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: its* And its very its not very accurate. Also there is no real way to tell if you willbe demoted or not, but you usually have 5 games of immunity so its impossible to be demoted right after being promoted.
The website I gave earlier is correct. They just have to choose in what region they play. I simply didn't bother looking at what server he's playing. Also, people who got promoted to a new tier won't demote even after 10 losses straight in a row. As it takes more games to lower your mmr to Division 5 of the tier below the current rank. The entire ranked system is based on mmr. And even though isn't representing the mmr well, it gives an estimate. Also I linked for the reason that he could look up the ranks of his teammates/enemys. Not for the mmr calculator on there. If he goes Solo Q then he will get matched with people with the same MMR (+-). If he get people with rank silver 3 in his team then that's the mmr he plays at. Since he should be in the team with people with rank Gold V mmr.
: >The website I linked shows only Plat+ (so no bronze, silver, gold). There's a reason I said Diamond+ uno. I can't begin to explain pickrate right now seeing as it is quite late and I'm tired. I will however explain Hextech Gunblade. Its synergy with her passive is perfect. Also since most of her offensive spells are single target spells, she gets the full spell vamp not a third of it. The active of it also helps in catching up to/slowing down enemies.
Yes, after only playing Akali for a few years I got that far myself.. Though I don't see how that is relevant to the statement you made earlier in which you stated that gunblade makes her unbalanced and reckless. And where you also insinuated that it simply wins you the game like some kind of wonder-item. Well it seems you made up your mind about it. So did I. I don't see a reason to continue this rather non-progressive conversation.
: Demotion?
You can only demote from Divsion V to Division I 75LP in the tier below if you hit the MMR of Division V in the tier below you current rank. So as an example: You are gold V 0LP, you will only demote to Silver I with 75LP the moment your MMR equals Silver V. Websites like give you a good idea of your MMR. You can also get an idea by looking up your own team/enemy team their ranks. If you are gold V but you get queued with people with the rank of Silver III or IV then your MMR is about the same. You will also earn less LP on a win and lose more LP on a loss then.
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: so what
You created nearly the exact topic. On that topic you can find opinions given before by other people from the community. Some which you can consider relevant, others less relevant. That's up to you.
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: [SUG] When there were 80 champions, bans were increased to 3, now we need 4. The End
: Seems you didn't see the low Pick rate so I'll ignore that first statement. In Diamond+, people actually buy pinks or OE to counter Akali OR they take champs like Annie, Orianna or Viktor who can still dmg her while she's shrouded. That's what discourages high elo players from picking her.
The website I linked shows only Plat+ (so no bronze, silver, gold). As for her pick rate.... your statement doesn't make any sense. The winrate is represented as a percentage, so is the pickrate. So wether it's 47% in 100 games or 47% in 1 000 000 games, it stays 47% of the games. The reason why she's not popular lately is correct the way you stated it. Though, it's not relevant to the subject at hand. We were talking about the the Hextech Gunblade. Which is also already a sidetrack to the subject of this topic.
: Nope. It makes Akali unbalanced and reckless. "Getting screwed in Lane? Get Gunblade and you win the game!"
Funny how she doesn't even get a winrate higher than 50% then. As the item is core to her build that would mean she'd win nearly every game.
: i personaly think even gunblade needs some changes since only akali gets it... might as well nameit "akalis gunblade"
Both the gunblade and Akali are fine in the position they are in.
: My idea for a new adc.
This would be too overpowered for an adc. And adc should rely on base hits to deal damage. The abilitys should help the adc out in various situations. Q: Twice the default range + crits?! That's a huge range to crit on. (And this is just an ability) W: The idea is creative, however AoE damage on an adc isn't a good call in general. E: Locked-On projectile... It won't happen. RIOT is already trying to make more abilitys skillshot-based. Otherwise there is a lack of counterplay. R: ~~Adrenaline Rush~~ -> **You mad?!** Movement speed buff to self.. okay... Cooldowns and stacking mechanics halfed?! By looking at the entire explanation you gave on the kit this adc will already accel at trades. The longer a fight takes the stronger this adc would get because of the stacks. With halfed stacks that would be overkill. And if you can throw abilitys twice as fast in between your base hits... no thank you. >>> Animation cancelling is now halfed?! <<< They try to make champions which can be counterplayed. They even rework champions to provide more counterplay. Think of Akali her kit (Shroud vs pink wards, etc) Animations are important in the counterplay. This should never be part of a kit on purpose. The idea might be good, but it's far from what a champion should look like. (Also, this post is rather negative, none the less, nice try on making a new champion)
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: Leaver Buster For Servers problem...
