: Chests!
This 1v1 call is so absurd. Why can't you just take some comments of me without being prejudgemental? Just wanted to give you some insight. Stop to be so narrow minded, thanks.
: Qiyana and the 3% of people that play her
It's not forbidden to check your match history, it's not forbidden to keep commenting on your posts ... and most of all ... I always keep my manners and stay objective. You start with sentences like "Still waiting to play against your smurf EUNE account, btw." and talk about "normal people" like; I quote again: "Please don't tell me *the people in Masters+ play Qiyana omg lol so op*. I mean, normal people like in the lower tiers.". Generalizing like crazy. Are Master+ abnormal people? That's the conculsion of your statement. NVM all that. I am sorry, you feel personally attacked and harrassed by comments and I hope in the future you'll actually read my words without prejudice and get the actually message! See you around.
: Am i the only person that has 42 keys but no chest to open? I get keys almost every game.
> [{quoted}](name=Xalasmeni Banana,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=apEOA4x6,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-11T23:03:27.334+0000) > > Am i the only person that has 42 keys but no chest to open? > > I get keys almost every game. Players get keys on a random frequency in relation to their honor level (and for sure not after almost every game; that's not true). Players which sit on a lot of keys, are most probably very honorable players, but on the other hand most likely otp's. Which means they won't get many chests to use their keys on. You can relate to that, right?
: Well, Kalista suffers from something entirely different. Her playstyle was designed for premade teams and so you can't really play her in solo Q. I don't think she has such a high skill ceiling that all tiers cant play her but you need coordination with your team which is very weak in SoloQ
> [{quoted}](name=Xalasmeni Banana,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=43o6A35Z,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-08-11T19:13:27.681+0000) > > Well, Kalista suffers from something entirely different. > > Her playstyle was designed for premade teams and so you can't really play her in solo Q. > > I don't think she has such a high skill ceiling that all tiers cant play her but you need coordination with your team which is very weak in SoloQ No champion, with the exception of Rakan & Xayah, is designed for premade teams. That statement is as much bs as saying Kalista has no high skill ceiling. There are "easy to play" adc' like Jinx and Tristana ... and severe adc' like Ezreal and **Kalista**. You not knowing the difference and still talking about skill ceiling is also one reason why you won't come up with an answer for your own question: "Why learn a mechanically intensive champ just to do the same thing that a one click nuker can do and sometimes better?". Because some people just get bored by easy to play champs like Zyra *winkwink* ... and rather go for champs like Bard or Pyke ... with a unique setup in their role. It's a game ... so it's about entertainment and fun ... and I ask myself for example: Where is the fun in otp'ing Zyra, a very easy support, and still not advancing after a far more than 100 ranked games? I guess it's all about perspective.
: Stop trolling me because of Kleptomancy and Barrier
I didn't check sites like your ... I actually went in the LoL-Client on my EUNE-Account ... searched for your summoner name in the client ... and looked you up. In detail: "PROFILE" -> top right "Summoner Search" -> Xalasmeni Banana -> Enter -> Stats -> Ranked Solo/Duo -> Support -> Zyra --> Current Season So, it's actually officially. Sorry to break your heart about that. ... and exactly as I said, and you proved it again, "I always buy Luden's first. ALWAYS." .... is not only part by you being stuck, which you say you don't care about, also you play a lot of ranked, but also the reason you don't contribute in the way a support should do. What I say is not bull shit ... and most of all I kept my manners. Please calm down ... and take some advice. ... and stop to act all knowing about stuff you really do not know.
: Because i belong in the gold 2 - mid plat elo you %%%%%%. I need to grind games starting high gold 2. What a %%%%%% oh my god. And FYI i lost 2 promos to plat already. What part of i belong in high gold to mid plat you dont understand exactly. I never claimed im diamond worthy or even high plat worthy.
But you claim to know better and act all cocky towards other members of this board. You act like you know the difference of plat and gold ... also you never experienced it yourself. Stop to act all cocky and don't talk about things you don't know ... you might not get so hard tilted by someone like me.
