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: Abstract Gaming recruitng coach UK
Enter as in enter for the first time, or as in you will do it every single week, because you already finished top 3 multiple times? Reason I'm saying that is because of you guys are not diamond 1 , challenger then don't even bother.
GLB Alan (EUW)
: Coach
Reached diamond 2 last season, I review your replay for free and put the video just for you up on youtube. Send the replays to . No rp needed lol. (want rp go win tournaments master buddy)
: [EUW] looking for someone who is good with vladimir
Did you also save your games on opgg? Or something else like , send it to and I'll review your games.
Gebba (EUW)
: I was plat 1 last season, but i sure as hell dont play as one. Provisionals put me in silver 1, in 2 weeks i got to diamond and then decayed back to gold and now im stuck here. I might seem good, but im really interested in what you can teach about banning and op picks because i dont know much in this area to be honest. I also feel like there is different metas depending on what elo you are too so im wondering if this is something you might know of or anything, but i think i could use some of your knowledge :D How do you plan on teaching though? I'd prefer a chat since im interested in the statistics and what not rather than mechanics and how to play the game (but hey if you have the potential to teach me that, sign me up) ^^ Edit: If anyone needs help i can offer myself too, im good with itemization and what to do at situations, im just interested in the meta-part ^^ Have me as a last resort though becuz Dragonic needs you just as much as you need him so he can practice to give out his knowledge ^^
add me on smurf, fakernoticemepls on euw, and send me a replay. I'll check wtf it is that you are stuck in gold.
Xrozz (EUW)
: iam gonna send you a replay of our game
Stano (EUW)
: hey man, you can add me if you want, im at work at the moment so i cant add you, we are a newly formed team, being as active as possible and we are all platinum, Thanks
The reason I leave my email every single time, is because I don't wish to switch from eune to euw to na repeatedly. So please contact me via email. Course when I'm there I add you back.
: So, wait, I've misunderstood you, or you gift RP to players that let you coach them?
Just showed that so you can see what I achieved. Got no clue how to keep this thread interesting so I thought I'd give that a try. It's kind of disappointing when I would get people out of silver or gold for free, but only get one replay per week to review...
: ''Diamond 5 for more than 1 year" :^) great coaching you are gonna offer if you are stuck at diamond 5 for more then a year then you need coaching yourself lol
Hah thanks for pointing that one out, meant that I've been in diamond for more than one year not just diamond 5, 0LP.
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: (BRONZE ONLY) I'm creating a 5v5 ranked team for bronze. To help them.
How are you going to help them? Sorry but what's the idea? Could you please explain like are you going to talk with them in game or play, and talk about that game immediately after?
Smirri (EUW)
: my teammates mostly seem to be complete idiots even if im not duo :D
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Smirri (EUW)
: well, if we go duo into a ranked, weve got 50% of the time, 2 humans, 3 zombies?
You are supposed to get 3 zombies if you duo. Either carry with your partner, or lose because the enemy team is higher elo and they make your teammates seem like complete idiots.
Beatsteak (EUW)
: Hi there! I'm interested aswell :) Gold 2 atm, but I believe I'm as good as plat, just can't figure what's missing to hit that Plat promos :p I guess my two best roles are top and support, but my other roles are on a quite okay level aswell. I'd be pleased if you add me ingame: DelF Mortexize Cheers!
Alright, I'ma add you guys on my smurf. If this thing gets going I don't want 30+ friends on my main. Smurf is Fakernoticemepls, so that'll be me.
: Hello, Im Diamond 5 at the moment. Im playing LoL for 4 years now, and im maining adc since that. I´d like to get you as my personal coach. You spectate/ watch my replay and then we analyse my mistakes and the things I did good. If I see that its working I would pay you for doing it monthly. I really wanna improve my playstyle so this would be perfect for me! If you are insterested Just add me in game: xRemix {{item:3031}}
: Where on youtube? Are there already videos there we can use to see what you are capable of?
Got 2 videos so far, just starting out. I will reveal my channel after we talk through email. Want to avoid getting spammed.
Eveninn (EUW)
: hmmm... maybe it would be interesting which role or maybe even Champion you main, since you'll be able to give more advice on said role I guess. ;)
I main top and sup, but I have no problem reviewing all the roles.
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