Fedairkid (EUW)
: League trying to connect me to a non-existent game
friend of mine who I played my last game with has the same issue
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: When u click X on client there's "EXIT and SIGN OUT" how about having a clue on what sign out does? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
A deserved facepalm. Look man itÄs 3:30 am and I just wanted to check in on NA after many months. Thanks for taking the time to asnwer ^^
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: I understand that, and I get that it's not said with intentional disregard for females, but to me, it still comes across as being excluding. I do think that "guys" is pretty much gender-neutral nowadays though, so I have no problem with that. And I also agree that addressing players by the champions they're playing is the best way of communication. It's how we say "lucian, come help me with drake" or "report xerath. toxic", and from my experience, players tend to use the pronoun of the gender of the champion that players are using. If I'm playing a male champ, I can see that that is the case. It's when I'm playing a female champ and I'm referred to as "he" that I get confused. Whenever I've implicitly said that I'm a girl by saying "boys??" I don't mean it to be toxic or for person attention - far from it. It's me giving a little elbow nudge that there aren't just boys in this community. It may not look like that, but the all the responses to me doing that have never been toxic or heated ones. No one has ever said something like "stfu nobody cares", they always said something like "and girls" or "sorry, forget that girls play this game too XD", which I can appreciate it. >People shouldn't assume everyone in the game is male, but there is no ill-intent behind it. I can take solace in knowing that.
> [{quoted}](name=Eccentric Rose,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IoBV3NoH,comment-id=00130000,timestamp=2019-03-30T15:03:22.667+0000) > > > > Whenever I've implicitly said that I'm a girl by saying "boys??" I don't mean it to be toxic or for person attention - far from it. It's me giving a little elbow nudge that there aren't just boys in this community. It may not look like that, but the all the responses to me doing that have never been toxic or heated ones. No one has ever said something like "stfu nobody cares", they always said something like "and girls" or "sorry, forget that girls play this game too XD", which I can appreciate it. > > That's good then. Just saying cause I've seen even the littlest of things being taken wrong and completely derail a game
: Assuming that all League Players are Male
I don't think anyone means to be pushing girls away by saying stuff like “gg lads“. It's just that assuming your whole team is male tends to be a safe bet. Personally I use “guys“ most of the time, but have definitely said something like “wp boys“. Not to make you feel unwelcome, it's just correct way more often than not (which is a shame, but whatever). Though, most of the time I just use the gender of the champion when talking about someone. Something like “What is kayle doing“ “She is helping top“ 100% I have addressed loads of boys with “she“ or “her“ that way. I would suggest leaving stuff like “boys??“ as an answer out, nobody means to insult you when saying “gg boys“, and it can come off as “I'm a girl pay attention to me“ or something. You know how quickly a nice game can turn into a toxic mess around here XD. TL;DR: People shouldn't assume everyone in the game is male, but there is no ill-intent behind it.
Mártir (EUW)
: It would make sense, that Zilean's "E", slows enemy's AS (Atk Speed) too, since he goes in "Slowmo"
Only if it's a slight AS slow and a big nerf to the MS slow. AS slows are extremely powerful and worth way more than one might think. The MS slow is honestly good enough as is (tbh, it's kinda extreme). Stopping melees from engaging is the Main purposeof the slow anyway, and you can still catch out most mages and ADCs with it.
