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: My ticket for the competitive mod disappeared
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DeRoo (EUW)
: BotRK does percentage health damage. Plus an ADC that is fed is better going crit than armour pen. As they can melt tanks that way. The crit does more than the armour pen. Plus your recent game as karma has 1 health item with 250 armour. That's not enough health. Remember it's a multipler. 5hp x 5 armour = 25. 2hp x 8 armour = 16. See the difference? Obviously league maths has more variables, But the basic principle still applies. Having armour without health is like putting glass in a bulletproof vest. It'll still crack haha And this is all common knowledge pal. It's just basic maths. I don't know why you made a post about it, my 11 year old brother could figure this out
I had 3k HP? 3k hp + 250 armor Still botrk/jungler item AS, shouldn't be enoguh to melt tanks
Rismosch (EUW)
: {{item:3153}}
It doesn't give armor pen and the damage gets reduced by the 250 armor
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: What is the fun about being stunned from end of the world then getting oneshotted?
I don't really get riot, they reworked Master Yi Ap and Nidalee because champions shouldn't have just a spell that can be spammed to one hit you, and now they release Zoe
Zoe? Q 1.2k damage? Oh right rito is buffing her damage :^)
Terram (EUNE)
: The rune page is defaulting to Resolve the colussus every client reset
It's a sign form rito, YOU ALL NEED TO PLAY TANKS
: what?no!i think u are wrong here.any proof for your claim?
I play Kayn since the release LOL
: But there's a difference between flaming when you're 2/11, and flaming when you're 10/6 and your entire team has 0 kills between them {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I want tribunal back so badly just for this
Rondö (EUW)
: > 9 reports won't weight more than 1 does that completely bs btw
^This The system is automatic and it won't ban a person for getting 1-9 report for inting if he ints passively (as he dies on purpose but keeps farming and buying right item) But hey, let's ban a person that types "%%%%" in chat once
lolHiyoko (EUW)
: Are you sure it's not just because they are diffirent souls (ranged vs melee) it only shows what you have most of. If this isn't what's going on I'm sorry just tryna help :D
And they were all blue since I ganked bot (lulu+cait both ranged)
lolHiyoko (EUW)
: Are you sure it's not just because they are diffirent souls (ranged vs melee) it only shows what you have most of. If this isn't what's going on I'm sorry just tryna help :D
Kayn souls are mixed, it means it just matters the last soul you get for the form: I.E. You get 99% of the bar from meele champ, last one is blue, you unlock blue form
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: meh, even if you were a jungler main...with these new runes champs like lee and khazix are useless. the game now is ADC galore.
What? All the assassins can 1 hit the adc, Kha deals 2k damage just with Q-AA(Passive+dark harvest) Kayn can W-Q and kill an adc in his assassin form Evelynn W-E-Q Bye adc ?????????
Delícious (EUNE)
: Sudden win rate decrease
Welcome to Plat I, where I got 9 account perma because of that kind of people, enjoy your stay <3
FabieZ v2 (EUW)
: *Concern* ... *Inhales* ... boii
: and let's ignore the fact that vayne can refill her health with an auto attack now -_- considering how long they had to develop the new runes and make changes to the champions to compensate, they did a pretty shitty job. don't tell me that in six months (if not more) they couldn't notice that removing the attack speed cap or increasing all damage for adcs and give a small niche of champions free gold and items was a bad idea. and i'm not joking about vayne, i have witnesses. it happened in my last game, one second she was almost dead, the next she ulted and bam, full health and triple kill me (jungler) the support and the midlaner. all three of us stood in the fountain for a second to try and figure out what the hell happened. but apparently we are stupid for noticing this. we just complain and never adapt {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Ehm, that HP change to vayne never went live, the new vayne ult just refresh her duration with a kill
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: But it actually is preseason and you know it xD who even tries hard in preseason anyway? It's all about trying any weird idea crossing your mind and experimenting lmao. You mad?
because it count your MMR, lmao and if you do shit you actually will start with less MMR so in a lower elo LMAO
: i love how people defend the trolls in here it is amazing
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