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: FYI: Kindred = jhin. Jhin was suposed to be kindred but it didn't fit with them so they made another character and made jhin afterwards :D
yes I know that about the story of the concepting kindred and how jhin came of it.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Looks awesome, would love to have a champion that looks like that. The whole E should probably be built like a Skill shot..
it should be to choose the direction you would like to start rolling too.
: imagine a skin named Kim-Joon-ung.[](
that would be funny :D
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Smerk (EUW)
: If you expect thunderlord nerf, then forget it, it won't happen, Riot set it as a milestone for other keystone masteries and with every patch they try to bring other masteries to that power level
I am aware that thunder lords is set as a mile stone for the others to reach. but I spoke of all masterys being balanced between themselves not to nerf thunderlords especifically.
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: My peaceful and lovely RP art
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Hat (EUW)
: Tahm kench is good as he is. He can be played in other lanes, and as a support he is really strong lategame were he can 1v1 other champions. His strong 1v1 power is instead of his AoE. How would you even lick more people at a time? I played Tahm a lot and I think he's fine as he is. IF you need more AoE or more CC then don't play Tahm or have your jungler/top-laner cover that
considering the Idea 1 for the tongue lash: he would not lick more than one target at a time. the tongue would hit the target as normal and a little area would affect behind the target not more than another minions distance behind him in a straight line. I made a very quick montage of how I was imaginning it to clarify that is shown on the attachment. I should add that I placed a second idea that does not make a AoE.
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EyeOdin (EUW)
: Character leveling up seems stagnated
thank you MetalBraind, I will submit one then
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