Bangly (EUNE)
: Lost access to my account.
I've previously experienced something like this, however, my situation was after being hacked, on basicly every single platform i used. After writing to the riot support team i attempted to reclaim the account hoping to get it back and be able to play on it, instead, they simply Permanently Suspended the account with the reasoning being "security reasons" my account was created by me, and only ever played on by me. I attempted to get it back , Twice, both times with the same answer. With the somewhat recent project done by riot on the NA servers, i hope to be able to get it back someday still, as i spent both alot of time and money on the account.. But at this point i know my chances are slim. - Anyhow, since you've admitted that the account wasnt made by you, and from what i read, the account wasnt on your email, Theres no way to tell if the account ACTUALLY was verified and thereby secured by an email, if it wasnt verified, there would've never have been the requirement of a 2step verification. My suggestion to you, would be to create a new account, in your name, on your email. Thats the only way to make sure that its actually your account, and probably the only way riot will be able to help you in the future.
: So I hit honor 2 1 week ago or so and I want to know when do I get the rewards!
The response i got from contacting support, was that i should be getting the rewards by or shortly after 11'th of february, and if i hadnt gotten them within 2 weeks after that i should contact support again.
Khvost (EUW)
: It everywhere not only in plat. But people in gold and silver don't care about teammates. Even if you start fight 1 vs 1 in same screen as your teammate. He does not help you because he has half HP or does not see you even you ping 3 times. Do you see matchmaking? Maybe you like me and always have team with MMR lower then MMR enemies and you solo or duo with 1 teammate should win game. I think we need new LP system where your score depends on your rank in match. E.g. If you got rank S and lost game then you should lost 5 LP, if you won and got rank C then you got 10 LP. It is really could be good, because many players do nothing for getting LP instead others who actually want win and do the best.
using the letter tier system to influence the amount of LP gain and lost wont help, as trolls are still not going to care. What riot needs to do is to not use an automated system to take care of the reports and actually have a team going over all of them. and in very severe cases an automated system can take care of it if certain triggers happen. - What that otherwise should do, is focus more on balancing their game, instead of catering to specific roles in different seasons. i personally hated most the late part of this season due to the high damage gameplay that has been on focus. the perfect state of the game would be a state where every single champion and lane were as viable as the others and no champion were directly overpowered (Looking at those darn stealth champs whom has no counterplay as the control wards dont spot them -.-) the state of the game that we are currently in, where its always damage supports (Brand, Zyra, Pyke) and mostly fighters or mages on the carry role in botlane (looking at you filthy yasuo players) just arent fine, it would be, if adc's actually had counterplay against it, But we dont. its making the Marksmen champions obsolete and thats simply not a state the game should be in.
: You're confusing bruiser with tank. A bruiser doesn't need HP scaling, they are fighters. They build offtank damage, they have low mobility, low CC, and deal damage. Some bruisers are : Udyr/Trundle/Yorick/Nasus + We can take the juggernauts under the same category : Garen/Darius Tanks have HP% damaging abilities, deal a ton of CC, have usually some sort of gapcloser, and you guessed it - are tanky. Some tanks are : Maokai/Malphite/Amumu/Shen Then we have our fighter class, like Jax/Fiora etc. - they are more mobile, more squishy, and deal much more damage than bruisers. They can be built offtank too, and if ahead, they can be a major pain in the ass. **** Also, mage support unplayable ? Why ? Do you wanna see Braum/Leona/Taric/Thresh 24/7 ? I don't. Gets boring. The game will be in a perfect state, when every single champ class will have equal impact, and pick-value. Every suggestion saying "we need to get X class out of the meta for now", is making this perfect balanced state drift away, even further.
Id much rather see tank and utility supports every game. Im tired of these high burst botlanes.