Kokozuma (EUW)
: I understand those support needs kill, but does the adc not need them either? With just farming as an adc you're not going to win the lane nor the late game. Mostly those supports think they suddenly can 2v1 the botlane, they die to the enemy adc giving 2 shut downs and I am behind against the enemy adc. What did that bring me, a fed support who now thinks he is a midlaner and a worthless lane minion as adc who has no damage compared to the enemy adc because he only got some gold of assists and cs. The support meanwhile has some good items but they are still the support, squishy as hell, can't 1v1 because they rely on skillshots instead of auto attacks. Just look at the difference: 3 times I played jhin adc. Game 1: Blitz support, 32 minute game, 35k damage 16/2/9 (Blitz: 4/4/10) Game 2: Pyke support, 43 minute game, 20k damage 2/8/11 (Pyke: 16/4/8) Game 3: Braum support, 21 minute game, 19k damage 10/0/8 (Braum: 4/2/7) Like 1 or 2 kills ain't a problem, but I need to be relevant in the late game and adc is already a weak(er) role. Just taking all the kills so I get less ahead won't help that
No, some supports should get the kills, and if you have kill pressure through your support, you DO get ahead if you farm properly. Nevermind the fact that pyke gives you kill gold post 6 anyway. Friend of mine often plays xerath support, and if he gets a few kills in lane we usually create a much bigger lead than if I got the cs AND the kills. Just remember though: best to secure the kill than trying to give it away and nobody getting it
Scoliidae (EUW)
: B{{sticker:katarina-love}}
Except when you don't play support like that in ranked you get banned, so why is it acceptable in normals. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for playing off-meta if your team is fine with it, but there have been multiple cases of off-meta play being banned, despite very clearly not being actual trolling and having the intention to win. Furthermore, if you don't wanna play support the traditional way, you should communicate that to your adc, else he is entirely useless, since they need the cs to get their items, and let's be real that game is likely to turn into a toxic mess. I understand the point you are making, even agree with it personally, but riot has been very clear with their actions that you ARE supposed to play the meta, no matter how much they insist they encourage off-meta play. If teammates report it, they treat it the same as a legit troll if the game didn't go well (let's all remember the glorious support singed, RIP). And in terms of rules, normals aren't worth less than rankeds. And even if, the case described in this post is blatant sabotage. Assuming OP isn't lying, the malphite effectively just walked up to enemies to die and then left him to deal with the aftermath.
Fedairkid (EUW)
: What message was this?
just hoping it's nothing important, and thought that if it is someone might know. if it's collections or autofill or something I dont really care.
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Vyrren (EUW)
: you cannot juist equal this one guy to "the community". Also, if what you said was interpreted as flame, maybe you weren't as neutral as you thought you are. Lastly, the guy probably knows he f*cked up. He really doesn't need you, some random, to tell him that too. Make a plan ahead of time, and if you're gonna criticize others afterwards, make sure it comes off friendly (tons of smileys helps, actually. "mmm. I think maybe next time you can engage first, I'll follow with ult, I promise :)".) I also want to make a note about the "easily offended culture of nowadays". The majority of people who say this, and yes, I feel free to generalize here, are not qualified to make this comment. You're too young to know anything. Look at old literature and movies, start to mid previous century for example, and you'll quickly realize that we are a very harsh culture and that even things we consider normal nowadays, would have been super offending BACK IN THEM DAYS. Always be respectful. It's really not hard.
But it wasn't just one guy. This has been happening to me for years now. What I say is always along the lines of: "Next time, let's try to have you engage first and I'll follow with my ult. Then we will probably be able to win the fight." Tons of smileys helping is honestly not a solid formula. I tried that, but many have seen those smileys as sarcasm or somehting similiar and got pissed. ( especially this one :) ). I won't go into a discussion about the "easily offended culture nowadays". Let's be real, that's not a topic which cna effectively be discussed in a LoL Thread x). Look, I just observed that many players just take almost everything as offense, and try to make people not do that. Most of us suck at this game, so we gotta be able to take some advice or criticism now and then.
Saibbo (EUW)
: You're right, your writing skill is bad.
I don't much care for my writing on rant posts, sorry x)
: well considering the easly offended culture we live in nowadays, i'd say it's a general problem with younger players as most of them have "offended" as a default mood. i'm with you on this one, people tilt too easly lately.
I agree. Poeple need to toughen up. Trashtalk and insulting needs to be gone, but people are oversensitive and just make an insult out of everything these days...
Shukr4n (EUW)
: If my jungler would write me,adc, to go first against supp+adc+ chances to get jungler too, i understand he s a bad jungler, i mute him and consider my lane alone.
yeah, but i was the adc and they the tanky jungler x). Muting definitely has a place in the game, but people are a bit quick to use it, or just to take offense in general.
