SlothSex (EUW)
: Incompetent Riot employee spreading misinformation? Systems broken? How can we trust Riot?
Have you seen how many bugs are in the game, or the client? Do you honestly believe any Riot systems are any different? Of course they aren't, Riot never was and never will be willing to pay competent engineers to develop and maintain their system. SW developed by Riot is poorly made in the first place, and it's support is dead after it's being released. And don't expect competent answer from Riot support, 99% of them are not even Riot employees in the first place.
: Continually disconnecting from chat ?
Cannot even login anymore.
: You are not in a position to say, nor am I to be honest but none the less it is the lesser of two evils to say it going to take a few hours if you are not sure the fix can be minutes rather than string your clients along for a lengthy ride, bore clients can exercise thier active imaginations and make up far more worse reasons for the failure than straight up answers... I would rather say we messed up and the game is down for 8 hours than let my clients guess for 8 hours.
That's what one does for scheduled actions. When it comes to unscheduled downtime, rule no1 is don't promise anything.
: Not usually, a restart is expected to resolve issue quickly as it is deemed a issue with the software not loading in correctly after a patch, you restart to clear the memory.. or there was physical reasons, like the HDD failing but in any business there should be some RAID involved in a real time scenerio, which should be easy to replace the HDD and build the RAID back up. Software issues means a longer time to fix the code, test and then publish it. In either case it should be plausable to at least inform the players it will take minutes or hours.
Unfortunately it's not that simple
: You have a status screen, so can we have a status ?
Nobody really ever states what is the cause of the issues. And there is a status. > The platform is currently unavailable while we perform emergency maintenance. Essentially it means that they are going to restart the platform, which means few hours downtime.
De Crazy (EUW)
: Stop Kicking me in and out Riot technician / Eambo you will now hacked / DDos EUW Server
I'm not an expert on the topic, but does not DDoS of EUW make it even harder for you to get in? Isn't that kinda opposite of what you want in the first place?
cooljo99 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fajerk,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=LxJPmX7E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-30T19:19:27.964+0000) > > I'm pretty sure they have been trying to work out the issue the whole time. > > Shutting stuff down is usually solution of last resort when it comes to servers. The servers should be fixed once and for all... nice all those new game modes but man, how can a company keep screwing up time after time! And that at the same issues!
Since I do have direct knowledge of their server infrastructure I can only make assumptions. And I would assume that the problem isn't simple. It seems that they have a bottleneck somewhere in the system, whenever it is only one particular or multiple services would be the question. Depending on what is is, it could be relatively simple thing as beefing up system resources, or it could also require completely rewriting given service with new batch of HW to top it off. And most likely it will be more of a latter type of issue, which would also mean several millions and months of time investment. Whenever Riot is willing to make that gamble is a whole new question...
: Emergency maintance
Most likely turning stuff off and on again.
cooljo99 (EUW)
: Now you gonna fix the server?? WHAT!? after how many HOURS
I'm pretty sure they have been trying to work out the issue the whole time. Shutting stuff down is usually solution of last resort when it comes to servers.
Dkiddeh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Fajerk,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=KMkM27ej,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-30T18:23:40.992+0000) > > Since its weekend, they probably have very few people in the office at this time. And judging by the shit that is going down, they have more important things to pay attention to than communication. > > One would expect that Riot will act according to the size of their company, but they will not, they never did. I'd disagree, rioters back then would even invest private time to communicate to the boards/forums back then. For a long while riot delivered good communication, i would say between season 1 and 2 it was meh, season 3 till about season 6 they did have alot of activity on the boards, which was really positive to see.. but ever since, it has been going downhill again when it comes to communication. Specially with downtimes like these, they are really slow to react to it when it comes to communication so we know what's up.. I've been here since season 1. Last few years it has been going down hill again.. I just miss some people from back in the day who would at least try to communicate with us players.
I don't think that regular employees really can say anything nowadays, corporate culture is a thing, But I do agree that official channels are real shit, server status says that they are investigating people stuck in login queue, meanwhile matchmaking is completely down, game creation does not work and people get stuck in ghost games. Login queue is not even actual issue, the reason it exists is that other things are broken and people re-log hoping that it fixes it. It's actually stupid that Riot does not acknowledge the extent of their issues in server status. Some people might genuinely think that the issue is on their end and they only extend unnecessary login queue. But sure, they really can't know. That's why I said one would expect Riot to according to their status. Unfortunately any time we got any relevant info, it comes from unofficial side channel provided by some employee who probably shares more than he should. Edit: speaking of the devil, after over an hour they put up platform maintenance notification...
