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PepijndM (EUW)
: Nice. My experience with Allistar in ARAM is: - Knock their ADC into your team - Your team barely responds - Their ADC goes down but takes someone with him - You are still inside their team and cause disruption with Ult - Deal no fcking damage at all - Their team murders your team, nothing you can do (Q,W on cooldown) - Urgot is more mobile then you are - Get kited till ult is popped - Die - ...? - Profit - Win somehow with 0/8/200 PS: nice name lol
Hahaha thanls and idont know. i think its the low elo xD im only silver 1 maybe thats the reason why i went so good that one game :)
SacredLie (EUNE)
: All game i was wondering what that long blue line was all the time... Then i realized oh...!
Dont get it? XD
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: My friend made a little montage, can u guys check him out and give him some feedback maybe?
: just Alistar things
LOL i made a alistar video to yesterday LOL

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