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: potentially means that frustration can happen to get u mad. yes, we are not supposed to be mad. but im sure that everyone of us at elast once a day can be mad at something. chances are that frustration goes in retaliation and goes in punishment. i dont say that rule is bad, because we have to act like machines (i want u to pas me the term as POSITIVE, ok?). i say that , since the excuse is"troll are difficult to be found", frustration about troll doubled, since they can ruin your match, they have the winning side of the griefing annnd they probably have time to ruin more matches before being catch. the inequality of the punishment is what make troll worst.
That I can agree with.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Isnt it fun that potentially for every troll there are 4 players that can be.punished for retaliation? Thanks for sharing im not ene mad.
Well, the thing is rataliation honestly isn't a good idea. Because you can't actually rataliate. You can insult the troll, but that will achieve nothign than get you banned, and for good reason.
: As long as they get reported, they're most likely to "get wiped" xD Good luck and keep up with the good behavior! {{sticker:garen-swing}}
good behaviour is kind of the wrong term here considering what I just did. But I think i get what you mean ^^
: There's no 1 or 2 day bans. Only 14 days or permanent. If you'll get a ban, it will be the 14 days one most likely
Alright, fair enough. I don't plan on miss behaving again anyway. Just hope trolls that do way worse and then don't stand up for it also get wiped lol XD.
Smerk (EUW)
: What you say is true when it comes to chat violations. But in such cases as this one offense is enough. If you're caught by the system you will be punished immediately
that would actually surprise me tbh. All things considered my behaviour (while by no means good or excusable) was pretty mild compared to what others have done in my games, and they are right back on the rift 10 minutes later. This was my first time of ever doing something like this, i would expect my account to be blocked for a day or two, but two weeks seems to be pretty hefty. Then again, riot will do what is necessary.
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: >You broke the rules. Sad to see people who just agrees with everything an authority gives them, no matter how stupid the thing is. Too bad for you though, Riot doesn't have any tools to close me out of this community. (Actually there's one: add more safespacefeministparentingrules and I'm gone!) >You are just as bad and negative person as I am. Atleast in this thread. Please respond to this.
You literally said asshole for example. Straight insult. and just in general, the way you phrased your stuff was definitely negative, no matter the situation. Case and point.
: What this means is, if you have only half as many players willing to play support (and actually doing it) compared to other roles, YOU WILL wait as long as an average match would last, unless you play support. Supports would be able to play twice as many games as everyone else. This is what you achieve with your "don't need to fill" attitude.
No. Most of my games the support wasnt filled, and like i said my q times are about 3-5 mins. Support really isnt as underplayed as you think..
: What exactly did I make up? That you need a support to get a full team?
The amount of time it takes. It really is at the most 20 mins ( though usually only 5) . The only elo with hour long q times that occur somewhat frequently is challenger, and that's to be expected.
: You think 20 minutes is enough? You gotta wait until another support is done with a match and queues again. Depending on how many supports there are, this can take as long as a match would last, maybe even longer, might as well play support yourself during that time.
Ok now you're straight up making stuff up. The longest i ever had to wait was 10 mins, maybe 15. And that wasone time...
: Dodging when autofilled should get you autofilled again until you accept your role!
Thing is autofill reducing waittimes would be fine, but i don't consider 5 minutes of waiting long, and autofill often hits after only 2 minutes of q time. I'd rather wait 20 mins but then get the roles i signed up for. Also, if what you propose is followed through with, there should also be the following system : When you got your prefered role but somebody else dodges, you will 100% not be autofilled until you got to play a game as one of your roles.
krme444 (EUNE)
: Can u add me ? :3
Sure, when i hace access to my computer again. Currently on vacation
: what is the difference between bronze ,silver and gold?
