AlvakJcY (EUW)
: and fix the fps issue that came with tft, from always having about 140fps now having micro laggs and 45-60fps mid/late game
TFT is the reason riot stopped caring about the actual game. That shit company was already losing their minds, but that shitty rng card is what did them the final step of reaching full %%%%%%ed
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BigSlimS (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=FF20 Marshmallow,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=toR0u76d,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-18T09:39:22.601+0000) > > found out about surrender at 15 earlier today, when i had a afk at minute 12. the 3 remaining people in my team pressed no, so i was forced to sit out a 40 min ranked game.. which we still lost btw. You got hell of a name to comment here
yea, i need to change my name to FF15 Marshmallow, sadly doesn't sound as nice.
: What does the knockback have to do with anything? That's not what they targeted, they targeted the duration of Emperor's Divide. Which has nothing to do with it's displacement
you want to zone half a team away from their carries for 7 seconds in a teamfight? that's a little OP don't you think?
Febos (EUW)
: What do you mean "average"? Are you talking about Silver and Bronze as "being better", because if you are then you're wrong.
bronze and silver are not average. gold/plat is average.
: Mute Ping & 15 Minute Surrender
found out about surrender at 15 earlier today, when i had a afk at minute 12. the 3 remaining people in my team pressed no, so i was forced to sit out a 40 min ranked game.. which we still lost btw.
Applekami (EUW)
: Can we ban these two accounts?
I find that Wukong game (Fawellenet) the most amazing one of all. Urgot did the most damage there with 2.4k in 13 mins, bet all 5 of them were bots
: They lowered the duration of Azir's wall because it was an interference in teamfights, yet Yasuo can have a BASIC spell that creates a huge blockage for any projectile for almost 4 sec! I'd make it cost flow as well, together with his 3rd q. Giving him some sort of resource management actually makes playing against him more interactive.
well.. a 3 second wall you can't pass through and can push a entire frontline away from a backline when played well vs a 3,75 second wall that only blocks projectile abilities.
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: No, you wouldn't want longer queues... stop spewing this bull
I never had a queue time longer than 5 minutes in teambuilder when i still mained top/adc tbh.
: Couldn't agree more, what's more frustrating is when someone dodges at the last second and you have to wait 5min again in queue and then hope someone doesn't dodge again so you can finally get in game. Plus the chance getting a good game now is less than 50%, you need 2 hours minimum to play 2 - 3 games of league hoping one of them will be fun. Riot is also planning to add a report system during champion select which will make things worse. They should seriously consider reducing the timers in champion select so getting in game would be faster, instead of having to browse the internet during champion select because it takes too long.
The thing is, they made the timer that amount of time so a person can actually think about what he will play. so you can think of a champ that will both benefit your lane and your team, instead of locking in the champ you chose to play before the champ-select even started.
: humm i find rankeds and normals to be the same kind of fiesta... but on normals i dont tilt as much since i dont care if i win or lose xD i just did a ranked flex game (silver-gold elo) game where my adc sucked balls... this ezreal couldnt farm at all... missing all the Qs and letting minions die instead of last hitting them, he ate all the poke from soraka and jhin (yes max range soraka Qs and all the jhins E(?) )... and to have a better idea on how bad he was... 32 min game... 124 cs 16k dmg to champions... besides me on support, the least on our team was... the feeding illaoi top with 165 cs and 21k dmg... but me and my duo partner (jungle) managed to win bot ... and ezreal proceeded to... well... not feeding and getting carried xD... our LB crushed ekko mid, and our illaoi fed top shen xD but we won 4/5 roles so... poor shen got tilted from the face of the earth...
xD well i don't really care about a win or loss either, just focusing on improvement. even if i lose the game cause of my fault
: i just play until i get gold V xd i dont really care about climbing ... i just want the end of the year rewards ahaha
I don't really care either, but normal games are generally even harder stomps. i play ranked for the challenge, not really for the rank xD
: i know the feeling bro ... but what he is descibing in plat isnt much different from the other divisions below ... either stomp or get stomped ... there isnt a in between ...
Indeed, i think he means that you just need luck to get a decent team. for example, i'm only a silver scrub (i think this is where i should be in my opinion), sometimes i get 20 winstreaks out of nowhere cause of team just playing well and i'm not feeding. got to gold 3 once, while i totally don't deserve it. but then i get a giant loss streak right after and got back to silver 1. that's pretty much how it goes each season for me
: Tbh I just think that riot should award a small amount of additional xp/ip for queuing for unpopular roles. I think it'd help the autofill problem to some degree. Sure if this was implemented the community would briefly be plagued by terrible supports, but over time more people would learn the support role.
Or just award IP per tower killed, per ally saved from death, per assist, per dragon taken. Just for people to get awarded for taking objectives in the game rather than just playing a upopular role. Not sure if that already is a thing, but for lower elo people who don't have all champs yet it could give them motivation to be more active in a game instead of just focusing on kills.
