Okay, either you are a damn troll and should be banned from the boards or you are not fluent in English and missunderstood this case. Just to make sure you understand: BUG. COULD NOT MOVE. STUCK TO SYLAS FOR REST OF THE GAME. RECONNECT DOES NOT HELP. NOT HIS FAULT. RIOT'S FAULT. Now even a 3 y.o. toddler should understand it.
koRv1N (EUW)
: Ahri animated emote
where does it say "animated" tho?
: Funny when riot locks ur account because they think ur hacked:
I don't think you'll get any help here. You'll most likely only get replies by the community and no rioter will ever see this post. You could try taking this to the r/leagueoflegends subreddit and hope it gets attention. Just tell the whole story there, show your effort/support ticket history in a screenshot (the link you posted doesn't work btw!) and best is to do this around the time when most American people are online (around...now...I guess?), so that as many people as possible see your post.
: "Not enough RP" after buying RP - restart required to register you have enough.
it's enough to just leave the shop (click on your loot or your profile) and re-enter it. You don't have to restart your entire client.
: Leaving game bug??
sometimes, when people close the client, it does not cancel champ select. Not even when you still got plenty of time left until the game starts. Don't know how to trigger it, every time I dodge, my friends get back into the lobby, but I've read and seen occasions when this didn't work. Some people don't know that and just assume they dodged and either leave entirely or log into another account. As long as the remake function works, this is just a minor issue...but yeah, it's still annoying. Since it's so inconsistent, I guess this is a bug. Maybe some process in the background doesn't close properly...idk
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: The problem with that would be, how can the system detect if the pinging was toxic or if it actually was non-toxic, for example pinging objectives or enemies etc You can always mute their pings if it looks like they can't use them correctly
Just like people inting - if a person gets X reports for their behaviour, it should be manually checked if the reports are justified. tbh I tilt more from people spam-pinging me or a teammate than from them telling me how often the fricked my mom...and it would feel good if I at least knew that that person will be punished **eventually** if they continue spam-pinging :/
MamaDuck (EUW)
: There is a mute option for a reason man
While I agree, the same thing can be said about chat. And as we all know, abusing the chat function gets you punished but I've yet to hear about anyone being punished abusing pings...
draco190 (EUNE)
: 1 Player with 2 acounts on 2 laptops - is it legal or not?
That's completely fine...unless you plan on playing simultaneously. That would be way too hard to manage. (For fun, search "SivHD playing 2 champions" on YouTube, if you wanna know how it feels like doing that) It would also result in a huge disadvantage for the rest of your team. So, as long as you don't go on Summoner's Rift or Howling Abyss with 2 accounts simultaneously, you can have as many accounts as you like on as many devices as you like, as long as YOU are playing on these accounts and not anyone else :)
Shrekler (EUW)
: The True Damage Skins look like Fortnite Characters
And I thought I was the only one. Especially Akali. I saw her in the trailer and my first thought was "did I click on the wrong link? Is this Fortnite?"
jacktjong (EUW)
: Riot, I think you forgot someone
Zilean and Volibear are kinda "connected". (See the fun little "buff" you get when playing as one of them against the other one) They're going to rework Voli, so I think (or..rather...genuinely hope) they're going to make something for Zilean, too, when the rework is released.
21 dunder (EUW)
: Which account should i play on?
You can fix broken MMR and you can always be a better person and improve your own behaviour to get your honor level back. What you won't get that easily just with effort is skins, especially the limited ones. If I were you, I'd try fixing the account with all the stuff that is worth money instead of "going the easy way" with your second account. For your broken MMR, try googling "improve MMR by dodging", you'll find a lot of guides how to properly use dodging to get your MMR back to the point where it is supposed to be. You'll also see that you can dodge often to avoid playing games that will probably be a loss anyway (for example: if you have 3 autofilled people that can't play their role properly). A nice tool for that is this page: https://porofessor.gg/ You can copy-paste the start of the lobby ("xy joined the lobby xx joined the lobby vv joined the lobby" etc) and see their main role, winrates, if they are on a losing streak, what champs they prefer and a lot more :)
: True Damage new set of skins
I think it's because they're super limited in game. Not technically, more like "how to we implement this skin design into the game without making it too misleading, disctracting or giving advantages you wouldn't have without the skin?" Many redesigns look super cool and a lot better than the original one but they have a lot of in-game design flaws like "This hair is so long, it would be a pain to animate it without clipping into the rest of the model", "The colour does not fit into the rest of the game and/or makes it terrible to track for colourblind people" Sometimes, to maintain quality while playing, they have to make skins "worse", but they do not have that limit in cinematics. That's why it sometimes lookes like the "expectation vs reality" meme
: "stop feeding"
"stop feeding" is on the same level as "why are you depressed? Just be happy!" for me
Mizognida (EUNE)
: reckoning chromas in emporium
I don't think so. They aren't purchasable in the shop like the other ones and only those (except for the most recent ones) will be available for BE in the EE
: This community
what game did you play before today? This was always like that...you either learn to mind your own business and just report toxic people or you waste your time crying in your little echo chamber where everyone just agrees and says "yes, yes, League community bad"
: What do you do when you are sad?