Bronze sucks, straight up. Silver has decent champion mechanics but no macro play at all. Gold has better mechanics still and capable macro play in the early/mid game, but doesnt know how to end a game if their lives depended on it. That's the average i observed anyway.
krme444 (EUNE)
As a fellow kata main, the best advice i can give you is to ignore it. Or, better yet, laugh about it. Until you're high elo noone really knows how to face kata, so when an enemy sqishy complains in all chat that they got oneshotted after walking onto a dagger that had been lying there for a good amount of time ( not to mention they take ages to drop anyway) WHILE I'M RIGHT IN THEIR FKING SIGHTLINE, then i just chuckle and don't pay it any further mind. If you get your targets to complain about your champ in all chat consider it a job well done ;)
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Infernape (EUW)
: Items give more resistances and less health (which makes them more vulnerable to the damage type they haven't itemised against), crit reduction has been removed from Randuins, there's an item that increases their health temporarily at the cost of 60% of their damage for that same duration, crit items have become cheaper (more indirect Yas buffs yay!), the Energised effect now stacks faster with a Shiv or a Rapid Fire Cannon and some AD items have been given more AD.
what you are saying is correct, technically. But see the energised effects now stack faster, but since your overall dps is drastically lower because of more armor and much, much less armor pen, your complete damage output should still be smaller. more resistances and less health, yeah. But we´re talking about lategame, 2 armor items 2 mr items, one hp item and boots. You´re set and will probably survive more than before tbh. The lowered price is nothing but a buff for early and mid game yeah, but you still wont suddenly melt through like a nautilus at 20 mins. .....indirect yasuo buffs, this patch just gets worse and worse doesnt it? XD Who knows, maybe I am overreacting and it will all be balanced really nicely, but to me it hints towards another tank meta which sucks. Probabaly worse: this patch is a risk for balancing ( that you have to agree on, they are somewhat drastic changes, which can always screw up the game ) , without there beeing any real reason to go through with them, most tanks and ADC´s are fine right now tbh, or at least balanced wayyyy better than they were for quite a while.
: The issue with tanks is the armour pen... as soon as you brought it they became near useless, which meant that they had to be extremely strong armour wise in order for them to be at all tanky... which is why tanks where so strong mid game but so weak late, because before you buy a last whisper item they are balanced around you having one and once you buy one it's so strong that you melt them. Also remember that tanks have lost their crit reduction... And adcs are gonna have more raw ad anyway... so over all they will still do a decent amount of damage to tanks. And adcs aren't supposed to shred tanks... they should have an advantage due to the fact that their damage source is sustained not burst so them not dying straight away isn't a disadvantage for them but they shouldn't shred tanks... the idea of tanks is to not get shredded, allowing them to be shredded seriously hurts them and is why this meta has sucked for tanks, because things allowing you to shred them is at an all time high.
I am afraid i have to disagree. tansk still survive long enough to throw our their cc rotation, which is the most important thing anyway, and even a lategame adc takes soem time to kill them, they don´t melt them. I had a bad choice of words though, what i meant isnt that adcs melt tanks lategame, its that they can ctually kill them, bc assassins and mages have a pretty difficult time doing so. An exception for that is vayne, she does melt tanks, but that´s kinda her design. This meta sucked for tanks? i still saw maokai and nautilus popping off in numerous games and beeing by far the strongest member in their team bc up until the adc had full build, they could pretty much just stand in the middle of an entire team and survive for far too long. Yes they did fall of lategame, but they were still useful because of their cc, they just couldnt walk through the entire enemy team anymore. But even if tanks suck right now, does that justify over buffing them? I dont think it does (m especially with how much the cummunity hates the tank mate ) . If they really are too weak them bump them up slightly, they don´t need a huge updrage in my opinion because they are already the most consistent role to play since their kits will always find use because of the cc and inate tankiness. Nerfing all Armor pen options ( remember lethality already took a hit, albeit a well deserved one ) while simultaniously buffing armor is too much. Neither bruisers nor marksmen will have a fair chance to take them out without dedicating like 20 attacks to them. Problem is tanks dont have that much dmg, but due to their lockdown abilities and at least moderate damage they will scrw you over if you just ignore them. However if you actually try to take them out, you will have to waste too many resources on them after the buffs enabeling the rest of their team to basically do whatever they want. It is of course all speculations, maybe riot will actually get the numbers right, but we already know that armor pen is back down to 35 % bonus armor penetration for LW, and the full items ( dominik´s and Mreminder ) don´t even bump that number up to 40% ( which would still be a nerf, but reasonable if you really have to tone it down ). We all know how good riot is at screwing up numbers, that´s why new releases are almost always broken, either too strong or too weak, and it is what lead to tank metas in the past. Especially because numbers on tanks are the most delicate.