: Back in those days where PCs were not mandatory... what an illusion.
It's actually funny that the game is still in those days. To this day it is designed to run on a 2 core CPU with max 2GB of RAM, which is still worse spec than 15yo office PC I encounter at work. And if not for the heavy client, the game its self would run on even bigger crap.
Dkiddeh (EUW)
: Starting to miss Riot Ymir. Back in the day Red's would actually put some efford in the boards, so we'd be updated from time to time, or they would reply to anything in general.. Not? 3 days if inactivity at riot's end.. Sad really
Since its weekend, they probably have very few people in the office at this time. And judging by the shit that is going down, they have more important things to pay attention to than communication. One would expect that Riot will act according to the size of their company, but they will not, they never did.
Rioter Comments
: How do i find the chat logs of someone who has blocked me.
You can't. Also Riot does not care about private chat because IFS does not check that.
: Will we be able to get rewards only watching LEC or also other series?
It works for any global league supported by the site. As long as LCK gets broadcast on it will work. And LCK should be there.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What can you do as an ADC when both of your solo laners lose their lanes?
: Language barrier on EUW
Personally I wish that there was an option to not queue with french ppl, they 100% flame every game and very rarely play above intermediate bot level. And even if they can play well, they still %%%% up everything with their flame. But I definitely would not feel bad for some random french guy flaming you. There are millions like him, but you are one and unique, thus you are way more precious than he will ever be and anything he claims can be dismissed without further though.
: Explanation about working of new placement and LP gain/losses after new patch
It actually does make a sense if you think of it from tier perspective. Previously there was in total 27 divisions (5*5+2). Now it is still 27 but sorted differently (4*6+3). So your old rank was Silver 5, which is 6/27 tiers. Your new is Bronze 1 which is 8/27. In terms of divisions you actually climbed. This would also explain why you lose more LP than gain, because you MMR would be 2 divisions lower than your current rank. And if you would get straight silver 4, it would be even worse for you. If it was just tier for tier, you would have gotten Bronze 3 (6/27 divisions). Also reason why this make work differently for people of different rank is how new divisions were added. For diamond or platinum nothing really changed because while 5th division is gone, one was added above them which essentially moved existing ones down spot, so 5th became 4th in fact. But for low ranks, B4 moved up 3 divisions higher, S4 would have move 2 higher and even gold is in overall 1 division higher. Essentially if anyone below platinum keeps their rank, they would advance at least one if not several divisions. The bright side is, it is still preseason. Once new season begins and soft reset happens, any weirdness created by the switch should be gone since your new placement should be more according to your MMR than just wild switch of tiers.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Buff Sejuani or revert her kit to the previous version, thank you very much!
[I think is fine](
en2que (EUW)
: It's preseason 9. Why is phone verification still not required to play?
We can't even get 2 factor authentication for login. We can't get log-out button. Are you even surprised that something like phone verification isn't a thing? Like, the game does not even have reliably functional death-recap, which on it's own should be high priority feature for competitive game. Hell, we can't even get server that does not crash every few weeks during weekend.
: How long does the border stay?
Permanent whenever you equip the skin.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi yyzarx, We're continuing to investigate. Unfortunately we've had many symptoms we've saw and ruled out, but the root cause is continuing to be investigated. Our priority is getting games working as expected aside from finding the root cause.
Considering you are still investigating the cause, should we expect these issues to be a daily thing?
: Do anyone know what is going on around the world?
I bet somebody at Microsoft pressed "update now" button. Damn Windows update gets you every time.
: Restart the server surely it does not take THIS long, TWO nights in a row, to get the server working
Considering size of the platform, getting it back up and running in anything less than 2 hours is quite an achievement. Usually, and that applies for any company, server maintenance is scheduled for window of +4 hours if you plan to restart completely everything. While restarting just single individual part might take just 5 minutes, turning off everything and then starting it correctly takes way more than that. Additionally there is certain time necessary to keep for QA, to make sure that everything actually works properly after you start the server again. The real concern here would be, WHY does it even need to be restarted in the first place. The amount of currently on-going issues is sort of ridiculous considering there isn't anything we haven't seen before. Unfortunately, people able to answer that question have nothing to do with servers here.
: Game won't start (again)
Well, one thing is clear. NOT restarting it yesterday was a mistake.
: Yea.. prevents tripping all over the place
Efficiency of single trip is outstanding in large scale installations.
: Someone probably tripped over the plug which caused the problems {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
In case of server room I would replace "power plug" with "total stop button"
: Camille needs a buff!
