: Stop being greedy please.
Problem is when they release 750 or 975 skins, nobody buys them. If you're thinking "Damn, been 2 years since my one trick champ got a skin, really hope he/she gets one soon", then you get a 750 rp with no vfx changes, just a minor model change you're really disappointed, don't buy it and cry that you have to wait 2 or 3 years for the next one.
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: Wtf is this 2500 blue essence at level 29 with only 3 champions owned???
They've effectively divided the xp to get to lvl 30 by 4. So yeah, you got 4 times less BE because you played 4 times fewer games.
: Only a few more days... - Volunteer Event [Merry Christmas!]
Ficuss (EUW)
: Getting lvl 6/7 masteries is now impossible
Wrong. Before you need to buy about 3 champion shards at 1700, so it cost 5100IP to level up your mastery. Now it's 3900BE, and per level up you get around 900BE, at least in my experience. So 4 level ups give you a mastery, and I am level 34 after 4 days. It's basically the exact same as before. You don't get the continuous flow of IP/BE, it just comes in bursts when you level up. Here you go, if you want the actual math that went into the creation of this system.
: General Explanation - I am going in with the theme of the champion being some sort of chimera, maybe created in a magical experiment? Think of Zelgadis from Slayers. His visual design offers two parts that are especially striking - lizard scales and demonic right hand. I used those as a starting pont for his kit. Going further and considering his looks in general I came to the conclusion he'd probably be an assassin or fighter - he is pretty ripped, but not very bulky, no armor or weapons. This suggests more of a martial artist rather than a typical front line warrior and definitely not a tank. His equipment is not very distinctive, at least not as something he really uses in his abilities. I considered the bracer on his left arm as potential for some sort of deflection ability, but it didn't really click with other stuff I had in mind for him. In designing his passive I gave him an alternative resource - Heat, which would probably make him a manaless champion. **Passive - "Cold Blooded"** While out of combat [Community Champion] generates Heat over time up to a 100. While in combat Heat decreases whenever [Community Champion] attacks or uses ability. As long as [Community Champion] remains over certain Heat thresholds his abilities are enhanced. _Explanation - This passive is inspired by his lizard-like qualities. Since lizards need to store heat, by basking in the sun for example, which is later used up during activity I thought it'd make for a cool resource system. It also makes him sort of a foil for Rumble, who needs to manage his heat during combat not to overheat too fast. In contrast [Community Champion] would need to pick his fights carefully and be more of hit and run champion. It would probably make him most suited for jungle/assassin role - gather Heat before the gank, go in and burst an opponent. It also clearly gives opponents an opportunity window when he is at low Heat to engage before his full potential can be utilized. _ _The way I imagine it working is that each time he uses an ability he loses 25 heat and each time he auto attacks he loses little less. And each ability has potential enhanced effect that scales depending on percent of hear remaining - strongest when it's at 75% or more, medium when it is between 50 and 75% and weakest when it is at 25 to 50%. So for example his Q when used without any heat would just deal its base damage. Used at 100 Heat it would hit 3 additional times, for total of 90% more damage, used at 50 it would hit 2 additional times for 60% bonus damage and at 25 there would be just one additional hit for 30% of base damage. _ **Q - "Disembowel"** [Community Champion] lashes viciously at an opponent with the claws of his right hand, dealing physical damage. If target is marked by "You shall not evade me!" this ability gains additional range and becomes a dash. Heat Enhancement: "Disembowel" deals up to 3 additional hits, each dealing 30% of its base damage. _Explanation - This one is pretty straightforward, main damaging ability. Mechanically I imagine it being similar to Irelia's E, short ranged, single target, point and click spell. The dash against marked targets resolves the problem on getting onto targets, without introducing too much of a mobility creep. It has a strategic choice built in, since getting additional mobility sacrifices part of the damage (less Heat = less additional hits). It also introduces a window for the reaction from the opponent - if they see they are marked by W, they know that Q became a dash, so it is the best time to keep away from [Community Champion]_ **W - "You shall not evade me!"