I go to [r/petthedamndog](https://www.reddit.com/r/PetTheDamnDog/), [r/petthedamncat](https://www.reddit.com/r/PetTheDamnCat/) or [r/wholesomememes](https://www.reddit.com/r/wholesomememes) these subreddits are so wholesome, I usually start smiling and feeling better after just a few posts :)
ScooterOG (EUW)
: Offline + No icons?
I'm pretty sure this is just a bug/connection problems. Try restarting the client and see if this problem persists :)
: Can I get skins and champs in another way thats isnt RP or blue essence?
Only 50 blue essence per day? You're missing something huge there. You get capsules when you level up that contain some champion shards and BE. You're able to disenchant them into blue essence (How much depends on the value of the shard, could be up to 1260 BE) or you can craft that champion for a much lower amount of BE than you would have spent in the shop. Leveling up isn't that hard, especially when you're still that low level. If you need a specific champion and you don't want to wait for the shard to drop, you can disenchant shards of champs you do not want to play.
: A classic. LOL ! Happy April fool's day dude {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
since you're the lane police, do you also collect lane tax?
Muuaahh (EUNE)
: About the BM Capsules
> [{quoted}](name=Muuaahh,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=kA0RpyZO,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-13T13:10:26.159+0000) > > Why haven't you addressed the situation at all. They have: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/uk0MeJ18-update-on-yesterdays-capsule-pricing-error They won't do anything, said it was because they cannot simply "revert" capsules. Not even a single word about why they won't just ban the heavy abusers.
Eambo (EUW)
: Game is up, your memes have been conquered! :-P
looks like Tom finally finished his salad and fell asleep on the "UP" button :^)
: How to ban a potentially toxic player who may not act like it every game.
Something similar happens with a club tag of our friends (but unintentional). The Tag is "(AfD)" which is a German party that's known for their very critical view on immigrants. (and that's an understatement). They also promote the old woman's picture of her being at home and raising her children while her husband works for them. Well, in general, the party is pretty much hated in Germany for very good reasons. The clue is - our club name doesn't say "Alternative für Deutschland" (alternative for Germany) but "Alternative für Deppen" (alternative for idiots), which is a parody on that, emphasizing the opinion that people who vote for them well...aren't the brightest. What happens from time to time is that people straight up insult those who have the club tag, calling them names I don't want to mention here. (They'll most likely be censored anyway). We usually answer with "hey, press tab and read the club tag". Some people apologize but others are....too dumb to do that and still insult. There once was a guy in a friend's ranked that actually inted just because of that tag.
Rioter Comments
: So if i become a famous streamer i will get free skins and things from merch?
famous streamer > viewers become interested in the game > start playing > start paying > Riot earns money pretty easy calculation: Famous streamer > Riot earns money -Riot is thankful and gives streamer skins -more people start streaming because they want to become famous and profit from this -more people get interested in the game Let the cycle continue
: Maybe it's time for a cataclysum in Runeterra?
Something like.... ...the invasion of the Void? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: why riot stupid?
There is no justification for insulting people. Never. Riot isn't stupid for using the basic concept of respect everyone (sane) demands others to use. Do you want to be a "normal" person contributing to society or do you want to be a d*ck to strangers? Tells a lot about one's character.
: Esports rewards bug ?
If you can't even click the button yet, why do they put the mission there in the first place? It's super confusing and everyone thinks it's bugged. Rito logic.