: Supports, please....
actually, a support being behind is not always useless cause all a support has to do is to bring peel and cc. even if they die fast, peeling a carry for a couple secs in a teamfight is still more than no peel in a teamfight. in case of a soraka or janna that applies even more. Even so, ~some random Support main
MadLife (EUW)
: FPS drops in latest patches. PLEASE RIOT NOTICE THIS.
hmm still running at 200fps on 4k, don't see a problem
: "Anal +" On LoL Client ? LoL
: You have to open the link. There is actually a sharp line where the background just stops. Rest is black.
you can always see that? don't need jhin ult for that, just hover your camera over that area
: Not at all. There is no rule forcing yout support into certain builds or taking no farm. Its 100% legit to play AP Supp without any supportive items. You can take farm aswell. If that is the most effective tactic you might discuss. But its allowed all the way. Edit: and tbh: its totally fine to take kills as support. Most AP supps outdamage their ADC for the first 20 mins in the game. And in a lot of matchups you can 1on2 stomp the botlane while your ADC has free farm. I playd a lot of Vel and Zyra supp on my main and me and my duopartner climbed like this to low plat for 3 seasons now. A dead ADC cant farm and if you buddy leaves the midgame with a 100cs lead you did a pretty good job as supp.
I honestly don't care at all if a support takes 99% of my kills, the thing that annoys me is how a support yasuo takes all my cs, leaving me at 40cs at 16 mins, that's also the time i got my beserkers greaves + bf sword and a dagger... at 16 mins...
: You can report him for griefing if he is not playing his assigned role. Support must have support base item and generally should avoid from taking the farm of the ADC in most situations.
oh he bought a relic shield and sold it first back for a vamp scepter, then continued inting
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > i never get feedback The feedback notice is intentionally designed to appear rarely for you. If Riot gave out this notification too often, people could start using that information to figure out how to avoid punishments. --- > people keeps acting like nothing They tend to act like nothing to deter you from reporting, because you start feeling like it's useless. There's plenty of people complaining here on boards for being banned for intentionally feeding, and they were banned thanks to player submitted reports. It's important to report unwanted behaviour, since it helps Riot develop their tools to improve them over time. The tools are based on machine learning, and it needs a constant flow of data in order to increase accuracy.
How to avoid a punishment when you int? how about not int. XD.
: Chat logs are recorded, if he confessed to intentional grief you can point that out in your report. I actually had a case like that yesterday when someone said "I troll" ... so I reported him for that and pointed out that he confessed to doing that in chat log or post-game chat.
inb4 you get a yasuo support taking all your CS, jumping into the enemy like a rambo and not saying a thing. what can you do? absolutely nothing.
: Either report them after the game or dodge. I remember Riot Lyte (no longer employed at Riot) once made a statement when role selection was first introduced that forcing yourself into another player's role without their consent would be a bannable offense. I think he added that in the report you should explain what the other player did. The way I see it is that if I have already locked in my role, I'd would dodge 99% of the time (1% for promos). If you dodge, you'll lose 3-5 LP, I think, though I could be wrong about the actual amount. Either way, it is far less then ~15+LP you would lose (depending on your MMR) if you play and lose. If they lock in before me, I'll fill their role because I can play any of the 5 roles and report them after the game regardless of whether we win or lose. And if I'm in my promos, I will ask my duo partner to dodge for me if I am playing with mine, or bite the bullet and play hoping for a miracle. It's really frustrating, but that's about all you can do.
if you dodge once its 3-5lp yes. but if you dodge twice on a single day cause of having the luck of running into people like this multiple times, the second time you lose 10LP, third time 20 LP. until you get low priority queue and still get -20 if you get matched with trolls like this.
Brentwood (EUW)
: God Fist Lee Sin dance moves!
that skin is not worth 1820rp at all lol
Dihan19 (EUW)
: Thresh main name
: > [{quoted}](name=Perilum,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zrGK5mVq,comment-id=00030001,timestamp=2016-12-11T12:05:39.216+0000) > > Vayne the tank buster with % health damage as true damage. > Nothing changed for Vayne against tanks. Are you saying that Tanks does not deal more damage than Vayne :D ?
Vayne can one shot a squishy and 5-6 shot a tank. what is your point?
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: ur name iss "ff20" and u expect me to believe in u? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: no one cares. no one will do this. its just dumb. ive dodged a few games myself because my team was flaming eachother in the pick, what was i suposed to do? go trough 30-60 min getting spammed bc my top didnt like my midlaner champ?
I rather spend 60 minutes with flamers than going through champ select 8 times in a row because 1 person dodges all the time.