** Using his inhuman senses [Community Champion] marks one enemy as his next Target for X seconds. For the duration of the debuff [Community Champion] gains true sight on his Target and increased Movement Speed towards them. Heat Enhancement: [Community Champion] additionally gains % armor penetration against his Target, depending on the amount of Heat he has at the moment of casting. _Explanation - This one is inspired by his weird eyes. I assume he has a full set of superhuman sensory organs, that make him a great tracker and allow him to spot the weak spots in his target defense, as long as he focuses on them. Given how Heat dictates his playstyle it would also make a good set-up ability but also a decision point. Is it worth it to start with W? It helps to get onto his target and with Heat it grants certain damage bonus, but it obviously wouldn't be his main dps ability. I also think it would have functionality somewhat similar to a cross between new Evelynn's W and Rengar's ultimate - as a long range way to open the engagement. But instead of having a wind-up and crowd control component "You shall not evade me!" would help close the range._ _It also has an outplay element, since if used too soon it would warn the target, which could look for an escape._ **E - "Brutal Sweep"** [Community Champion] readies a powerful, sweeping attack slowing his movement speed for up to 1.5 seconds and than hitting every enemy in an arc in front of himself, dealing physical damage and slowing all hit enemies. Arc gets wider during the wind-up and the spell can be cast early to hit enemies in smaller arc for less damage. Heat Enhancement: [Community Champion] heals for a % of his missing health for each target hit, scaling with Heat remaining. _Explanation - Since I envision him as a jungler, he needs clearing and sustain. This ability provides both. Mechanically it works like a cross between Vi's Q and Camille's E - instead of getting longer range while held it instead gains larger area of effect. Heal would probably see most use in jungle, since it doesn't seem like a great ability to engage on champions with. The role in fights with champions is to provide [Community Champion] with a way of sticking to the target who survived the initial Q burst._ **R - "Right Hand of Doom"** [Community Champion] slams the ground in front of him unleashing demonic power in his right hand, knocking back and dealing physical damage to nearby enemies and immediately gaining maximum Heat. "Right Hand of Doom" deals bonus damage based on enemy % of missing health. _Explanation - His ultimate is an execute and "escape" rolled into one. Once he goes in on his target [Community Champion] lacks means of escape. Knockback comes to the rescue, potentially clearing an escape path. Recovered Heat allows for this ability to become a re-engage tool as well. Also, I really wanted something to do with his right arm because the name was just too good to pass up._ How is the kit supposed to work? During laning phase W into Q provides a potent ganking tool as long as the laner can provide at least some crowd control. The combo is mostly intended as a burst damage source with E as a follow up if target survives, both for damage and for slow. During ganks ultimate works sort of like Xin Zhao's - it can either execute or knock enemy towards your teammates. In teamfight the goal is to dive a high threat target, potentially with W into Q, execute with R and escape, covering your tracks with E. I can imagine that given enough cooldown reduction and good positioning he could go in on first target, expand his Heat to burst them, use R for disruption and try to burst another target with the Heat provided by ultimate.
I think it's funny that I had the same idea for W (true sight and gap closing), and for his E I had originally thought of the same, an aoe swipe of right hand to help jungle clearing and giving him some form of cc, I ended up changing that for a defensive ability though (which you said you had thought of as well). And the Q is pretty much the same for both of us, yours is more of a targetted ability while mine is an auto attack enhancer, but pretty much the same kit. I like your interpretation of the lizard though using heat, and your ultimate would be very visually impressive and be a very nice "High Moment" for him. So anyways, just wanted to say I liked your concept {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Community Champion Concept - Stage 2: Gameplay! (Closed for voting)
Okay, so to me when I think lizards, I think regenerating tail. So how about a regenerating bruiser ? That is the direction I'm going with. To be played top, or jungle. We have a character in league that doubles the value of crit items ({{champion:157}} ), So I'm thinking maybe he increases lifesteal from items ? Maybe not doubling it, It could also be a scaling effect, to make buying Doran's Blade not completely OP in laning phase with him. Like, increased by 10%/20%/30%/40% at levels 1/6/11/16, he would scale very well into the game, while not completely impossible to kill if ahead early. Sure the problem with this is a champion countered by grievous wounds ({{item:3076}} {{item:3123}} {{summoner:14}} ) is kind of meh. Not being able to fulfill his full fantasy ({{champion:266}} ) (I also think this increased lifesteal idea could be applied onto the Aatrox rework actually) So passive increases his lifesteal received from items. One ability down, four to go ! I'm also thinking, as a side note, that it would be cool to have a grievous wounds effect on one of his abilities, like "What you can do, I can do better!". Single target ability, making dueling him as a sustained damage lifestealer super annoying, you need to burst him down or bring more people to the party. I am kind of spitballing here, writing ideas as I have them. if his passive scales at levels 1/6/11/16, he could be shape shifter. Getting R at level 1, and the passive would be attached to Ulti passive passive. Not the direction I'm going, but if anyone is inspired by this, go ahead ! Looking at the character, one thing stands out, a characteristic shared with {{champion:23}} "My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm !" they both scream, while wailing at each other like auto attacking degenerates. Ahem, I'm getting distracted. So, right arm deals damage, what does the left arm do ? Maybe I'm a little inspired by FMA and Scar, one arm destroys, the other heals, defends, or maybe holds the enemy back while the right arm pummels them into the ground. Another aspect that stands out to me is his eyes. Looks like he would have good vision and tracking. Q : Auto attack enhancer, gains extra range and damage on the next 3 basic attacks, each enemy killed by these autos refund some of the cooldown of this ability. Maybe give back HP. W : When he sets his eye on an enemy champion, he marks them and gains true sight of them, after 1.5 seconds (or more, or less) he can jump to his marked target if they stay within range. (Could also apply on neutral monsters, to speed up jungle clear, but could induce missclicks). Could also reveal a zone, marking any enemy inside it and being able to jump onto any of them. He could use his right arm to propel himself off the ground. This gets him in range of basic attacking the enemy. E : Uses his left arm and cloak to protect himself and reduces incoming damage by x% for a short duration. He is unable to attack or cast spells or basic attack while this effect is active. Either a short duration, or the next x number of damaging effects. Can deactivate this effect early. This is to be able to resist to some burst, but also requires precise timing, and knowing when to sacrifice damage for survivability in a trade. R : Gets on all fours, and receives a sudden increase in speed. For the duration the ultimate is active, his basic attacks stun enemy champions until either he hits them with 2 more basic attacks, they get hit by his or his allies' abilities, or 1.5 seconds go by. Cooldown per champion for the stun, Don't know if he should be able to stun someone more than once in the duration of his ultimate. Maybe grant extra damage to champions recently stunned, could apply grievous wounds to fit whith the aforementioned idea of "What you can do, I can do better!" against similar type champions. Maybe add a passive that increases his lifesteal bonus by 10% per enemy champion nearby. So he would gain 90% lifesteal against 5 enemies (if he had 20% from {{item:3072}} , 15% from {{item:3812}} , 12% from {{item:3153}} , he would heal for approximately 80% of damage dealt, with {{item:3065}} and {{item:3139}} that would go up even higher). It could also be for each enemy disadvantage. 1v5 + 40% extra on his passive, 1v3 20%, 1v1 0%, 5v5 0% etc. Overall : We have a character that only fights with one arm. His basic attacks should only be using his right arm. (Or, another random idea : His left arm auto attacks deal less damage, let's say 90% of AD, while his right arm autos deal 120%, with his right arm going on "cooldown" for two autos or 10 seconds, whichever comes first. So he has to Right/left/left/right etc (which makes the total over three autos to be 100% of AD). And His Q, as I wrote it, would make him able to attack three times with his right arm in a row. (360% of AD in a short trade window, but if he has to auto 5 times it would be 540% of AD instead of 500%, so not an insane increase over a long trade, 8% increase for 5 autos but 20% increase for 3, so you would need to be smart and use your power window correctly). And while his ulti is active, his basic attacks on people he has stunned is increased to Right arm damage.) ^ Not for my version, but again, free for anyone else to take ! So, a champion who is basic attack based, with two gap closers, one of which is on his ultimate. He will be able to sustain through long fights with his increased lifesteal, but vulnerable through short, bursty trades (which is why that last idea of reducing his damage in long trades is not suited to my concept). Would be good in a splitpushing 1v1 style, but could also be a good ganker with his W and R utility as a jungler. Would also bring utility and disruption, with the ability to stun champions with the force of his massive right arm, to teamfights. He has no escape though, and could get easily kited. The true sight on W would also be useful against camouflage users. This may be on the simple side of champion design, no super flashy mechanics, but would have very specific power windows, with E being able to counterplay some of the burst he would be vulnerable to, Q augmenting his power for a short duration. But in my mind not every new champion has to be revolutionary, just needs to be fun to play, and to play against. Well there's my idea ! Do with it what you will !
Shotall (EUNE)
: "Players issued a ban of 7 days or more after Aug 22nd, 23:59 Pacific Time." Again with this absolutely unfair bullsh*t logic. You can be as toxic as you want and get a chat restriction all year long; but if you get it in the last month or you, you are grounded forever. When will Riot stop fuc*ing treating players like this and just punishing ppl like that?
The rule didn't exist before then. They can't say "Oh yeah, we made up this rule, and if you've broken it before we made it then too bad for you". Riot is fair. It's an incentive to not be toxic, and if you didn't know what you had to lose by doing so, they'll give you another chance. Don't complain because you broke the rule. You knew about the punishment and didn't care enough to reform. It's your bad, not Ritos
: Champion recommendations.