: Stop trolling me because of Kleptomancy and Barrier
I have a strong doubt that you get an S in 90% of your games, since in average you are the 8th worst player in your loss .... and only 4th best player in your wins according to And it seems you don't understand this system: These scores tell you about your postion in relation to players your skill level, location, etc. ... and always going ludens first on a support Zyra ... just lets you do dmg ... but brings no value to your team. You might get a A- to a S, but you didn't do your job. To bring utility, vision, engage, disengage with your ult, etc. You actually should prioritize Liandry's, Ward item and Zhonya's ... and then might go Ludens. If you'd not be stuck in your very own logic, you'd probably hit platin after more than 500 ranked games only in this season. Open your eyes ... and stop to be sublime. PS: As soon as I hit lvl 30 on my eune smurf ... I'll reach out to you. PPS: Actually, I soon will go to your profile and take a look at your stats. Edit: I just took a look ... and these are the stats: Zyra combat: A+ income: S map control: B- Your vision score (one of your main tasks as support) is awfull. That's a reason you can not roam ... neither easily get a gank by your jungler. ... and that's a further reason for your below average stats in roam dominance score and your kill conversion ratio.
: I don't. I have supported people from my friendlist up to high plat and i know for a fact that games are almost the same as they are in high gold. I have played against Master Tier players and only then did i feel i'm outclassed hard and that this person is just out of my skill level. There's a reason im "hardstuck" in gold. It's because i lack motivation to tryhard since mid / low plat is my skill ceiling and i need to grind games starting gold 1-2 For example i switched to playing MF and i dropped 2 divisions in 1 day. In Gold 1 also i play with plats all the time. Are you happy now?
You never reached plat! ... so you don't know what you are sayig. Like for example: probably everyone played already against a Master+ tier ... in ARAM, Normal, Flex ... and this doesn't qualify you to compare at all. Just like you told @Cronays. Just saying: You are at 546 ranked games and still in gold. If this is not "dedication" to ranked, what is it? In comparison: It took me 20 games to reach plat because I just tried hard for once. Stop to act like you know better ... because you do not. Enough said.
: A big difference in plat to gold? I feel like my games are the same in plat or gold. Actually i feel like my games are WORSE in plat because low plat is full of ebay "idgaf accounts" who sit near 0 elo and don't even try to win. Also you're diamond which doesn't qualify you to write any pro essays here. Masters+ is where the real deal is. Anything below Masters is just another player who can be beaten by gold, plat players
"I feel like my games are the same in plat or gold." ... you never played in plat. So how do you know? You're kinda hard stuck gold and never reached plat, which doesn't qualify you to write any pro essays here.
: Stop trolling me because of Kleptomancy and Barrier
I never said you went up the ladder because of my recommendations and I only refered to your Soraka games ... in which you advanced. That's all I wrote. By the way: If you play harvest on Zyra you should pick sorcery and not precision as secondary tree. But I won't make the effort to explain you something, which you will most likely not understand, because you are not willing to accept, that you do bad / wrong. Keep living a happy life with your "funny" logic. Hahhaaha. PS: Your comment "... if my team is incompetent. ..." if enough of a prove that you don't reflect yourself first ... and that there is the possibilty that you are slightly in touch with the Dunning-Kruger-effect. If you know what I mean. ;-D
: There's a lot of reasons im "stuck in gold". To name a few, not always playing playing my mains, trying new champions in ranked, being generally bad in other lanes and roles and trying to play them though i corrected this issue more in the more recent seasons, trolling (yes i did troll some games in those other seasons) and the more recent seasons just not enough will to play purely competitively. Also i did lose 2 promos to plat (even though i havent been able to get there again yet and i dont realy care to prove anything) All i can say is, you can play vs me when i play my OTPs. It's not about math and just because you dont think it works, it doesnt mean its not working. The pots, mana and some gold you get is enough compensation for me to use the rune since it literally makes your early game very strong and oppressive. And all this bs about "46% soraka main gold 4" is invalid. My smurf has 90%+ winrate and is currently gold 4 and i skipped gold promos without playing games. And yes, i played with plats in my last games. You need to be one whole league above to skip promos. You cant use winrate and rank without context.
Hey hey hey, can you imagine? You stopped playing klepto and you actually went for my recommendations ... and guess what? You do better! You only missed to share your experiences and to leave a "cheers buddy". Glad you actually advanced and I could help. Cya!
