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: Greetings Summoner, Sadly, this is an issue we can't assist you with on the Boards. We suggest you [submit a ticket]( to Player Support. They'll be able to further assist you with this issue.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: I think changing your name would be beneficial.
well im not gonna pay for it , that's for sure
: account suspended till 16th august but it doesnt state why
: that's actually the first time that I heard about a suspension of that length: usually is either 2 weeks or permanent, not X months long, wtf
: I sense a troll post lol
no, im serious. I m gonna post a screenshot
: not sure but maybe that name has something to do with it?
but why it doesnt say anything about it? also it is F 0 (zero) K
lycann1 (EUNE)
: what it says when u try to log in
It just gives me a message that the account is suspended till 16th of august 2018 and for more information to go to
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