Marissa (EUW)
: Usually cases like these are caused by premades. When you duoqueue (for example the G1 in your team could still have queued with you or the S1 in your team) the system has to find opponents that are of equal skill. Especially if the G1 in this case would have high mmr, this would mean that the P4 is placed in your match to equal their mmr (and make the match even). I obviously can't tell who are premade, it could also be on the enemy team - or even in both teams. ___________________ It can also be caused by the mmr of you and your (silver)teammates being good while the mmr of the p4 and gold opponents is pretty bad thus dragging them down into a silver/low gold game. _This one was suggested earlier in the comments._ If there weren't any premades with a big mmr gap between them, it's simply the mmr of the players in the game being respectively bad or good and you got matched that way.
If I would duo with the G1 dude, I would not post this in here because i am sad about this game xD. I look at the J4 and the Vlad in the enemy team. They didnt play duo que (from It was just the matchmaking which is obviously garbage... For example: If the P4 player played with the S1 guy. You should get some G3-G2 player against you (maybe also a P4 and a S1). But not a Silver 2 player. It would be possible if i played with the G1 guy, but i didn`t.
: What kind of matchmaking is this? (Bronze & Silver vs High Platinum on ranked) This is Solo/Duo Que and I am Silver 2 and played against platinum 4 and of couse i lost.....
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: yeah but that no explain the huge gap ,i got matched as gold 3 with silver IV , ofc the silver IV feeded into my game ,even if i am a good player in general , what if i loss x games i need to play with bronze players in team to come back ??? how's that a logic?
riot tried to fix the mmr on high elo player like Dia 5 to challenger. But we are the other 95% player who get f*cked by the **unbalanced ** **matchmaking** . I mean LoL needs new player like me and not just the 5% or lower to make their game great again.....
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: You have a positive win rate. He has a negative win rate. Your MMR might actually be quite close of eachother.
the gap cant be that big.... I lost like 6 games in a row.... so my mmr cant be gold 2 or gold 3.... and 47% winrate could be a winrate to climb. if its like 40% he might have my mmr.
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