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: then don't play ranked? Ranked sucks but I also am bad. Normal blind pick seems like the type of match that can be chill.
I find more trolls in normals than ranked.
: I think we can agree afk is the worst behaviour and most negative. I was thinking riot could implement a probability that people with a tendency to afk get matched with people who do the same thing, the chance toxic people get matched together would reduce the desire for people to be toxic since nobody actually wants to play with other toxic people. They just want to be toxic.
AFK or trolling is the same. I just had a game where jungler was flaming and said no ganks. He never ganked. I was support and ADC didn't like my pick and runes, he would run back to let me die in fight, not use heal, etc. Being AFK or deciding to troll are both similar in negativity - in some occasions AFK is even better because at least you know you are alone, if someone trolls you, you might expect help or a heal for example, instead of running back in a fight. But YEAH, I completely agree we need to be paired with people with similar behaviour. I never go AFK, I have honor 3, I never troll or flame, why do I need to cope with these people? I am not a charity, let them flame each other and AFK to each other, and let the good people enjoy the game together!
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: > Hi. I have played this for a couple of months and I was hoping that as I was advancing, toxic people would get banned and I wouldnt need to deal with them anymore, but this never happens. It does, there is just a near infinite supply of them, just look at Tyler1, so toxic he was ID banned from the game at one point > I wonder, if I am not toxic, why I keep being paired with people so toxic? Because riot cannot control the human element > Do not pair me with these toxic people. I was told they get banned but this never seems to end. Again, riot doens't control what people do, and you'll never eliminate toxic players > Riot, what can you do to solve this situation? Nothing, its not something within their sphere of influence > Can you do something about it? Can you? i mean riot has the same control over people you do, so if you don't have a magic wand that deletes toxic people from the planet, what exactly are you expecting riot to be able to do?
I sense a toxic tone from you too... My question is a valid question so I do not understand why. My opinion is that yes, riot can do something about it. One example, they can put a field associated to each player that would be toxicity. This would be hidden, and each player would have a category , let's say 1 - 10. Verified reports of toxicity reduces your level, and you get paired with people in your toxicity department. This way, people get paired with people with similar behaviour. Pretty easy to implement, if you ask me.
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