: Why would you refund the new best tank in the game? Unless you play rankeds and woulld not use him anyway because of permaban.
Because it's not what I want, and not what it said on the tin when I bought him- but it's a moot point, I've already sold him. Seeing him in my roster just made me angry, sad and disappointed- that's not the feeling I want to have when playing a game. So I got rid of him and cherish the time we had together. It's been fun, that's how I want to remember him. I still have 2 refunds available, no big deal.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: I am asking about education of an entire region. It's a fact that French people in general have worse English than Dutch or Scandinavian people. That has something to do with the school system in these countries and nothing with racism. Same with EUNE. I am not being racist (if I am ... which "race" am I being racist against?) I am just asking about the general education system of these regions. Holy crap people are so sensitive.
Maybe their native language is just too different. Although I've noticed the french do pick up on cusswords so it's not like they're entirely inept ;-)
: so when is the MF,varus,LB and aatrox hotfix coming?
You know ... it's one thing if 20 people make 15 threads on a subject. It's another thing if 1 guy makes 5 threads about the same champ over and over.
: Aatrox gets buffed next patch. Riot confirmed it on the NA boards
Ahhhh! Thanks for pointing me the way. Not a peep on EUW but plenty on NA. I've caught up on the discussions over there and, especially, Rito's feedback. Not happy with what I read there at all, but now at least I know it's time to sell while he's still worth 6300IP. Pretty sure me and Riot are not seeing eye-to-eye on this one. They really think this is 'healthy', this is the direction- and they were a bit surprised his performance dropped the way it has, weren't they?
: 61% True damage execute, Riot care to explain?
{{champion:86}} press R, one champ receives 1000 damage. (true if villain) {{champion:21}} press R, entire team receives 3500 damage. pls nerf Garen. Am I getting the vibe?
: Riot please remove chat ban this is stupid?
reported, muted & downvoted - in that order ;-) No, you don't ban for 'unskilled' (in _YOUR_ opinion I might add) and if this is what your plea sounds like I shudder to imagine what totally-not-toxic-in-game must sound like.
: Wtf.. I can't.. My blood rush just last for 4 sec.. In eu west server.. How is this possible..?? I just report the problem, and nothing happen.
> I think that new rework is not soo bad.. Just one thing.. his passive is gone So, otherwise put: the rework actually IS bad ;-)
: Comedy gold here!
{{champion:31}} That's gotta be a void joke.
: i'd rather get an extra refund for him tbh if that's the way riot is gonna roll.
and one for ~~Galio~~ Colossus as well. I'll await an announcement from Rito concerning Aatrox, but the general direction doesn't bode well.
: Please revert MF nerfs!
Previous Q put them at half health instantly. Surely there has to be a middleground here somewhere?
Teemosha (EUW)
: A few things, that are makes new client MUCH worse than old one!
> After I bough something in the shop, I have couch the old-school bug with non-updated IP in the client header. Is that bug is hunting players across all clients? Yes. It's in legacy too.
: I could have compared Cassiopeia before her rework to her after the rework, a day and a half after it to be precise. People called her underpowered, bad, trash, w/e you want. Why? Because a huge chunk of her playerbase played her as a DoT mage. That's the stage we are at now. People call Aatrox bad/trash because they can't play him the way they used to. Cassiopeia turned out to be stronger post-rework. Aatrox will get buffed next patch.
Also bear in mind I bought him for what he was. If I can't play him the way I used to, then I feel very much entitled to expressing my opinion on the matter. What is this thing? Mundo's ret4rded, toothless, tankless sibling? The same goes for Galio mains by the way-- I know Rito reviewed their refund policy but for those poor sods it doesn't feel right. Refund Galio. Put the new champ in stores as Colossus. Aatrox is the same (to a lesser extend ... for now) : you can't take a diver/bruiser and turn him upside down ; of course that sh!t goes over like a lead zeppelin! I actually DO want to play him the way I used to because otherwise I wouldn't have bought him. I could live with "he'll be stronger post-rework" if Rito would at least announce something to that end. The strategy however appears to be to gut him below dirt levels, then of course any kind of rework makes him look 'better'. The absolute silence from our overlords concerning this matter is infuriating.
