Cypherous (EUW)
: People actually use these tabs? I just type the name of the champ i'm looking for in to the search box
Im sure someone is grateful for your input.
BugDream (EUW)
: Runes preset pages vanish 3rd time this month
Having the same issue, I've lost count on how many times it happened already. Im not quick with setting up masteries and neither is my laptop, so playing blind pick is pretty hard if I have to quickly set up masteries in 20 seconds or less. Im trying to just modify one page but it's getting deleted anyway so I have to often make a new one. Im attempting a repair now that the login issues stopped me from playing at all.
And the game needs a tool in the client to help find premades quicker and better. That's the idea. To hunt achivements with Premades, and leave those who want to play for fun with randoms alone.
: > This game needs a Looking For Group tool Buddy. You're here! This is it! It's the boards. Now stop complaining. WAIT A SECOND? WHAT'S THAT? It's... A place to look for teammates
Thank you for your condescending reply Pal. But creating forum posts each time I want to start a game is not something I had in mind. What I want is a tool in the client, where I can list my party, where I want to do one game with 5 yasuos on onslaught, people who want to play all yasuo on onslaught click join, the group fills within 5 minutes, we win or die. Then either invite them again or move on to make another party with new players. For PvP it's just as useful, I want an off-meta team comp, I want to find a thresh withing a certain rank requirement for my ad sion botlane. What I want is someone competent to join my party and say "hi" and we start. What i dont want, is wait a whole afternoon to find one guy who's silver but identifies as challenger.
Rioter Comments
: Cadet not unlocking, augments don't work, missions don't work. Waste of time.
Yikes, the passive-aggressive meta is here to stay.
Sieptium (EUW)
: Checking it now.. And yea. Same issue. Actually, it works now. All the augment slots are just locked. Am I supposed to level up my champions or what?
Oi, check your mission tab. You unlock augment slots through missions.
Smerk (EUW)
: It also won't work, Riot specifically designed system in a way that prevents such exploits
Of course it does, a premade honor is worth half of the honor from a random teammate. People used to farm honor this way when the star guardian game mode was out, you could start the game and surrender right away. Btw bring back that mode, was fun.
Have a similar "problem" with Kata, but for people really dedicated to a champion who get their main reworked losing all mastery progress is just adding salt to injury. Have mercy. Except for when you rework Yasuo, just remove everything, the champion too.
IuStrenght (EUNE)
: Honor Level 1. Is there a chance to get honor level 2 in one month?
Im not saying you should get 4 premades and rush through bot games and have them honour you. I mean that would be exploiting the system. We don't want that. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Jogovi (EUW)
: Trouble logging in
Took me some attempts, but I made it work, just try repairing the client until its k
Akaly main (EUNE)
: what do you guys think about new akali?
Very fun. The old kit felt kind of broken because she was either one shotting everyone within vision range or completely useless, kind of a stat check champion. Now she actually has room for outplaying your opponent even when behind, but doesnt just pounce on you whenever you're near because she now actually has cooldowns and has to land abilities. Riot's been doing that to champions for a while now, I guess it's best this way. If they remove Yasuo from the game, League is back on track.
Rioter Comments
: ADC meta is dead
And thank lord. We're going back to adc mid and bruiser botlane. only OGs will feel at home.
dattista (EUW)
: stop with the "give us urf back"
Dont tell me what to want. Bring URF back, actual URF, not the all random bs.
Kurbeh (EUW)
: The new Aatrox Splashart makes it look like he is wearing lipstick
Aatrox has D!cksucking lips even before the rework, so dont shame him now.
: 140 CHAMPIONS in League , BUT ...
There's now very few, if any, champions that are considered a troll pick and 100% no viable, you can play whatever you want as long as you play them in a role they're acceptable in. If you wanna play lulu, play her support, even top or mid, but you decide to go jungle and moan that only 20 champions are playable cause meta. Every champion is viable if you can play it well.
: Octopus / Squid Amumu :D
Great design, Rito hire this man.


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