GLurch (EUW)
: We don't know yet what they plan to do though. We only know a very small bit of what they plan and their statements so far are something along the lines "Tanks deal to much damage, so we nerf their damage and increase their tankiness, while also giving adcs the option to actually kill them."
But what they do is take away the option to actually kill them...
: If you can give me suggestions on how to learn more champions, that would be great. I struggle with doing so, as it confuses me; I tried learning many simple champs, but every time I get a 20-30% win rate for games even after I play 20, 30, 40 games.
One tricking is a valid strategy, but not if taken to that extreme, you will see that every OTP in even somewhat high elo hasa at leats a backup champion ( for example katlife´s liss ) . You have to learn other champs. If managing multiple ones is really that hard for you then choose one that is barely contested so you only have to learn one champ as backup. Any suggestions on how to learn those champs ? Well, honestly it´s just practice. If you have good gamesense and reactions then that calone can pretty much carry you to a 50% win rate even if your mechanics on that champ are lackluster. Considering how Kayle plays ( though im dont play kayle so if i am wrong excuse me ) , i would maybe suggets Jax? He also pretty much just fights with his auto attacks. His kit is rather simple, nothing you really have to keep track of. And then just splitpush the hell out of that top lane, with enough cs they have to spend alot of resources to get you. Regardless of who you choose as backup though, you don´t need to master them, since the majority of your games will be played as your main. You should just aim for about 50% winrate so you effectively don´t loose LP when forced to pick your backup. If learning another champ is really that difficult for you though, then play like 100 Games with them in normals, seems like a lot i know, and it is. But if that´s what you have to do to overcome your weakness, then that´s the way it is. To get back on topic : Banning your teammates prepick should not get punished, yeah it fellsbad ( i have had countless teammates troll me this way ) , but still, especially with contested picks it is a valid startegy if your team isnt first pick. Even if it is, swap coordination in SoloQ ? Nice one..
: Dear Riot, a rant
I have a solution for you : don´t play teamgames... You´re playing a game with 4 random people on your team, so yeah they can fck your game up just as much as they can carry you. That´s just how it is and if you don´t like that , League isn´t for you. I can understand your frustration though, we´ve all been through that. Really the only thing that cheers me up is knowing that with enough games, if i actually consistently play better than my counterpart on the enemy team, i´ll climb. Just takes loads of games sadly.
alishalaan (EUNE)
: 'Your account has been permanently suspended."
As far as i´m aware, if your ban is because of toxic behaviour, greefing or the like, you should have receiver multiple warnings and even a 14-day suspension prior to your permanent suspension, meaning if you continued to act that way regardless of those warning signs, yeah your acc is gone and it is well deserved, sorry not sorry. If that is not the case however, the only justification ( as far as i know at least ) , for your ban would be the use of third party programs, aka scripting, hacking , cheating whatever you want to call it. If you are guilty of that, then there are no warnings and your account will just be permanently suspended once you are detected. If you did not make use of such a third party programs and weren´t behaving badly, keep in mind that i have heard of cases were accounts were suspended for use of third party programs because some voice chats , custom skin programs and the like get detected as scripts.
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: The leaverbuster even notices if you are afk for 10 seconds and then come back. Basically the leaverbuster just counts how long you are afk/idle/not playing and once you exceed a certain threshold it starts punishing you. Of course 10 seconds alone wouldn't be enought, but if a player did that several times per game every game it would be enough for a punishment at some point. The same applies to every other afk time...the longer the time the faster it leads to a punishments.