Moosekito (EUW)
: Too much damage is flying around right now
2 problems: those Who play tanks doesnt build tanky. They still build full damage. And mage supports is Meta. All riot needs to do to fix the current issue is make mage support unplayable (nerf spellthiefs edge) and make bruisers have less base dmg or less dmg scaling. Or make them scale on % bonus hp instead of ad and ap. Theres No need to nerf assaasins, those are meant to deals tons of dmg. But right now adcs are useless because of the support Meta and tanks aren't played as tanks.
lmmcm (EUW)
: zyra and nidalee arent shurima champs?????!!!!
> [{quoted}](name=lmmcm,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9jZjcnA6,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-09T18:33:44.847+0000) > > In league universe, zyra and niadlee are shurima champions but in the client that champions didnt count to the 4th snowday mission as a shurima champions. They arent actually shurima champions, they are from the jungles EAST of shurima but not from shurima itself. if you look at this picture (screenshot of the official zone map) you can even see that theres a border between the jungle and shurima.
xxxXFANXxxx (EUNE)
Are you really going to be raging about neeko just because its a new champion whom you have no idea how to play against? - I've yet to lose to a neeko, yes, she has high damage, but its NOTHING compared to other bursty assassins that we've seen (AHEM, ZOE) theres literally NOTHING wrong with her kit, its just like pretty much any other kind of CC champ, if you're caught in the cc, you're dead. With 130+ champions in the game, its really hard to make up new abilities.. and thats something that gets reflected on how riot makes champions right now. Riot isnt going to make changes to her instantly, if she had been proved to be %%%%%%edly busted they would've hotfixed her numbers, but for now, she's in a "okay" spot. Instead, maybe try raging about stuff like Illaoi, or Akali, whom are both still literally broken (i have no idea why they thought buffing illaoi would ever be ANY kind of good idea)
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hey Fendokil, First I wanna say thank you for the calm and collected query here - it really is appreciated over some of the more aggressive posts we get. Secondly, apologies to you and the community for not messaging actively at the time, we were heads down on looking into the issue and had messaging posted in the client while we investigated - we don't always get time to give a breakdown, especially with so many languages on our European servers. We don't have any concrete information to give at the moment, we have teams looking into the causes rather than the symptoms - we managed to get things back up and running but the reason for the instability is still being investigated. The first night we believed Nexus Blitz was potentially a cause but later determined it as a symptom, which is why we need to continue digging deeper. As it has repeated we're on high alert for it potentially happening again unfortunately, but in the interim we're looking into how we can prevent it and the root cause to resolve it fully. Again I appreciate your patience and level headed question on this <3
Thanks for the reply :) - Yeah, theres alot of people who just goes straight on "Damn you riot".. i prefer to not be one of those (unless its towards the balancing team with some specific champions) - You guys got it back running pretty quickly, and its been, atleast somewhat smooth since then (I for one havent experienced any other issues than the snowdown store issues, i've had no game issues what so ever during these two maintenances). But i'm happy to see it being worked on :)
: What the actual *BOOP* about these LP's ?
> [{quoted}](name=Veiled Mage,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aBEc9gAT,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-08T06:37:29.266+0000) > > i gain 13 and lose 22 every game i am d1 and my MMR is completely fine, what is going on !?? Why am i being matchmade with d3-4 players, my mmr is fine i shouldve been matchmade with d1&amp;#039;s ?? Clearly your mmr isnt fine.. Dont trust
person (EUW)
: People who put money in their account in my opinion do have a right for compensation. Although for this specific issue that they have right now (downtime), such compensation probably does not apply. _You just cannot guarantee 100% server uptime_
I have spent money on the game too. It still gives us No right to compensation, buying rp is your own choice of "eey, lets support this company"
: ***
I dont care about compensation, its a free to play game, we have no right or claim to compensation for server instabilities.. I just want to know what the issues are.
: Riot please tell me if i should go to sleep or wait for EUW to get back up. its my weekend....
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: Snowdown Pass
Same happened to me, its a problem with the store atm, they are working on a fix.