I'm not sure if I understand it correctly since you state it as "remove my Leaver Buster". But I assume you are placed into a Lower Priority Queue. Either way you only get placed into those queue if you continue to disconnect from games or go AFK. Not for this 1 game.. Otherwise a huge part of the communtiy would get it. Also: > The first time a player leaves a game, they’ll see a pop-up explaining that leaving is not okay and then have to manually agree to not leave future games. If they continue to ruin other players’ experiences, they’ll enter lower-priority matchmaking for a number of games. While in low priority queue, players will experience queue times that are 5, 10, even 20 minutes longer than a player who hasn't left games. Source: [](
Rioter Comments
: Damn you guys take MMR boosting seriously. Not saying it's a bad thing that you do but I never tought it'd be this much of a priority for you.
Here is the thing, I like to play League pretty serious. I got several accounts and some people I know are boostedpretty heavily. Season 3 Silver, Season 4 Master Tier is not something you simply achieve in a short time. I don't say people can't climb strong and high but some things are obvious. Also, my post earlier was more pointed towards Rioters, also for other topics, not related to this one. They make huge posts but don't give us any further feedback on it. They state they do something and then we don't hear a thing for weeks.
: MMR Boosting Punishments for the 2015 Season
Hi, I've been following this topic for over 2 weeks now. Could we please get an **update from a Rioter** what progress was made so far? Have people been banned so far? Was this effective? Or _is it just a stunt to boost our sympathy towards you RIOT_? This may sound rather harsh, but making a huge topic like this it would be nice if you actually continue giving feedback on it. Instead of 3 reports containing a Fistbump, a quote and a comment where you state you're asleep. Towards players: Please upvote this in order to get a Rioter to see this and actually respond to us with whatever progress was made in this matter.
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: Skipping leagues
> In very rare occasions, it's possible to be promoted twice after one Series, due to having a high MMR. For instance, someone in Gold V that duo queues often with his/her friend in Platinum III might have an unusually high MMR due to the players that he/she is matched against. As a result, his/her MMR may be 1 or 2 divisions higher than the average MMR of their current division. After winning their Promotion Series, there is a possibility that he/she may be promoted twice. Dodging queues may also, to a smaller degree, affect the difference between your MMR and LP (-3LP per first dodge of the day, -10 thereafter). > > As of Season 4, it is possible, however rare, to skip promotional series. You will need to have an MMR one tier higher than your current placement. For example, if you are Gold V, so long as your MMR is Platinum IV or higher, you will instantly be promoted upon reaching 100LP. It is possible to skip divisions along side skipping promotional series.
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: I really like the pet thing, but it can add confusion like : "is it devourer ?" But perhaps more items with a pet, like {{item:3041}} and {{item:3141}} having a pet growing as you stack... It would lower my winrate significantly but i'll buy those every game x)
It's sad how people link these items with a lower winrate. These are situational items and should only be bought to snowball when you already do great or when you're sure you won't die.
: Ranked restrictions
I wonder why you don't simply dodge and get another team. Obviously it already started at champ select.
: What to do in solo queue when you don't get your preferred lanes?
I suggest you dodge in Champion Select if you don't get the preferred lane. That's at least what I do. I play only Akali on my account. Meaning that the only 2lanes I can play are Mid and Top. (Face it, you simply don't play her competitive on other lanes/roles). Dodging/leaving in Champion Select costs you the following: 1. First Dodge = 6Min Queue Ban and -3LP 2. Every Dodge you make after that within 24 hours costs you 30Min Queue Ban and -10LP Now, you said you wanted to improve your mmr. Well, this is the perfect way. Dodging, even at the cost of LP loss does NOT affect your MMR. I can back this up as I tested it out last season. Remember the constant Akali ban? Well, I dodged every time, at some point I had -43LP (So a negative standing). Though, I did not get demoted, which means that my MMR was not affected by my dodges. Do know though that dodging in series/promotions will count as a loss. (Not in the first 10 placement matches) Also, by dodging in champion select you do nothing wrong. You get "punished for leaving" as you waste people their time here. But on the other hand, it's effective in a lot of situations. 1. I look up my teammates, if they got low winrates, left recent games or troll ranked games I leave. 2. If we got a horrible team comp. 3. If people already state that they will troll in game while we are in champion select. 4. etc etc etc


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