Alright. I did not quite know hwo exactly Leaverbuster works, thansk for clarification
: So what you are saying is "Don't play the game" because you can never know when something unexpected happen. For example I play from work and usually its safe to play but yesterday for some reason I was called and had to step out for 5-10 min. I can't say "oh I can't step out now, I'm playing league". and I should stress that usually that doesn't happen. (P.S. I never play Ranked from work). So you say I should not play from work? that kind of stuff can also happen infrequently in everyone's daily life. I don't report people when I sense they have a genuine real reason to leave. I will report if its ranked though because I believe people should make special time for ranked when they know with 90% certainty they won't be interrupted..
no, i am saying that no matter the circumstances leavers deserve a punishment. However, if you really only have to leave because something happened and you normaly never leave.well, one leave won´t and shouldnt get you banned
: It's worth mentioning that the Leaverbuster is perfectly able to identify and punish leavers even when absolutely no one reports them, so it's not THAT crucial.
if they afk for the first 10 mins and then come back?
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Riot is testing 10 bans. You should follow Riot's posts, and you'll see these things. =)
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Fedairkid (EUW)
: Explanation please, no seriously i want to know
Well, this has certainly been interesting to read the answers, i kinda just made this post out of frustration to be honest, but i do not regret doing so. Honestly i almost exypected a flame war to start in the comments, like trollers vs normal players or something but it turned out pretty civilised :D
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BexXz (EUW)
: 2 wrongs dont make a right, but u get back what u give. its karma. you reap what you sow. and thats exactly what i do, someone respects me i respect him. someone disrespects me i disrespect him. i dont need rito to help me with that.
Then don't play the game if you disagree with their “relative view“
: I will just copy-paste here a phrase of what i said in a thread earlier. > He has some big counters, {{champion:90}} is his worst nightmare for example, so bad he is not played that much anymore, {{champion:50}} is another smart pick against him, his W can`t do nothing against Swain, also he can deny his mobility like it doesn`t even exists, if you got him on Top Lane go {{champion:122}} , again, the second worst nightmare for Yasuo, Darius`s passive can instantly destroy his shield even if he gets it again if you got even 1 stack on him. {{champion:13}} is pretty meh but his Q is almost spammable and he won`t deny many of them. Also, he can make fun of his mobility, just like Swain. The main problem is that people are playing the champions that are pretty weak against him. Yasuo can be abused early really hard and he can`t do much about it, but a good Yasuo would farm under turret while spamming /laugh but here we already talk about skillcap. Yasuo is the type of champion that has two scenarios: 1) Dominate the game if played decently, not really good but decently 2) Fuck up everything. > I am talking from my own personal experience. I played so many games where the enemy mid laner had Annie, Vel`Koz, Ziggs, Lux, Ahri, Aurelion, TF. They simply got no mobility and i was walking on the lane like their pressence didn`t even bothered me. He doesn`t have a lot of counters, but the ones that he has can just destroy him. If you play champions that are WEAK against him, JUST DON`T EXPECT TO WIN. Simple. As. That. Period. I don`t understand why people can`t simply get this.
Having to pick certain champions is not a valid form of counterplay. That beeing said the problem with yasuo is that he is too strong early game considering how deadly he becomes with items. Trinimmortal made a decent video discussing how to tweak yasuo. Honestly his kit can be countered really easily as almost every mid laner, he is just overtweaked at the moment, numbers too high.
Perilum (EUW)
: Lower Gold people get high Bronze. So as a low Silver you will get Bronze 4 or 5.
Gold 5 last season silver 2 after promos. Granted i had 7/3 promo with one loose beeing caused by me disconnecting and me playing phenomenaly well in my wins . ..... wouldve been s1 if i didnt have to dc:(
: which midlane matchups are bad for katarina (only in lane) and why?
I noticed that you can win almost every lane matchup with kata if you are good, bit will loose almost every lane if you are bad with her. Personally i noticed that a sudden all in at lvl3 will often overwhelm the enemy and allow you to snowball pretty hard.here are some personal experiences. Almost too easy: orianna(when she wants to poke you with her q, dodge by jumping onto her,easy kill);azir(same thing); almost unwinnable:yasuo(a good yasuo will prevent ALL of your daggers from landing, hence trades are unwinnable) ; cassio( bad cassios get destroyed ,but good ones will ground you,literally) my personal favorite:ahri( entirely skillbased, both can win, both can loose, exhausting but satisfying duels) sorry if the post is messy, used my phone...
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