Yggdra (EUW)
: Then maybe it's the MMR of divisions which changed ? I was with platinum MMR when I stopped playing and when I started playing again, I was around Silver MMR. Welp not like I care anyway. I just play ranked because less trolls than in normal. I could be bronze for what I care xD
If you havent played for a few seasons, your ranked MMR will have changed with the seasonal resets.
Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: Tryndamere has a winrate of 47,6% for some reason.
His low winrate is because he is such a riskpick just like yasuo and teemo. If you dont get fed you are straight up useless. You bring nothing to teamfights and have No way of getting out if you are actually caught.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ilovemobas,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L2ofRRl8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-06T04:03:08.467+0000) > > Panth is not one shotting anyone due to dark harvest alone. If he is one shotting it means he got fed you dont need very high cs to be fed if you have many champions kills. I think we may agree to disagree here. He was not a good player, he didn't win lane against me, I didn't feed him myself for sure and he died constantly. I can't see how someone that had super low Cs, lost lane and died constantly can still be the primary threat.
> [{quoted}](name=awesomerbob,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=L2ofRRl8,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-06T07:29:19.427+0000) > > I think we may agree to disagree here. He was not a good player, he didn&#x27;t win lane against me, I didn&#x27;t feed him myself for sure and he died constantly. I can&#x27;t see how someone that had super low Cs, lost lane and died constantly can still be the primary threat. He can still get fed by getting kills else where even if he died alot. Lost lane doesnt mean he cant be useful. Dark harvest now is plain useless. Takes too long for it to stack up to a point of usefulness compared to even predator or electrocute and is not worth taking anymore.. The game has to go on for 45 mins or so before it really starts popping off.
CliffiToF (EUW)
: lol YOU cant even read things properly, I have won every one of those games
> [{quoted}](name=CliffiToF,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=9jA4ANvE,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-06T03:52:43.460+0000) > > lol YOU cant even read things properly, I have won every one of those games 20%win rate means you won 2 out of 10 games.. Do you didnt won all og them. Winning lane does not count as winning
CliffiToF (EUW)
: LOOL I've been million times better than all the other players in those games, that means promotion not demotion. If you use kda to judge you'll always think like a bronze
> [{quoted}](name=CliffiToF,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=9jA4ANvE,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-06T03:40:07.229+0000) > > LOOL I&#x27;ve been million times better than all the other players in those games, that means promotion not demotion. If you use kda to judge you&#x27;ll always think like a bronze Doesnt matter if you are better. You still lose. Meaning you see still playing worse than the enemy. Stop blaming others. Fix your own mistake and you will climb again.
Yggdra (EUW)
: So I'm not the only one ! I was coming on the board because I wend from Gold IV to Silver I in just one defeat and I was wondering if that was even possible. If it happened to you at the same time, I'm wondering what's happening. EDIT : if OP.GG MMR estimation is reliable, I lost more than 150 MMR in one game. What the....... After more checking, it seems that as they removed the 5th tier from each division, we're just screwed up below (or pushed up depending on MMR apparently?) As my MMR went from platinum level to abyssal levels after more than 2 years without playing at all in ranked, it's no wonder I got demoted.
> [{quoted}](name=Yggdra,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=9jA4ANvE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-06T02:25:40.787+0000) > > So I&#x27;m not the only one ! > I was coming on the board because I wend from Gold IV to Silver I in just one defeat and I was wondering if that was even possible. If it happened to you at the same time, I&#x27;m wondering what&#x27;s happening. > > EDIT : if OP.GG MMR estimation is reliable, I lost more than 150 MMR in one game. What the....... > > After more checking, it seems that as they removed the 5th tier from each division, we&#x27;re just screwed up below (or pushed up depending on MMR apparently?) > As my MMR went from platinum level to abyssal levels after more than 2 years without playing at all in ranked, it&#x27;s no wonder I got demoted. Mmr doesnt decrease without playing (though it can get powered at the seasonal soft reset) so you not playing wouldnt have had any effect on what your mmr is.