: Idk why I got downvoted but whatever XD
Upvoted to make it positive again! I am still concerned that some people might get motivated to troll tho... Oh the horror of disco rolling-down-mid newnu
Karlíto (EUNE)
: Looking for people to do 2 AUGMENTS and ZIGGS/SONA missions. EUNE
currently very busy, but I'd recomment you to not do the 2 augment mission with ziggs or sona. There is a pretty reliable tactic with Jinx to solve this. After you're done, do the Ziggs/Sona mission with 5 augments. It's waaay easier then and will probably save your mouse and keyboard from being thrown against the wall ;)
Masantha (EUW)
: Basically it turns out that half of the UK office are secret writers who will take any opportunity to write fan fiction. And that is fine with me! {{sticker:galio-happy}}
the most important question is - how many of them are lewd? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Sabuton (EUW)
: Got pemanently banned for reason that you are a new player ?
Yes, they should unban your account for toxicity.... ...and then ban you for account sharing.
Hi im Pete (EUNE)
: I Feel like both Tryndamere and Yi have similar outdated kits and if you find success with these champions or not is determinated if you know the right time to right click enemy champion. Its not that fun to play and it definitely is not fun to play against. Also new visuals wouldnt hurt either.
But then, where is the difference to Garen?
  Rioter Comments
: curiousity killed a cat :P well, i just wanted to see something and it turned out to be so... every time you write something on boards you recive one ''upvote'', so basically you just have to spam all around to get those points on profile not sure if it counts comments too (ill check that after i reply now, lol) edit: yes, everything you write gives you one point... cool have a nice day !
that's because you upvote yourself. When you spam enough and then make a post, you cannot upvote your own post and start a thread with a 0, not a 1.
: Hextech crafting and emotes are very buggy for me
Heyho buddy! There's currently an issue with loading rune pages and emotes. You can fix this (temporarily) by restarting your client. This issue is already discussed several times on the boards and therefore is most likely already known by Riot. So, while waiting for a fix, let's just keep on restarting when it happens ^^
MacFengo (EUW)
: All my Sticker are Deleted
Yo-ho, buddy! Don't worry, they're not gone! Just restart the client and everything should be fine :) The error is known and will most likely be fixed soon <3
: I didn't talk about other items-only for boots
And I was replying to DemonsWithUS, not you ;)
: apparently ppl dont know the meaning of trolling or inting nowdays and reports too
Had one of those kids in one of my last ARAM games, but on the enemy team. His Katarina tried to outplay two of us, failed and died without dealing any damage (CC-chained), then this Vi called out on her for inting in /all chat. Later in that game Vi also did something rather stupid and died. I jokingly asked "so...report you, too?" He never responded. :) Just report those people after the game if they accuse you of inting. Asking for reports and blaming you should lead to a punishment if he does that frequently. It's toxic.
: Keep up the good work!
tbh, I actually play better when tilted. I have no idea why, but I tend to find the perfect balance between playing carefully but also being aggressive enough to exert pressure when being pissed. I'm just not the person who lets out her steam on other people. I just put all the negative energy into the game, which helps me to focus more and actually take the game seriously. It also feels way more satisfying to turn a game and win when I'm "pissed". Sometimes it's a "Thank got it's over" feeling and sometimes it's a "Hah, those idiots thought they could win? WITNESS MY POWER" I just can't get that feeling when I'm "calm". It's more like a "Hm...yeah we won" then. That's why I simultaneously **love** and **hate** this game. I'm not a "casual", I always tryhard. Normals, Rankeds, ARAM, fck this. I play to win and play to improve. New champ? Tryhard. Off-meta pick? Tryhard. Being forced into an off-role by being autofilled? Damnit, tryhard even more. There's no better feeling that wrecking your opponent on your weakest position. Like "I'm not even a main on that role and I still outskilled you, hah!" And even when I'm losing my mind switches to "damn there must be a way how we can turn this, even though we only have our Nexus left. THINK HARDER" That's also why I rarely give up. There's always that voice in the back of my mind that tells me "if you don't even TRY to find out how to still win this, how will you ever learn to turn a game in such a situation?" But how can someone achieve this while being calm? I don't get it. I need that rush. I need that frustration in my heart that pushes me forward and tells me "No, NO, none of those cowards will hold me back. My toplane is 0/5? My mid 0/3? Enemy jungler is 8/0? COME AT ME! Shit's going down when that jungler is ganking botlane. DOWN ON THAT JUNGLER!" People just have to learn how to utilize their "passion" (or frustration, temper, however you want to call it) for their own benefit. Don't just take your anger out on your own team. Tame it, use it to crush your enemies' hopes and dreams until THEY give up, not you. http://e.lvme.me/1b0xhnl.jpg
jaxm (EUW)
: Akali is so buggy
"This product is shit" "which part of the product is shit, can you explain what is bothering you so we can change it?" "It's shit, fix this or remove it from store" "But you have to tell us what's the issue. We tested the product and it was fine" "no"
Rioter Comments
: 10 gemstones, what skin shall I take?
