: That's why I have a VERY hard time trusting the report system.
the report system is banning FLAMER ONLY everyone else will NEVER get punished. the reason is simple, the ban system is a fuckin bot, a bad mouth filter. thats it. trolls are immune in this social trash community
: Its what you get for being a toxic person. Hopefully you will not play League anymore. BB
you are just the type of degenerated mankind this world does not need.
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Rayz01 (EUW)
: The Most Unusual "I Quit LoL" Thread
is that noth korea... ?
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Neonchan (EUW)
: "lets compare Warrior and Devourer... Warrior (2625g) 60 AD 10% Cdr Sated Devourer (2450g) 60 Magic dmg on hit 40% attack speed 150% manareg + Phnatom hit (every 2nd hit triggers on hit effect twice)" stacking need on warriors 0 big monsters. stacking need on devourer 25 big monsters. So just comparing them by price and stats only is really really wrong.
there is so much wrong with your comment... first of all.....drake for example grants 5 stacks.....whats just redeicilous and even without without phantom hit, the gold efficiency of devourer is 172% and warrior 141% + the passiv its about ~200%.....thats way to much for a god damn jungle item.
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2Bibby (EUW)
: I feel the issue isn't devourer's power, but how it's not fun to play versus it. I'd much rather go against an early game Lee Sin or Elise than a Yi. Also, whenever you are up against a Devourer jungler you are way more dependant on your team. Should one fuck up and become a reliable source of gold for the Devourer jungler in terms of farm he can ruin it for your entire team, even if you gank and get 2 of your lanes ahead. You may ask "If you know he is going to gank that lane, why not counter gank?" Cause I don't want to camp for a dunce that clearly doesn't know the game enough to not be ganked by a 0 cc jungler. Especially if my mid and bot is doing well.
you dont need a slow if you are faster then everyone else.... and btw if you do some math you will see that devourer is way to goldefficient...
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L Xpecial (EUNE)
: 10+ minute Queues - Whats up with it?
Hello, iam RiotLyte,..... My science team just tested what you have written here. And we came to a conclusion that everything you say is shit. Bye
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: Even if yi free farms he will need 16 min to completete it (20 with the new pbe patch) 20 min for you to kill him take drakes/heralds and snowball the lanes(delaying his devourer even more)
i did ..... i killed him 3 times and took his jungle, and he still was stronger then me with just 2 items,...compared to my 3 .....
D1nzu (EUW)
: ***
nice answer bro..... your parents did a great work in parenting you...
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Pincu (EUNE)
: Yeah , tell me about season 1 :d
it was the best season..... medicre balanced and soloq was SOLOQ !!! there was no real weak champion.
Pincu (EUNE)
: What elo are you?....how many seasons you played?
iam playing since beta
Azure9861 (EUW)
: I can oneshot someone as Hybrid Shaco with a single E 25 minutes in. Just watch Pink Ward and Shaclone, combine their playstyles, watch every die painfully.
and what game was that.... ?
Pincu (EUNE)
: Shaco? But he's already good enough but there are just btter champions , it's not theyr fault because you're bad lol https://i.ytimg.com/vi/Ft-LOumBOlA/hqdefault.jpg
you dont do math mhm ?
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: > [{quoted}](name=MeProMeMid,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=UPIPbOpx,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-02-27T07:53:27.151+0000) > > Both are junglers that rely on burst :) graves is not completely burst ya know, also ktis are completely different, shaco assassion while graves is a marksman.
graves is no marksman......he is a ranged bruiser
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kauketsu (EUW)
: riot wanna balancin your bullshit game?
wanna learn some english ?
Nabzor (EUW)
: Explain me LUX please...
the reason why lux is super strong atm are the masterys.....the just one mastery...."thunderlords"
Faca4 (EUW)
: penalty for blamer !!
if i mute everyone ingame i wont be able to communicate with these dogs... so lose lose situation.