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: Stop trolling me because of Kleptomancy and Barrier
You are resistant to advice. You could have just taken my advice for two or three normal games and then react to my post and tell us about your experiences, but no, you rather spam a long post only defending your way as the only way and even messing up with some unlogic statements. No one can help you, since you think you are sublime. One very last advice: Google Dunning-Kruger-Effect ... and start to listen to recommendations / advice without taking offence and accept the fact that these might suit you or not. Cya ... and good luck trying.
: By picking klepto you can be much more aggresive in lane because you have extra healing, mana, wards and money to itemize faster. Barrier gives you a lot of survivability too by and you cant support if you're dead. So being alive means more healing from your own skills. I beg to differ cause the S ranks i get even when i lose means im doing something correctly.
I looked up your profile in client and in You are stuck in gold for 6 seasons for a reason. Probably you see a streamer or who ever to play klepto support and you think it's just awesome in every possible lane. To your statements: With klepto you HAVE to play aggressive because you need to land your ability AND a auto attack, which every good enemy will punish hard, but if you want to play a rune in which you CAN play aggressive as Soraka you should go guardian / resolve tree and spam your Q. Your last 3 games were like this: 42 mins --> 11 items 40 mins --> 12 items 23 mins --> 6 items Which means every 4 mins you get one item. Please. You do NOT make it work. Just as comparison a EUNE Ezreal enthusiast "GabeNo": 25 mins --> 14 items 41 mins --> 21 items 21 mins --> 14 items Which is 1 items every 1,7 mins in average. He makes it work. Because this rune suits Ezreal great. By the way: Your vision score is mostly under the enemies vision score and most of all you literally NEVER got a control ward in any of your past games which can be viewed. Barrier on Soraka is essential because if the enemy is smart they will to focus you as soon as it is mid to late game ... and it will make you help survive hard engages on you! It's actually not so much about early game / langing phase. And don't take these S ranks as a sign for you knowing how to Soraka. It just tells you that you are over the average of the Sorakas which are the same skill level like you. At your point I'd rather take care of your mapawerness score which is B. 46 % wr with 242 games only this season in gold 4 is not good. I tell you this as a Soraka main: Rather go Guardian/Font of Life/Bone Plating/Revitalize Biscuit Delivery/Cosmic Insight ... stick to your barrier ... unless your adc goes tp, you could go for heal then. And most of all start to work on your vision score. Get control wards ... and work on your mapawerness. Just stop to cry about other people ... and concentrate on yourself. Fact: You do NOT make it work ... and you should try other runes and more focus on control wards. Good luck with that!
: Struggle of getting S as a support.
> [{quoted}](name=Skarlet Starlet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A5g0VgBM,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-05T15:07:12.852+0000) > > Hey everyone. I am really having problems getting S as a support. Can you guys check out this game that I got A but I thought I played perfect. Just out of boredem I looked up your profile and let me give you a brief listing of what is striking into my eyes: 1. You just started to play support and you are not used to this role. 2. You often don't upgrade {{item:2049}} to {{item:2045}}; also in the round you showed to us, you even got 4 items which you can activate. Don't forget about the passive of {{item:2045}} 3. In the last game you even got {{item:2303}} AND {{item:2049}} ... 800 gold wasted. 4. Your opponent supports mostly ward much more than you. 5. When you play Taric you often don't tank much, you reguarly took the least dmg, which implies that you play very passive and you only get the assists by shielding your adc, which carries hard, and not in sacrifizing yourself respectively being the front line. 6. {{item:3107}} and {{item:3504}} would be a plus too. ... without watching you play and only considering the stats, I'd say utility supports like Janna, Soraka, Lulu, Zilean or even Fiddlesticks would suit you better than tanky support like Taric, Leona, Sion etc.. Also don't forget about {{item:2045}} and ward the shit out of the map. If you call back and you see a ward almost timed out, just place a new trinket or sightstone before you call back, even if it's at your red. You might see the jungler and if you are back in lane, your sightstone is up again and you can "replace" it somewhere else. Keep vision in mind at anytime. PS: I got an S with Blitzcrank (now mastery lvl 6 with one 7 token) just two days ago and placed in 26 mins 27 wards and you in 40 mins only 19. That's just not enough. 1,03 wards/min vs. 0,48 wards/min JUST FREAKING WARD THE SHIT OUT OF THE MAP ... and you'll get an S soon.
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: Player "furt wins"
... the solution is easy: It's Alphari from the EU LCS team Misfits.


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