25thc Hour (EUNE)
: Riot team! What happened with all points from that old honor system?
I am annoyed about the lack of Honorable Opponent honors, and riot say they have no intention of Re-adding them. I figure they should add them back, even if they were just a "right click on someones name click honorable opponent" like they used to be.
ejpon (EUNE)
: i don't like neither of skins for Illaoi or Yorick. Its all about your opinion
Yeah but they aren't universally hated, and what is there not to like about void-bringer Illaoi? Also, they aren't built on the foundation of a fanbase from another game. They are cosmetic changes for the sake of cosmetic changes which Kled just doesn't have access to.
ejpon (EUNE)
: What about Yorick or Illaoi... they are in game way longer...
Yes but they have a skin that is popular, and moderately good. While Sir Kled is a skin that people who play Kled do not want to buy. Or the ones that have bought it don't want to use.
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