Megimu (EUW)
: Best junglers for low Elo Season 6
just pick the most broken champions: udyr, xin zhao, yi and jax. they scale sooooo fuckin well into mid/late its redicilous. and even in early (where they supposed to be "weaker", hey are strong)
: When they "weren't toxic"
ALLAHU AKBAR !!!!..............................BOOOOM !!!
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iTsRik (EUW)
Riot language : "If you wish to dispute the actions taken against your account, you may contact us via this link: http://support.riotgames.com " English: "Fuck off scrub, do you really we gave a shit about you?" __________ The only think you can do is so refund every you are able to refund. they wont ever unban any account, because its riot.....
: You build him bruiser/hybrid or he's weak. He may not be as weak as most other champions would, but he would still be weak.
build him full ap and he is a mres monster who can oneshot almost everyone. yeah bruiser/hybrid is the strongest one,.....but none of this builds is a weak build compared to normal builds from other champions.
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: Do people realize what "Intentional feeding" means?
ill report everyone for int feeding who is 0-8-0 because even if you get camped,...you cant go 0-8-0.... well you can if you give a shit.
Ysni (EUW)
: Game's current state
the current state of the game is.......frankensteins monster......a fuckin experiment.
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: You could had just muted and moved on. You choose the wrong path.
the wrong path would be to pay a murderer to assassinate him at sleep.
Rena (EUW)
: Why does that make you hate them?
its pretty simple they are deny any kind of "tips", if you tell them, bro buy this its better against that. he will answer "the guide says blaa bla".... or if they die alone in a lane 1n1, they will blame the jungler for not ganking. to keep it short: they think they dont make any mistakes, and are blaming everyone else for their mistakes, because they think they are doing it right.
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Perilum (EUW)
: Ranting for reports is harassment. Unsportsmanlike behavior. Next time I see you on the street I will comment about your looks and how I bad I think about you. Just because I dislike you on the first sight. Guess it's total normal for you and a proper communication. When you leave school some day and still act like a Teenager you will have many problems later in live. So long you get reported and excluded from social activities and society.
what kind of comparison is that wtf..... this is much better: next time i see you on the footballfield doing nothing, ill get rid of you. because dont enter a game if you are not willing to put any effort to win in !
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: Unbalanced game
This season is just shit..... the made way to many changes in a short period of time, and now its all mixed up, and you cant diagnose the why the season is so fuckin shit. its just all mixed up. Riot fucked up with the new items and buffin / reworking some champion. as far i remember they changed the base stats of almost every champion and reworked like 10 champions ?
: Well did you report those "friends" that are boosters? U know its nost just big red button that says "ban boosters". It takes long time to make investigation on someone and to collect evidence to prove that its "booster". As for bots, they also need to be reported to be investigated and punished. Community is less toxic and its obvious. I used to get cancer,ebola,aids,step on lego wishes every game. Every game i found out about 4-5 of my moms new lovers. Now it happens maybe once a week. Of course there are still salty players, but thats gonna always be like that. Salt=/= toxic. Also they are working on solo queue so u wont have to play with/against premades. And dynamic queue IS big success for everyone except players that can only play 1 role. I havent had intentional feeder and troll in weeks. I did have couple afkers, but in online gaming nothing can be done to prevent it.
the majority of toxic people is in low elo ..... and low elo is everything below dia well lets see....i just played a game..... the toplaner failed (facecheck) i got blamed because i cant read minds and have x-ray superman fuckin vision to countergank that.... but ofc its my fault.... this community just transformed into shit.
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: Things like these let me loose the hope
Hello iam Riot Lyte Iam THE head of riots social system, first of all.....iam master of philosophy so you can all suck, because IAM A SCIENTIST ! .....so my scientist team, myself included ofc researched your so told "trolls are not getting banned". our statistic says that you are talking bullshit, just because i say so, and i know best, ....science of PHILOSOPHY you know ?
: Lmao shaco is one of the beast early junglers. He can solo red buf and be lvl 2 waaaaay before anyone else.
wow......what elo are you ? gold ? because thats exatly what a silver/gold elo would say.....
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