Everyone is telling you to play easy champions, I disagree. You'll get bored probably. For me you need to feel like you outplayed people in order to make you feel good about what you're doing. So sure, you can't start with most mechanically difficult champions. For top lane : I feel like Darius, Illaoi, Shen, Jarvan are a bunch of fun. Not just faceroll champions, champions that need good execution but are not too mechanically challenging. And there's a lot of outplay potential there, like Shen Taunt and flashing mid taunt to change direction, extend the length of the dash. Darius with the reset mechanic on the R... Etc. Sure they might be a little expensive for a beginner, but look for them on the free champion list. Jungle : I really liked Vi when I was new to the game. On the simple side, but really fun and and satisfying to play. Again, simple mechanics like the flash during your Q feels really good to do. Jarvan again, Gragas... Mid lane : I'm a mid main, so I might be super biased. I love one shotting people. Lux was my first champion played, Hitting the skillshots, again, it just feels good. Twisted Fate is good for the roaming aspect, you can get to every fight you see with his ultimate. Ahri, Veigar, Syndra. Not too hard, but satisfying to play because they do have some mechanics that feel good pulling off. ADC : Any of them. Stay away from Draven, Kalista, Vayne that could be a little difficult for a beginner. Ezreal is my favorite personnally. Safe, mobile, and the skillshots are still satisfying when you hit them. Support : That just really depends on what you want. Do you want to be the healer that keeps your carries from dying, or the reason for the death of the enemy carries ? Just look at what each support does, and decide on what you like best. I think that a lot of people disregard how much fun it is to hit a skillshot, but I think it feels great, you shoot your spell, you watch it travel towards your target, and then it hits. Or doesn't. In any case, you felt something while it was flying. So skillshot champions are just as fun to me as combo champions. It's up to you to decide which style you prefer. Well, there you go ! Hope this helps ! See you on the rift ! GLHF
BaIor (EUW)
: Steel legion lux is broken af?
That link is over 2 years old. Most of these skins have been tweaked because they were, indeed, impacting champion winrates. Justicar Syndra was not allowed to be played in competitive because of it. But Riot have tweaked the skins since, and they should now all be correct
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: 25 game chat ban after losing temper in a SINGLE game...?
> [{quoted}](name=Anniehilat0r,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Z0y5HJWO,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-10-16T20:45:41.581+0000) > I was receiving HONORS from teammates many times including during my chat ban If you were chat banned, looks like you already had your warning, were punished, and when the ban lifted, you went back at it again. Deserved.
: Wasn't there going to be a reward for geting to gold in flex by playing solo
There's the Victorious Graves Chroma that you'll get, that you would not have gotten if you had only played in soloQ
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: CS practice tool
This is litterally coming out within the next month. You can freeze your xp at lvl 1, can make turrets invulnerable so the waves will never push
Scüffed (EUW)
: DreadNova GangPlank Bug
Please note that this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU USE Q. Wether or not it kills the target, wether it's on a minion or a keg. Super frustrating to see a nice skin, buy it, works fine, patch 7.2 comes out, and for some reason your new skin is broken...
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Elijen (EUW)
: I am Bronze 4 after winning 8/10 placements.
You compare winning games in bronze to a coin toss : well if you look at winrates, I climbed from bronze 5 to Silver 2 with à 52% winrate over 250 games, so litterally losing 1 out of 2 games still makes you climb. Just play, 5 games a week really isn't that much. If you play consistently well and manage to have a slightly higher than 50% winrate you can climb out of elo hell, just don't tilt, every game is winnable, trust yourself to be able to hard carry. It doesn't matter if bot is 0/10, you are a good player, and you can carry. That is the mentality that will make you win more games.
: Champion Select Bug
I had the same thing happen to me. I click on the champ, there's a spinning wheel on them, and I can't click the ban button, next game, after the 5 minute dodge penalty, I can ban fine, but can't pick my champ... So here goes 15 minutes
Vianci (EUNE)
: I'm not im my club for a while... somehow...
I have the same issue, it used to be that if I launched the old client I could still access club functions, now though I just can't have access to the club I created, in which friends of mine are.
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Maíko (EUW)
: We have: Midlane --> Lux ADC --> Ezreal Support --> Sona The next 2 Ultimates will be for Jungle and Top.
Udyr has one as well, so next will be top. Based off popularity I'd say Yasuo.
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rogama25 (EUW)
: Friends' match history not loading?
Same, and the champion on my profile background is also a champion that I have never played, and two friends of mine see different champs than the one I'm seeing (either my most played champ, or the champ I've played most recently).
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