CliffiToF (EUW)
: silver I 29 LP from gold IV 0LP???? wtf
> [{quoted}](name=CliffiToF,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=9jA4ANvE,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-12-06T02:21:02.317+0000) > > In just one game, wtf is happening With the New division changes the system needs to be given some time to read just. The mmr level of all divisions have now gotten higher. Meaning that the division you belong it might No longer be the same. After your Loss that placed you in silver, the system has recalibrated your position according to where the system has calculated your mmr to be at.
: New armor
I actually find the new updated "Ranked armors" alot better, remember that these can be added to by playing different queues and ranking up in those, aswell as playing the clash mode when that comes up.. making them look even better.
Lariatas (EUNE)
: Tnx for reply
No problem man, im working towards getting my honor 2 aswell, so i know the struggle. luckily im on the last checkpoint, so it should be doable if i just keep my current behaviour up :)
sobat (EUW)
: nocturne ult bug
Am i the only one who things this would actually be a good change to a already way too strong ultimate? :|
Lariatas (EUNE)
: S8 rewards ?
You can still get your rewards if you reach honor level 2 before February the 19'th. if you dont, no rewards for season 8 :)
Zanador (EUNE)
: Isn't this blog post and video still the newest info on the subject? Quote: >Q: Will we have a soft reset between splits and a hard reset between seasons? >Riot Gortok: At the start of the season we’re gonna do the reset just like we have every season, but when a split ends we’re not gonna do any reset at the point. That would come across as just being way too grindy. They said the usual soft reset to the placements would happen at the start of the season, but not between splits, so the season will stay "intact" at least as far as the ladder is concerned. Was there a modification to this info?
The last thing i heard was that they didnt want to do a reset, as they felt like it crippled the progression that people already had made and wanted to let people continue from where they left off, instead of ''punishing'' them for a season ending. That was on one of the later posts we got, but im not sure if their philosophy on that point has changed or not, - The reset they'll probably do is making you unranked again, But usually when they've made a reset they've also made a soft reset to the "hidden MMR" Which, from what i understood, they wouldnt be doing this time. (usually if you had ie, 1400 MMR they would scale you down to around 1200 at the start) which are the numbers i believe they wouldnt be "resetting" this time around.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Being a mainly Normal player preseason is a bit different for me, but this time of the year has two main elements: everyone is done with their seasonal grind, so they can take a breath. And big changes are about to roll in, so in normals people can start experimenting a lot, and even in ranked, people commonly get destroyed by builds they have not heard of before, so people should be a bit more relaxed about deaths. Unfortunately a lot of the "conventional wisdom's" message gets changed or simplified over the time, which will not reflect the original intention. For example back in season 1-3, people were told to learn at least 3 roles before they start ranking, and only main a single role if they are honestly bad at everything else. That got changed to "play 1 role and maybe be ok at one other". Similarly preseason was supposed to be the time where you gave people the most benefit of the doubt. After all, maybe they are trying something new, or they are facing something that will be the dominant meta in days and they don't know how to fight it yet. This got simplified to "preseason doesn't matter", and as a direct consequence too many think that flaming or trolling is acceptable too, since none of this matters anyway. These changes in the mindset are obviously always reinforced by other elements. Even if the role selection is an awesome and welcome addition to LoL, too many people think that it's ok to just rely more heavily on their main role now and blame autofill when it's their turn to play support. And in just the same way, preseason really doesn't matter _as much_ than the last days of the season: the ladder will go through a soft reset. As Cellestial said, higher ranked players will have to start the climb from Plat anyway, and even punishments are less harsh now, since a ban only a few days ago would have destroyed the results of 9 months of grinding, but in preseason there is still a lot of time to get the honor standing back. Unfortunate, really, as it creates an environment that is best avoided by those who can afford to do so. But if the things i wrote are right, then probably the only way to nudge the community back towards the healthier attitude would require some sort of change in the interaction between the punishments and seasonal rewards, which is a super sensitive subject with a lot of consequences and to change the click-bait nature of youtube and twitch, and that is not very likely.