: ARAM accounts
Why place them in a separate queue? They already have separate MMR for that gamemode
: The first thing that came to my mind when i saw the patch notes: "Oh, Aatrox has now more reason to build tanky, he usually got blown up and was next to useless in big fights." Why can a casual Aatrox player notice this but all the Aatrox mains don't even talk about this? Funnily enough i just realized after reading here http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-75-revisiting-aatrox > We hope that this gives tanky fighter items - and perhaps the occasional pure defensive item - a better home in Aatrox’s inventory, by making it less counterintuitive to build health. With more opportunities to supplement his sturdiness, Aatrox can leap into scrappy fights and have enough time to slash people up in Blood Rush without immediately collapsing. what Riot had planned and what I deduced from the patch notes actually matches. So this is where you should START, you build him tankier with more health and more defense and then see how it goes. If you don't even bother trying this you are not in the position to judge anything at all.
> Why can a casual Aatrox player notice this but all the Aatrox mains don't even talk about this? Because he's now even more useless in a big fight. You either need CC or damage to present a tangible danger. Lacking both, there is no reason at all to focus fire him.
Master Scar (EUNE)
: i thinks hes just fine (altho i didnt paly him personaly)
You know things are bad when level 10 Tristana can 1v1 the God of War... at melee range. Enough said. Not once throughout the entire match did I see my opponent revive- he didn't seem to have any more luck than I did getting that well up to 100%. Comes as no surprise considering it has turned into a leaky bucket that drains faster than his attack speed can sustain (and he doesn't get AS until he somehow manages to fill it ... as Tristana, I was laughing my a55 off; I just press Q and -boom!- 110% AS steroid up whenever I need to LOOOOL) Please go try him, and let us know how you fare. The major shortcoming will immediately become clear: his passive is nonexistent, and W improves with attack speed. No passive -> no attack speed -> W doesn't do anything anymore. As for his Q, just my luck I was playing Tristana ... I could jump further than him, and deal more damage while doing so. (lulz?) And his trademark poke, "E" ... don't know if the numbers changed, but it probably hurt him more than it hurt me. All I can say is that I didn't feel a thing. Poor guy was raging pretty hard, yelling "EZ" from behind his tower, trying his very best moves ... he made valiant attempts to make it work, I'll give him that. But to no avail. Sad to be a statcheck champ when you've got the lowest stats in the game and even AD Brand has better CC than you do. You know what? Forget everything anybody said and go play him. The design flaws will be so blatantly obvious that by tomorrow you'll be joining the angry forum mob.
: > [{quoted}](name=Excandar,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=qsoee6ty,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-03-09T08:56:26.877+0000) > > ^^^ I too would like to know; especially since the shop window covers 85% of said window and I can&#x27;t read any of the numbers. Yes, also this only shows it for the self, not others. By the way, you can drag the shop by holding on the top of it.
Drag, yes- but since I can't make it smaller it always covers the extended stats. But that's okay-- I hear ** C ** is the way to go _whiiiiiieeeeee_
meroboth (EUNE)
: A new champion
That's an excellent idea! Reminds me of gargoyles. Love it.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Shouldn't Aatrox go mid now?
Aatrox should go Nexus now.
: Keyboard shortcut to reveal extra info on champ stats without opening shop?
^^^ I too would like to know; especially since the shop window covers 85% of said window and I can't read any of the numbers.
Rioter Comments
Strexius (EUNE)
: True, but considering how this temporary change affects the actual play-style of the champion, I'm afraid as to what the actual rework is gonna bring to the table. >.<
So much this. I'm still tilted after actually experiencing this 'new Aatrox' ingame --I've only played him once because I ragequit after the match--, and so scared after the Galio rework. ....... I'm gonna have to use a refund, aren't I? My hands are still shaking in disbelief. He's beyond gutted. Oh man ....... RIP RIP RIP
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Let's wait more than half a day to judge.
Nope. Still crap.
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