Brokenhz (EUW)
: i hate that too..Like for real.Game is over.Wtf you guys waste time for.
Exactly. The %%%% am I playing a game with 0-22 for?
Joell (EUNE)
: Why is every game a coinflip dumpster
Not only is it a coinflip, but the teammates who don't feed are also completely stupid. Just look at the last game I had. Zac goes 1-22-0 and I am the only one sitting in base, begging, begging my team to let them finish. ( The riot devs and the players alike are complete morons, why do I have to wait 20 minutes to let them finish? Surrender has to be enabled from the 10th minute, with only 4 votes needed. Also don't be ashamed to stay in base and let enemy team finish when you have someone running it down. My teammates were terrified of doing it, they rather kept playing for whatever reason.


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