Thats the Thing. There is No soft reset this time around. People would know this if they followed the blogs and blogs from the ranked team..
: How I deal with jungle behavior as a midlaner
As a jungle main, i get where the stigma comes from. But.. You fail to see the other side of the coin. We see, just as many midlaners (heck. Even toplaners) Who ignore our cry for help when you roaming down to help us could have made the difference between the lose and win. You thinking "im not expecting help so i wont help" is exactly what makes junglers give up on their laners and stop helping. If you, on the Contrary, went to help your jungler every single time, chances are that he wouldnt fall behind and therefor be able to actually give you the bluebuff. Or a few ganks. Junglers have their own game to attend to aswell, and being the mobile role that can roam around all the time, doesnt mean that he is invincible and never needs help. Be the change out there instead of a part of the majority. Help out the lesser fortunate.. Help them help you. Set them up for a great game and they Will most likely return the favor. {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:11}}
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Aha, she's designed to oneshot people. That's why she needs the trap? To reward her for missing her oneshot combo? Makes total sense.
I'm not saying removing the trap is a bad thing at all, i like it removed myself, but she's only gonna do more dmg as the E itself now does a tons of dmg aswell besides giving the extra damage effect on the next attack.. The trap was a bit too much on her kit, yes.
Kelb4n (EUW)
: Although I agree that being out of position is most often the reason for being one-shot, tank-items are not always an options. Many marksmen in the current meta absolutely NEED {{item:3095}} {{item:3086}}-upgrade {{item:3031}} {{item:3086}}-upgrade This leaves only enough space for one defensive item, which is more often than not a QSS, and often comes pretty late into the game.
its called building situational, getting some defensive items and be able to do SOME damage, is better than dying instantly and doing no damage at all, therefor, while yes you do need Stormrazor in your build on most marksmen atm, getting something like frozen mallet or Guardian angle or Maw of malmortius REALLY isnt a bad idea if thats what you have to do to stay alive.. and if you neglect to build items to help you stay alive, its on you to learn to position yourself better and to position yourself with or behind a tank so that the oneshotters cant get to you. you dont HAVE to go full glass-cannon as a marksman, you just choose to do so as thats what will allow you to do the most damage the quickest. the problem then become when you're against champs like akali, zoe and zed, they WILL oneshot you if the get to you, meaning you wont get to do anything with those damage items, whereas if you had, lets say Stormrazor, Berserker greaves, and infinity edge and runaan's hurricane, you still have 2 slots open, on those you could then, against zed, buy frozen mallet and guardian's angel giving you some armor, some hp, a nice slow effect and a second chance if you die.. again, its just people in this game being WAY too focused on having to be the one dealing all the damage and having to do as much as they can in one hit, that they dont see any other way of building, than glass-cannon. Which often will get you oneshot and then you're useless as you wont be able to be there for the fight at all. so your statement of absolutely NEEDING to buy those items is not true. you should ALWAYS build situationally, and if you're in a situation where you continuesly gets oneshot, its up to you to make a change to make sure that doesnt happen so much.
Furiranda (EUNE)
: Jungle Change Ideas
While these changes could make for a fun gamemode, i dont see it happening within the normal summoners rift and ranked gamemode. The problem with it is that it would simply make it too easy to clear a jungle camp, which it already is with pretty much every single champion right now. I get why getting some more reasons to buy the potion would be a good idea (maybe make it so thats the jungle item to buy instead of the Talisman thingy?) but giving aoe clear effects onto the jungle items will simply make them too strong on champs like lee sin and alike who already has a really fast clear, which would only speed up the games even more, and tbf they are already too fast and too steamrolly with the latest changes to how gold distribution works (less focused on teamplay and more on the individual player getting fed since people in soloqueue dont know how to give kills to others..) I can see it from your point of view though, runic echoes is a little too strong compared to the other items in the jungle right now, but seeing that the other ones are fine as they are (mechanically) I'd rather see those getting tuned up just a little bit instead of being changed all together...
