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: I signed up months ago and still haven't been accepted, never been accepted to PBE either, and I'm a positive player so that's not the problem :/
Is this something else than the pbe? Cause I never saw an article about this.
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: When you say 'feeders' are you referring to people who intentionally get themselves killed, or people who are just not very good at the game, make mistakes and die a lot? I am in that latter category: despite trying hard to play well, my lack of experience means that I get caught out by simple mistakes more often than I should. But I hate being referred to as a 'feeder' because that implies a negative act or a deliberate attempt to ruin other's game. Yes, I know that by making mistakes I am 'feeding' the enemy but it is not being done maliciously or with intent.
I do sometimes overreact when people play bad but this time I really referred to people that were assisting the enemy team (not by trying to die to the enemies but by just not moving.) Also I had some games were someone kept dying at the same place although we warned him to play safer and dont go there alone.
S47 (EUNE)
: Playing for 6 years? By now you should've mastered most champions in your main lane and 4-8 in your secondary. I have a feeling that 1999 in your name represents the year of your birth, and if that is true then you played lol since you were 11 years old and if that is the case, this post smells like a big lie...
I have no mains which means I can play almost every champ decent and some mastered. And yes I have been playing league since I was 11
Zaodith (EUW)
: Searching Silver Teammates for Ranked
Hi, I would like to play with you, I can play every role but im worst at supp. My IGN = maxo1999. Ben ook nl btw
ElCaverna (EUW)
: EUW Silver Jungle Main looking for teammates
Hi, I have exactly the same problem. Would love to play with you! IGN : maxo1999
Memeteos (EUW)
: Looking for a 4 man Bronze - Gold team to coach + be apart of
Hi, add me. Would like to play with you! IGN: maxo1999
: need people to play with my friend and me (silver ranking)
Hi, add me, would like to play together! IGN:maxo1999
: Bronze to Silver+ before end of season. (Jungler)
Im trying the same thing, add me: maxo1999
Løuie (EUW)
: Silver Jungle/Mid looking for a team or duo partner
: I main support, if you need an extra player? I'm S2 at the moment.
: Ranked team Silver LF everything except support
Hi, I play everything and im searching for people to play ranked with, just add me. IGN: maxo1999
Daz2573 (EUW)
: May i just ask what role you play? or which you prefer to play, as i have a team and we are looking for a support. Id normally play support but ive adapted to different lanes. Plus, who are we kidding, who mains support?
I can play every role and if I dont do solo que(where I have to carry or lose most games) I dont mind playing support so we can switch sometimes. Although I prefer jungle, mid or top
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Matchmaking attempts to match 10 Players of equal skill. While it might not work that way on low amounts of games it will get better and bette rthe more games you look at. Adding people having a bad or good game to that it pretty much means that in a low amount of games anything can happen. :s Just hang in there and better times will happen. It's basically bound to happen the other way around (enemy has Feeders)... just how soon is the question. >.> Anyways, best luck to you and whoever decides to join you in yoru game. \o
Thank you, I was unlucky yesterday in every game that I played so maybe that had to do anything with it. As you said I want to decrease the chance of it happening. Everyone can have a bad game sometimes. But my whole team? Thanks for the info though!
Okuma (EUNE)
: Focus on improving, rather than focusing on the ‘‘Feeders‘‘.
I always do, but I have a low chance of winning a 1v5
: Silver 5 Support looking for team
Templeman (EUW)
: Silver 3 ADC LF Support
Add me as well. IGN: maxo1999
Wirus (EUW)
: Silver LF team
Hi, im looking for players as well. Just add me. IGN: maxo1999
Liƒe (EUW)
: Support Main (Silver4) LF Adc !
Pls add me, im a decent adc and looking for people to play with. I can play every role. IGN: maxo1999
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iClaws (EUW)
: Looking for a friendly person to play with normals and ranked (gold and plat)
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: Add me if you dont mind hopping on Teamspeak instead :p skype is the devil. DrMcB
Yeah Teamspeak is fine as well, its just more people use Skype
: Im down for Casual as well. Just did an edit to make that clear. I just want a group of people to play with really.
Me too man, just add me. We can have some fun!
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NLG Aero (EUW)
: Btw welke rank is iedereen
Meeste zijn gold volgens mij
: Add me als je nog iemand nodig heb! Altijd leuk om wat extra fun te krijgen in de game
NLG Aero (EUW)
: Gezellig ik zou ook wel willen joinen np maar ik ben gold V want ik trolde zoo veel in ranked ik had een 8 losing streak want speelde tryndamere ap supp voor de lol maar ik ben weer sirieus dus als je wil dat ik kom ik ben main riven {{champion:92}}
We gaan ook wel normal doen en dan kun je gwn ap tryn gaan XD. Maar leuk dat je meedoet
xQuickZ (EUW)
: I would also like to join, im 18 years old Plat 5 but my mmr is higher then that off my league
Hi, I will invite you as soon as I can. Ranking does not matter a lot to me, just about having fun. But a high ranking would be nice :-)
: ik zou graag met je willen spelen!. voel je vrij om me toe te voegen als je tijd hebt!. ik ben trouwens 18 jaar en kom gwn uit nederland ign gaminginspector
Oké leuk, ik voeg je zo snel mogelijk toe!
Wen294 (EUW)
: Nee okey dat is duidelijk dan. Voel je vrij om me toe te voegen. Ik speel voornamelijk Normals als Fill (aka support). Ik kan alles wel degelijk maar niks echt heel goed ofzo. 'k zit in gold III nu maar ik geloof dat mijn MMR nog steeds best wat hoger is gezien ik Gold IV heb overgeslagen. Edit: Oh en gezien je om 16+ vraagt: ik ben 18 jaar.
Oké gezellig, ik speel normaal ook nooit ranked maar wil daar nu met een gezellig team iets aan gaan doen. Ik invite je als ik online ben (vanmiddag).
Mushuke (EUW)
: ADD me ingame when u can. Mushuke is my Sum name. I am a 33 year old and from belgium. And i think we.m can make Some fun vids
Nice, im on my phone now but will invite you when I have acces to my laptop. Seeing forward to playing with you!
: wat is je yt channel? :d
I dont have one yet, want to make once if I have a team
Wen294 (EUW)
: Message? You'd have to send a friend request before being able to send a message to you in game, do you accept all random friend requests that you get or something? Unless you mean a comment here but i doubt it. As far as i'm aware of you can't send a private message on boards either.
I meant for them to message me back on this thread. Thanks for pointing it out though.
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