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: I like pot and beer, but i cant be high and piss drunk all the time, even if i very much like the idea. :D Now that satan is dead, and you see no future without him in LoL, for witch my imaginary frend says you have issues, JUST KIDDING, go play Heimy, he is anoying as freaking hell, cmon go annoy someone even more, and do it in the midlane where that anoying cocky brats camp playing that posh kata, yasuo, zed, and the likes that kind of want to carry the game. Seriously, go ruin their life a litle.
Ever thought that this was not about ruining other people's lives but instead about playing more than just point and click? With Teemo you had to strategically place mushrooms in the correct spots at the right time and use them in the right way or you die. Which is so much more interesting than just rolling your face on your keyboard. Or placing your 3 turrets in the mid lane and go afk.
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: Welp. Thats my thoughts given by you with a more complexity (also with a good English lol). Nicely done. All you wrote is true. Maybe he is not at a bottom of food chain, but he is in a really bad position now. Those buffs doesn't do anything compare to what they took from him. People assume that nashor tooth best item for Teemo (cdr + atk spd) but they don't understand how HARD to AA champions who flying around you like ping pong balls, CC you till tomorrow and killing you with two abilities. Cause they don't play as Teemo. Same goes to anything that raise teemo's autoattacks. its just BAD for him.
Yes, every time a Teemo builds Nashor's Tooth a kitten dies somewhere. You just don't get to auto-attack often enough for it to be remotely worth compared to straight AP or other utility items. Makes me very sad :(
eXtreemo (EUW)
: You just ruined whole Teemo's point
Given Teemo is my favourite champion ever (AP Teemo all the way), here are my thoughts: - Teemo is squishy. REALLY squishy. Any strong laner can all-in you at any time and even if you are ahead you can still be stomped. Even by a 0/4/0 Riven, because her full combo still 100-0 you. So you have to play the farm game all the way and hope to get to 3-4 items before you are really needed on the map - Teemo can't get through tanks. Play Maokai, Trundle, Swain, get some magic resistance and soon you can just ignore Teemo and his shrooms. The only way around this for Teemo is to build Botrk, which means that you have to auto-attack a ton. Either you build tanky and then still do very low damage against tank or you build full glass cannon and fall over once they look at you. => Teemo's damage output is rather low. Both dps and burst are lackluster. The only thing that makes Teemo viable is strategically placing mushrooms and capitalizing on them. Even then if your opponents team has a single competent tank, he can just walz all over them in front of his team if they are too lazy to get a free sweeper or pink wards. Given his shrooms are the only reason you would play Teemo with the honest intention of not trolling, the nerfs hit VERY hard. Since the first minute after placing the shroom it usually doesn't have any effect (enemy sees it and avoids or is not near enough when you placed it) the first nerf cuts the time down from ~8-9 minutes to 3-4 minutes of effective time. That is huge. I could understand this if they were to compensate A LOT in other areas. The second nerf (not as apparent, but just as deadly) is the arming time. If you got into a fight you would place a shroom below you as your first action. Blind into auto attacks and kite, or Zhonyas afterwards. Thanks to the new arming time however this play rarely gets the desired effect anymore. Either they kill the shroom or move from staying on top of it while chopping you down, and even worse, they now have .5 seconds more to kill you before your shroom fights back. So they gave 2 HUGE nerfs to the core of Teemo. Now what is the compensation? - stealth in bushes? LOL. Neither are there bushes large enough to travel meaningful distances while stealthed nor does it make any difference in the vast majority of cases where in the tiny bush you are hiding. This is just a lore thing I guess, but for actual gameplay makes almost zero difference. - shorter stealth time? That 0.5 second won't make much of a difference. If it was to work in the first place. - more attack speed from the passive? This sounds nice, but keep in mind that more attack speed scales badly with your E damage over time, so you are not really gaining as much damage as you would think. And using your stealth to assassinate someone is more of a "burst"-Teemo with full AP, not a bruiser Teemo that needs 20 auto-attacks to kill someone. Guess which one gains more from this attack speed buff? It isn't the "burst"-Teemo that actually makes use of the stealth more frequently. - throwing mushrooms. Like, seriously? Given they are destroyed so easily and have a longer arming time, you wouldn't place them next to the enemy. But if you place them where the enemy is not, why would you need range? Keep in mind, the "buffs" do barely affect the damage output, while the nerfs really do cut down your fighting efficiency hard. Back when they nerfed Teemo's damage on his ultimate RIOT already made playing Teemo very unrewarding (no, the silly Liandry's Torment does not make up for this). Now it is just beating down on a crippled champion. It is like removing Poppy's passive and giving her a slightly larger vision radius. For no reason. A harsh nerf on a champion that is near the bottom of the food chain. Well done RIOT, you destroyed my favourite champion.
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: Syndra? What happened to her damage output?
- a ton of her damage comes from hitting Q multiple times on the target - Irelia is inherently tanky, and if she builds tons of hp on top of Wit's End then she is not gonna take a ton of damage from any AP carry that does not stack AP hard - Irelia in ARAM usually gets fed easily, so she was probably quite ahead of you - your ult is to blow up squishies, not 100-0 a bruiser/tank Also your biggest strength still is that insane range on the AoE stun, not your single target damage. In that sense you are a semi-support for the team (not quite able to finish off all targets by yourself if you don't get super fed/farmed, but good at setting up kills). Given this really strong utility Syndra's damage is fine :)
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: when you get 2 premades that want to play despite...
Even if I do not want to play anymore because the game is going horrible if there are allies that still want to play then I will play for their sake. Because I would want the same if my lane was going well or I was having fun and their lane would suck.
: Anyone want to try it out? I challenge everyone who thinks the statement of the OP isn't true to play 20 games Teemo ranked and see what happens. :)
last season 19 ranked games with Teemo, season 3 with 15 Teemo games, didn't get a single warning or even anyone saying they report me. In fact those were some of the best ranked games I've had (both stats-wise and team-wise). Getting reported is not that much about scores, it is about not being a nice person. Also don't call Teemo "satan", which he clearly is not (teemo is cute). Just be nice :)
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: There should be an update for Pulsefire Ezreal.
you also get a Q that is tough to distinguish from the normal auto-attack for the untrained eye, giving you a hidden increase in chance to hit your Qs more often. Which is already worth quite some money in my humble opinion :)
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: I'm kind of worried that the threads posted on the EU boards aren't going to get as much visibility from Rioters as they would on NA.
:D that's cute. The EUW forums went for many months during the past years without a RIOTer caring. So did the EUW servers. You'll get used to being second class citizen :)


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