I find this even funnier since I just read that Camille is getting nerfed soon.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I just started all these champions, I'm quite alright on my mains xd
I did talk about your mains ones, those newer ones are just dumpster fire :)
: I've never watched my own replays to learn from my mistakes, as I have never really been bothered to do that. I have watched loads of educational videos when I'm away from league (as I want to spend most of my free time on playing the game itself rather than watching something related to it, such as the educational videos for it or other game play videos). I also didn't think about noticing the mistakes during the game when I was writing the previous comment. Overall, I ain't really trying to get better, yes I watch educational videos, but actually remembering them and applying those to my competitive play is hard. I'm too casual for this game to actually improve my mechanical skill and knowledge to the game. I also once had a masters coach my support role which really helped me both knowledge and mechanical skill wise, so you're right about coaching helping a lot more when watching replays of your own games than you viewing them yourself and trying to identify any key points. Also I guess i'm one of those cry babies who are in low elo and think they deserve better, i'm at least being realistic and saying that I won't be able to climb any higher than Diamond 5-4 with the current knowledge and mechanical skill that I have. I have experienced what Diamond 5 looks like on my friends account and I can confidently say that I belong there and could go even higher from there on when I can be bothered to take the time and effort to improve at this game (same goes with me actually climbing the ladder).
About how Diamond 5 looks like, you will never truly know that until you actually climb there and play games there. That is elo where not your game mechanics, but your mental fortitude is tested. Ranks are not just about raw mechanics, skill or game knowledge, especially the higher ones.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Yea, I watch high elo games waaaay more than I play the game itself and understand a bunch of stuff I should and shouldnt be doing, that's why it works for me I presume, but I wanted to know other people's experiences and stuff
And that is going to be more useful for you. Just watching on your match history, I see questionable build decisions, underwhelming farm, lack of wards and overall shitty gold income. All of those things will be improved by more practice. Watching you stand in lane missing cs, or running around map with full trinket charges is not going to help you in any way.
: What if you could understand and identify your own mistakes?
Well, if you would be able to understand them, you would have been in high elo already. Replays are mostly useful when it comes to laning, macro decisions and teamfights. If you want to improve your laning, there are better ways how to do it than watching your own low rank gameplay. Guides and educational streams would be much more better use of time. When it comes to macro and tf, macro is pretty overrated in low elo, you don't really need it and you are likely better without it (it's impossible to make correct decisions in that regard if your team runs it down mid without knowledge of "minimap" and F1 - F5 keys). And teamfights will be happening constantly, there will be shit ton of pointless fights and going trough them will be waste of time. If you are in higher elo where one would assume that people heard words like "minimap, macro, objectives, setup" then you could actually review such stuff. As for lane, that would be the point at which you should start focusing on your own errors in lane and look to polish stuff. The reason why I mentioned coaching in the matter is, if you have somebody to review specific games with, there is a place for discussion which does not exist when you are alone. It allows for creative conversation that can address important points that matter in the context. --- To further elaborate. Let's begin with assumptions. If you want to watch your own replays and you are basically in low rank, I would assume that you care about how you play. I would also assume that if you care about your play, you already looked for some educational content. And I would also assume that you want to make use of your time. As it stands, in low elo you are probably gonna learn more by playing that watching your own play. You see if you care about your play and unless you play in coma, you realize at the moment of %%%% up, that you in fact %%%%ed up. And you will likely also realize that you should not repeat it. That is main thing that you would watch replay for, but at this level your mistakes are so obvious that you don't need to watch replay to notice them. What you will really need to improve will be things like champion matchups, landing skillshots, CSing, trading, combos. You are going to learn these things by practising them, thus playing. You don't need to care about "correct" trades at that level, you don't need to care about correct macro decisions, you don't need lane manipulation, you don't need teamfight setup. If your base mechanics get good, there is no way you will not climb. And when you do that and get to high elo, then you can start caring about those other things. The main issue of low elo is simply that correct decisions are not the best decisions. Execution is usually lacklustre, and running into bad fight as a team will likely work better than trying to tell your team to not do it. --- One exception would be, if you mostly just OTP one champion and you want to study specific matchups. In that case watching replay could be useful for you even in low elo, again assuming that you actually care about your play.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: How good is it to watch your own replays?
On your own? Probably not worth it, unless you are at least around plat-dia rank. But if you have someone to coach you while doing it, then do it for sure.
Yehlemena (EUW)
: So I got chat restricted because of this 1 game.