I got the Vayne skin on my smurf and the Kog'Maw skin on my main. I must say, I don't really like the vayne skin. I got it as random loot from a chest. Looks and feels like a below-average 975 skin, nothing special, super lame. Your money is better-spent if you just get the PROJECT:Vayne skin. It's 10.000 times more worth it and the skin looks superior in all categories. Then there's Kog'Maw - the animations are awesome, the model looks neat and it feels like a skin that's definitely way more worth the 10 gemstones than the Vayne skin. But if you really want something that's worth the price, I'd recommend Poppy. Well, ok, you might not play toplane, maybe not even Poppy at all, but the skin is just gorgeous. The hammer looks fantastic, her model makes her look like an Asura from Guild Wars and the animations are beautiful. So if you want an ADC skin, definitely go for Kog'Maw. If you want the best value out of your 10 gemstones, go for Poppy and buy PROJECT:Vayne and/or Pug'Maw :)
Agrippa18 (EUNE)
: I did beacause this is not youtube
still, not giving credit to someone else's effort and work is just plain disrespectful
Smerk (EUW)
: Where did you get this info, looks like random data honestly. I see a mistake right at the beginning. One of the devs working on Akali rework said she is 17 in current state and will be 19 after update
Sounds like he just completely copied the information from Necrit's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qtt_7GlzlfM
: is sacred sword janna great?
I'd recommend watching Janna's skin spotlights on youtube. Looking at the skin yourself is way better than relying on someone else's opinion. Eveyone has their own taste. I for example really hate High Noon Jhin while a friend of mine thinks it's the best Jhin skin :)
iSneez (EUNE)
: League of Legend guide for banned players!
**T H A N K **   -  ** Y O U** no really, thank you! Exactly what I'm always saying: blaming only makes things worse! We need more people like you in the community!
Hi im sesen (EUNE)
: I bet you would concentrate when you get in 3 out of 5 games afk and in the rest 2 you get feeders who do the same mistakes not even improving in gameplay, straight 2/12 - 4/10 etc.
Nah, sorry to disappoint you. I'm too busy focussing on my own mistakes rather than blaming others for things I cannot change.
: LoL changing to something it wasnt'
What happened? Mostly that the current meta is pretty fast-paced and an early lead usually results in a smooth win. (Provided you don't f- up completely and throw hard). That's probably what you mean by "predictable". If everyone loses his lane, it's pretty much over. A few years ago you had a time where you could stall into lategame if you have the right comp and do an epic comeback. It's way harder to pull this off nowadays. That's why lategame champs, especially crit marksmen, are still struggling. At the time they're becoming strong and useful, most games are already over. I still wouldn't say that it's linear. Also, I think that runes DO have a lot of impact nowadays. For example- there's that midlane predator strat that gives you the possibility to roam around easily. Or you're just picking Aery/Comet to properly poke in lane. Or go for phase rush to reposition properly in teamfights after you pulled out your ability rotation. Tbh, I even think that the current runes are the most impactful yet. You can actually adapt your runes to your playstyle, not the other way around. You can decide whether you're going for a rune page for longer trades or short, impactful trades. You can adapt your runes to a more "sustain-based" lane or you're going for the all-in burst. You can even choose to be a more wave-control based laner with a dematerializer. At which point did we have that much freedom of choice? The other seasons' masteries/runes feel a lot more static and boring compared to what we have now.
Hi im sesen (EUNE)
: Rather ban blamers than Feeders/Afk.
Bye, have a great time on your Fortnite adventures :) Btw, blamers are the worst of the worst. Most of the people who make a mistake KNOW that it was a mistake and try to concentrate and compensate. No one needs someone who rubs your nose into that mistake like "YO YOUR TRASH MOVE WAS SO STUPID MEEH MEEH". WE KNOW. WE'RE TRYING OUR BEST! WE DON'T NEED SOMEONE TO REMIND US THAT IT WAS STUPID. MOVE ON AND CONCENTRATE ON THE REST OF THE GAME. Blamers are the reason they continue playing trash. Because they cannot concentrate on improving in the game. They're annoyed by people whining about things that are ALREADY OVER. Annoyed people cannot concentrate properly. No concentration -> worse gameplay. You're actually making your team lose every time you blame. So STOP and concentrate on YOURSELF. and only YOURSELF. thanks for reading.
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