jacktjong (EUW)
: A Way to Balance Zoe instead of Removing her Trap
i honestly dont see the problem that so many of you have with how zoe works.. she was DESIGNED to be a oneshot mage, how come so many people have a problem with such a thing existing?? is it SO hard for people nowadays to get just a few tankyness items? If you're getting oneshot it means you're either out of position or way too squishy (unless your role is to play another oneshot assassin like zed, in which case theres still some more defensive items like Maw, that will save your life..) Instead of always raging about something being strong, maybe try to find a way to counter it, cause i promise, theres always a way to counter something, ´People are just too focused on them having to be the ones doing all the damage that they forget that someone has to be able to soak up some of the damage.
: I would say poppy and sion are too team reliant for dmg if u want to solo carry
Thats the point. its not about solo carrying. as i said in my post, its a team game.. you need a team to be able to consistantly win.. set up your team, play better and focus on your game.
Hajrulla (EUW)
: Who would you suggest?
For toplane right now i would suggest champs like poppy, Sion, quinn and jax.
Hajrulla (EUW)
: The things you mentioned is all I do but the problem is I can't 1v9 with Tryndamere if I get hard CC and my team is playing around. I know my mistakes through games and always think for the better option to go for but it's not worth if I take towers and my team is stuck in jungle running around hidding in bushes. Not that I'm blaming the whole thing on my team I'm just saying that the enemy team is way better organized sometimes that it's impossible for me to split push or do naything that's worth it.
Some games (alot in low Elo) are sadly unwinnable. But playing trynda Who currently relies on splitpushing due to being out of Meta, doesnt make it better.. Try playing it other champs :)
Hajrulla (EUW)
: why the only games I win are the ones I carry!?
If you with a score of 15/1 cant win your game on your own, it means that you are not carrying. Theres more to carrying that just being fed. You have to consistantly make better plays than the enemy team (This doesnt always mean getting the kills for yourself, remember, the more kills you have compared to your teams overall kills, the less the gold is split among your team and the harder it will be for the losing lanes on your team to actually be able to do anything as they are missing items. Meaning, while you have 3 items your bot-laners might only have 1 fully built items. consider playing other champions, dont rely too heavily on playing assassins or such, they might be strong, but they dont always fit into the team composition. and this is a part of the game that people often forget about, while yes, you should play what you think is fun and what you're good at, it is a team game and if you're playing ranked you should play with the "Whats best in this situation" mindset. third of all, dont blame your loss on your teammates... if you didnt win you didnt deserve the win, unless its straight up inting, in which case i'm sure you're already reporting the intentional feeder. if you dont win your game theres SOMETHING you could have done differently which would have resulting in you winning that game.. Sometimes its sharing some of that gold with another carry on your team, sometimes its warding a little more allowing your team to know where the enemy is, and sometimes its plain and simple, Focus on your own game and dont give two %%%%s about whats going on with your teammates, you're playing tryndamere, go for a powerful splitpushing build (atleast while in low-elo) and force something out of that, by doing this you're forcing the enemy team to react to your play by either chasing you down trying to stop you from your splitpushing, or by playing 5v4 against your team, in which case (if you're really playing 15/1) you should be fed enough to easily counter-push what they are doing simply by splitpushing. With the right build tryndamere can do some serious tower damage quite quickly, and its really not that hard to accomplish... also, try watching replays of your games, and only focus on your game, and your lane, keep the camera stuck on your character. theres ALWAYS something to improve on, and by focusing on your gameplay only you'll be able to much easier see what you're doing wrong without the influence of watching your other teammates and what they are doing.. Just focus on your gameplay.


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