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: I got DDOS and i get the ban ? Great Justice Rito
I wonder how that player dag up your IP adress, ping spike might happened for hundered differend reasons, regardless you blindly acussed him for DDOS-ing which is highly illegal. If you suspect you are target of DDOS attacks you might want to check out WireShark. Regardless If you only have in your report card what you quote I think it was not necessary to bad you, i can definitely see some heat in these quotes but they do not really see that offensive to me.
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Febos (EUW)
: An image would be appreciated.
I will provide image as soon as I will be able to play game again. But from the sides of the maps there are black shadows drifting towards jungle. There is also black butterfly that shows up if you pass the bush going from red buff (behind baron) going to toplane.
: You do realise that if you're a smurf you get matched with other smurfs right? If you're not you get matched with actual new players.
The first game I played, I already played with gold+ players and I felt total garbage. I already got "sorted" as smurf before playing first match? Doesn't this pose a problem for players that are introduced to the game with help of their friends, and if this friend demonstrates "how to play" to this new player he will be stuck with these smurfs for the rest of the leveling?
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: [Unique champion concept] Irma, the space cow
PS. 1) Pardon my grammar mistakes. 2) Pictures reveal a lot of details and explanation. 3) I figured I posted this on the wrong side of forum so I am reposting it here.
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