: Thresh hook bug
Where's the bug? lmao
yoniame (EUNE)
: hmm, yeah maybel, but aps no longer have spellvamp which it was supposed to reduce, not sure which would be the proper algorythm for dot spells, and would be overly punishing for channeled ones like {{champion:34}} r, {{champion:9}} w, {{champion:90}} r, {{champion:30}} anything (lets not mention {{champion:55}}, she can go and fuck herself), and {{item:3065}} {{item:3102}} are already doing their jobs better than {{item:3110}} and {{item:3143}}
well.. Last whisper and voidstaff kill too much of that defence.. so what's the point of buying either of them? like 200MR goes down to 130 with a {{item:3135}} and then a {{item:3001}} increases their damage by 10% and then there's still the {{item:3089}} which increases AP by 35%. so your 200MR will feel like true damage late game, and no ADC will be able to afford 2/3 defensive items in their build if they want to be usefull... on the other hand {{item:3036}} has waaayy too much armor pen.. f.e. a 300 armor malphite will only have 165 effective armor against a adc. to be honest the tank meta was a good time, we should go back to then but they just need to nerf their base damages instead, it would be so more balanced than the game is now tbh
yoniame (EUNE)
: well it was just an example, mercurial is a high damage medium defense bonus utility item, zhonya is one of the 2 viable defense options for magicians, which can also leave you in deep shit if you try to use it during an escape, and lets enemyy instantkil you as soon as you thew out they are not the same, they even have slightly different purposes, discussing it wasn't the intention of the post,
But yea.. then we also need a AP alternative for {{item:3075}} I meanlike... AP champs do alot more damage with less resources than ADC's do..
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FF20 Marshmallow,realm=EUW,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=ZaizPvee,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2016-11-22T11:53:45.498+0000) > > Wasn't trolling but now i know i will write a nice complaint to riot. as I've signed up on 6 different accounts and didn't get access to alpha while my brother who barely plays did get it. so you get rewarded for being rewarded with a invite to alpha. that seems kinda unfair don't you think? i mean ofcourse you don't find it unfair. you did such "hard" work Maybe applying with 6 account's from the same IP was the problem ? ;) And no it's not unfair at all
My 2 brothers got access with the same IP
yoniame (EUNE)
: With Edge of night coming to game could we get an ap-ar alternative for Maw of Malmortus(+item idea)
Nope Mecurial isn't the same as zonyhas at all. mecurial removes CC, zonyha's can stop Zed ult, Fizz ult, stop 100% damage from kennen ult. Qss can't do that.
: >There is no icon. OK, you are probably trolling but I will take the bait. I didn't volunteer for the Alpha test for a reward. As you say, testing the client was reward in itself. However, Riot clearly said in [the last patch notes]( that there would be an icon for the testers. I was just wondering if anyone else had it yet.
Wasn't trolling but now i know i will write a nice complaint to riot. as I've signed up on 6 different accounts and didn't get access to alpha while my brother who barely plays did get it. so you get rewarded for being rewarded with a invite to alpha. that seems kinda unfair don't you think? i mean ofcourse you don't find it unfair. you did such "hard" work
: Alpha tester icon
There is no icon. your reward was being able to use the client before anyone else.
Okuma (EUNE)
: After playing quite the amount of games with bronzies in season 3, I can tell you right away that Bronze players are one of the worst when it comes to blaming others. They rarely accept the fact that they made a mistake and they'll rather put the blame on someone else. Plat players are also a big factor when it comes to being toxic. A lot of players in plat have the: "I'm getting close to diamond" attitude and they tend to try to solo carry games a lot. (Which won't work most of the time)
But there are always those bronze players who dont say anything and just stay focused on the game. they stomp plat players but can't get out of bronze duo to having such bad teammates that they aren't able to carry 1v9. Been there, done that. got out of bronze with sheer luck of having good teammates in my promos
: Bronze III to bronze I?
Your MMR is basically way higher then supposed to for your current rank, so they like you skip a tier.
: Let's talk about the new Alistar
3rd hard cc? he only has 2.
: Not sure why it's Ascension for the 2nd week in a row...1 week of that was enough but if you're really desperate to play it you can press the 'Launch Legacy Client' button on the bottom right of the new launcher bit (the screen where you input your account name and password) and hey presto, old client is yours to use
all game modes are gonna be 2 weeks in a row now. next 2 weeks we'll get one for all, after that nexus siege...................
Wex0r (EUW)
: in the new launcher before you log in, at the bottom on the right there is an option to launch legacy client
My legacy client is bugged ¬.¬ it automatically starts in korean and then get a error message that i can't close cause it just comes back -.-
: Lost LP on a /Remake
if you were afk, then you do lose lp on remake.
: OH GOD YES, AT LEAST SILVER5 IN FLEXIBLE. Thank you riot! 1 queue that I can eventually play with my friend once he reaches lvl 30.
The entire reason flex queue is cancer. getting matched with unrankeds against gold and plat.
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Pοpstar (EUW)
: Fitting names for Thresh and Ahri mains?
TrolerSK (EUNE)
: Still didnt get icon from alpha client do i still get it ??
: Tips for improvement + How do I switch back? bots?
if you open the client, in the login screen there's a button to launch legacy client. PS. you can change resolution of the client by clicking on the Gear icon next to exit button, right top. it's increase the size of client.
Daneel (EUNE)
: I don't think so. There is no reason to ba banned for. It's like saying that you can get banned if you are listening to music while playing league. So I'd say no, you should not have any problem.
Not really, it's more like. getting banned for using something that's in the game itself.
jwzjojo14 (EUW)
: sorry for the miss understanding
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