You see now, if you are frustrated you are not supposed to be negative in chat, you are supposed to have negative gameplay. Apparently as system works right now, you say one negative phrase (which means a phrase that is not positive) and you are eligible for chat restriction. On the other hand, you can troll people and int them without getting any punishment. Only some ways of ruining the game experience are accepted and ignored by Riot, chat is not one of them.
kingpilzi (EUW)
: and why?
Because Elise used to be dominant in pro play, Riot is now keeping her in constantly nerfed non-viable state. Focusing on a champion that is never supposed to be good or at least average usually sucks.
kingpilzi (EUW)
: Onetricking Elise?
Shamose (EUW)
: Most people here speak broken english though.
ˆAnimaˆ (EUW)
: So buying one of them discounts the other or something?
Precisely. They are "variants" which means when you own one, the other becomes a "bundle" that is discounted by 45% Same as Pajama guardians.
ˆAnimaˆ (EUW)
: Not seeing 2821 RP option for both Eclipse Leona skins
2821 RP is what they cost if you buy them both
Haze97 (EUW)
: Yi seems to be the closest to how Jax plays. Auto attacker, with an ability to dodge all incoming attacks. I may just try him out or perhaps even try Irelia in the jungle due to how she can go both burst damage and sustained combat. The other character who seems good is Camille but I am afraid she may be too frail. Voli and Shyvana are too slow for quick bursty ganks. Yi and Udyr seem like good choices and I may just try them!
Idk try whoever you like, each of them are pretty much fighters, some have similar teamfight role, some are similar in ganking, some are similar in splitpush, some of them are tankier and other are more squishy. It really comes down to what you want since you can't really just replace everything that Jax does by single champion. Like you could even consider Camiller or Rengar if early ganks are your priority and you want to splitpush later. It's really mostly about what you want to focus on. Best I can recommend is try maybe 2 games of each to see which fits you the best.
Haze97 (EUW)
: A good replacement jungler for Jax?
Udyr, Xin, WW, Volibear, Yi, Shyvana, each of them has some similarity, pick one which works best for you.
: I agree that the not having to hit 3 spells is very powerful (just look at DH shroom teemo), but even with the scaling you need 20 stacks just to make up for the base damage difference, and another 10 to make up for the scaling difference you get at that point, so realisticly speaking DH only starts dealing more damage 25-30 minutes into the game
Last time I saw the charts, base damage got compensated by about 1 soul/level which is not that impossible to achieve. Based upon that and on average damage that DH does overall in game, it is being superior to electrocute. Also, I have noticed that since preseason begun people forgot how to play LoL and they are eager to fight and int whenever they can, which makes kill counts pretty high and DH really benefits off that.
: DH usualyl has lower cd than electrocute due to cd reset, which is pretty much the sole reason to take it, as electrocute does more damage AFAIK.
Electrocute has better dmg when it comes to AD/AP contribution, but base dmg +souls will be higher for DH which means stuff like lethality/pen scale better with it (which most champs would rush in their builds anyway). The reset thing is big reason why overall DH will do more dmg overall. Also fun thing about DH is, a lot of champs who have hard time getting 3 abilities off have much easier time using it. This also makes multiple DH that much more powerful, since multiple champs can proc same target easily and get their reset off. This make DH scale better the more you have in your team. On that note I advice avoiding ARAM which could be renamed to All-Random-All-Harvest.
: Here's where the problem lies. I myself play with my friends. I'm a peak d3 player, while my friends are silver/gold. We play normals, and we are normally against plat players across the board. I usually do fairly well, nothing impressive, but I go 1-0-0 or 2-1-1 in lane. My friends are quite bad at csing so my bounty is going to increase because I can cs well and my friends can't. So they are hit and miss, sometimes they perform, sometimes they don't, and when a 4-1-0 lucian one shots me and gets a full 1000 gold bounty on top of that, he gets to be impossible to kill. I may have made a mistake with how the bounty system works, I get confused still with it and you seem a lot more knowledgable about it than I, so if I have made a mistake feel free to point it out, I'd appreciate it.
It works fairly simple, if you are earning more gold than average of your team then your bounty increases. This effect is reduced in a case that your team as a whole is severely behind. If you cs way better than rest of your team then yes, you will get a bounty. But that also requires enemy team to do similarly bad. In a case that your team is behind overall because enemy is stomping then, you will get lower or no bounty at all for csing. Basically it can be put this way, if you are ahead of your team in terms of gold to the point that you are also ahead when compared to the enemy, you get bounty on your head. It is a comeback mechanic that makes it possible for team that is behind to come back into the game. And one important thing to mention is that for the bounty to have an effect, you have to make the mistake of dying in the first place. One irony is that if whole team would cs equally good and nobody would kill anybody, there is small probability that whole team could snowball without any bounty on them. But that's quite unlikely scenario.
