: 9 champion shards in return for just 1 skin? NAH MAN THATS A RIP OFF!! 3-5 for a skin sounds more reasonable. or how about we just get rid of blue essense altogether and make it all oranage based or maybe somehow be able to choose to re-roll champion shards for a skin, a random skin or else a skin for a champion of your choice for an extra 2 shards on top of the already 3-4
Well when you say it is a rip off you have to keep in mind that skins cost money so every skin you get is one skin riot wont be paid for. Thus I put the example a bit higher but in the end its riot's job to choose if anything like it will happen. I honestly felt my 9 to 1 example was in the low end as I had it in mind that skins are riot's way to make a profit. I just wanna see some use for the champion shards once you have all champions. I could even settle for rental skins for all I care.... I only wish to see a use for the shards.
: > For example a system that lets you re-roll champion shards into a random skin maybe? for example it could be on like a rate of 9 shards-> 1 random skin. Since if you got all champions you got no use for thousands of blue essence or a inventory filled with champion shards for that matter. Yeeaah, Champion shards to skins ain't gonna work. Something has to be paid in this game and gladly it is just cosmetics. No matter what the ratio is, the incentive to buy pretty skin will be phenomally low if you can just do a luck draw for free (Tears and sweat for the IP does not count) and eventually get a skin you want. Yes, the chances rare low, but it is free lottery in a sense. THOUGH, what could work.. Perhaps when rerolling champion shards, you have a rare chance of getting a rental skin. (2-3 days max?) thus ensuring that by simply playing alot you won't get all the skins (eventually)
Ye I could see a system like that working as well. For me its all about being able to do something with the shards. Rental skins would also work just as fine. Good to see someone leaving more suggestions as well.
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