jack26uk (EUW)
: karthus and xin zhao
In regular URF, some champions like Karthus were permabanned and I think we can all agree that was for a good reason. So why on earth aren't they permabanned in AR:URF? If you get put up against such champions you'd have more fun to just quit the game and do something else than having to deal with THAT.
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: It didnt. It bounced to kled and he dashed so he was out of range for it to bounce again.
Ah, I see. Still, it kinda looked like it was in range on the first bounce though. Visually at least. Ah well.
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: I'd smash anything female and attractive.
I'd smash anything that is female. I don't have very high standards.
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: I highly doubt that. If you dodge an obvious troll or maybe even a bot you should earn honor for saving everyones time. lul
Yea lol... The other guy I was with was grateful I took one for the 3/5th non-existing team.. I should be rewarded a Honor Capsule now :v ... Not really. Just my honor not going down because of this would be good enough
: I think it does. I've heard if you get 14 day suspension you will get your honor level down. But the thing is those who were banned before that honor update didn't get their honor level down even tho suspension was still active. I know this was kinda off topic, but I guess If you leave too many games you will eventually get your honor level down
Leaving too many games I can kind of understand, though. But dodging for good reasons shouldn't set back your honor.
: another 1 v 9
Heh... Yea, I wholeheartedly agree about most of the stuff you wrote, especially about Riot apparently wanting to protect them because if you make a post showing their names, it'd get removed... I am very much looking forward to a solution, even if it's temporary, because the game is meant to be fun and it's far from being fun if you lose games because you 'unfortunately' get put up with bots who feed their arses off. Someone else mentioned a /remake function in ARAM in case of AFK's or bots. Or maybe a /verify function or something at the start of the game that can be triggered by a human player, where you'd have to tick a box in-game or something to prove you aren't a bot. If there's like 2 or more bots /remake becomes available, in vs AI as well. I don't know, they can go crazy for all I care. I just really wish for a fix or solution to this because sometimes this makes my blood boil...
True Sight (EUNE)
: Is Riot legitimately mocking me?
Don't even get me started on bots. I'd give up my soul for a remake function in order to avoid losing because you have a bot on your team who goes 0/8 in the first few minutes.
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