Mauro 64 (EUW)
: How many times you die per game? One thing is getting camped and other is not having an inch of map awareness. Let me present you this awesome item ->{{item:3340}}
even if the wave was at my side(right outside my tower range) the jungler came top and xin literally came top 3 times in under 5 minutes
Leto GT (EUW)
: nasus requires some serious wave management. You really need to practice your freezing.
well i have no idea about wave management at all
: Well, that's one of the ways how to shut down nasus. What you just want to be left alone, farm and win for free? Early game is Nasus' only weakness. Learn to address it if you want to main him. Nasus farms well under tower, so let them push you in and enjoy your stacks. Keep an eye on jungle. I mean know where he is at all times. Bot lane was late to lane at start, expect gank at 3 minutes. Top was late and enemy has early game jungler(Panth?), they might try lvl 2 gank, so play safe. Some of the better jungler will try to inform teammates, so keep an eye on pings. try to improve yourself and become a better player instead of lashing out and crying. Good Luck!
i will thanks for the reply its just when i farm under tower wth him i usually miss like 2-3 cs in a wave of 6 and thats bad but it might just be and my bronze head that needs to learn wave management :/
: Nasus just is a victim early and a beast late. That is his counter play that you shit on him early. There are strategies against getting camped but it won't change Nasus weak early game. Obviously the first tip is don't have the lane pushing into your enemy at 2 minutes when the enemy jungler started on your side or 2:30-2:40 if he started on the other. That way you already dodge the very first oportunity for the enemy. It's good to place a ward around that time as well. Also keep in mind return ganks. It's so easy to kill a flashless toplaner a second time when he makes a greedy tp back to lane after you ganked him once. Actually I'm more of a jungler than a laner so I hope someone with more advice can help you.
Basically me too, i main jungle but i wanna get to know him better cause i wanna learn how to cs cause im not a strong laner so i wanna learn now that i cs sh#t i could use hm to practice
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: > [{quoted}](name=FCFOF,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rdLA7ToT,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-07-05T13:13:28.094+0000) > > True its Rito we are talking about... have you seen pyke's ult Which you can dodge. AP Trist 100-0'd people with pure point and click. And DFG literally forced the balance of an entire class of champions because of how strong it was.
DFG on rengar top think about that
: > [{quoted}](name=Mega mowark,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rdLA7ToT,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-05T13:04:16.246+0000) > > please riot revert tristana and bring back death fire grasp please {{sticker:sg-janna}} Because who needs anything resembling balance, right?
True its Rito we are talking about... have you seen pyke's ult
Mauro 64 (EUW)
: AD always. consider the ap scalings like a luxury stat when you get baron and such don't build around them. If you wana try something diferent with Tristana try the hail of blades rune with her and build lethality you can stack the E almost instanly. {{item:3134}} Although if you are new I would stick with the recommended items for now.
Im thinking going rageblade and then ghostblade and the swtormrazor but i dont know i'll tryh out the build this game im going into
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: who told you that? she was strong ap in seaosn 5 this is season 8
I just saw a good midlane tristana qshotting with ap items
WøOxer (EUW)
: Tristana is played AD as Marksman (Bot lane).
i know but it might just be in thte midlane she is strong with ap
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: She is an ATTACK DAMAGE CARRY it's not that hard to understand.
yeah but i see alot of ppl saying that ap is better but i think that might be in the midlane am i right?
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Hajrulla (EUW)
: tryndamere for ever.
EW im joking btw i do care about him in my heart but i never really got good at him cause i never really gave him a chance i always just played him half awake and stuff
: {{champion:121}} {{champion:76}}
i have been thinking of khazix and i do play him he is just way to 1shotty like if you miss your combo you are dead rengo can evade that mistake but i dont feel khazix can do it but thats probably just me being bad
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