: You've misinterpreted what I said, which was worded poorly anyway so I'll let you get away with it ^^. I meant I wouldn't be surprised if they remove the cs shutdown bonus. Because it's just not fair. When you can play a matchup to push someone off of cs, then the jungler ganks you and you give 700 gold over for being 1-0-0 it's just insane.
400g bounty still implies that your team is at least even overall and you generated gold worth more than a one kill via csing. I think that it is totally fair to provide bounty for that. I find equally whack guy who has 400 cs and is 3 lvls up on everybody, but because he did not die nor kill anybody he is worth same gold as person who is 2/2 and 3 lvls lower. Bounties were always made as comeback mechanic, it only makes sense to apply them to all kinds of leads. For longest time having no bounty on CS also meant that farming was more valuable than fighting, which is again really whacky concept. What I would expect is that either will Riot change displayed number to actual bounty rather than full value, or that they will display actual value of every player. Seeing 450 seems already a lot, while in fact it is merely +150g more. Like in your own example, 700g means +400g which means that you roughly gained around 1k g more on average than your team did, which counts both cs and kills into effect. It is actually really impressive to achieve bounty like that, sine that is a lot of waves that you get which others don't.
: I wouldn't be surprised if they remove the shutdown bonuses, It's really not fun to play with. You get punished for playing well now.
Those bonuses are in game since for ever, they just changed the mechanic from "getting kills" to "getting a lot of gold" which is way more fair overall.
ItsRicked (EUW)
: Gold Funnelling
Gold funnel abused fact that getting farm from 2 lanes (mid/jungle) would give you gold and xp advantage, with no real drawbacks. Since 8.23, earning any gold income above average of your team increases your shutdown bounty. This means that if you funnel gold into one person, with 2 persons having no gold income, you will get high bounty (1k+) really fast, without even getting any kills. So while technically it is possible to do so, person who gets all the farm has huge target on his back and every time he dies enemy gets tons of gold for it. This makes it no longer "safe" to do as any mistake will make situation very dire. And while it is true that bounties get reduced when your team is behind, fact that average of the gold goes down too with this tactic means that bounty of given person would be even in such case roughly equal to fed player in standard team (read - high af). Essentially you would trade your overall team for getting one person fed. That is not something that sounds too viable. Last but no least, gold funnel usually suffers early turret loses, because there is no jungler and midlane is empty half of the time. Considering that gold plating added about 800g of value to each turret, it is very possible that you would give up up to 2.4k gold for free. Since whole point of funnel was again, to put one person ahead of enemy team, this is just another number that decreases the lead that you are trying to achieve in the first place. More subtle changes that add to this effect would be reduced experience from jungle camps (lvl 7 camps got overall nerfed), increased value of dragon (which you often give up in gold funnel) and minions being harder to clear out, better at pushing towers (again you want to clear the lane fast so you can farm jungle, while delay fall of your own turret for as long as possible). Yet again, while not impossible, it is very like that you will get into "lose some and then lose some more" situation instead of previous "lose some, win more later".
: Is Electrocute even viable anymore?
In current state not. There are very few situations in which electrocute having lower CD than DH matters, mostly for some poke champs. But even then, it is rare that you get to proc it off cd, at which point you might as well take higher dmg of DH + reset potential in tf, which electrocute obviously does not have. Only time electrocute would be really better, would be if you play some matchup in which you will never trade and will only go for maybe one single all-in, in which case inability to proc DH multiple times to stack it, would make it worse of a choice. But at that point, why would you even go domination if you never plan to interact with enemy champion.
Riptos (EUW)
: End of Season Rewards & The Honor System
Styros (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Eambo,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Y4Eqfgc0,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-11-21T09:49:07.353+0000) > > Hey all! > > You may have received a notification for receiving your end of season rewards, then been disappointed to find you don't yet have them. Fear not! We're continuing to process these rewards, and the notifications are sending out before the rewards have been received. > > We'll update here when processing has complete, but until this point please do not send support tickets! ^_^ yesterday i got back my honor lvl 2. Do I need wait until february to get rewards or I can get it already ? I ask it because I have not received any notifications
Obviously you will have to wait. Ladder snapshot was taken the last day of the season as it ended. It already takes days to process, there is no way Riot would have resources to dynamically re-evaluate it on the go. They will do it again in February.
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